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The Boss Baby: Family Business

The Boss Baby: Family Business

Thank you DreamWorks for sending us a Blu-ray to review!

This film takes place thirty years after the previous one and all of the babies have grown up now. Tim is a stay at home dad with an over-active imagination. His mega-successful brother, Ted (the star in the previous movie) is a busy CEO and showers Tim’s family with lavish gifts instead of his presence at holidays. Tim’s second grader daughter, Tabitha, is growing up and no longer finds his antics humorous. Tim is afraid that they are growing apart. The youngest daughter, Tina, is an agent at Baby Corp. The school that Tabitha attends may be part of the reason that she is growing distant from her dad. In order to investigate matters Tim and his brother Ted must infiltrate the school as youths.

In his youthful form, Tim goes by Marcos Lightspeed and befriends his daughter. She confides in him and he learns her true feelings about him. Marcos/Tim and Ted also learn about an evil plan that will allow babies to rule the world without their parents getting in their way. Despite their years apart, Tim and Ted must set aside their differences and work together to save the world.

The main theme of this movie is that just because people grow up doesn’t mean they have to grow apart. That’s a great message. From an appropriateness standpoint, it’s worth noting that you’ll see some butts. There are a couple of moments where Ted is naked, but there are objects conveniently placed that prevent seeing anything between his legs. Many computer animated films are promoting the LGBTQ agenda and I did see a rainbow bumper sticker on one of the cars.

Other than those issues, there’s much to like about this film. The voice acting cast is great with Alec Baldwin, Jimmy Kimmel, and Lisa Kudrow reprising their roles. James Marsden is now voicing Tim and the villain is voiced acted by Jeff Goldblum. The animation is well done and the writing is great. If you enjoyed the first movie you should definitely check this one out.

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Underrated Strategy Games For PC You Need To Play

Underrated Strategy Games For PC You Need To Play

If you’re a hardcore RTS fan, you’ve probably played all the big games like Age of Empires and Command & Conquer to death. Fortunately, there are countless underrated PC strategy games out there just waiting to be played. Here are a few great PC strategy games that are often overlooked. 

Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds

Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds was released by Ensemble Studios back in 2001. It’s got exactly the same mechanics as classic medieval strategy game Age of Empires 2, except it’s set in the Star Wars universe. Factions range from the Galactic Empire to the Wookies. While perhaps a little clunky by today’s standards, the game makes up for it with its expansiveness and still has a loyal online multiplayer following. 

King Arthur: The Role Playing War Game

King Arthur: The Role Playing War Game is a bit of a blend of genres - there’s some strategy and some RPG in there. It’s gameplay feels very similar to the Total War series. The biggest difference is that it’s set in a fantasy world with magic and mythos. All in all, if you love the Total War games and fantasy, this is the game for you. It’s a bit rough around the edges, but it’s a very fun game.


Achron was released in 2011 and is considered the first ‘meta-time strategy’ game. It’s a sci-fi strategy game that incorporates time travel adding a whole new dimension to the gameplay. By transporting units back in time (known as ‘chronoporting’), you can change events that previously occurred earlier in the game. Just be wary of ‘chronofragging’ your units - if units collide with their previous or future self, the weaker of the two is killed, which could then have other implications on the future of the game. 

Politics & War

Politics & War is a nation states game in which you create your own nation and rule it. It’s an MMO game so you’ll be competing/co-operating with other players’ custom-made nations. You can choose to wage war (Watch out! There are nukes!) or compete for economic power. It’s pretty thrilling game with a great community on Discord - plus it’s completely free-to-play.

They Are Billions

This post-apocalyptic steampunk strategy game takes hordes of zombies to new levels - you’ll have to defend against waves of (what feels like) billions of zombies to survive. The game involves building a colony and then setting up defences. It’s like a tower defence game but much tougher and much more dramatic. 


If war strategy games aren’t for you, Factorio may be more up your street. You play as an engineer who has crash-landed on an alien planet. The aim of the game is to harvest enough resources and create enough industry so that you can build a rocket. The game requires you to experiment with alien automated tech. Once you get to grips with it, you can create all manner of automated machinery processes. It’s a challenging game to get into but very rewarding.


This indie strategy game was launched back in 2014. Your aim is to defend a Cold War era Earth from an alien invasion (it’s very similar to XCOM). There’s an old-skool feel about it that’s charming. The game also manages to capture a real sense of danger that makes it truly thrilling. Just be wary that it is not a fast game to complete - be prepared to put some hours in.

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MOBA drafting: Tips for a Successful Team Composition

MOBA Drafting: Tips for a Successful Team Composition

When the draft time arrives, you have a lot to think about. Whether it is your first draft or just your first time playing with a certain team, knowing what to do is a must. From knowing how to predict your LoL match outcome to getting the first-round draft picks right, use the tips and information below to have a positive experience.

Assess Your Team

One of the first things you must do before thinking about the draft phase is to find out how your teammates play and who they are. While getting an overpowered composition in the game is good, it may be a bad idea if you have teammates who are in roles they are unfamiliar with.

While it isn’t required that each person play the same role every tie, you need to know the capabilities of your teammates. Be sure that you all understand one another’s hero pools and their preferred roles, which will help you with your draft.

Engaging in voice communication is recommended, as this can help increase the effectiveness of your drafting. It’s a good idea to discuss your strategies before queuing up to have a general idea of your team’s plans. If you don’t have a voice, at least use the “thumbs up” option and the role indicator to communicate the strategies you plan to use.

Bans and First Round Draft

While you maintain a cohesive team comp, be sure to attack the strategy used by your opponents when possible. You need to ensure your picks are aimed at countering the opponent you are going up against, even if they are not explicitly stated.

It is virtually impossible to keep your opponent from getting a top pick; however, it’s not something you should worry about either. If it happens, you should take the opportunity to manage the situation and then turn the tables so things are in your favor again. Teams that play competitively do this constantly.

A priority pick is stronger if they have the right composition, and you can take steps to keep this from happening. Also, having priority picks may include a strong counter, which is perfect for shutting down the priority pick. In some way, if you have an opponent who gets a priority pick, the draft provides you with some control over the strength of the pick.

 MOBA Drafting: Tips for a Successful Team Composition

Second Ban and Double Pick Strategies

A general strategy is to use the double pick you must counter your opponent or to create a stronger foundation for the team composition. In some cases, it can be used for both. Take steps to force your opponent to react to the picks you make. This is preferred over having them move forward as they originally planned.

As you can see, there are a few strategies that can help you be successful when it comes to the draft. Keep the tips and information here in mind to give your team a strong foundation, regardless of who you are going up against. 

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Will The Importance Of SEO Be Still There Beyond 2021?

Will The Importance Of SEO Be Still There Beyond 2021?


To answer the question, there's a simple answer to it-yes. The old techniques of SEO that used to provide results are now invalid. SEO has developed a lot in recent years, and it needs much more than just having good content. Recently, SEO is more important. It is the most convenient digital marketing policy or strategy that awards long-term investment. An individual should consult any reliable agencies of SEO in Adelaide to receive the proper guidance on search engine optimization.

What is SEO?


The initialism for SEO is Search Engine Optimization. In simple words, it means the process by which one can improve the site to expand its prospects when people seek products or services which are related to one's business in search engines like Google, etc. 

Why is SEO Important?


SEO is the foundation of digital marketing as people do lots of searches every day, every year, most often intending to find out about products and services. When the visibility of search results increases than your competitors, it will provide a crucial impact on your essence. 


In recent years the search results are more developed for helping users to get undeviating results and information that will attract the users and will let them stay on the page rather than them moving to another website. In this case, any professional company of SEO in Adelaide provides a very satisfying guide, and they consider the clients very important.


What Is Organic Traffic, And Why Is It So Important?  


Organic traffic is the most important source of a website visitor. It is the reason why 51% of the visitors come to websites. There are many other factors such as paid search, social, etc, though organic traffic tops the list among them. Investing in SEO will provide long-term benefits. If for once, a page gets the label of top rank, it can enjoy authority for a prolonged period. Hence, we can say that organic traffic is a very crucial part of digital marketing. 


The Rankings Made By Google Has Been Changing


Previously it was not an easy job to rank in Google. It wasn't global-wise or advanced. Google understood the contents present in any website though it wasn't very modish back then. Then, many companies started manipulating their website information to rank in Google's algorithms. Since then, Google has developed and now can decide which site deserves to be the best. Two changes occurred in recent years-


  1. Google algorithm updates


  1. Renovate the search results page of Google.


The most important updates that changed the SEO completely are -


  1. Panda (2011)
  2. Penguin (2012)
  3. Hummingbird (2013)
  4. Pigeon (2014)
  5. Mobile-first update (2015)
  6. RankBrain (2015)
  7. BERT (2019)


Even after this, Google has not stopped. It is evolving day by day. It increases its twerks every year. They are most often minor tweaks that improve its solidity, and customer experience, and satisfaction. Hence, most of the companies of SEO in Adelaide have adapted to the aforementioned tweaks and changes are able to serve customers satisfactorily.



Hence we can see how progressively SEO is improving itself inch by inch. Each day passes, and the users expect to get more changes from it. So, hopefully, this article made it clear how SEO will still be worth it shortly and in 2021. 



Author’s Bio

Shrey Jain is the Co-Founder of Writofy & a Chartered Accountant who works with a team of creative content writers. He holds a forte in creating informative content on niches like crypto, business, fintech, digital marketing, and several others. In addition, his willingness to learn and share his knowledge can immensely help readers get valuable insights on varied topics. 

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12 Minutes Review: A Hauntingly Engaging Thriller

12 Minutes Review: A Hauntingly Engaging Thriller


By: Kelvin Teh


Thriller is a niche genre, especially when it comes to video games. Good ones are few and far in between. Some of the memorable ones that I could recall from the top of my head would be Telltale Games' The Wolf Among Us and Playdead’s Limbo.


And when one of my friends recommended 12 Minutes to me, I was very sceptical. The premise was pretty formulaic where the main objective is to uncover the mystery behind your upcoming death and accused wife.


Personally, I had my fair share of unpleasant experiences in the past with thriller games, hence you can understand why I was pretty apprehensive about playing the game.


That being said, I am always up for a recommended game and here’s what I think about it.


Story and Gameplay


Without spoiling too much, 12 Minutes is mainly a decision-matter game and based on your decisions, the outcome will differ.


This strikes a similar tone with the Life is Strange series and more so with the protagonist’s supernatural time-travelling abilities.


Hence, your role here is to uncover the truth behind all the mystery with your newfound powers, all set within the confines of your living room.


I have to admit, being stuck inside the living room can be a little boring, especially when the game requires you to go back and forth in a loop, but this notion was cast away when the story gets deeper and darker along the way.


One thing that is not formulaic about this game was that it is played from a top-down perspective. Although there are quite a few top-down soul-like games, there are almost none that are choice-based games. Frankly, I liked the change.



Graphics and Visuals


Coming from an independent studio, it goes without saying that the visuals may not be as ‘impressive’ as triple-A games like Cyberpunk 2077 or Resident Evil. However, Annapurna Interactive did a spectacular job with the tools they have in hand.


The visual does not fall short compared to many indie games. Plus, I was glad that they did not do anything too crazy with the art direction, which they kept as minimalistic as possible.


Besides, 12 Minutes is not a game where the player should focus on the visuals. While I would be lying that a bad game art wouldn’t irk me, 12 Minutes is one of the few games that will still immerse you in its reality despite not having hyper-realistic images—at least it did for me.



Sound and Atmosphere


The voice acting and audio are easily the winners for 12 Minutes. You can argue all you want, but having James McAvoy as the lead voice is a win in my book. Aside from all biasedness, his voice blends in perfectly with his character.


Willem Dafoe and Daisy Ridley were also voice casted which hints that the devs wanted to emphasise more on the audio department. Again, like Life is Strange where a part of the game’s praise is from the soundtrack choices, 12 Minutes did a great job in voice casting their characters.


Plus, added effects like the background sound effects were on point. The rain can be heard from the outside pelting at the window with vehicles passing by, which are excellent touches that contribute to the ambivalent aesthetic of the game.



Overall Experience


As mentioned earlier, I am not the biggest fan when it comes to thriller games, but if I were to be honest, 12 Minutes got me hooked on the first minute. I’m not saying that the game isn’t flawed, as that it can get repetitive for the impatient.


However, the story and atmosphere really draws you in and you really just forget about time when you are trying to unravel the answers to the mystery, and that to me, is a successful thriller game.


The game is now available on Steam, you can conveniently add funds to your Steam Wallet by getting some codes from OffGamers here!


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Best online video editing tools for your Gaming videos

Best online video editing tools for your Gaming videos

Gaming videos are a great way to gain a following on your channel. You can have hundreds of interested viewers become a part of your community by uploading gaming videos regularly. Gaming videos are gaining popularity these days, especially when the pandemic has forced so many of us to stay indoors. So many viewers try to escape the daily realities of life by watching these videos. Gaming videos are also popular because many viewers are gamers themselves, trying to learn the game's tricks while watching these videos.

If you are a gamer and you’re considering putting up your gaming videos online, you will need the best game video editor to help you create the most engaging videos. Here in this article, we have listed the best online video editors for making powerful gaming videos.

The best online video editing tools for your gaming videos

  1. Movavi Video Suite

The Movavi video editing tool is a popular all-in-one video editor that can be used comfortably by video editors for creating impactful videos. You can use this editor to grow your gaming followers by creating videos with amazing effects, capture screens, edit images and videos, and convert media.

It starts with Movavi's powerful screen recorder that can easily record or capture your screen. This is useful for capturing a live stream or catching the entire action while recording sounds. The video editing community most loves this tool because of its intuitive interface and ease of use on Mac and Windows.

This video editing tool is extremely user-friendly and lightweight; hence, highly recommended for new YouTubers or people who wish to make vlogging their profession. One does not need prior expertise at video editing to use this video editing program because of its simple interface. It allows you to create stunning videos of HD and 4K quality, irrespective of the hardware and system you are using. The free version has lots of features like color adjustment tabs, voice-over recording, adding transitions, rotation, editing speeds, splitting and trimming the videos, etc. The paid version has many more advanced features.


  1. VSDC

The VSDC video editor can be used by beginners and intermediate video editors with minimal effort to create amazing videos. Actions like splitting, cropping, flipping, rotating, trimming, and merging videos can be done easily and within minutes to create seamless videos. This video editor comes with 800+ effects and allows you to import and export files in any format, add any music, use overlays, filters, animated text, and messages. In addition, it allows you to add transitions and motion elements for cool transitions between clips. The motion elements feature available in the paid version identifies moving objects in the video to add various elements.

In the VSDC editor, you can embed webcam recordings and use color blending features to give a better effect to the video. The gaming video can be easily shared via different devices in the HD and standard format with options to upload directly on FB and YouTube or burn it to DVD.


  1. Invideo


InVideo is one of the fastest-growing browser-enabled video editors online. What makes this tool most convenient is that you can use the browser to edit your video. All that you need to do to get started is to create an InVideo account. You don’t need to have advanced technical skills at editing to use this tool, as it has an intuitive interface  and user-friendly features that allows even beginners to create professional-looking videos within minutes.

InVideo allows you to edit each video clip, add or delete scenes, add special effects, voice-overs, and more to create impressive gaming videos. This feature-rich game video editor helps professionals and amateurs create stunning videos. It also comes with hundreds of customizable templates to create videos from scratch. Its free speech and voice-over tools will allow you to add narrations and subtitles to make your game videos more impressive. You can easily upload your video clips and audio files to the project with its drag-and-drop feature. Choose from over 4000 free-to-use templates and enhance your videos with the huge library of royalty-free audios and videos clips. Moreover, it also features the world’s first intelligent video assistant (IVA), which recommends corrections and suggestions such as text alignment, colors, animation speed, and other parameters to recommend suggestions on aspects you might have missed.



  1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe is a known name in the multimedia industry and is one of the premier go-to tools for professionals. It is a paid video editing tool and is perfect for those with prior video editing experience. They have an initial seven-day trial period where you can try the software for free. This software is recommended only if you have editing experience or the knack to edit and learn nuances of editing fast due to its power-packed advanced editing features.

Having said that, the Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the top video editing tools, without any second thoughts! The best-in-line audio tools, music tracks, graphics, animation, drag-and-drop features, color adjustments, in-built presets, and more await you as you start editing your game videos on this software.

Other features include Motion Graphics template, seamless connectivity with Photoshop, working on Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Sensei, subtitles, automatic transcriptions of dialogues, and much more. Adobe Premiere Pro allows you to work with any kind of footage captured using a professional camera or a smartphone.


  1. iMovie

Are you looking to create Hollywood-style gaming videos? Try the cinematographic magic of iMovie for 4K resolution, compatible with iOS and macOS. Once you have added your media files to the project, you can trim each clip, add a background score, add effects, titles, extra-special effects, pick from 13 video filters, choose from in-built sound effects, and do much more.

Just like any other video editing tool, iMovie also offers a choice of fonts and colors, scale pinching, gradients, patterns, adding and adjusting titles, unique green-screen effect, etc. For added convenience, you can also transfer the editing job from your iPhone to iPad to Mac through iCloud Drive with access to professional editing features.


These were our top choices of video editing tools that can help you create impactful gaming videos. Ensure that you research well before making a choice and when you do so, stick to the chosen one till you get the hang of all the features. Explore all features, and if required, watch online tutorials to understand how to use these video editing tools to make the best gaming videos.

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Where can I learn to program Minecraft mods?

Where can I learn to program Minecraft mods?

As with many professional coders, your newfound interest in coding is probably through video games like Minecraft as well.

We’re with you, pal!

After spending a lot of time building and exploring different maps on Minecraft, we feel that we are missing out on some cool and secret features. Features that can only be unlocked if we knew how to create mods, packs, add-ons, and many more.

So for this article, we would walk you through one of these many cool features, specifically Minecraft mods.

For those who are still unfamiliar with Minecraft mods, it is a modification that allows you to alter the game’s behavior. This simply lets you change how the game is usually played. For example, a mod called What Am I Looking at (WAILA) would conveniently tell you what block are you looking at by simply pointing your crosshair to it.          

For some, the example that we just stated doesn’t sound too cool, right? But keep in mind that these little modifications are what makes the gaming experience extra special and more personalized.

With the help of these mods, you can easily build your dream mansion or even acquire new equipment without these little nuances and extra steps that you need to do.  

Having said all that, we have created this simple and short guide to help you.


Coding for Kids Online Program

Even if you are an adult already, don’t skip this section!

No matter which age group you belong to, coding for kids programs are the perfect place to start learning Minecraft mods. Given that this game is particularly popular among kids, it should come as no surprise why a great number of kids suddenly want to learn Minecraft coding.

If you do a quick Google search on learning Minecraft mods, most of the search results are tailored specifically for kids (although if you dig deep enough, you would find FEW online courses for adults too).

That being the case, several online learning platforms for kids have perfected the way it should be thought. They have seamlessly incorporated Minecraft into their learning materials.

On top of that, Minecraft mods have been one of the most popular ways to teach and make kids more interested in coding and programming.

With that, we highly suggest you check out a few of these kids’ programs online.

Bonus if you are an unprofessional coder and do not have any background in programming, then these coding for kids programs would surely ease you into Minecraft coding. You would surely learn Minecraft mods in no time.


Online Forums

Even if you have the most specific hobbies or interests, you can easily find an online community based on that.   

Since Minecraft mods are not exactly an “underground” thing, it is not that difficult to find an online community or forums about it. In fact, some of the most popular mods initially started on online forums (people just tend to pass them around and tweak it a little bit).

Besides the fact that Minecraft has a large number of users, a fraction of them are legit enthusiasts and professional coders as well. So pumping out these free Minecraft mods for everyone to use is not a problem for them.

However, since you really want to learn how to program Minecraft mods and not just simply download it for free, then you can utilize these online forums to accompany you in your learning journey as well.

We have heard and read a few stories of people who have managed to learn modding only through these forums and online communities.

If you visit a few online forums now, you would be amazed at how vibrant and helpful these communities are. Some would immediately respond to your queries, others would post detailed instructions of how they did it, while a number of really helpful people would walk you through the process step-by-step without a question.

But keep in mind that it’s not always rainbows and butterflies once you join these communities. You have to exert some extra work if you really want to learn how to program Minecraft mods.

For instance, you need to filter out several websites and figure out which online community would best help you. Other than that, you have to gather other learning materials on your own. You cannot expect the community to teach you everything for free, right?

So with all that said, you can either take the pre-paved path (coding for kids program) where they offer video explainers, course materials, modules, worksheets, and even online support


You can create your own path where you need to gather your own learning materials, join forums, ask around, and create your very own projects from scratch.

It is up to you to decide which path would best fit your learning journey on Minecraft modding.


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What to Look for in a Virtual Private Server (VPS) Provider

What to Look for in a Virtual Private Server (VPS) Provider

If you are thinking about obtaining a VPS to host your website, it's important to know which one is right for you. Some websites offer a wide range of perennially useful hosting services that cover everything from the
best forex VPS hosting to cloud hosting and shared hosting. Understanding what your website needs will help you make a more informed decision when choosing a plan.


A quality VPS provider should have both first-class customer support and high server uptime. Additionally, it would be best if you considered its; pricing, reliability, and overall performance. If you know what to expect, it won't be difficult to get the appropriate VPS provider.


What Is a Virtual Private Server


A server is a powerful computer that stores all the files and data that create your website. If someone enters your domain name on their web browser, that powerful computer submits your website information to the searcher's screen.


A Virtual Private Server utilizes virtualization technology to divide a server into numerous virtual servers. The word private is used to indicate that your virtual server is reserved for you. This means you won't have to share CPU, RAM, or any data with other users.


How Does VPS Hosting Work?

What to Look for in a Virtual Private Server (VPS) Provider 

VPS Hosting mimics the familiarity of a dedicated server even though you'll be sharing the physical server with multiple users. A web hosting provider uses virtualization technology to install a virtual layer on the main server's operating system (OS). This layer enables each user to establish their own software and OS after the server has been separated into individual compartments with virtual walls.


The ability of a VPS to separate your files from other users on the OS level is what makes it a private server. This signifies that your website exists within a secure container that guarantees server resources such as disk space, memory, and CPU cores which you won't have to share with other users.


What Are the Features of a Good VPS Hosting Provider


1.   High Server Uptime


No one wants a hosting service that is often down or offline; luckily, multiple hosting providers offer guaranteed uptime. Your access to high server uptime is usually determined by the amount of money you pay every month for the hosting service. For instance, paying for a 99.99% uptime guarantee will probably amount to more than a 99.95% guarantee; anything below that will be too unstable to run a business on.


2.   Managed Virtual Private Server


It's essential to confirm whether your prospective hosting provider will manage the VPS or not. A managed VPS limits your control but requires the hosting provider to maintain the server, make security upgrades and update data backups. An unmanaged server will leave this work to you, but it wouldn't be an impossible task to undertake if you're comfortable with technology.


3.   Cost-Effective


An affordable hosting provider service might be the best budgetary consideration, but you will get what you pay for at the end of the day. A cheap web hosting service will result in many traffic glitches and more downtime, which will make it difficult to run and manage your website effectively.


However, this doesn't necessarily imply that the most expensive server is the best option. Although some of the most costly servers will be dedicated to providing your website with the best services they have to offer, you might not need such a heavy, up-front investment.


Regardless, you should choose a provider option that resonates with your needs. If you can, settle for an option with a money-back guarantee.


4.   Customer Support


Before choosing a hosting provider, familiarize yourself with the types of support options they offer. The best VPS provider will offer 24/7 customer support. If you encounter a technical issue, your provider should be able to provide you with the assistance you need.


Final Takeaway


There are a myriad of factors to consider when choosing a VPS provider. The trick is to get insightful information on what services you'll be getting from the provider and how it aligns with your website's needs. This way, you'll be better positioned to choose a VPS provider that's right for you.

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Civilization’s Quotations: Life’s Ideal

Civilization’s Quotations: Life’s Ideal

Thank you Algora Publishing for sending us this book to review!

Throughout the highs and lows of life, most Christians turn to the Bible for wisdom and guidance. The book of Proverbs has so much great advice from one of the wisest people to have walked this Earth (King Solomon). Civilization’s Quotations: Life’s Ideal has many wonderful quotes from various famous people and religious figures like Abraham Lincoln, Aristotle, Buddha, Churchill, Confucius, Einstein, Emerson, Gandhi, Pascal, Socrates, and more. Some Bible verses make it into this publication as well.

The table of contents is broken down by topics that you may be seeking wisdom on. Are you planning on getting married? If so, you can find some advice ranging from “Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing” Proverbs 18:22 to “There are no premature babies, only delayed weddings.”-- American proverb

We all have different views on the state of the world. Here are a couple of quotes from this book: “Nothing is certain in this world except uncertainty.” – Old proverb and “We brought nothing into this world and it is certain we carry nothing out.” 1 Timothy 6:7

I’m aware of The Golden Rule from Matthew 7:12 “Whatsoever ye would have others do to you, do ye even so to them.” I was pleasantly surprised to see this same principle in other religions like Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, and other proverbs.

I always try to look for the bright side of things and this book has some interesting quotes on jokes. “Many a friend was lost through a joke, but none was ever gained so.” --Czech proverb I think many comedians would have to disagree with that one. Thomas Aquinas once said “It is requisite for the relaxation of the mind that we make use, from time to time, of playful deeds and jokes." I bet he was fun to hang around with.

If you’re looking for well-rounded inspiration for many of life’s situations, I highly recommend checking out Civilization’s Quotations: Life’s Ideal. It’s a little pricey at $22.95, but handy to have on hand.

(Amazon Affiliate link)

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Virtual Technology And Its Many Uses

Virtual technology can refer to so many different things. There's one key technology that most of you have heard of - virtual reality - and we will obviously discuss this during the post. However, a general term for virtual technology can be that it refers to technologies that provide an experience that extends beyond your current physical space. That can sound a bit confusing, but it will make sense as you go through some of the key uses of virtual technology in today's world. 

Without further ado, let's look at a few applications, starting with the most obvious…

Virtual Technology And Its Many Uses


Virtual Reality (VR)

This is the best place to begin as it's something you've heard of before. Virtual reality is basically the creation of a reality that exists separately from your own. Most of the time, we think of its uses in the world of gaming. Indeed, there are plenty of VR games out there that offer unique experiences. 

When you play a VR game, you are basically inside the game itself. You see nothing of the world around you, and it is like you are walking around in a completely different world. It offers an experience like no other, with many people saying that this is the future of gaming. It's not without its weak points right now, but there has definitely been the idea that all gaming will be in virtual reality at some point. It's deemed the most immersive way to game. 

However, there are more uses for VR that are yet to really be released to the world. One popular concept comes from the real estate industry. People can put on virtual reality headsets and take a tour through different properties. It's seen as a great way to make house tours more convenient for people buying overseas properties. Perhaps you can send a representative to the house itself after getting a virtual tour? There could also be the idea of virtual office work in the sense that you wear your headset at home, then are placed in a virtual office environment with other people connected to the same server. 

The more you think about it, the more possibilities there are for VR to really make a splash in different industries. 

Virtual Addresses

Next, we have a slightly different virtual technology. Here, the idea of a virtual address is that you have a registered address in a completely different location from where you're based. Sites like provide these, and they are primarily used in the business world. Mainly, they let business owners have a proper business address in a desirable location. The catch is that you don't actually work in that location, and you can continue working from home or from a more affordable and smaller office. 

With a virtual address, you are basically gaining access to this address and getting many of the features of it, without ever being there. Your mail can be delivered to it, and it will then be scanned and uploaded to your email inbox for you to see. Calls can be sent to that address and then forwarded to you or answered by someone there. 

It's a very interesting use of virtual technology as it's like you have an office, but it exists in an entirely different place from where you're based. 


Virtual Assistants

Similarly, we have virtual assistants. Here, you have someone that will pose as your assistant, but you never actually meet or see them. They could be situated across the world for all you know, yet they carry out all the daily duties of a personal assistant. 

Again, it's an example of you accessing something that exists outside of your current physical reality. In some cases, virtual assistants won't actually be human. Some of them are AI programs that have been taught how to do basic tasks - like respond and forward emails, answer calls, deal with customer queries, and so on. 

Typically, if you want a human virtual assistant, you pay more for the service. This is because they will obviously offer a higher level of customer service, so it's a premium feature. Either way, it's yet another interesting use of virtual technology in the modern world. 

There you have it; virtual technology and its many uses. Virtual reality is very much the king of virtual tech right now, and it will only grow in its usefulness. With things like virtual addresses and assistants, you have technology that makes life more convenient by giving you access to things that don't need to physically exist close to you. 


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Milk & Honey

Milk & Honey

Thank you Crowder Music for sending us a digital album to review!

I first heard of David Crowder Band when they played for the youth group (I was a leader) at Harvest Bible Chapel. This was around the time of their Can You Hear Us album which I highly recommend if you haven’t listened to it yet. Their music ranged from alternative rock to bluegrass and everything in between. I was heartbroken when the band broke up, but am happy to hear that the members are still making music. Since the breakup, I have bought albums from the previous band members, The Digital Age, along with David Crowder’s records that go by Crowder Music.

Crowder Music’s latest album Milk & Honey is pure gold as there are no bad tracks in my opinion. The first song, “Good God Almighty”, has a title that I’m so used to hearing as a blaspheme but it’s wonderful to hear it in a good context. This is a very uplifting and powerful hymn. “In the House” has a pop feel to it, but it’s got a great message about God’s love and peace that He offers. “He Is” has a nice blend of piano and a tiny bit of country. The title song “Milk & Honey” has bluegrass roots and is quite catchy.

Higher Power is something I would expect to hear at a Christian dance club. Sweet Jesus takes things in a whole different direction with a smooth pop vibe that reminds me of something Usher would sing. God Really Loves Us is a beautiful piano ballad praising God’s love for us. Who’s Gonna Stop The King is a pop hymn that gives God the glory He deserves. Better Than Sunshine has a melody that reminds me of something that I would hear on a paradise island. Glory, Glory (God Is Able) has a 1920’s sound to it that’s bound to get your foot stomping to the beat. Hallelujah For Every Broken Heart sings about seeking God when all else is lost. This song mostly consists of piano and clapping. The final track, The Anchor is another piano-driven tune that sings about God being our hope in tough times.

This twelve-track album sells for a little over $12 physically on Amazon and you can own it digitally for under $10. It’s also available on vinyl for $24 if that’s your preference.

(Amazon Affiliate Link)

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Thank you Flexclip for providing us with a one-year business membership!

There are many programs available for editing movie clips. My kids laugh at me for still using Microsoft’s Moviemaker software for editing our YouTube videos. Flexclip was developed by PearlMountain Limited and have over three million worldwide users and nearly four hundred thousand registered accounts. Over six hundred thousand videos have been made/downloaded using their online tools.

Through the website, you can create a video for free and use various tools including their converter, trimmer, compressor, and recorder. In total, there are four plans available and they all have different features and limitations. The Free plan allows one stock (premade) video and twelve projects. This plan is limited by 480p SD downloads and the video length can’t exceed one minute. The freely made videos will have a FlexClip intro on them. The $5.99/month Basic plan lets you make three-minute 720p HD movies. There is still a one stock video limitation, but you can have an unlimited number of projects.

The Plus plan is $9.99 a month and allows you to use five stock videos and they can be up to ten minutes in length. The videos are offered in Full-HD 1080p. Like the previous plan, you can have an unlimited number of projects.

The Business plan is $19.99 a month and offers 1080p Full-HD downloads and an unlimited number of projects too. The videos can be up to thirty minutes long and there are no limitations on the number of stock videos per project. All of the paid plans have annual subscription discounts and allow the users to display custom watermarks on their videos.

When creating your video you can work from scratch or use one of their many available templates. Many popular themes like Open House, Marriage Proposal, Recruiting, Memorial, Sales Promotion, and Tutorial templates are only a couple of clicks away from completion. You can also use template specific platforms like TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

If you want to create your video from the ground up, you’ll have to choose between a Storyboard Mode or Timeline Mode. High-speed internet is recommended for uploading big movie files! There are lots of various backdrops and music tracks available. I like how the background music is sorted by genre and the selection is top notch; I had a hard time narrowing down which track to use! Be warned that some of the music is copyrighted so your YouTube videos using these tracks may not be monetized!

There are many animated elements to use including various emojis, actions, thought bubbles, and popular phrases. It should be noted that there are some “pride” and “omg” options available. I enjoyed inserting animated gifs to make the video more appealing.

Overall this website is easy to use and has a lot of readymade images, templates, and sound loops to make professional videos. Check out the free plan to get a feel for how easy it is to use and then advance to the paid plans if you like what you see.

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Best Application to Download on your smartphone - Antistress Games by Content Arcade

Best Application to Download on your smartphone -  Antistress Games by Content Arcade

Stress and anxiety are highly prevailing issues that affect the cognitive abilities of people quite drastically. It is significantly essential to look for ways to relieve stress. One of the most amazing and reliable methods for doing so is to indulge oneself in antistress games.

There are enormous fun games that help in bursting the bubble of anxiety and stress. Not only elders but also children suffer from stress. It can be the stress of the job, exams, or others.

The persistent stress can lead to anxiety and then depression, which is quite harmful to people's mental health.

Worthy AntiStress Applications

People having smartphones are massively blessed that they can avail themselves of the opportunity to play antianxiety games. Some of these are highly valuable, which draw the maximum attention of users, while others fail to do so.

The relaxing games Android must be selected quite sagaciously to get the optimum benefits out of it. Stress management is optimally necessary; else the people could get trapped into it quite deeply.

The persistent and prolonged stress can lead to extreme negativity and suicidal thoughts. The most popular relaxing games on Android are:

  1. AntiStress, Relaxing, Anxiety & Stress Relief Game
  2. Super Slime Simulator: Satisfying ASMR & DIY Games
  3. AntiStress Relaxation Game: Mind Relaxing Toys
  4. Antistress - relaxation toys

Best Anti-Stress Android App

AntiStress, Relaxing, Anxiety & Stress Relief Game is one of the most splendid anxiety games. It is well-known for its exciting features. These ensure to boost up the positivity in the mind of users.

Features of Relaxing Games

The features and characteristics of the applications are responsible for their popularity and success. The most fabulous features of this game are:

●       36 plus satisfying games

The availability of multiple exciting stress games allows the users to play as many as they like. They can easily switch from one antistress game to another. The most popular anti-anxiety activities include the pop-up, dishwashing, recharge yourself, slime game, farming, and much more. The distraction from tensions and stress is important. The multiple games of the Android app are highly satisfying, which is easy to be played through the use of tapping and swipe. Hence, one does not need to put any extra effort into playing these games.

●       Impressive User Interface

The interest of the users enhances to the optimum in the game due to the friendly and impressive user interface. It is the main reason for the interaction of the masses with the games. It soothes the mind and calms it to the optimum. The user-friendly interface makes it easier for people to glue with the antistress games for longer. All of these games are designed with creativity. The colours are given extreme importance while designing fun games. These colours offer therapy for people of all ages. The collection of valuable relaxing games distracts the user's attention for the time being and enhances the urge to play more.

●       Realistic Sounds and Smooth Control

The realistic sounds soothe the mind and contain healing effects. The sound for the busting of a bubble or the pressure on the slime relaxes the mind. These sounds satisfy the mind quite amazingly. The desire to play the game enhances more and more due to such realistic sounds. Such impacts are highly desirable and aim in controlling the thoughts. The nerves get relaxed. Users get smooth control over the games and get relief without spending any money.

Quick and Secure Download

The nature of stress varies from one person to another. The capabilities of people for dealing with tensions vary. The anxiety games applications are the ones that work well on all individuals. They can combat stress rapidly and get the endless calmness of mind through such relax game. You can download the fun games on your smartphone within seconds. Smartphone users can get antistress app directly from the play store. Navigate to the relaxing games android app in Google Play Store and tap download button. It will start the processing of download within the blink of an eye, and the user will get the game icon on the screen. The downloading is secure as it does not share sensitive data with any other party.

In a Nutshell

People suffering from routine stress get excellent benefits due to the antistress game application. These do not require an internet connection while playing. The activities and challenges of it are marvellous enough to kick out the stress. No doubt, stress and tensions are elements of life from which people have to suffer. These must be taken as the phase of life and should be dealt with quite wisely. One must enjoy life to the peak and should not take stress on the nerves. Download the relax game now and relish your life!



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Rise of Kingdoms Review

 Rise of Kingdoms Review

Rise of kingdoms is a mobile game that was released in 2018 for android and ios. At the start, the game was poorly designed with an insanely small amount of content. Now Rise Of Kingdoms is one of the most played mobile games.

In our opinion, the community-made this game so popular. Players supported the game with in-game bundles and sending their feedback to developers on what to change and what to improve. Also, there are sites created by top Rise of Kingdoms players and one of that sites is Rise Of Kingdoms Guides where you can find information about events, commanders, talent trees, etc 

Community in ROK

First, you will always find someone in the game to chat with and who is willing to help you. Also, you have a big community on the official rise of kingdoms Reddit, Discord, and Facebook groups.

Mechanics in-game

Rise of Kingdoms is unique in this part. You will not find a mobile game where you can control troops freely. Mobile legends or clash of clans do not have this. With this game mechanic Rise of kingdoms managed to make events like Ark of Osiris and Kingdom vs Kingdom.


There are a lot of smaller events every day that you can play and receive rewards but there are 2 events that will make you fall in love with this game. The first one is Kingdom vs Kingdoms where your kingdoms will work as a team to fight other kingdoms to earn great prices and reputation in the game. Next one Ark of Osiris. This event will be big in the future. Basically, this is an event where your 30 members of the alliance will fight other alliances on a special map. The map is big and there are objectives that you have to take to win. Each objective is important because it generates points. Of Kingdoms.

Rise of Kingdoms Review

Commanders and Graphics in Rise Of Kingdoms

Every single commander that you will find in Rise of Kingdoms is based on historical facts. So you can play and learn history at the same time in Rise of Kingdoms. The graphic is beautiful and developers are spending a lot of time polishing and designing buildings and commanders.

Pay to Win problem

The problem with mobile games is that they are pay to win. A lot of people are willing to spend an insane amount of money to get an advantage over other players and that can be frustrating if you are free to play and not willing to spend money on a mobile game. but Rise of kingdoms is different in that aspect. Yes, you have pay to win players but they need free-to-play players. Spenders can not win events like KVK and AOo alone.

Overall Rise of Kingdoms is a great game that you will have fun playing. So give it a try. You will always have something to do. On top of that, they are improving it every day. Developers are working hard to push ROK to the esports scene with the ark of Osiris event and there is a big possibility that they will succeed. So give it a try, you have nothing to lose.

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How to Sell an Experience

How to Sell an Experience

Marketing does not have any hard and fast rules. It is a creative and strategic process that requires heavy research and demands you to think outside the box. Nowadays marketing has shifted from mere promotion of a product to the promotion of the brand and experience of using the product. Top brands with celebrity ambassadors and luxury labels have been successfully convincing people to use their products merely for the experience and status attached to them.

If you want to master the art of selling an experience, take a look at these few tips you can follow for a perfect marketing strategy.

The Power of Video Marketing

Videos are the best way to captures people’s attention. With the evolution of technology, the way videos are edited and shot these days is impeccable. For example, take a look at Calvin Klein’s “deal with it” marketing campaign which portrays all in-trend celebrities wearing the brand and reflecting courage and confidence. Similarly, Nike features the best of athletes in their video ads that tell a story or identify with an emotion that shows how bold and fearless they are.

There are video editors and expert videographers who are updated on all kinds of the latest technology and can help you out with video marketing. Log on websites with an email finder tool such as which uses machine learning algorithms to find email IDs of any professional within a few minutes.

Tell a Story

Storytelling is the next big thing in marketing and every brand is leveraging the power of human behavior and emotion to connect with people via these stories. When you are trying to sell an experience, you should have all the little details of it right. This is why stories come in handy as they are not only emotionally powerful but also authentic.

Your customers should be able to relate to you and when you give them something between their want and their need, you are setting a perfect example of accessibility. This is when storytelling comes into play and lets you navigate the way people feel about your product.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Data about your customers and target audience will tell you what their interests, pet peeves, and expectations are. Once you have created a buyer persona, you will be able to better understand your consumer behavior. You can then frame your marketing strategy around your audience and fine-tune it to drive traffic to your brand.

An audience demographic will let you decide what kind of people to choose to promote your brand and which marketing strategy will work best. For example, if your audience comprises mainly of youths then you can ask pop culture influencers to promote your brand or use celebrities which the current generation vicariously lives through.


It all boils down to how much creativity you can seep through in your advertisements. Your customers will be tempted and convinced to use your product only if you give them something they can not only relate to but want to achieve. When you market an experience, the chances of people buying your product increases but it’s not just about the product anymore it’s about the personal involvement and attachment that comes with it.

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Fallen Hero

Fallen Hero

Thank you Materia Collective for sending us this digital album to review!

It’s no secret that I love the music from Undertale and have reviewed many different renditions of the songs from this game. If you enjoyed Ferdk’s interpretations of Battle Against a True Hero, Hopes and Dreams, and Spider Dance, you’ll want to hear Ro Panuganti’s versions in this album. I was impressed with Ro Panuganti’s Pokemon album, Metal Trainer, and looked forward to his progressive metal take on Undertale. While it doesn’t dethrone String Player Gamer’s version as my favorite, it’s still a solid album.

Fallen Hero has 24 tracks with the guitar being the most dominant instrument used. You’ll still hear drums, keyboard, violin, and other percussion instruments too. All of the songs were instantly recognizable and brought back fond memories of playing this game.

Here’s a full track list:

1. Once Upon a Time 02:25

2. Fallen Down 01:12

3. Ruins 03:25

4. Enemy Approaching 02:52

5. Ghost Fight 02:10

6. Home 03:26

7. Heartache 04:58

8. Snowy 03:38

9. Bonetrousle 02:49

10. Waterfall 03:31

11. Run! 03:01

12. Spear of Justice 03:39

13. Battle Against a True Hero 05:30

14. Metal Crusher 02:15

15. Another Medium 06:00

16. Spider Dance 02:33

17. Oh! One True Love 01:35

18. Dogsong 02:43

19. Death by Glamour 05:11

20. Bergentrückung 01:16

21. ASGORE 04:23

22. Your Best Nightmare 06:11

23. Hopes and Dreams 06:00


This is a pretty good sampling of Undertale songs as you’ll hear the opening theme song, battle music, boss music, and songs from peaceful moments in the game. There are over 100 tracks in the OST and songs chosen for this album are exceptionally done.

This approximately 80-minute album is a must-have for any progressive rock-loving Undertale fan. The asking price is a reasonable $10 and can be purchased digitally on Bandcamp in MP3, FLAC, ALAC (Apple Lossless), AAC, Ogg Vorbis, WAV and AIFF formats. It’s a dollar cheaper on Amazon for MP3 format only.

(Amazon Affiliate Link)

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6 Digital Tips for Catering to Business Content Requirements

6 Digital Tips for Catering to Business Content Requirements

Digital businesses have paved the way for marketing innovations and technical advancements. If you own a digital business as well, staying up to date with the technological developments and latest marketing tools must be the primary objective for your business marketing strategy through digital content. Compared with a traditional brick-and-mortar business, the marketing requirements and consumer preferences of a digital business are quite unique. It is not a piece of cake to establish the identity of your digital business among millions of internet users and other virtual businesses that are offering similar products or services. You must strive to adopt innovative ideas and search engine optimization strategies to stand out from the rest of the pack and attract new customers. Following are some of the tips that will go a long way in helping to cater to the content requirements of your business.

  • Focus on Technical Documentation

It cannot be stressed enough that technological development and innovation is the underlying foundational principle of any digital business. For a digital business to be successful, it must employ cutting-edge technological tools and the latest, state-of-the-art technological advancements in order to offer a unique product or user service. However, in many cases, the users or would-be customers are not that tech-savvy and familiar with the basic technological aspects of the product or service. Therefore, it is highly imperative for a digital business to incorporate necessary technical documentation in its content. This technical documentation can be in the form of video tutorials, how-to guides, online portal searches, frequently asked questions, informative images, etc.  A comprehensive and up-to-date technical documentation of your product or service will facilitate your users and help them understand what your business is about. This way, your website will become user-friendly while achieving greater user satisfaction.


  • Communicating with Customers is Highly Imperative

Communication with customers is fundamental for any content marketing strategy. There has been an unprecedented growth in online communication channels and options. The owners of digital businesses should always be willing to explore new communication options in order to achieve optimum engagement with their users. The existing content on your social media pages and websites might not click with many of your prospective users. The content may not be interesting or attractive enough for new customers, which will eventually have a negative impact on your sales. That is why it is vital to keep learning what’s popular among the consumers and keep updating your content according to it.


  • A Resilient Social Media Marketing Strategy is a Must

Social media is the new technological revolution of our time. It has revamped how businesses reach out to their existing and potential customers. The traditional marketing channels like television and newspapers are no match for the outreach that is possible through social media. More importantly, a digital business can easily target specific user demographics and customer segments through intelligent employment of social media marketing strategies. Therefore, it is important for digital businesses to have a dedicated and customer-oriented social media marketing team. These teams are responsible for churning out content that will attract new customers and boost business sales.


  • Brand Consistency Is The Way to Go

The image of your brand is undoubtedly your most valuable business asset, which is built through consistency. Therefore, it should be looked after and taken care of thoroughly. The owner of the business should be highly meticulous and diligent about their brand. As it has been mentioned before, you will be employing a multitude of communication tools and channels for your business marketing through digital content. It is crucial for the business to have consistency in all the communication routes and options. Users should receive a clear message about your brand and what it stands for. Though it is good to adapt to what is new, staying consistent in your goal is the key. Moreover, business content uniformity will make your business more reliable and trustworthy for the customers. It will instil the impression in their minds that you know what you are saying and doing.


  • Targeting The Desired User Segment Is Very Important

Customer segmentation is one of the most important aspects of any business marketing strategy. First, you should have an in-depth knowledge of your prospective customers. It is very important for any digital business to have thorough information about the user demographic which they intend to target. Once you identify the target customer demographic, you must customize your business content according to it. Your business content marketing strategy should exclusively focus on the user segment that is most likely to respond and purchase your product or service. You should also employ market research and customer surveys to find out more about what the users like and demand in order to design and offer a superior product or service that will meet the customer’s requirements right on the mark.


  • Invest In The Team Through Effective Training

It is important to understand that business marketing strategy implementation through digital content design and creation is a specialized job. Digital content marketing requires a highly diversified skill set. Therefore, you should focus on training your team accordingly in order to be efficiently influential marketers and achieve sustainable growth in the business revenues. Sufficient and proper training should also be provided to your team to enhance their knowledge about the ever-evolving digital marketing tools and technologies. They should be kept up-to-date about the latest technological developments and trends so that they can effectively incorporate them in their marketing strategies.


Final Thoughts

Growing your business is not easy, but not impossible either. We believe that the tips mentioned above will enable your business to scale at a rapid pace and achieve phenomenal revenue growth. Digital content marketing is the dawn of a new future for the business world. Businesses that employ well-targeted and engaging content are more likely to survive and grow in the long run. In today’s cut-throat business environment, the motto is ‘survival of the fittest,’ which can be achieved through flawless marketing and unshakeable dedication.

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Coding Trends & Predictions to Follow in 2021

Coding Trends & Predictions to Follow in 2021

In 2021, digitalization has accelerated rapidly – all thanks to the pandemic. People have started working from home, students have switched to eLearning, and businesses have been running operations remotely. This excessive load on digital forums calls out for smart and innovative software programs. Well, the software development industry is consistently evolving to innovate, emerge, and thrive.

Programmers and developers are looking into emerging trends in the industry to create customer-oriented software solutions. From quantum computing, blockchain to containerization – programmers are preparing themselves for changing market dynamics. However, if you don't know what the digital world is up to, have a look below. Here we are highlighting seven coding trends and predictions you can follow in 2021.


1.       Quantum Computing

Many people think of quantum computing as the most reformist technology since it will likely impact every sector. Quantum computers work like the super genius Mathematician – Euler, that can solve complex and lengthy problems in minutes. Sooner or later, every corporation would be integrating quantum computing, making it essential for programmers to learn to code for Qubits.

You can learn about the Quantum Scientific Computing Open User-Tested (QSCOUT). It executes algorithms written in fledging assembly code. It helps in sending instructions to the computer. Besides, Google, IBM, and other companies have built their programming languages. Perhaps, you can enroll in coding courses by IBM to learn about those languages in-depth. In addition to upgrading your skillset, coding for Qubits can give programmers an edge in the market.


2.       Reactive Programming

When it comes to dealing with asynchronous events or complex list filtering, functional reactive programming offers the perfect solutions. This programming technique has been in the limelight for a few years, but now, programmers have started implementing it. Reactive programming initiates programs with asynchronous events and data streams. It could be anything such as button taps, gestures, GPS location updates, or keyboard inputs.

However, when we incorporate functioning with reactive programming, it allows the developer to change the architecture of applications. The data streams use a functional paradigm, allowing programmers to develop innovative solutions for the enterprise.


3.       Containerization

It might not look like a new concept, but containerization has evolved today. Developers work with different applications and bundle the codes and dependencies into a virtual application. Recently, Kubernetes is helping developers extend the abstraction from one process to another application. That means the app server database and your collection of services can fit under one umbrella.

Moreover, programmers can manage the collection of containers more readily with Kubernetes. It scales the codes, monitors data, and self-repairs from malware, making the coders' job more manageable. It also gives load balancing and autoscaling; meaning, it can manage all the services without any human interaction. These tech integrations allow programmers to define networking and scale at the system administrator level instead of looking into specifics.


4.       Deep Learning Library

According to the globe news wire, the deep learning library will expand to $93.3 billion in 2028. Hence, the developers should learn about this forum and make themselves comfortable with features like PyTorch for coding purposes. Apart from this, you have to learn about the main components of deep learning. Have a look below.

  • The operators are the basic building blocks that transform data, and you can use them in linear or convolution functions.
  • The optimizers are the backbone of every deep learning library. It updates the model parameters with the help of gradients that align with optimization techniques. The standard optimizers are the SGD and Adam.
  • Initializers provide the primary value of the parameters. If the value of parameters is inconsistent, the initialization can lead to slower convergence. Thus, you must know how to assign weights so that initializers work correctly.
  • The loss functions are mathematical expressions. Therefore, programmers can use them as surrogates to optimize the objective of the problem at hand.


5.       Rapid App Development

These days, the demand for app development is skyrocketing. Even small businesses want mobile applications to improve the customer experience. With the increased demand for rapid app developments, programmers should also learn about faster software delivery and continuous iterations. You can learn about the agile software development methodology to prioritize quick prototype releases and iterations.

Most importantly, you must learn to build prototypes and test the codes repeatedly until it starts functioning smoothly. Besides this, explore the low-code/no-code LNCS platforms since they will have many acquisitions, innovations, and mergers. Thus, learning about agile development has become equally essential for emerging programmers and improving coding skills.


6.       Data-Intensive Computation

Data-intensive computing is one of the types of parallel computing. It leverages data parallelism to process massive volumes of data. It also utilizes the machine-independent approach to run time system controls, schedule execution, and communicate the movement of programs. As this intensive computation becomes popular, coders must learn about it inside out. You can begin studying Apache spark since it has replaced Hadoop currently.

Spark is the JVM-based system that utilizes a cloud and frugal framework to analyze data. Coders must understand the native solutions to make the most out of data-intensive computation. However, programmers should avoid vendor locking since the current model can create discrepancies with locking.


7.       Blockchain Technology

Previously, blockchain technology has facilitated the cryptocurrency industry. But now, it has the potential to change the entire IT industry. Soon, the decentralized ledger will be overtaking conventional banking services. Likewise, different enterprises will be adopting the intelligent contract mechanism in 2021. This change will increase the demand for programmers and coders who have a knack for blockchain.

Therefore, start developing blockchain applications by exploring the blockchain programming languages. You can learn Solidity since it offers inheritance properties in smart contracts. You can also study ruby to understand high-powered third-party APIs and plugins, essential for blockchain. Traditional programming languages such as JavaScript, Python, C++, and C# can also help with blockchain.


Final Words

The software industry is growing swiftly. Every day the tech integrations bring something new for developers, coders, and programmers. It might be impossible to stay updated with every emerging trend but capitalizing on critical trends is essential. For example, you can keep up with quantum computing and reactive programming since it will likely change the corporate landscape. Similarly, having the know-how of blockchain, deep learning, and rapid app development is equally crucial. All in all, keep an eye for new trends and see what benefits they bring to the table.

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Teaching Your Kids about eco-consciousness while Traveling


Climate change has become a serious issue in recent times. For this reason, you will find different forums, including this website, discussing climate change, global warming, and carbon footprint. Similarly, parents have to take the initiative and teach kids the significance of taking care of their environment and becoming eco-conscious. However, the best news encompasses the fact that parents only have to take several minutes each day to assist in educating kids about eco-friendly choices and the need to come together and save our planet.

So as a parent, how can you go about this?

Teaching Your Kids about eco-consciousness while Traveling

Strategies of Teaching Your Kids about eco-consciousness while Traveling

  • Demonstrate to your children nature's beauty. It becomes crucial to demonstrate to the younger generation the components they will inherit from parents and the potential risk of losing some elements without drastic intervention measures. Therefore, show kids the beauty in nature by allowing them to notice it by themselves, and this can prove through visiting parks, waterfalls, nature parks, etc. in this manner, your kids will enlighten them about the crucial things in life.  Avoid speaking about the beauty of nature and instead, let them interact and think critically about nature. Consequently, kids will develop a love for nature and take care of every little component of nature, including minding how they dispose of trash into the environment.
  • Educate your kids on the significance of global warming and climate change. Demonstrating and explaining the consequences climate change can bring about becomes integral in making them comprehend and become environmental ambassadors. Doing this will convince them that global warming and climate change. Further, such an understanding early in their lives will make them responsible adults, especially when they get into power positions.  It will also emphasize to them the need to tackle this phenomenon as a collective effort to win.
  • Carry reusable bottles in every place you go to. Plastic bottles represent an environmental menace and recently created waves because of the number of bottles washing up and showing on pristine beaches across the globe. While plastic bottles prove ideal and convenient during moments of thirst, especially while traveling, their contribution to environmental pollution remains unprecedented. Therefore, make an excellent impression on your kids by adopting reusable bottles when you travel.
  • Purchase food from locals. It becomes essential to buy and eat from locals to avoid supermarkets and chain restaurants that specialize in flying in their produce from diverse parts of the world. All you can do entails taking a walk to your local market and getting local and fresh seasonal produce to eat. Such an action plan will also allow you to know the locals compared to queueing in the retail store.
  • Make an effort to recycle products. It becomes vital to recycle everything than disposing of them in the first bin you set your eyes on, especially when on the beach. Try and make that effort to show your kids how to behave immediately and when they grow up to avoid feeling weird about recycling. Additionally, making it repetitive will ensure it becomes a habit.
  • Try and use public transport whenever you can. If you want to have a positive impact in reducing climate change, then you must take deliberate steps, and it starts with finding eco-friendly and greener ways of traveling. It implies reducing your home's energy consumption, etc. Using public transport may not prove the best, but it helps reduce the overall carbon footprint compared to using your car. Additionally, consider planting trees to balance your carbon footprint whenever you take a flight.
  • Get your entire family to embrace cycling in moving around. It becomes crucial to consider having your family cycle consistently, especially for short distances, to reduce the amount of time you use your car. Consequently, you will reduce your carbon footprint and make the planet healthier. Additionally, this will help your kids learn and engrain the culture when they grow up and have their own families.


You can become an eco-conscious and responsible parent when you show your kids the beauty in nature, the danger that all this beauty faces, and the mechanism of making the environment and the planet as a whole greener and better.

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5 Pros and Cons of VR in Gaming


Everyone has heard of gaming and formed some sort of opinion towards it. Some people love games and spend hundreds of hours on them, while others resent it and spend hundreds of hours ranting about it. Whether you love or hate games, they are here to say. They are continuously growing in popularity and innovation.

One of the newest innovations in the gaming industry is the addition of VR. 

VR or Virtual Reality transports users to a whole new manmade version of reality. This man-made version can serve many uses like work, art, and even education. Now VR is making its way to the gaming industry, a wonderful industry full of potential, soft drinks, and angry gamers.

Virtual Reality and How it Works

As mentioned, VR transports users to a specific virtual world for varying reasons. VR is often discussed in combination with Augmented Reality or AR. Augmented Reality is essentially the same as VR except they transport users to a modified version of reality. Users are still in the same realm, but this time AR has added to the reality making it a better-augmented version.

With new startups targeting different areas of the market, who knows where VR will be in the coming years? New startups that are dedicated to fitness, education, healthcare, finance, and many more show the potential in VR. All of these are possible thanks to the tools used for VR.

The Instruments of Virtual Reality

In old-school gaming you might make use of a console or a stick and controller in the arcade, today you make use of simple lightweight tools. Instead of your usual handheld controller attached to a PS4, VR makes use of modern tools.

Most VR programs can be accessed with a pair of controllers and augmented reality

The controllers allow the program to locate your hands and observe your movements. These controllers serve as the bridge between your hands and the virtual world.

The virtual reality headset allows you to access the virtual world. What the controller does for VR programs, the headset does for you. It tells you what is on the other side, usually, this is through a pair of lightweight goggles and some headphones. Headsets vary in size and approach but they all serve the same purpose, allowing you to access virtual reality.

Just like having a new handheld console, having a headset and a pair of controllers gives you free rein over a new and improved world.

Pros of VR in Gaming

With the awesome development of this technology, it brings forth numerous pros for its users. Let’s find out what they are below.

 1. Everything is Surreal

5 Pros and Cons of VR in Gaming

One of the advantages that VR gaming has is the immersiveness. VR provides you with far better visuals compared to any other gaming console out there. VR can be so immersive, it can even look better than what actual reality looks like. You get the high-quality graphics of the real world combined with the beauty of a gaming world.

One second you can be in your living room and the next the web-slinging Spiderman or maybe a soldier in the second world war. VR transports you into whatever reality you choose and lets you take in every beautiful second you spend there. You aren’t limited by some screen on a computer anymore, now you can walk and turn around to see every beautiful detail.

2. Exploration is Safe

As mentioned, VR transports you to whichever reality you prefer. Providing you with beautiful scenery in the comfort of your own home. What may surprise scenic lovers who are used to climbing mountains to get a beautiful view, is the fact that they can get that same view from the safety of their living room.

VR is all about transporting your eyes, ears, and for some programs, even your legs to a whole different world. You get to feel a new reality without leaving your home and you get to be a thrill seeker while you stay safe.

Safety is a major priority when it comes to staying alive, and with VR you don’t have to sacrifice this.

3. It Can Make You More Fit

Certain VR games let you exercise the way you normally would inside the gym and others do a better job. An example of VR in fitness is Black Box, they are a VR startup that takes your workout to a whole new level through gamification. They make regular old crunches and reps into fun challenges that reward you with a fun game and healthy results.

There are plenty of other VR programs that can help you to have fun and have that summer body.

Cons of VR Gaming


Everything comes with a price, and it is only fair that we inform you of the negative effects of VR gaming. It isn’t all bonuses when it comes to modern gaming, just like in the past there are cons. 

For you to make a responsible decision if you want to get into VR gaming here are the cons.

1. Highly Addictive

Since VR gaming is essentially a step up from traditional console gaming, its addictiveness follows. Some may argue that it is “only addictive” because it is enjoyable. Regardless of the reason, addiction is still something that needs to be taken seriously. Exposing yourself to VR gaming does expose you to a small risk of addiction.

This may be especially true since VR is more immersive. Since some gamers get addicted to low-quality games then VR might serve an additional risk of addiction. 

2. VR Gaming is Expensive

VR gaming is a class of its own in the gaming industry. Since it is a relatively new technology, some tools are expensive. Even though everyone should get to experience the wonders of VR, doesn’t mean they get the opportunity to do so.

This is of course because every gaming console has always come with a price, and that price always drops after time. This con may not be around for long but it still deserves a mention, for now, certain tools might be too expensive for an average gamer.

Final Takeaway

VR is a wonderful new world full of possibilities, it brings amazing experiences but it also has its disadvantages. This article quickly discusses VR, how it works, and the different effects you need to consider before buying a VR setup. 

All in all, this article presents you with the needed information and it is your choice if you want to take advantage of VR in its early stages. Whether you are interested or not, VR is here and it will keep on growing and branching out to other industries in the future.


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