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The Shift

Thank you Angel Studios for sending us a screener to review this film!

Angel Funding has raised funds to support many Christian projects like The Chosen and The Sound of Freedom. The Shift is their most recent successfully backed film and it’s due for release on December 1st. A nearly twenty-one minute short film version is available to watch on their website. The full-length movie has a different cast of which I recognized Sean Aston as the character Gabriel and Neal McDonough as The Benefactor.

The Shift takes place in 2008 during the real estate market meltdown and the main character, Kevin, is deeply impacted by it. Because of his line of work, many blame him for the crash. While watching the negative news coverage at a hotel bar, he is approached by a woman named Molly who is dared by her friends to hit on him. She does cheer him up slightly, and predicts their romance and trials and tries to back down saying it’s not worth the effort. Kevin doesn’t give up as she is the only thing keeping him going.

Kevin and Molly get married, have a child, and go through some good and some tough times together. Later on after having an argument with his boss, Kevin is dismissed early from work and heads home. While talking to his wife on the ride back, he gets into a car accident and wakes up to The Benefactor standing in front of him. The problem is that Kevin is not in the same world/timeline as before. The Benefactor has the capability of shifting people to different parallel universes. While The Benefactor has the power to shift people, he lacks the ability to be present in all of the parallel universes. He is seeking help in securing his control throughout the different timelines. The Benefactor sets his sights on Kevin. The only difference is that this version of Kevin is reluctant to join forces with him.

Kevin just wants to be reunited with his wife. Not just any Molly, but HIS Molly. He searches for five or more years while travelling to different universes to locate her whereabouts. While being stuck in a particular universe for a while, he takes on odd jobs and smuggles the Gospel to those who need to hear its message. The hard work takes a toll on his health and some of his close friends tell Kevin to give up on God. Kevin presses on despite having the odds stacked against him.

The Shift is a modern sci-fi twist on the book of Job. While it doesn’t have the same budget or level of special effects as AAA films, it tells an interesting story that will make you question what you would do in a similar situation. Would your faith survive hardships and trials? Job and Kevin are both good examples of keeping one’s faith in God despite the world crumbling around them. What would you do if you were in their shoes?

I don’t recall any language, but there is blood, violence, and death. Sex outside of marriage is alluded to, but not shown. Not all of the Kevins in the parallel universes are monogamous. The Shift is not rated, but I would guess it would receive a PG or PG-13 rating. If you’re interested in a sci-fi retelling of a Biblical story, check out The Shift in theaters next month!

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2023 Christmas Buying Guide

Here’s our 2023 Christmas buying guide! Below are our favorite gadgets and family appropriate titles we have played throughout the year. More reviews can be found on! Each game is given a gameplay score for the overall gaming experience and a moral score for how suitable it is for younger gamers. The Amazon and Humble Store links will benefit Christ Centered Gamer by giving us a small % of the sale.

PlatformTitleGame ScoreMoral ScoreBuy it!
PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|SAkka Arrh92%96%Steam
PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|SCaverns of Mars: Recharged86%98%Steam
Windows (PS4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan, but English is included!)Loopers86%86%Steam
WindowsPlantera 2: Golden Acorn86%96%Steam
Linux, Mac, Switch, Windows Spin Rhythm XD90%97%Steam
SwitchThe Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom90%82%Amazon
PS4, SwitchTheatrhythm Final Fantasy Final Bar Line90%87%Humble Store
PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|SWe Love Katamari Reroll+ Royal Reverie92%92%Amazon
PCCorsair K70 MAX Magnetic-Mechanical Gaming KeyboardN/AN/AAmazon
PCCorsair Scimitar Elite Wireless MMO Gaming MouseN/AN/AAmazon
PC Couchmaster Cyboss – Extra Wide Ergonomic Couch DeskN/AN/AAmazon
PCROCCAT Vulcan II Mini Air Wireless Optical RGB Gaming KeyboardN/AN/AAmazon
AudioSineaptic SE-1 Wireless HeadphonesN/AN/ASineaptic website
AudioTurtle Beach Stealth Pro Wireless Noise Canceling Gaming HeadsetN/AN/AAmazon
PCTurtle Beach VelocityOne FlightstickN/AN/AAmazon

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CENTR Enhanced nootropic and adaptogen sparkling water

Thank you Centr for sending us samples of the Enhanced and Enhanced+ beverages to review!

Centr natural beverages are designed to give you clarity no matter the time of day. Their offerings range from sparkling beverages to ones including caffeine or CBD. We were sent a four pack or their Enhanced and Enhanced+ beverages. Both of these have nootropics and adaptogens in them.

Nootropics are cognitive enhancers and Adaptogens help your body deal with stress, anxiety, and fatigue. Each 12 oz container has 50MG panax notoginseng & astragalus Mebranaceus, 100MG gamma-aminobutyric acid (Gaba), 250 citicoline, and 12.5MG sceletium tortuosum. The caffeinated version has 60MG of natural caffeine which is equivalent to 8oz of instant coffee.

The enhanced beverages have zero calories and no sweeteners. Between the caffeinated and the standard enhanced version, I found the caffeinated one to have a stronger citrus flavor and enjoyed it more. Both claim to be citrus flavor, but it was much more apparent in the caffeinated version. Since I have the taste buds of a five-year-old, I added a pack of Stevia to both. For what its worth, I do the same for other sparkling beverages.

Along with sparkling beverages, Centr also offers ten packs of power packs for $19.99 Sparkling beverages are price on their site at roughly $4 a can. You can save money by enrolling in a subscription plan, referring friends, or signing up to their e-mail list for a 10% off coupon. Ordering through Amazon save you over $1 a can and you can use free Prime shipping if you have it.

My family enjoyed these drinks, but I’m not sure if I want to pay $3-4 a can though. Centr also sells clothing which is reasonably priced when compared to their energy drinks. Beanie hats sell for $14.99 and baseball caps are available for $33.99. Their hoodies are pricier at $64.99. If you can afford their products, I’m sure you’ll enjoy them.

(Amazon Affiliate Link)

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Star Trek: Prodigy Season 1: Episodes 11-20

Thank you Paramount for sending us this Blu-ray to review!

If you haven't watched episodes 1-10 I highly recommend you do so before continuing the season from episodes 11-20. The series begins with Gwyn and her nemesis father, The Diviner, both missing their memories. The Diviner is under the care of the Starfleet, which is ironic since he wants them destroyed for events that happened on his home planet. Meanwhile Gwen, Dal, and the rest of the teenage aliens are trying to right their wrongs by responding to distress calls and assisting in saving endangered species.

The ultimate goal of this crew is to return the ship to Starfleet and join their ranks. Unfortunately, their first contact with a remote Starfleet base doesn't end well and the crew realizes why the enemy is after their ship. Throughout these episodes, the Prodigy crew shares about their past and discovers more about their species and origins. Murf undergoes a transformation after entering into a cocoon state.

One of the lessons learned in these episodes is to be happy with yourself as you are. Like the previous episodes, there is some violence and some characters do die. This crew does have a close call with the Borg, but manage to not become part of their collective. As if the Borg encounter was not exciting enough, the Prodigy crew also meets Admiral Janeway and is deemed suspicious until they have a chance to explain their situation to her.

One thing worth noting is that there’s a phrase used “What the hello!” instead of the more offensive alternative. Overall, Star Trek: Prodigy is enjoyable for sci-fi lovers of all ages. Especially those who have watched Star Trek: The Original Series and Star Trek: Voyager. Even though this show is on Nickelodeon, my husband and I enjoyed watching it together. The episodes are roughly twenty-four minutes long and naturally, leave room for another season at the end. The bonus features are entertaining to watch as it’s neat to see the voice actors give their insights into the characters they bring to life. This collection can be yours for less than $24 on Blu-ray.


(Amazon Affiliate Link)

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Kiwee Master Kase Sling Bag for the Nintendo Switch


Thank you Kiwee for sending us the Pearl White Master Kase Sling Bag to review!

There are many options available when it comes to protective cases for your Nintendo Switch.  We have had the pleasure of reviewing multiple styles including the slim ones from tomtoc and PDP’s travel cases for the Switch Lite.  Both of these options are pretty basic and don’t give you much room to store more than your AC adapter and some game cartridges.  The Slim model doesn’t even let you carry the AC adapter!  Kiwee’s Master Kase Sling Bag aims to protect your Switch while giving you plenty of space to carry multiple pro controllers, sixteen cartridges, and some room for your ac adapter.  I also had enough space to pack my JoyCon adapters and some ear buds.  One of the pictures on the website shows a headset being carrying around, but it must be very compact, as the Turtle Beach Recon 500 I tried packing wouldn’t fit.   

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Fan Expo Chicago 2023


Thank you Fan Expo for providing me with a press pass for the event!

Fan Expo is formerly known as Wizard World and has not changed much when it comes to bringing in talented film and voice actors along with renowned comic book artists.  You can attend question and answer sessions for free, but autographs, pictures and selfies have hefty fees.  This year’s themed movies stars come from Back to the Future (Michael J Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, Tom Wilson) and the National Lampoon series (Randy Quaid, Christie Brinkley).    Unfortunately, Chevy Chase canceled along with Christina Ricci (Addams Family) and Brent Spiner (Star Trek). 

Many voice actors are present from popular anime shows like One Piece (Colleen CLinkenbeard, Christopher Sabat, Luci Christian, Ian Sinclair) , Avatar (Dante Basco), and My Hero Academia (David Matranga, Justin Briner, Clifford Chapin).  We have seen Mario’s voice actor, Charles Martinet at multiple Fan Expo/Wizard World events and he’s here as well.  Fans had an opportunity to play Mario Kart with him.  There are some themed areas for younger audiences, but many areas and artwork shown are intended for adults.  

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Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.


Thank you Lionsgate for sending us this DVD to review!

Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret. is the film adaptation of Judy Blume’s classic children’s novel that was published in 1970. I haven't read the book so I can't compare how well this movie represents it. The main character is an eleven-year-old girl named Margaret Simon. After arriving home from summer camp, she discovers that she’s moving out of New York city. She doesn’t want to move and be away from her friends and her grandmother, Sylvia (Kathy Bates). In desperation, Margaret introduces herself to God and asks Him to intervene and prevent the move if possible.

Upon arriving at their new house, Margaret is quickly introduced to an outgoing neighborhood girl named Nancy Wheeler. Nancy inducts Margaret into their secret club where they talk about boys, breasts (or lack thereof), and getting their periods. They compare bust sizes and use Margaret’s dad’s Playboy magazine for a reference. While photographic nudity isn’t shown, there is a scene where they look at a diagram of male genitalia.

Most of the girls in the club have a crush on the same boy in their class. Margaret is smitten with a different boy that mows their lawn. She took notice and seems to be attracted to the fact that he has armpit hair.

During their sixth grade school year, the students have to do a research paper and Margaret’s is on religion. She comes from a mixed household with her mom being raised Christian and then outcast for marrying a Jew. Her parents decided to let Margaret make her own choices when it comes to religion. For her research project, she went to synagogue with her grandmother and three different Christian denominations with her friends.

Upon seeing her family argue over religion, Margaret decides that it’s not for her. Does she completely give up on God? I won’t spoil that part and leave that for you to find out by reading the book or watching this 1 hour and forty-five-minute film. Is this film worth watching or is the book worth reading? Like puberty, it's certainly not something I want to experience again. Puberty is awkward enough to deal with once and this movie brings back some undesirable memories. My husband felt uncomfortable watching this film. The views on religion are thought-provoking. Can someone have a meaningful relationship with God without being "committed" to a faith? It's certainly not ideal nor Biblical according to Matthew 18:20.


(Amazon Affiliate Link)

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The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Thank you Universal for sending us a review copy!

I grew up playing Mario Bros. on the Atari and then Super Mario Bros. and its sequels on the NES. It’s been quite a successful video game franchise though it has had a rocky live-action history. Growing up, I loved the short-lived TV show and its rap theme song. The 1993 film adaptation, Super Mario Bros. was poorly received along with many other videogame themed movies around that time. Thankfully, videogame inspired films have been doing well recently and The Super Mario Bros. Movie is no exception.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie begins with Bowser invading an ice kingdom inhabited by penguins. After stealing their Super Star that grants invulnerability, he sets his sights on Mushroom Kingdom to demand that their princess marry him or be annihilated.

Meanwhile in Brooklyn, New York, the Mario Brothers (Mario & Luigi) are struggling to launch their plumbing business after parting ways with their spiteful boss. They have spent their life savings on a TV commercial and their first job from it didn’t go so well. Their family isn’t very supportive of them following their dreams. To make matters worse, Brooklyn is getting flooded with water as multiple pipes start bursting. Mario and Luigi come to the city’s rescue, but as they go into the sewers they discover a network of pipes and get sucked into a green pipe that takes the brothers to different worlds.

Luigi lands in the Dark Lands and is surrounded by undead skeleton koopas. He takes refuge in an abandoned castle. Meanwhile, Mario lands in the mushroom kingdom and meets Toad who tells him about Luigi’s dire situation. Mario seeks an audience with Princess Peach who in turn wants his help to thwart Bowser from destroying her kingdom. Because the mushroom inhabitants are not battle savvy, Mario and Princess Peach must seek an audience with Cranky Kong to lend their army.

You’ll see many references to classic and modern Mario franchise games throughout this film. You’ll also hear iconic theme songs as well. Naturally, there is some go-karting and lots of cartoon violence and battles.

The character line and voice acting is top notch. This is a star-studded film and it’s very well made. I love the banter between Donkey Kong and Mario, but one of the funniest characters is the cute nihilist, Lumalee. Lumalee is one of many of Bowser’s captives. While Luigi has hopes of escaping, Lumalee is looking forward to the sweet release of death. Bowser is hoping to offer the prisoners as a ritual sacrifice for his wedding to Princess Peach.

Though there are some dark moments, especially when Luigi goes to the Dark Land in the first act, overall this film is pretty upbeat. There’s lots of eye candy and be sure to stay tuned after the credits as there is a hint of a possible sequel? If you’re a fan of Super Mario Bros (who isn’t?) this film worth watching/owning. The Bluray is available for under $25 on Amazon.

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Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

Thank you Paramount Pictures for sending us a Blu-ray to review!

Dungeons & Dragons is a popular role playing game that was originally released in the 70s. There have been many revisions since its launch and some popular video games as well. Fans of the board game and videogames will recognize locations like Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter which are part of the Forgotten Realms world of Faerûn.

The main character is a thief/mistral named Edgin who is played by Chris Pine. He is accompanied by an intimidating warrior woman named Holga. Together, they are doing time in prison and are up for a parole trial. During that trial, you’ll get to hear Edgin’s backstory about losing his wife from a vengeful red mage and how Holga took pity on his daughter, Kira, and helped raise her.

Edgin heard about a relic that can revive someone from the dead and tried to acquire it with the help of Holga and his aspiring mage buddy, Simon. Unfortunately, the job did not go as planned and that’s how Edgin and Holga got incarcerated.

Once they’re out of prison, Edgin and Holga attempt to reunite with Kira who has lost her faith and trust in her father. Along with acquiring the relic to revive his wife, Edgin must also restore his relationship with his daughter. This won’t be easy as there are many obstacles in their way.

Many CGI enhanced battles await them as well as some character plot twists. Violence and magic use are prevalent. You’ll get to see severed limbs and eyes dangling out of their sockets. Necromancy plays a big part in the story as one would expect from a guy wanting to bring his wife back from the dead. There is also mention of reincarnation.

In this two-hour and fourteen-minute film you get a few chuckles and be enamored by the special effects. It's not a theatrical masterpiece, but it is enjoyable and light-hearted. There’s plenty of action and the characters are intriguing. Because of the fighting and violence, it’s rated PG-13. Fans of the DnD franchise will likely enjoy this film as long as they’re okay with magic, necromancy, and fighting. If you’re not comfortable with Dungeons & Dragons, then this movie is a hard pass.

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G Fuel Rapid Fire

Thank you

Antioxidants and focus aminos are present in every serving to promote healthy cell production and to stimulate your brain. Multiple vitamins including C, E, B12 and B6 have also been added without overpowering the flavor.

Caffeine is a major ingredient, and you’ll find 140 mg in each cup you drink. This is double the amount found in other energy drinks. For reference, 8oz of coffee has 96 mg. When I did my unboxing/first impressions video, I consumed a glass at 6:30PM. I’m normally really tired at 9:30PM since I’m up at 5:15AM almost every morning. At 10:30PM I was not tired and was quite alert. I forced myself to go to bed since I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t. Falling asleep took a little more effort than usual but it was not that difficult. Having a purring cat at my side lulled me to sleep.

My sleep quality wasn't great because I was woken up by coyotes at 1:30AM. I won't blame G Fuel for that. My mental clarity was solid and I didn't experience any sided effects like jitters. I'm always busy doing something in regards to pets, farm animals, or bees and I had plenty of energy to spare.

The price is a bit steep at $35.99 for forty servings, but they’re currently running a buy one get one free special which sweetens the deal. If you subscribe to a monthly delivery, you can save an additional 5%. Flat rate shipping will set you behind $8.49. It’s definitely not cheap, but other energy drinks are expensive too. If you’re looking for a fruity low calorie caffeinated drink, G Fuel Rapid Fire has got you covered.

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Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

Thank you Disney for sending us a digital review code!

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania begins with a flashback of Janet Van Dyne during her thirty-year stay in the quantum realm. During this time, she made a lot of friends and some powerful enemies. After her rescue (in Ant-Man and the Wasp) she has kept quiet about the inhabitants in the Quantum Realm. As the film goes on you’ll learn more about her mysterious past.

Since the previous film, Hope Van Dyne (Wasp) has been keeping busy with business and philanthropy endeavors. Scott Lang (Ant-Man) has been doing well for himself. He has a bestselling book and everyone in town knows his name and wants selfies with him. Or at least with their dog. His daughter, Cassie, has been in and out of jail due to political protests. She has also been using the shrinking technology Dr. Hank Pym invented.

Hank Pym and Cassie have been working together and she has invented a device that can communicate with the Quantum Realm. Since the communication is bidirectional, the enemies that Janet made are able to lock in on their location and pull the entire family into the Quantum Realm. Not surprisingly, the family gets split up which gives Scott and Cassie father/daughter bonding time. The other group consists of Hank Pym, Hope, and Janet. This group gets to learn about Janet’s past.

When someone is gone for thirty years, new romantic relationships are in the realm of possibilities and that’s the case between Hank and Janet. Despite their previous transgressions, they still love each other. Other than digging up past relationships, you’ll get to hear some language (*ss, d*mn) and the Lord’s name used in vain.

Throughout this two hour adventure you’ll see lots of eye candy as the Quantum Realm is a beautiful place with plenty of mysterious creatures. Not all of them are friendly! There are lots of battles with some blood and death scenes. On the flipside, there’s a good amount of humor to keep things generally upbeat. If you enjoyed the previous Ant-Man movies, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania is worth watching. From the looks of the after credits scenes, the villain will be back in future Marvel movies.

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Galactic Empire Special Edition

Thank you Pure Noise Records for sending us this digital album to review!

As a gamer I appreciate Final Fantasy soundtracks and I love the metal remakes that The Black Mages/Earthbound Papas gave them. Galactic Empire Special Edition does a metal makeover on Star Wars music. I love how it begins with the 20th Century Fox Fanfare theme that’s in the beginning of many movies that are near and dear to our hearts.

The next song is the main Star Wars theme mixed with Revenge of the Sith. It’s the longest track at seven and a half minutes and makes you want to play air guitar along with it. The Imperial Suite isn’t as familiar to me, but still entertains for two and a half minutes. Dark Side Assault gives me boss music vibes, and as my kids would say, it slaps.

Sadly, I have not seen The Mandalorian, but those that have may recognize the fifth track. I can’t vouch for its accuracy, but it sounds pretty good and makes me regret not seeing it yet even more. Obi Wan Kenobi has his own metalized music compilation too. Since this didn't sound familiar to me, I'm assuming it's based off of the TV series.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch is another show that I haven’t seen. I’m not familiar with its theme, but the metal rendition is good. It should come as no surprise that I haven’t seen The Book of Boba Fett either, but the theme song rocks and is one of my favorites on this album. I like the background "Hey!" vocals. The Battle of Hoth is from The Empire Strikes Back and sounds good with the metal treatment. The final song, Victory Celebration, is a good ending song and is more cheerful than the previous track. I'm not sure the origins of this song, but its decent.

Galactic Empire Special Edition is available on BandCamp for $7, or you can purchase tracks individually for $1 apiece. The audio tracks are available in many formats, including MP3, FLAC, and more. I was sent WAV files and I converted them to FLAC to save space and also to MP3 so my 2012 car stereo can play it. They all sound great! A few of the tracks are available to listen to ahead of time. If you're like me and have only watched the movies, many of these songs may be over your head. Just because they're not recognizable doesn't reduce their quality in any way. I just think that people who watched the TV shows may enjoy this album more. Fans of heavy metal and Star Wars should check this album out!

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Mario Mixtape


Thank you Scarlet Moon for sending us this digital album to review!

Mario Mixtape by Mustin Enterprises is a father and son collaboration that only took 88 days to make. They reached their goal of releasing this album before The Super Mario Bros Movie. This is my first time hearing Mustin’s work, and I must say that I’m impressed. Though I’ve only played the NES and SNES Mario games, I’ve heard my husband and son play the others, so I’m familiar with the rest.

In total, there are twelve tracks that’ll keep you entertained for close to half an hour. Here’s a breakdown of the tracks:

New Super Mario Bros. - Ground BGM 02:17
Super Mario Sunshine - Delfino Plaza 02:22
Super Mario Galaxy - Attack of the Airships 02:43
Super Mario World - Game Over 02:18
Super Smash Bros. Melee - All-Star Rest Area 02:29
Super Mario Bros. - Underground BGM 02:32
Super Mario 64 - Piranha Plant's Lullaby 02:27
Dr. Mario - Dire, Dire Docs 01:19
Super Smash Bros. Melee - Menu 01:56
Super Mario Galaxy - To the Gate 02:58
Super Mario Bros. 3 - Athletic Theme 02:05
Super Mario 64 - Dire, Dire Docks 02:51

As you can see, there’s a good representation of the various Mario games here. Even though the Attack of the Airships is from Super Mario Galaxy, I picked up on the Super Mario Bros. 3 Airship song similarities. That’s not the only mashup. I enjoyed the Dr. Mario and Dire, Dire Docs mix too.

Most of the songs like All Star Arena, Piranha Plant’s Lullaby, and Underground BGM are smooth and easy listening while To the Gate and the Super Mario Bros. 3 Athletic Theme have a more electronic feel to them. Delfino Plaza has an upbeat ska vibe.

Overall, I enjoyed the whole album and don’t have any particular favorites or disliked songs. If you enjoy relaxing Mario-themed music, Mario Mixtape is worth checking out. You can give it a listen on BandCamp and buy the digital album's FLAC or MP3 files for $9.99. The tracks can be purchased individually for $.99 apiece.  The physical version of the CD will be available on April 20th.  I look forward to more father and son collaborations!

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Goat Guns AR-15 Model Gun

Goat Guns AR-15 Model Gun
Developed by: Goat Guns
Release date: 2017
MSRP: $39.99

Strong points: 1:3 scale; diecast metal; nicely detailed
Weak points: A little pricey; assembly took longer than advertised

Thank you Goat Guns for sending us a review sample!

My home state of Illinois has banned assault weapons this year. Granted, there are some appeals in place, but at the moment, the only legal way to get an AR-15 shipped to my house is in a 1:3 scale diecast model format.

This model is nicknamed “Charky” and measures 11.5” long and weighs 12oz. The website claims it takes five minutes to assemble, but it took me closer to 15. If I disassembled it and reassembled it a few times, I would get faster at it no doubt. I don’t think I’ll be able to beat their record holder’s 21 seconds though!

If you’re struggling through the assembly, there are detailed instructions and a how to video available. I was stubborn and just stuck with the instructions. There are seven steps and the first one involving the hard-guards took me the longest. With the pressure needed to slide these parts in place, I’m thankful for this model being made out of metal!

Once the gun is completed, you can mount it on the included stand. Many hobbyists paint their models to make them look more rugged or used. There are some how-to videos on their website. I was surprised to find accessories available for these models. If desired, you can purchase a gun rack, slings, and dummy rounds. Other forms of merch including mugs and t-shirts are available for order too.

The price is a little steep at $39.99, however, If you subscribe to their mailing list, you can get a 10% off coupon code. I can’t deny the quality and attention to detail. I have gotten many compliments on my completed gun. Goat Gun models make an ideal gift for gun aficionados.

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Star Trek: Prodigy Season 1: Episodes 1-10

Thank you Paramount for sending us this Blu-ray to review!

Star Trek: Prodigy is a new CGI animated series that is catered to a younger audience. Fans of the earlier shows will recognize cameos from the original and Next Generation series. Star Trek: Prodigy’s ragtag crew has a couple of younger members, including an eight year old and a seventeen year old. The self-appointed captain, Dal, seems to be a teenager, but it’s hard to know for certain with aliens, especially blob ones like Merf.

This series takes place on a mining planet called Tars Lamora where the captives there mine valuable ore for the Diviner, who runs the prison colony. The miners have different languages, and for the most part, are unable to speak to one another. The Diviner has a seventeen-year-old daughter named Gwyn, who can speak many languages and is able to converse with the captives. She feels bad for the child laborers, but is powerless to do anything about it.

There’s a fugitive alien named Zero that the Diviner is wanting tracked down. Zero eventually makes contact with Dal, a prisoner constantly coming up with new ways to escape this prison colony. Gywn wants Dal to lead her to Zero, but instead they all find themselves on an abandoned starship, the USS Protostar. The crew manages to leave the planet, but the Diviner is constantly following them, as he has plans for that ship.

With the help of a hologram form of Kathryn Janeway, the crew departs far into the galaxy to forge their own destiny. Trouble seems to follow this crew with every ship and planetary interaction they make. However, they learn from their mistakes and grow as a team as a result. There are some hard lessons learned about trust and betrayal. Never giving up hope is a popular theme throughout the show.

Other than the first episode, most of them run a little over twenty minutes apiece. I must admit that this series was better than I expected. Other than cartoon violence, there's not much to worry about on the moral front. I look forward to watching future episodes! This series can be yours for under $20 on Blu-ray.


(Amazon Affiliate Link)

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tomtoc Slim Switch Carrying Case

Thank you tomtoc for sending us two review samples!

I like to protect my gaming gear and I’ve been using tomtoc’s Urban Sling Bag despite it not being designed specifically for the Switch. Not only is the Urban Sling Bag spacious, it’s quite sturdy as well.

The tomtoc Slim Switch Carrying Case is indeed slim. If you’re hoping to have room for ear buds, USB cables and charger, you’ll want to look elsewhere. This case will only hold your original or OLED Switch and ten of your favorite game cartridges.

There are many color options available, including some neat gradient offerings. There are thirteen different options on the Amazon page, including solid colors and camouflage. I would think twice about bringing a camouflage carrying case on a hiking or camping trip! We were sent the Cherry Blossom and Sky Blue models to review. Both of these models have nice gradient color transitions.

tomtoc is known for their military-grade protection and these carrying cases live up to those standards with their water-repellent EVA hard material. Their store page states that Switches in these cases survived military-standard drop tests. I’ll take their word for it.

Not only does tomtoc offer a 12-month warranty, they also have a 30-day money back guarantee. They want you to be happy with your purchase and to take comfort in knowing that you have your product covered.

Along with a Switch case, I highly recommend applying a screen protector (sold separately). The $29.99 asking price is a bit steep compared to other cases available, but there’s a 10% off coupon available on Amazon at the time of this review.

(Amazon Affiliate Link)

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Body by Honeydew

Thank you Honeydew Sleep Company for providing us with a body pillow and case to review! 

The Honeydew Sleep Company was founded in 2017 but has roots dating back to 1987.  They offer five different pillow types and accessories like covers and additional filling material for you to customize their pillows to your liking.  

The body pillow is currently on sale with a 25% off discount, which comes to $149.99 with free nationwide shipping, and a 60-night money-back guarantee.  Honeydew Sleep Company stands behind their products with a three-year warranty that covers any defects in materials and workmanship.  


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2022 Christmas Buying Guide

Here’s our 2022 Christmas buying guide! Below are our favorite gadgets and family appropriate titles we have played throughout the year. More reviews can be found on! Each game is given a gameplay score for the overall gaming experience and a moral score for how suitable it is for younger gamers. The Amazon and Humble Store links will benefit Christ Centered Gamer by giving us a small % of the sale.

PlatformTitleGame ScoreMoral ScoreBuy it!
PCCrossing Guard Joe88%98%Steam
macOS, PS4, PS5, Switch, Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|SDisney Dreamlight Valley88%86%Humble Store
Atari VCS, Linux, macOS, PS4, PS5, Switch, Windows, Xbox One/SeriesGravitar: Recharged86%98%Steam
SwitchKirby and the Forgotten Land88%90%Amazon
Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series XPaw Patrol: Grand Prix86%98%Steam
SteamSplatoon 392%87%Amazon
PCSuper Dungeon Maker88%96%Steam
VRSynth Riders Lindsey Stirling Music Pack 86%100%Steam
PCThe New Chronicles of Noah's Ark86%100% Steam
SwitchUltra Mega Xtra Party Challenge86%86%Amazon
PS4, Stadia, Switch, Windows, Xbox OneWindjammers 288%91%Steam
Atari VCS, Linux, macOS, PlayStation 4/5, Switch, Windows, Xbox One/SeriesYars Recharged88%98%Steam
AudioEncuentro De Sangre – A Metal Tribute to CastlevaniaN/AN/ABandcamp
PCFiFine K658 RGB USB Gaming MicrophoneN/AN/AAmazon
AndroidGamevice Flex Mobile Gaming Controller N/AN/AAmazon
PS4, PS5, PC, SwitchJBL Quantum 610 Wireless Gaming HeadsetN/AN/AAmazon
PCMaono AU-HD300T USB/XLR MicrophoneN/AN/AAmazon
PCNeat King Bee II Cardioid Solid State Condenser MicrophoneN/AN/AAmazon
PCROCCAT Burst Pro Air Wireless Gaming MouseN/AN/AAmazon
PCROCCAT Kone XP Wired Gaming MouseN/AN/AAmazon
PCROCCAT Vulcan II Max Optical RGB Gaming KeyboardN/AN/AAmazon
PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|STurtle Beach React-R ControllerN/AN/AAmazon
PC, PS4,PS5,Switch, Xbox One/Series X|STurtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 MAX Wireless Gaming HeadsetN/AN/AAmazon
PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|STurtle Beach VelocityOne Flight Universal Control SystemN/AN/AAmazon

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Encuentro De Sangre – A Metal Tribute to Castlevania


Thank you Scarlet Moon for sending us a digital album to review!

The genre Metroidvania is combination of Metroid and Castlevania which revolutionized platformer games.  Growing up, I played more Castlevania games than Metroid and most of my time in the series was spent in Castlevania III.  Upon hearing about a metal tribute album featuring songs from the first three Catlevania games, my interest was piqued.  I was sold on checking out the album upon funding out that Ferdk was one of the performers.  I really enjoyed his rendition of NieR: Automata and Undertale songs.  

Along with Ferdk, other collaborators (that I now admire) include Pokérus Project. ThePlasmas, and Thennecan.  Each group/artist contributes three songs to this tribute album.  All of the songs are exceptionally done and there are no weak links here. Each game is equally represented with four songs apiece.

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Narati Steam Deck Protection Kit

This product was sent to us through Amazon Vine and since our account was restricted from reviewing it on their platform, It’s now here for your reading pleasure!

In a household with multiple Steam Decks, I like to have mine stand out from the rest. Aside from a custom boot video, I thought a body and screen protector would be nice to have, especially with my cat who has been known to knock laptops off tables.

For less than $22 on Amazon, you can get the Narati Steam Deck Protection kit which includes:

1 Protective Case
1 Screen Protector
6 x Stickers
2 x Dust Filter Covers
4 x Dust Filter Plugs
4 x JoystickThumb Grips


Installation is pretty straightforward. You only get 1 screen protector, so make sure you have it perfectly aligned and not 1mm off like I did in my unboxing video! My second attempt was perfect. I highly recommend ordering a backup screen protector for this reason or for future cracks. The headphone jack and USB-C dust covers are a nice touch, but are easy to lose and some may deem them not worth the hassle.

The rear button stickers look and feel nice, however, I had to scrap the touchpad stickers as they did not properly detach from the adhesive paper. That’s my only complaint with this kit.

I like the bigger joystick grips though some may prefer Valve’s original configuration here. Since these will eventually wear out, the extra set will come in handy. I also installed the wire mesh filter covers around the air intakes to reduce crumbs or dust from getting into my Steam Deck.

The external grip is easy to install and very comfortable to use. I’m happy to report that my Steam Deck still fits in its original carrying case with the protective case on.

If you’re looking to protect your gaming investment at a low cost, this Narati Steam Deck Protection Kit is definitely worth checking out. I hope you have better luck with the sticker installation than I did.

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