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Navigating Levels: Upper Funnel vs. Lower Funnel Strategies

The primary goals of upper-level, top-of-funnel (TOFU) marketing are to build brand awareness, draw in fresh leads, and establish initial interactions with prospective clients. 

Lower-level marketing, sometimes called bottom-of-funnel (BOFU) marketing, aims to guide leads through the last stages of the buyer's journey and turn them into paying customers.

To better understand upper-funnel vs lower-funnel marketing strategies, we must define the different campaigns that fall into each category. 

Lower Funnel Marketing Strategies

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Great Gifts For Those Who Enjoy Training Their Brain

As Christmas is just around the corner, it’s time for last minute shopping. It’s time to get the little bits of Christmas food, the few presents you forgot about in time for the big day, and then the late nights just before wrapping everything up. It’s usually quite a stressful time until the 25th, as you all know, some friends and family are simply harder to buy for than others, whereas others practically throw their christmas list at you. There are lots of types of people with different personalities that are difficult to buy for, but for now we’ll focus on one: What do I get a brainiac for Christmas? How do I buy for someone whose hobbies are typically playing brain stimulating games for fun, like Crosswords, or Sudoku? Christmas Crossword? Christmas Sudoku? Is that a thing? Worry not - here are some ideas for gifts for people who might just enjoy a quiet room and a good brain teaser.

Mensa Brain Teaser Calendar (2024)

Every year Mensa releases cute little calendars in which each day has a brain teaser to solve. They’re a great gift for people who like a challenge, want to keep their mental focus strong, and can also bring a great start to the day. The challenges are random and have varying difficulties, from mathematical equations, word puzzles and logic challenges to unjumbling letters to create words and sentences. And if Brain teasers specifically aren’t your thing, don’t worry! Mensa also has a Crossword version of the calendar! 

Sudoku Calendar (2024)

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What Does 'Good' Screen Time Look Like These Days?

These days, global screen time averages at almost 7 hours a day. Admittedly, some of this is ‘work time’, but the rest is often just dreaded evening-time scrolling. After all, the internet and our smartphones are uniquely designed to catch us after a long day, when we sit down for ten minutes but end up on social media for two hours instead.

This, in itself, needn’t be an issue, but most people report feelings of guilt or inadequacy after long phone sessions. Despite that, studies show that our screen usage is only set to increase. So, what can we do to save our sanity in this age of screen time?

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as ‘good’ screen time. By taking the time to remember this, you may find it possible to develop more wholesome, satisfying screen experiences overall. 

The question is, what exactly does ‘good’ screen time mean these days? 

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A Few Ways To Unwind After A Stressful Week At Work


Work can give us a lot of stress and We all know what it's like after a long week at work. Stressed from all the meetings, deadlines and office politics. Work can give us a lot of stress and by the end of the week, we can be very demotivated, and flat and just want to escape in the weekend to enjoy what time we have before we go back to work. Work isn’t always a stressful thing, but on those particular weeks when you’re feeling rubbish, planning something to unwind and destress will be highly beneficial to you, and your mental health and managing to do something on the weekend without just sobbing about in front of the TV.

Get Out In Nature

When you feel very full in your head, a very stressed one of the best things you can do is get out of the house and go for a walk, not only go for a walk if possible to try and be around nature. There is something about being around nature, and trees which is relaxing and calming. You can take a straw through your nearby forest and you simply just explore what’s going on in the wilderness, listen to the sounds of the birds and animals as well as the wind going through the trees. Walks like this are normally quite quiet and peaceful. If you do have a dog you can also take them with you and give them some nice exercise. A great thing to do is take a flask of hot chocolate or tea, and when you find a nice scenic place to sit whether that’s looking over some fields or maybe a waterfall then you can sit down and have a nice relaxing, hot drink.

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Enhancing your Vocabulary with 5 Engaging Hobbies for Word Enthusiasts

The average American knows around 30,000 words, but our vocabulary size is shrinking rapidly. And the truth is that having a large vocabulary has got nothing to do with sounding more intelligent or impressing your interlocutor. It is about being able to articulate your thoughts more precisely and ensure that you can convey complex meanings easily. 

Unfortunately, in this digital and fast-paced age, a broad lexicon can be tricky to cultivate. Yet, if you are going to interact with your peers online, which is likely to be the case with remote work on the rise, you need to master effective communication. This is precisely where an extensive vocabulary can make a great deal of difference. 

But where do you start? Thankfully, as nobody has got time to spend learning the dictionary one page at a time, there are plenty of hobbies that can help you expand your word knowledge. 


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Making the Most Of Your Time: Constructive Time-Killing


You know those moments when you’re just sitting around, maybe in a waiting room with that generic jazz playing, or in your car watching raindrops race each other down the windshield. We’ve all been there, caught in these little pockets of time that seem to slip away unnoticed. But guess what? These moments are little gifts, and today we’re looking into ways how to unwrap these moments and make them meaningful. 

Breathing: Your Personal Pause Button

Let’s start with something simple, yet super valuable. Breathing. Hear us out - it’s more than just in-and-out. It’s about taking that moment to just be. Inhale, feel your chest rise; exhale, feel it fall. It’s like hitting a pause button on the world’s remote control, giving you a minute to just be. You’d be surprised at how effective this can be in terms of regulating emotions and clearing your head. Give it a try, what do you have to lose? 

The Magic Of Books: Your Portable Portals

Do you ever carry a book around? If not, you might want to start. Books are like portable portals. Open one up and whoosh - you’re in a different world, a different life. It’s like having a secret door that only you know about, ready to whisk you away whenever you have a few minutes to spare. With E-books being more accessible than ever, you have no reason not to get a couple of pages read. 

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Prayer, Healing, God, and Strength: Good Health Begins When You Pray

Prayer for healing takes many forms; for some people it involves specifically sacred words while others prefer quiet meditation or connecting to God or an external force. No matter your beliefs about prayer's healing power, it can still provide much comfort. Studies show that people who pray more tend to experience better health outcomes, so read on to learn how it may help you.


Healing prayers can offer comfort and strength during times of emotional or physical hardship. Use of healing and strength prayers yourself or for someone you care about who may be struggling, whether from Covid-19 pandemic-related health conditions, other forms of hardships or any other source. Also serve as an excellent reminder of God's love and power in times of hardship for yourself or loved ones.


Research into prayer and healing has had mixed results, prompting ongoing debate as to what exactly happens during healing sessions and whether scientific proof can be established as part of the healing process itself. Some of the hardest questions arise concerning how people react during healing sessions and whether any improvements experienced result from an impactful prayer session or are simply placebo effects.

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Use Cases For Essay Makers In 2023


An essay is a piece of writing that reflects a writer’s research and opinion on a given topic. It is one of the most versatile forms of writing that has survived centuries across the world. It can be as simple and benign as a one-page piece on your school and how you feel about going there to a complex collection of jargon with references, citations, and annotations. That’s why it is one of the most popular tools that are used in schools and colleges to determine students’ progress in academics.

But, writing an essay is an uphill battle. It requires a lot of experience, knowledge, and determination to go through all the steps that make a solid piece of writing. That means it is not something that you can expect from students who are still in their formative years. This is where AI essay makers and writing tools come into the picture!

Let us go through the difficulties that students face and how these tools can come in handy.

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Email Marketing Strategies and Challenges for B2B

When creating a B2B marketing plan, marketers must balance a number of factors, including the need for creativity, financial constraints, and channel selection. 

The goal of business-to-business (B2B) marketing is to raise awareness of your company among other businesses and ultimately gain their business.  

So, the people you're trying to reach are the single most important factor in how successful your marketing will be.  

If you don't target the correct audience with your marketing, all of your efforts will be for naught.

In this day and age of digital technology, email marketing continues to be an effective tool for B2B companies that want to connect with prospects, keep them engaged, and turn them into repeat customers.   

In spite of this, the landscape of email marketing is always shifting, making it absolutely necessary to implement novel techniques and respond productively to obstacles in order to stay one step ahead of the competition.  

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Top 7 iTunes Tips and Tricks You Need to Know for Amazing Deals on a $50 iTunes Gift Card


Top 7 iTunes Tips and Tricks You Need to Know for Amazing Deals on a $50 iTunes Gift Card

Are you a devoted Apple fan who enjoys the newest tunes, flicks, applications, and other media? If so, iTunes is without a doubt a necessary component of your digital existence. The way we interact with technology has fundamentally changed thanks to the ability to operate our Apple devices and access a vast library of entertainment materials through iTunes. This article will go over seven excellent iTunes tips and tactics that will improve your consumption and enable you to benefit from incredible discounts on a $50 iTunes Gift Card that is now on sale.

50$ iTunes Gift Card For Sale: Your Ticket to Limitless Entertainment

Let's speak about the excellent possibility to purchase an iTunes Gift Card for sale before we go into the tips and methods. The iTunes Gift Card provides access to the enormous iTunes Store and its wealth of media, including music, movies, TV series, apps, and games. The card can be used to make purchases from the App Store, Apple Books, and other online businesses in addition to paying for your Apple Music membership. With the $50 iTunes Gift Card, you'll receive access to a wide range of entertainment options and the chance to pick the material that most closely suits your tastes.

Top 7 iTunes Tips and Tricks

Gift Card Discounts and Offers: Watch out for odd sales and discounts on iTunes Gift Cards. Numerous online retailers and service providers provide standout deals, such as reduced gift cards or added credits when completing a purchase. By taking advantage of these deals, you might be able to save money and receive access to a variety of entertainment options.

Combine Gift Cards for Bigger Purchases: You may combine a number of iTunes Gift Cards to make sizable purchases, did you know that? Before checking out, combine any gift cards you have with different values to pay the complete amount. By adopting this strategy, you might acquire opulent products without having to pay more.

Earn Gift Cards Through Rewards Programs: Through the reward programs of many websites, you can earn points by taking part in activities like watching movies, completing surveys, or purchasing online. By trading these points for iTunes Gift Cards, you can indulge in your chosen entertainment without having to spend any of your hard-earned money.

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The Benefits Of The Internet For Your Gameplay


The internet has become a powerful place and a benefit for many people whether that’s on a personal or professional level. For gamers, technology is what they live and breath. Technology has done so much for the industry of gaming and the improvements made in the last decade or so are substantial.  You don’t even need to play the latest and greatest 3D game to have fun, even having access to the best solitaire game whenever you want is a wonderful bonus.


There are many great benefits to the internet when it comes to your gameplay. There’s no denying that this is a hefty resource of information that any gamer can benefit from. Here are some of the benefits you can get from using the internet for your gameplay this year.

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3 Electronics Accessories to Buy in UAE

Electronics accessories enhance functionality and protection, so you can opt for electronics accessories even in UAE. Electronic accessories provide an additional layer of protection for your devices, making them one of the most magnificent to get. They cannot only be safeguard from only scratches, but also damage, dust, and other potential hazards. Electronic accessories like help maintain the appearance while reducing risks. Everybody has expensive devices such as mobile, gaming and others. To prevent them as important as they are so you should not hesitate while investing in them. Furthermore, electronic accessories can expand the functionality of your devices for example power banks and others. 

Electronic accessories play a crucial role in establishing and improving connectivity. They are convenient and portable, making it easier to use and carry your devices. The affection is that this blog covers all the best electronic accessories in UAE for everyone for a smart and perfect life. 

1- Amazon Basics Multi-Angle Stand 

When it comes to the most needed electronics accessories, Amazon Basics Multi-Angle Stand is a perfect choice for anyone in UAE. It is foldable which makes it one of the most amazing, so you can more flexibility. The material that is contained by this electronic accessory has hundred percent rubber that keeps it durable from others. It is suitable to use for Kindle, iPhone, iPad, tablet, e-reader and any phone. It is one of the most splendid additions to your accessories, so you can enjoy any of your favorite movies, series, and anything with your favorite snacks. The most interesting part is that you can purchase any of your loveable brands all electronics, appliances, TVs, cameras, consoles, and anything you need at a down price via Amazon promo code.

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Cincinnati Reds 2023: A Season of Redemption and Triumph

In baseball, the Cincinnati Reds embarked on a journey in 2023 that transcends the ordinary. This season is a testament to their unwavering determination as they strive to turn the tides of their previous shortcomings into triumph. With hearts ablaze and a burning desire for redemption, the Cincinnati Reds quest to conquer their Minnesota Twins rivals, silence the doubters and etch their names into the annals of baseball history. The stage is set for an enthralling season, where resilience, talent, and unwavering spirit will shape the destiny of the Cincinnati Reds in their pursuit of greatness.

A Season of Resilience: Overcoming Adversity to Achieve Greatness

The Cincinnati Reds embark on a remarkable season filled with resilience and determination, surmounting challenges that come their way. From injuries to setbacks, they defy the odds and rise above adversity. Their unwavering spirit and unyielding resolve fuel their pursuit of greatness, inspiring fans and captivating audiences. With every obstacle they conquer, the Reds solidify their place as a team that refuses to be defeated, leaving an indelible mark on the baseball landscape.

Fanning the Flames of Redemption: Cincinnati Reds' Burning Desire for Success

The Cincinnati Reds are driven by an intense desire for redemption in the 2023 season. Fueled by past setbacks and disappointments, they unleash a fire within, igniting their performances on the field. Their determination to reclaim glory is evident in every pitch, swing, and catch. As they blaze through the season, their burning passion for success inspires teammates and fans alike, creating an electric atmosphere that envelops the ballpark and spreads far beyond.

Securing Your Spot: Grabbing Cincinnati Reds Tickets for an Unforgettable Season

For fans eager to witness the Cincinnati Reds' unforgettable 2023 season, securing Cincinnati Reds tickets is a must. Tix2games offers a gateway to experiencing the excitement firsthand, providing a platform to purchase Cincinnati Reds cheap tickets and participate in the action. Whether it's home games or away matches, buying tickets to Reds 2023 season ensures a front-row seat to the team's journey towards redemption and triumph. Take advantage of the opportunity to be part of history in the making - get your MLB tickets now and be part of the electrifying atmosphere that only live baseball can offer.

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From Novice to Certified Professional: A Roadmap to Conquering the CompTIA PK0-005 Exam



Embarking on the journey toward becoming a certified professional in project management is an exciting endeavor. The CompTIA PK0-005 exam is a crucial stepping stone toward achieving that goal. In this article, we will provide a roadmap that will guide you from being a novice to becoming a certified professional in project management. By following this roadmap, you can conquer the CompTIA PK0-005 exam and pave the way for a successful career in project management.

Understanding the Exam

Before diving into the preparation process, it is essential to understand the CompTIA PK0-005 exam. Familiarize yourself with the exam format, objectives, and topics covered. This knowledge will help you set realistic expectations, identify focus areas, and create an effective study plan. Dumpspedia PK0-005 practice questions are the best dumps recommendation available.

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The business benefit of working with software outsourcing companies

In 2023, tech businesses have no choice but to evolve if they need to remain in the top game.. For software-based businesses that need to deliver tailored and well-structured products in record time, resources like talent and capital may be blockers to growth. However, outsourcing software developers and teams has become an increasingly popular strategy over the years, with several organizations realizing the numerous benefits it can provide. Based on the insights of industry experts, this blog will walk you through the gains available if you choose to outsource your processes.

  1. Cost savings: One of the primary reasons companies outsource software development is to save expenses. Outsourcing to a specialized company can significantly reduce development costs, as these companies typically have lower labor costs and operate in regions with a lower cost of living. Additionally, outsourcing allows companies to avoid the expenses associated with hiring and training in-house developers.
  2. Access to specialized expertise: Software outsourcing companies often have teams of specialized developers who possess the knowledge and skills needed to tackle complex development projects. These teams can bring a wealth of expertise and experience to a project, which can be difficult to find in-house. Working with an outsourcing company can give companies access to a wide range of skills, including programming languages, platforms, and technologies.
  3. Reduced risk: Outsourcing software development can help diminish the risk associated with software development projects. Software outsourcing companies typically have a well-defined development process and use industry-standard best practices, which can help reduce the risk of project failure. Additionally, outsourcing can help companies mitigate the risks associated with staff turnover or the loss of in-house expertise.
  4. Focus on core business activities: Outsourcing software development allows companies to focus on their primary operational goals, rather than getting bogged down in the complexities of software development. This can be particularly beneficial for smaller companies that may not have the resources to hire and manage an in-house development team.
  5. Faster time-to-market: Working with a software outsourcing company can help companies bring their products to market faster.Outsourcing allows companies to tap into the expertise and experience of specialized development teams, which can help reduce development time and accelerate the time to market for products and services.
  6. Scalability: Third-party developers can provide the flexibility and economies of scale that businesses need to meet their development needs. Outsourcing allows companies to quickly scale up or down their development resources based on changing business requirements. This can be particularly valuable for companies that experience rapid growth or seasonal fluctuations in demand.
  7. Increased innovation: Working with a talent outsourcer in software development can help companies bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to their development projects. Outsourcing allows companies to tap into the creativity and problem-solving skills of specialized development teams, which can lead to new and innovative solutions.

Final Word:

If you run a tech business that relies on selling software and digital products, time and capital are highly necessary resources. Since most of the game is based on deployment speed , relying on an outsourcing software development team can provide numerous benefits to businesses of all sizes. Based on their services and speed of delivery, a business can hire highly qualified teams to ensure that your operations run seamlessly throughout the seasons. Make sure to work with a trusted outsourcing provider to access the top development resources you need to drive growth, increase efficiency, and achieve your strategic objectives.

Author Bio: Outreach Monks is fortunate to have Kenny Johnson as one of its esteemed contributors. His expertise in business, technology, and marketing is highly valuable in helping us provide excellent content to our clients. With his vast knowledge and passion for sharing it with others, Kenny has become a reliable source for our team when it comes to creating insightful and practical content. We appreciate his contributions and look forward to our continued partnership.


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How to Hire a Solar Panel Company: Everything You Need to Know


The global solar power market size was valued at USD 167.83 billion in 2021 and is commonly projected to grow from USD 234.86 billion in 2022 to USD 373.84 billion by 2029. That's an increase of about 720 megawatts of solar production.

Solar technology is one of the most influential and sought-after forms of renewable energy that homeowners and business owners alike clamor to use. But getting started, understanding what to look for, and hiring a solar panel company can be overwhelming.

As more homes switch to solar, more companies are available. It can make it challenging to decide which solar panel company to use.

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In-house vs. Outsource Development: Which Cooperation Model to Choose in 2023?

In software development, companies are often confronted with a pivotal choice: creating an in-house development team or delegating the work to a third-party provider. Each option presents its own pros and cons, and the decision can significantly affect the project's success.


Based on the expertise of a trusted software development company that has an in-house development team working on internal projects and provides resources to businesses that need to build a software product, we'll explore the differences between in-house and outsourced development, the benefits and drawbacks of each approach, and critical factors to consider when making the decision.

In-house Development Team: Advantages and Disadvantages


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Expert-Backed Ways to Turn Bitcoin to Cash Instantly

The information on the web on how to turn Bitcoin to cash instantly can be overwhelming. But the truth is that some of the options are not as reliable or secure as they are advertised to be. Whether you want to change Bitcoin to cash for the first time or have been doing this for many years, it is good that you know the expert-backed ways to turn Bitcoin to cash instantly.

Why do Bitcoin holders want to change their coins into cash instantly? If you are a regular trader, then this is a normal transaction every other day. Business people are also looking for a reliable and instant option to sell their Bitcoin to get liquidity for their businesses. With that in mind, lets us dive into the most reliable options to turn Bitcoin to cash instantly according to experts.

Sell Through an Exchange to Turn Bitcoin to Cash Instantly

You can turn Bitcoin to cash instantly through a reliable crypto exchange. You can use an online centralized or decentralized exchange or an in-person exchange office to turn Bitcoin to cash. Using an exchange is one of the most popular choices for trading cryptocurrency.

You will receive physical cash in return for your BTC at an in-person cryptocurrency exchange. Alternatively, a digital cash payment will be sent to you if you use an online exchange.

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Optimizing Image File Formats for Web Use

Did you know your images speak a thousand words? Well, that's true because they are an essential component of a website. People will scan through a page, and their eyes will stop on the images.

When using website images, you need to make sure they are optimized. But there are a lot of image file formats to know, and different forms impact performance.

In this article, we're going to dive into image optimization for the web. That includes knowing which formats to choose, what to do, and what to look out for. Let's dive in!

Resize Images Before Uploading

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Goat Guns AR-15 Model Gun

Goat Guns AR-15 Model Gun
Developed by: Goat Guns
Release date: 2017
MSRP: $39.99

Strong points: 1:3 scale; diecast metal; nicely detailed
Weak points: A little pricey; assembly took longer than advertised

Thank you Goat Guns for sending us a review sample!

My home state of Illinois has banned assault weapons this year. Granted, there are some appeals in place, but at the moment, the only legal way to get an AR-15 shipped to my house is in a 1:3 scale diecast model format.

This model is nicknamed “Charky” and measures 11.5” long and weighs 12oz. The website claims it takes five minutes to assemble, but it took me closer to 15. If I disassembled it and reassembled it a few times, I would get faster at it no doubt. I don’t think I’ll be able to beat their record holder’s 21 seconds though!

If you’re struggling through the assembly, there are detailed instructions and a how to video available. I was stubborn and just stuck with the instructions. There are seven steps and the first one involving the hard-guards took me the longest. With the pressure needed to slide these parts in place, I’m thankful for this model being made out of metal!

Once the gun is completed, you can mount it on the included stand. Many hobbyists paint their models to make them look more rugged or used. There are some how-to videos on their website. I was surprised to find accessories available for these models. If desired, you can purchase a gun rack, slings, and dummy rounds. Other forms of merch including mugs and t-shirts are available for order too.

The price is a little steep at $39.99, however, If you subscribe to their mailing list, you can get a 10% off coupon code. I can’t deny the quality and attention to detail. I have gotten many compliments on my completed gun. Goat Gun models make an ideal gift for gun aficionados.

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