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7 reasons why video gaming will take over

A video game is interactive digital entertainment that you “play” via a computer, a game console (like the Xbox or PlayStation) or phone or tablet. 

The reason why video games are awesome, and extremely popular among all age groups is that people are trying to escape the real world and prefer to live in the virtual world.

There could be many reasons why video gaming will take over but according to me, they can be summarised in seven points.

People find it easy to find a community within the gaming world.

Technology has been a boon for some people while it is a curse for the others.

People find it easier to join a community in gaming worlds and make friends or even compete with one another rather than dealing with the real people.

It saves people from the task of handling tantrums, or mood swings of the people face to face.

This is proved from the following data. 

7 reasons why video gaming will take over

Source: many hours each week do you spend playing video games?

Video gamers spend an average of 7.1 1 hours (seven hours, seven minutes) each week playing games. This is an increase of 19.3 percent in the last year.

Well, if you find that the servers of your country are particularly slow, then you can use VPNs and increase the speed.

The popularity of television as a means of entertainment is decreasing

According to estimates, there are 120.6 million TV homes in the United States for the 2019-2020 TV season. Whilst the number of TV households continues to grow, pay-TV is becoming less popular – the pay-TV penetration rate in the U.S. was pegged at 75 percent in 2019, marking a drop of almost ten percent in just five years.”- source Statica.

More and more people are turning to video games as a stress buster and for entertainment.

Easily downloadable games on mobiles.

Many devices are available to play video games but mobiles are the most preferred ones. 

7 reasons why video gaming will take over

How much of your total time playing video games is on the following devices?

(Scale 0-4)

Source: limelight

It is evident from the above data that people prefer to use mobile as a means of playing the game.

The easy availability of mobile phones and the compactness makes it a point to use them as gaming devices.

Due to this, the popularity of video games is increasing.

Career options in gaming.

Nowadays there is one more career in the minds of young people and that is to become a professional video game player. 

They don’t mind turning their hobby into a career which is evident from the below graph.

This has given a boost to the field of video gaming.

7 reasons why video gaming will take over

Would you quit your job if you could support yourself as a professional video game player?

 A shift in content consumption

There is a trend to watch online games on Twitch and YouTube rather than watching real sports on the television. Of course, online games cannot replace real ones.

 For instance, the overnight sensation “Fortnite”, reported 1.1 million simultaneous viewers on Youtube.

There is a paradigm shift in the way people want the content to be delivered to them, which makes video games a more popular option.

Requires less investment

Movies like ‘Star Wars’ require huge investment whereas video games do not require the investment of that magnitude. It is comparatively less.

Besides, there is a headache of approaching the celebrities and fixing the dates for shooting in case of T.V which is not so in case of video games.

Also, in television serials, there has to be continuity whereas in games they can be started from anywhere and slowly levels can be crossed.

Fictional characters are often used in video games and often a real game player substitutes himself/herself in that role.

This is one of the factors why gaming is becoming more popular than television.

Games are replicating T.V characters and T.V serials

Characters from popular T.V serials or movies are often animated and adopted in various games.

When people play games they shift themselves into these roles and it gives a kind of mental peace to them.

Besides in the case of T.V, people needed a television set to view it whereas in the case of gaming everything is stored on a cloud. Due to this, it can be accessed from anywhere and any device. 


So whatever be the purpose of gaming, be it a career, just for entertainment or watching people play games on Twitch, one thing is certain that video gaming will continue to be popular in the coming days.

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How playing esports influence education: 5 advantages

How playing esports influence education: 5 advantages


Since the 80s brought home entertainment systems into millions of households, video games have taken a strong position on the market ushering new jobs, products, and ideas. It didn’t take long for organized competitive gaming (esports) to appear, with numerous tournaments attracting gamers from all over the world.

However, are esports valuable only to video game marketers and console manufacturers, or is there a deeper value? In this article, we are going to go through some of the benefits that competitive gaming holds for education.

Improved cognitive function

Doctor Peter Gray, in his article on cognitive benefits of video games, shows evidence that video games improve our spatial attention, memory, and multitasking abilities. All of these skills represent a significant set of personality traits that allow us to learn faster, adopt new ideas, and extend our ability to focus during class, manage multiple tasks simultaneously, or create a reasonable schedule.

So if you’re still coping with these cognitive functions, try pursuing a professional gaming career. You might not reach the top but you’ll fix those issues that stopped you from getting your college degree.

Scholarship programs

In the US, alone, there are more than 450 institutions of higher education that provide esport programs with full scholarships for students interested in pursuing this career. What this means is that we could expect, soon enough, many aspiring gamers signing up at a college much like basketball and football students do. It's general knowledge that most students get through their college only thanks to their athletic endeavor, while they’re provided with a reliable assignment guide to help them with their homework, essays, and other academic challenges that they might face.

Furthermore, students that don’t get an esports scholarship or attend programs that don't offer this sort of help, can easily fund their college by winning tournaments or stream their gaming sessions. These sorts of activities attract a lot of sponsors that would gladly help financially or in some other way like donating equipment. 


It’s not a secret that a lot of gamers tend to keep to themselves, don’t get appreciated enough by their age peers, and have a difficult time socializing outside their interest group. Organizing esport clubs on campus gives a chance for gamers to find likeminded people and fulfill the social aspect of their college experience. The value of socialization goes beyond making new friends and potentially build college teams. Students can also help each other with other subjects, exams, homework, and other activities. 

A highly organized esports club could also attract students to enroll because they would be pulled by the chance to learn next to other kids that share the same passion for games.

STEM education

Studies confirm that video games like the League of Legends and others significantly improve skills needed for STEM (Science Tech, Engineering, and Mathematics) education. This is one of the reasons why almost every college holds a gaming club, if not providing a program focused on esports.

As we already said, the influence of esports on STEM education shows a positive return, mostly by raising interest with kids that propels them to learn more about video game development and the skills required to produce this sort of content. Recent statistics show that only 36 percent of US students major in STEM fields. Since gamers predominantly choose science and technology-related programs, it's easy to conclude that providing more space to esports in universities will help to keep STEM programs alive.

Stress relief

College is a stressful period of life for most students. For a vast number of freshmen, this is the first time to leave home and live on their own. Others have a difficult time managing their academic obligations and personal life which can be a source of serious stress.

According to an article issued by The Independent magazine, video games can serve as a powerful stress therapy, releasing the extra pressure and keeping us calm. Since our learning abilities suffer under increased stress, it’s easy to connect the dots and see how esports can help students focus on their college assignments.


Video games are fun, engaging, and a great socialization platform if you have the right approach. The influence of esports is not only visible in education it shows its face in marketing, movies, tech, sports equipment, and virtually anywhere you can think. Since this industry has such a strong impact on our lives, it’s imperative to understand this value and channel it properly because no concept is perfect.

Author Bio:

Joshua Robinson is a freelance content writer engaged with several essay writing services. Joshua seeks new ways to improve the everyday lives of his readers through informative and engaging topics. In his articles, Joshua uses only relevant resources that bring practical value.

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Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea Miracle - Part 1

Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea Miracle - Part 1

Thank you Thinking Man Films for sending us a screener to review!

The book of Exodus documents many of God's miracles from the twelve plagues of Egypt to guiding the Israelites in the desert and parting the waters allowing them to cross on dry land. Director Cecil DeMile was so inspired by this book that he made the movie The Ten Commandments twice! I have fond memories watching the 1956 Charleston Heston version and these movies have also inspired film maker Tim Mahoney to create the Patterns of Evidence series. Sadly, many of these miracles are downplayed or considered mere fairy tales in today’s society. The Red Sea Miracle aims to determine where the parting of the waters occurred and the path that the Israelites took to eventually get to Mount Sinai to receive the Ten Commandments.

Before seeing this film, you should watch Patterns of Evidence: Exodus and Patterns of Evidence: The Moses Controversy to understand the non-conventional timeline they use for dating these events. Like the previous films, Tim interviews several Egyptologists and scholars on their thoughts on where the Israelites went and where the parting of the waters took place.

There are two schools of thought on how epic of a journey this truly was. The Egyptian theory is that there was 50,000 or less Hebrews and they didn’t travel too far before having shallow water part before them. The Hebrew view is that there were roughly two million Israelites who traveled a great distance for about a month before having a large body of water parted for them.

The goal in this two-part movie series is to break down the six-step journey. This film focuses on the first few objectives including determining where the departure point was, the direction they were heading, the size of the desert they crossed, and where the detour was before arriving at the dead end. The sea was parted at the dead end and there are many theories on where that took place.

The evidence provided to state their case is very convincing and it seems like they are on the right track given the teaser clips for the second half of this film series. I look forward to seeing remnants of Egyptian chariot wheels and other relics now covered with coral reefs. The Red Sea Miracle part 1 will be in theaters nationwide on February 18th. Part two will be coming to theaters in May of 2020.

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5 Tips for Young Players: How to Succeed in CS and Don’t Fail in College


5 Tips for Young Players: How to Succeed in CS and Don’t Fail in College

Smart and young CS players are well aware of the benefits of gaming. They’re not afraid to believe in their chance of making it big, so they’re often sacrificing the rest of their daily activities in order to become successful counter-strike players.

Regardless of your age, playing a complex video game like CS should never make you feel that you’re wasting your time. If your friends and parents judge you, they’re doing so because they don’t understand the value that we can extract through such experiences.

However, regardless of your age, you should never allow video games to make your life worse and stop your personal and professional growth.

When it comes to college students, there are many individuals who are sabotaging their future without even being conscious. Failing in college is not something you want to happen, especially if you’re committed to grow and become a responsible adult, and you cannot allow computer games to put you in that position.

In today’s post, I’m going to share 5 relevant tips for college students that want to succeed in good games like Counter-Strike more than anything else while still wanting to create a balance in their life. Pay attention and apply!

Establish Solid Objectives

To succeed at Counter-Strike, you need to treat your experience like a mission rather than entertainment. Getting to the top of the ladder requires a lot of work, experience, mistakes, lessons, emotion control, and so much more.

Therefore, establish your objective first and set a deadline. Create a strategy based on habits and keep repeating those habits until your objective is reached. For example, an objective could sound like this:

“I will pass X and Y exam by 20th of January while ranking up to Nova 2.”

Take that objective and give it your full attention, energy, and time.

Assume Responsibility for Your Growth and Actions

If you want to be successful at anything you do, you need to be responsible. A responsible person is someone who understands the impact of his own actions and the consequences that are about to follow. No lies, no blaming, no complaining.

If you want to learn more about responsibility, you should check the crucible essays and learn from the characters who are committing the most mistakes.

Either way, when it comes to CS and college, assuming responsibility is about understanding that you cannot ignore either. For that reason, you need to have a very well-defined purpose (as mentioned above) and create a solid action strategy around it.

Understand the Purpose of College

Before you go to class or write an essay, remind yourself why you’re doing it. You are here because you’ve chosen to be here, but also because you know that it will help you become a better person. Acknowledge the purpose and embrace it!

Important vs. Urgent

When it comes to balancing games and college, you need to think in terms of important vs. urgent.

When you feel like playing, ask yourself what’s more important: this game or this essay? What are the consequences of each action? What do you really have to do now?

Use this comparison and make smart choices whenever you’re not sure about what you have to do next.

Commit to Be Good at Everything You Do

If you want to be successful in life, you need to approach a winners’ mindset. Be great at what you do and never stop improving yourself.

Since you’re also in college, why not raise your standards and do great at school too?

It doesn’t have to be games vs school. It can be games and school!

It all starts with a decision. A commitment to be good at Counter-Strike, a commitment to finish college without problems, a commitment to live an abundant life!


The benefits of video games cannot be denied. The Esports industry is growing every year and the standards for reaching the higher leagues are getting higher every moment.

Succeeding in Counter-Strike takes a lot of focus and balance. If you’re serious about becoming really good at this game, you need to be serious about becoming the best version of yourself. That includes passing your college exams, eating healthy, sleeping enough hours each night, exercising on a regular basis, and so on. Take today’s tips into consideration and take action!

BIO: Joshua Robinson is a highly talented CS:GO player, academic tutor, and blog writer. He is passionate about gaming since he was a very young man, and he’s always been a big supporter of the benefits provided by video games. In his free time, he’s a father of three children and a supportive husband.

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Arctic Dogs

Arctic Dogs

Thank you LionsGate for sending us this Blu-ray to review!

Arctic Dogs begins with a flashback of Swifty (an arctic fox) all dressed in white and nobody noticing him because he blends in so well in the snowy town of Taigasville. He wants to be noticed and recognized like the delivery dogs that the town kids all look up to. In the present day, Swifty works at the delivery company, but not as a delivery dog since he’s underweight and under-qualified.

His childhood crush, Jade, needs a package urgently delivered, but she missed the shipment time because Swifty covered her with snow on his way to work that day. Without his boss’s permission, he offers to deliver it personally. By doing so, he jeopardizes his job and the town’s safety.

I won’t give away any spoilers in case you plan on seeing this film. With that said, there are a couple of political messages worth noting. The premise of being something that you’re not designed to be is very politically correct these days, but oftentimes, restrictions are in place for a good reason. Swifty isn’t even twenty pounds and struggles pulling packages weighing more than he does. Perhaps there was some logic in the company not taking his dream position seriously.

Global warming is another theme present in this film; however, the arctic town’s heat wave can be pointed at the walrus nemesis instead of carbon-imprinting humans. The walrus is voice-acted by the legendary John Cleese. Other popular actors lend their voice talent, including Jeremey Renner (Swifty), James Franco (Lemmy), Heidi Klum (Jade), Alec Baldwin (PB), and Angelica Houston (Maureen).

The animation is well-done and looks great. It’s a shame that the writing falls flat at times. There was only one scene where I chuckled. If you’re looking for a funny film, you’ll definitely want to look elsewhere. I appreciate the message of honesty and being true to yourself, but I’m not a fan of promoting being whatever you dream of even if you’re not qualified to do so. There’s nothing wrong with teaching kids to be realistic.

(Amazon Affiliate Link)

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The Moses Controversy

The Moses Controversy

Thank you Thinking Man Films for sending us a screener to review!

Many Christians believe wholeheartedly that Moses wrote (with God’s guidance) the first five books of the Bible. Exodus 24:4 states that Moses wrote what the Lord instructed him and in John 5:46, Jesus mentions that Moses wrote about Him. Many agnostic and non-Christian scholars don’t believe that Moses wrote the Torah since the Hebrew language used in the dead sea scrolls didn’t exist during the Exodus.

How could God’s word have been preserved accurately in Moses’ lifetime? Oral tradition changes over time and if the Torah can’t be trusted, what credibility does the rest of the Bible have? Investigative film maker, Timothy Mahoney, travels around the world to find answers for several questions and determine if it is possible for Moses to truly be the author of the Pentateuch and how it was done.

This two and a half hour film is very informative and gathers input from Archaeologists, Egyptologists, Christian and Jewish scholars. In order to validate Moses as the author of the Torah, a suitable language that was like Hebrew had to be used, the origin of it in the region of Egypt, and used during the Exodus’ time period.

The key to solving this puzzle was discovered by an Egyptologist named Flinders Petrie. Unlike many archaeologists, he was looking at relics with a scientific mindset instead of a profitable one. Flinders and his wife, Hilda, discovered the Proto-Sinaitic script in the winter of 1904-1905. To understand the significance of this discovery, I recommend watching this film, since I don’t want to spoil the surprise!

If you haven’t seen Patterns of Evidence: Exodus, I recommend watching that movie first. That documentary focuses on a timeline discrepancy that’s heavily relied on for this film. Both of these films are thought provoking and it’s great to have your faith bolstered by science instead of “The Bible says so.”

In the end, my faith was strengthened by this film. Though I didn’t doubt Moses’ authorship, it’s fascinating to see how it could be validated with science. Today's Hebrew was not around during Moses' lifetime, but its origins were. The alphabet is something we truly take for granted, and yet it’s a gift from God that has been used to solidify and translate His word to thousands of dialects.

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How To Research For Science Assignment?

How To Research For Science Assignment?

Writing academic papers can be rather challenging and time-consuming. However, despite the common belief, writing itself isn’t the hardest part of the process. The hardest part is researching and collecting valid data that would shape your future assignment.

If you’d ask us “How to write a scientific paper?” – We would say that it always starts with thorough research! First, you need to get an insight into the topic, find valid scientific materials, assess your resources, and only after this you can get to writing your paper. Then how to research effectively? In this article, we are going to guide you through the whole research process step by step. Let’s dive in!

How To Research For Science Assignment?

Types of Sources

Scientific writing requires doing thorough research but, most importantly, it requires using only reputable and valid sources. Finding a few well-written articles on the chosen topic is not that hard. However, what is hard is to find legit sources that will help you add value to your scientific assignment.

Thus, before we can move on and outline the steps for effective research, it is vital to go over the main types of scientific sources to give you an idea of what you should be looking for:

  • Scholarly Publications – articles written by researchers, faculty, or other experts. As a rule, such sources report on original studies, which is why using them can be helpful.
  • Academic Books – other good sources to use are academic books. They are also written by experts and often cover not only a specific study and findings, but also include an overview of research and key issues related to it.
  • Government Documents – documents published at official government sources can also come in handy. They are considered to be valid and trustworthy and can provide you with the needed accurate data such as statistics, official reports, white papers, etc.
  • Theses and Dissertations – sources like theses and dissertations reflect the findings of an individual student's research. As a rule, they are quite detailed and can help you in your further research.
  • Additional Sources – additionally, conducting research for a scientific assignment, you can use secondary sources such as news, magazines, web sources, and others. They are generally not considered to be exhaustive but can help you gain a quick insight into the topic.

How To Research For Science Assignment?

The Scientific Method: How To Make The Most Of Your Research?

The best way to shape your research is to follow the so-called Scientific Method. Below you can find a complete guide on how to research for science assignment based on the main steps of the scientific method:

Step 1: Ask a Question

The first stage of the scientific method requires you to shape a question you are going to research. Simply put, your first step is to identify and develop your topic.

Picking a suitable topic is often the most challenging part of the whole process. The grade you will score for your assignment depends heavily on your choice. Therefore, it is vital to pick a good topic that is:

  • Corresponding with the given instructions;
  • Not too broad or too narrow;
  • Interests you;
  • Manageable (meaning there is enough information available about it);
  • Original;

As soon as you will pick a topic, it will be easier to shape the main question for your research.

Step 2: Do Background Research

The next stage is preliminary research during which you will determine whether there are enough materials available on the chosen matter.

Step 3: Construct A Hypothesis

If there is enough information about the chosen topic and you are ready to start your thorough research, it is the right time to shape your hypothesis (i.e. make an assumption on what results you expect to obtain).

Step 4: Locate Your Materials

Next, you can start collecting and locating material on your topic.

You can conduct your research in a library or online. It doesn’t really matter which option you choose, as long as you are picking trusted and valid sources (see the section with types of sources).

The main tip to make your research effective is to take notes. Taking notes at the early stage of the process will help you save lots of time later and will make the writing process generally easier.

Step 5: Evaluate Sources

Once you think you have all the materials collected, it is vital to evaluate each of them. This step will help you determine what data should be included in your paper and which won’t add much value and, thus, can be missed out. This step is especially important if you were using web sources as many of them are not reliable.

Step 6: Experiment

Sometimes, focusing barely on external sources is not enough to write a compelling scientific paper. Often, you will have to test your hypothesis by running one or a series of experiments.

Step 8: Write Your Paper

When you finally have all the information and findings ready, you can start writing your paper. If you are struggling with this step, keep in mind that you can turn to Essay On Time do assignment for me for help. Processional writers from such sources can help you save time and effort you would waste on writing a paper. Besides, turning for the help of pros can help you ensure a high grade.

Step 9: Cite Sources

Finally, the last, but not less important step is citing the sources you’ve used. It is vital to do it according to the specific college paper format defined in the assignment instructions. Citing sources properly will help you to avoid plagiarism and get a high assessment from your professor.

Final Words

Writing academic papers is never easy. There are many instructions and rules to keep in mind when working on your scientific assignment. However, if you can handle the research process well, it will take you half-way to success!

Hopefully, this guide will help you get on the right track and set the direction for your scientific research. Good luck!

Author’s Bio: This post was written by Jeff Blaylock. Jeff is a professional academic writer, whose job is to help students handle their scientific assignments. Throughout his career, Jeff had to deal with a wide variety of scientific assignments and, thus, knows better than anyone else what it takes to succeed. In this post, Jeff Blaylock shares his ideas on how to conduct thorough research for scientific writing.

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Top Online Training Courses to Pass Microsoft AZ-300 Exam and Why Practice Tests Are Helpful

Top Online Training Courses to Pass Microsoft AZ-300 Exam and Why Practice Tests Are Helpful


As a starting point, the solid Microsoft corporation provides skilled data processing specialists with numerous opportunities to get their skills validated. With this in mind, expertsin Azure Architect Technologies should definitely become certified by Microsoft to become solutions architectsin the field.

To this end, they must sit for two Microsoft exams, namely, AZ-300 Practice Test and AZ-301. Here, AZ-300 test is the initial step of getting the role-based Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert credential. It's designed for experienced professionals who are familiar with the features of Azure Admin, DevOps, and Azure Development, and be extremely good at one of those areas, at a minimum.

This way, if you want to take this test, this article will be useful for you while containingcrucial resources you can use during preparation.Before that, the focuswill fall on theassessment details.

Technicalities of AZ-300 exam

  • Name of Exam: Microsoft Azure
  • Code: AZ-300
  • Number of questions: 40-60
  • Passing score: 700 of 1000
  • Question format: multiple-choice, build list, mark review, drag and drop, case study, short answer, and more
  • Price: $165

Going further, get to know that the Microsoft AZ-300 exam covers up to four varied domains. You’re most likely to come across the following:

  • Deploying and configuring infrastructure
  • Implementing workloads and security
  • Creating and deploying apps
  • Implementing authentication and securing data
  • Developing cloud and azure storage

Also, be prepared to the fact that the test content was updated on December 4, 2019. This way, candidates should now upload the skills paperat the bottom of the page to consult the changes.

Moreover, Microsoft AZ-300 exam’s applicants are presumed to be Azure Solution Architects givingadviceto stakeholders and transformingenterprise requirements into safe, and solid solutions. They are also supposed to possesshigh-level experience in different IT operationslike networking, business continuity, virtualization, security, identity, data management, disaster recovery, and governance.

Top Microsoft Courses to Pass Microsoft AZ-300 Exam

With perfect materials and appropriate guidance, exam takers can perfectly ace AZ-300 assessment. To prepare and ensure you pass this exam, it’s important to find reliable resources.

Approaching the preparation options, let’s discover online courses that offer an effective means to study through the objectives of an exam. These are created by professionals to make sure you match the exam requirements.

Here are some of the free yet valuable vendor-elaborated online courses for exam AZ-300 and other tips to help you prepare and pass this exam on the first trial.

  1. Architect Great Solutions in Azure Microsoft

This Microsoft official AZ-300 online course will help you develop skills in designing and building secure, scalable as well as performant solutions in Azure. The learning path encompassing 5 modules does this by preparing you to examine core and critical principles that every good infrastructure must have.

  1. Architect Network Infrastructure in Azure

Candidates will learn here on how to architect a flexible, secure, network infrastructure in Azure and connect local networks to the enterprise Azure resources. Still, there are some preliminary conditions like knowledge of network concepts, such as IP addressing and routing, network connectivity methods, such as VPN.

  1. Architect Storage Infrastructure in Azure

Take note of other extensive purchase-free courses prepared by the vendor, like Architect compute infrastructure in Azure and Architect infrastructure operations in Azure. With these learning tracks each containing a plurality of modules, you will get overwhelming preparation and thorough understanding of all the exam concepts.

  1. Microsoft AZ-300 Instructor-Led Paid Training

If you're looking for training from professionals for your exam preparation, then Microsoft supports you with another brilliant option. Courses like Deploying and Configuring Infrastructure, Implementing Workloads and Security, or Developing for the Cloud, 9 learning tracks altogether, are all there for your calm and deeppreparation in a company with a coach. So, just find a Microsoft learning partner in your country and train effectively.

  1. Microsoft AZ-300Practice Tests from Exam-Labs

If you’ve been a frequent user of Exam-Labs, then you’ll understand that they offer the best materials for all the exams, not only for Microsoft tests. Talking about this specific Microsoft AZ-300 assessment, the valid platform offers numerous mock exams and training packages to prepare for it.

Thereby, inside AZ-300 Premium Bundle applicants can get plenty of hours of preparation covering all the exam topics. The training is presented in 128 lectures, making it comprehensive and helpful for you. You can alsoget unlimited access to these premium fileson your PC, TV or mobile phone for a modest price.

Above this, you will be able to train with their practice tests for Azure-oriented AZ-300 exam. These questions and answers comprise over 247 practice questions carefully checked by IT experts. If you are on a tight budget, you can try out the most updated free exam dumps.

Moreover, the VCE Exam Simulator lets you practice thesemock tests and this tool also recreates the real test environment. You’ll as well get the reports to evaluate your weaknesses and strengths and manage your time well in the actual exam.

Bottom Line

To draw a line, you’ve read about the most effective preparation materials you need to prepare for your Microsoft AZ-300 exam. These online courses,as well as practice tests will not only assist you inobtaining the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert badge but also assist you in nurturing helpful skills. These capacities will help you get a lucrative job position as soon as you obtain this prestigious certification!



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Heating Pad for Back Pain and Cramps Relief - Extra Large [12"x24"]

Heating Pad

Thank you Dongguan Emily Trading Co., Ltd for sending us this heating pad to review!

Getting old isn’t fun. I discover random aches and pains without origins other than my age. For example, my left hip started hurting the other day for no apparent reason. It’s not like I ran a marathon or fell. Thankfully, I had this heating pad handy!

The device is simple to use with only three buttons to press. The power button is where you start or end to turn the device on or off. The other two buttons control the temperature and timer functions. The temperature starts at 95 degrees Fahrenheit and goes all the way up to 158 in 9 degree intervals. The timer can be set from fifteen minutes to two hours in 15-minute intervals. Setting the timer to one hour at night was perfect for my sore hip as the warmth felt good and it didn’t have to be on after falling sleep. When I woke up in the morning, the pain wasn’t completely gone, but it was much better.

The padding is super soft and very comfortable. With the detachable cord it’s washable too! Another advantage of the detachable cord is that it can break away if accidentally tugged on or tripped over. This item is also covered by a five-year warranty so it’s nice to hear that the manufacturer stands behind this product.

When it comes to cramps, the heat feels really nice and distracts from the pain significantly. Chocolate is another nice distraction, but I’m not allowed to eat milk chocolate on the keto diet. I’m not a fan of bitter dark chocolate either. I’m glad this heating pad will help ease the cramping as I’m waiting for the Ibuprofen to kick in.

As I get even older I’m sure I’ll be using this heating pad more and more. I’m not looking forward to it, but I’m glad to be prepared for my next random ailment.

(Amazon Affiliate Link)

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How Can I Buy Bitcoin Anonymously?

One of the major factors that people do not compromise on in the digital world is privacy. In our world today, sensitive data breaches are becoming increasingly common and large technologies are deploying more and more sophisticated methods to harvest the data about their users. For all of these reasons, internet users need to do all they can to stay anonymous. It is also the reason why people that own bitcoin continue to look for innovative ways to complete their bitcoin transactions anonymously.

When cryptocurrency first gained ground in the world markets, people could easily buy BTC (Bitcoin) without the fear of having their data exposed to the world. Government regulations had not yet been put in place to curb this new online currency. In fact, most financial and government institutions couldn’t predict how fast and potent bitcoin take up would become. All this implied that financial regulations that demand that institutions know their customers hadn’t yet been implemented on cryptocurrencies.

Currently, the popularity of Bitcoin has reached almost every continent in the world. However, it is also evident to almost everyone that there is nothing anonymous about Bitcoin technology. In fact, it is commonly referred to as a pseudonymous form of online exchange.


Every transaction carried out on every Bitcoin platform is documented on an online ledger stored in a set of blocks called a blockchain. This ledger is easily accessible to any Bitcoin user that is registered on the network. Records of the amount of bitcoin sold, the amount of bitcoin received and the address of the sender, as well as the receiver, are documented on this ledger. Check this website to learn more.

The physical address and identity of the user may not be publicly disclosed to others. However, skillful hackers can easily trace the identity of the bitcoin owner by using the IP address that is documented on the ledger. This exposes the owner of the bitcoin account to several risks. This clearly highlights the importance of purchasing bitcoin anonymously.


Here are two effective ways that will guarantee the anonymity of your identity whenever you want to purchase bitcoin;

  • PURCHASE BITCOIN USING BITCOIN ATMs: This is one of the most secure ways that you can purchase BTC. If this is your first time purchasing bitcoin using a bitcoin ATM, there are a few things that you need to know. The first is that there is a difference between BTC ATMs and traditional ATMs. For starters, the first can only function when it is connected to the internet. This implies that your bitcoin ATM experience will vary. Most Bitcoin ATMs do not require any form of photo identification.
  • BTC PEER-TO-PEER PLATFORMS: These online platforms allow you to buy or sell bitcoin to fellow users registered on the same platform. The greatest advantage of using this kind of platform to purchase bitcoin is that both parties determine the means of exchange. This means that either the person interested in purchasing or the person selling bitcoin can choose an anonymous means of transaction.

When purchasing BTC on a peer-to-peer platform it is important that both parties set transaction conditions that will help protect their identities and transactions.

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Introducing Your Children to the Computer: 5 Tips

Introducing Your Children to the Computer: 5 Tips

 Nowadays, exposure to technology is ubiquitous and starts at a very young age. There is a general compromise that computer literacy is an essential skill both in daily life and in a professional setting. While the rate of computer literacy is lower among older people, it is virtually unimaginable for younger people to lack this skill - it has simply become a must. Nevertheless, there is significant debate surrounding the question of when exactly to start a basic course of computer for children.

Some think that teaching their kids such essential skills from a younger age offers them a competitive edge in this world, while others are worried about the dangers of exposing children to digital technologies too early. Among such dangers could be excessive use and addiction especially to computer games, excessive consumption of entertaining content over useful one, exposure to harmful content on the Internet and even to cyberbullying.

But as suggested in this article by the Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network, perhaps an even better question is HOW  exactly we introduce computers to the young. With enough control from adults and by following a series of recommendations, it is possible to make the best of these digital technologies.

Introducing Your Children to the Computer: 5 Tips

5 Key Recommendations

Don't Rush It

The American Academy of Pediatrics considers that children shouldn’t be exposed to screen technologies in the first 2 years of their lives. Some deem this estimate too conservative but the truth is that it is only after 3 years of life or so that your children can make the most of digital technologies. Before this age, many skills like visual perception or speaking are underdeveloped, so that kids can't grasp basic concepts.

Teach the Kids How to Treat Computers

As this wikihow article mentions, among the first things children should be taught is some basic computer etiquette. Typical examples include keeping food, liquids, and dirt away from the computer, avoiding risky maneuvers that can result in a sudden drop or a cracked screen, turning off the device after use. Only after these basic lessons are learned can a computer and children coexist.

Teach Your Kids to Search for Information Online

Information is considered to be the most valuable thing in our times and being able to locate it efficiently is a fundamental skill that benefits everyone without exception throughout life. One of the first things you should teach your kids is to run a basic query in a search engine. Show them how to search for encyclopedia articles, news, videos, images, show them that they can search for similar images by uploading their own images.

 If your kids learn their way online and how to find the information they need, there is little chance they will enter your room and ask will you write a research paper for me later when they grow up and go to college. Importantly, if you teach them to search for information early enough, they would keep refining these skills until they become true masters surpassing their teacher.

Introduce Them to Educational Games

Learning is always more efficient if children have fun in the process. After all, this is what computers, tablets, and smartphones excel at by being interactive and by making use of beautiful graphics. One key way to have fun is by playing computer games, although you should carefully select which ones to make available - only those that bring some value are relevant. Curiously, computer games can even help improve writing skills.

Limit the Amount of Time Spent in Front of the Screen

We all know how addictive our devices can be - even adults constantly fall victim to these. This is even more true for children who have a much more difficult time controlling their impulses and urges. Screen technologies shouldn’t be allowed to disrupt the healthy lifestyle, they should not interfere with traditional learning, with “family time”, with outdoor activities and playing with other children.

In Conclusion

Given the limited scope of this article, above, we list only a couple of important recommendations. There are many more though, such as making use of kid-friendly hardware and software, setting regular breaks when using screen technologies, using the eye care mode late in the evening to limit blue light that can disrupt the normal sleep cycle.  Yet another idea is to perform activities like coloring and painting on a computer. This is not only more ecological, but it also helps you avoid the mess and trains the kids in interacting with the hardware.

Importantly, throughout the process, appropriate terminology should be used, such as the “mouse”, “keyboard”, “delete”, “restart”, etc. so that kids get used to it. Most of the basic terms are fairly intuitive and easy to learn, but even if the children don’t yet know such words, it is a good chance to expand their vocabulary. By replacing these terms with others that you deem more easy to comprehend or memorize, you may actually do more harm than good. Anyway, kids absorb new information very easily so that any linguistic challenges would be easily overcome.

Author’s Bio

Connie is interested in educational policies, as well as various educational technologies and services. She often explores what these services have to offer and how they can be used to the student’s advantage. Connie also has a vast collection of posts that aim at helping students improve their essay writing skills.

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Enhance Your Gaming Experience in 2020

Gaming is a billion-dollar industry these days, and it’s not hard to understand why. One of the best things you can do to capitalize on this is to try to make the most of the gaming experience. Video games are no longer a solo activity for people in their bedrooms to enjoy. They are becoming more and more mainstream, as well as evolving into sociable events. 

This is why it is so important to make sure you focus on improving your approach to gaming and trying to get the best possible outcome. There are a lot of factors to keep in mind here, and trying to enhance your gaming experience in 2020 is so important. Make sure you look at what it takes to improve and enhance your gaming experience this year and here are a few great ideas that can help you.

Enhance Your Gaming Experience in 2020

Get a Gaming Chair

A gaming chair, in many ways, is seen as the pinnacle of the gaming experience. You need to do as much as possible to improve the process of gaming, and a chair is going to provide you with excellent comfort, as well as helping you to play in a more immersive way. This is something you are going to need to work on improving, and it can help you in a big way when it comes to having a better gaming experience. 

Stock up on the Latest Games

If you want the best possible gaming experience for 2020, you also need to make sure you have the latest and greatest games. And the best way to do this is to make sure you check out upcoming PC games in 2020. This is something that you are going to need to do if you want to find new games that are going to make your gaming sessions more fun and immersive.  

Use a Projector

Another excellent way of being able to improve your gaming experience is to use a projector. This can give you a much larger screen to play your games on and would be perfect for allowing you to have a more social gaming experience. So you need to look at how to choose the best projector for gaming, as this is a massively important part of the gaming process, and this is something to look into as much as possible. 

Get Your Friends Involved

Getting your friends involved is something that you need to consider when it comes to improving and enhancing your gaming experience. Do as much as possible to consider how you can do this, and try to get involved in some social gaming as much as you can. There are a lot of things that play a part in helping you enjoy your experience more, and getting your friends involved is something that can really help with that.

Enhance Your Gaming Experience in 2020

There are so many great ways in which you can work on improving your gaming experience, and this is something you need to make sure you work on. There are lots of incredible things that you can do to achieve this, and it is important that you make sure you make the most of this moving forward. Do as much as you can to enhance and improve your gaming experience right now with these great tips. 

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Your Move: What Board Games Teach Us About Life

Thank you, Sutherland House, for sending us this book to review!

Your Move: What Board Games Teach Us About Life by Joan Moriarity and Jonathan Kay and published by Sutherland House is a wonderfully written 166-page paperback book consisting of fifteen chapters. As stated in the first chapter, each is written as an individual essay and they do not have to be read in order. I will say, though, that later chapters did make some references to previous ones, but not significant enough to where one wouldn’t be able to comprehend the section they are reading. It is simply things like “As I mentioned in the previous chapter, this is where I reiterate my point.”

Chapter one is called “Welcome to the Magic Circle.” Joan Moriarity writes to explain the basic unwritten contract everyone silently agrees on before starting a tabletop game. If the participants are absolute perfectionists, there is no room for fun; likewise, if at least one of them is too bored or lazy to even bother trying, it spoils the game for the whole table. “In order to enjoy play, to be playful,” she writes, “players must realize that the freedom to fail is as essential as the will to succeed.” (Moriarity 6)

Chapter two is called “Peaceful Games from War-torn Europe.” It focuses on the many differences between American board games and European board games, or Eurogames, as they are called. “And so almost every Eurogame is designed so that final scoring comes only at the end of the game, after some defined milestone or turn limit so that every player can enjoy the experience of being a (nominal) contender until the final moments.” (Kay 18)

Chapter three is called “A Checkered Life.” It covers the history of the board game that we now know as Life, along with some issues with its concept and moral differences between it and what it originated from.

Chapter four, titled “An Offer You Can’t Refuse,” addresses what we can learn from Chinatown and No Thanks!. These are both games that reveal the human nature to desire to “spite” our opponents as a form of social justice fulfillment.

Chapter five, “Cures for Pandemics and Alpha Players” goes into more depth as to the unspoken contract everyone agrees to that ensures a fun game: No cheating, don’t be too serious, and don’t ruin the game by not trying. To illustrate this, the author uses the game Pandemic.

Chapter six, titled “The Zombie Survivor’s Dilemma” explores the lessons learned from cooperative board games accompanied by their advantages and disadvantages along with possible reasons that some people – including Jonathan Kay, the co-author – dislike cooperative board games. Moriarity goes into detail about a game called Dead of Winter.

Chapter seven, called “The Game That Explains Everything” discusses the realistic qualities in Monopoly and what it can teach us about economics and modern-day capitalism.

Chapter eight is called “The Stupid Free Parking Rule,” and its title refers to a certain rule people often incorporate into their games of Monopoly. People frequently insist on playing Monopoly in a way that ensures that money that would otherwise be collected by the bank goes to the middle of the board until a player lands on the “Free parking” space. That player receives all of the bank money that has been accumulated throughout the game. Moriarity explains why this rule defies the sole premise of Monopoly and provides ten possible reasons why people often choose to play this way.

Chapter nine, titled “All Your Culture Are Belong To Us” reveals the fact that even in board games – an area that is usually free from anything being taken personally – people are starting to care more about political correctness and accuracy when depicting cultures. Kay uses four different titles along with his own experiences to prove his point.

Chapter ten, “Inside the Mind of an Inuit Hero,” shows how our understanding of Indigenous peoples has influenced the creation of not only historical documentaries and novels but also board games and other forms of literature. He notes how good games are with their historically accurate plots, mainly using Greenland as and example along with a few other games.

Chapter eleven features Joan Moriarity ranting about how not only is Scattergories a bad game that ruins relationships but it is sacrilegious – hence the chapter name: “Scattergories and Sacriledge” – in the perspective of those who value the play space as sacred.

Jonathan Kay explains the reason he dislikes Scrabble and believes it to be overrated in chapter twelve, “The Fine Line Between Work and Play.” Scrabble players see words only as an opportunity to score points rather than looking for their meaning. He uses several analogies to prove his point.

Chapter thirteen is called “Horrible People,” and it is about the game premise of Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity, two virtually identical board games with very different histories. The author then goes into detail on how she thought the target audience for Cards Against Humanity would consist of those less likely to get offended by its content and was proven very wrong.

Chapter fourteen recognizes the fact that Advanced Squad Leader, like all tabletop games, provides players with a path to self-improvement, so long as they are alive to the lessons of the gameboard. The author concludes the chapter, titled “Discovering Myself by Invading Belgium,” by explaining why we should all enter the board gaming world, because failure and mistakes would result in consequence only outside of the magic circle.

Chapter fifteen, “Power Fantasies and the Power of Fantasies,” describes Moriarity’s child-born interest for Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) and how she developed it by playing it with other kids she knew at school and sometimes strangers. She learned that imagination is more important than any physical accouterments and that understanding the rules matters less than creativeness. She also learned through her own experience that as a Dungeon Master, it is best to give the players what they want, even if it is stupid.

Lastly, after the final chapter of the book is a recorded interview between the two authors of Your Move: What Board Games Teach Us About Life. They discuss what writing the book together has taught them, and they both offer legitimate answers. Both of them admitted to have ended up writing their chapters with a bit more personality than originally intended, but they recorded some personal realizations.

I noticed a couple of instances in which a parenthese was closed and not opened. One of these occurrences in particular was on page no. 77. Other than that, I noticed no other major issues in grammar or writing style.

It does have some swear words in it and a bit of blasphemy. This includes ‘d*mned,’ ‘f*cking,’ ‘g*dd*mn,’ ‘j*ck*ss,’ ‘b*st*rd,’ and ‘b*d*ss.’ Moriarity also reveals herself as a transgender woman at the end of the book (157). Other than the moral issues, though, I found Your Move: What Board Games Teach Us About Life is to be a very interesting read, and I think it would be more so for those invested in the board gaming community in any way. To any such people I would recommend this title.


(Amazon Affiliate Link)

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Best Tools for Students to Create Online Presentations

Best Tools for Students to Create Online Presentations

A great online presentation can help students to showcase their unique understanding of a particular topic. 

This format is different from the usual presentation you would present in front of the classroom. It can fit not only text and images, but audio, video, infographics, and other types of content as well. It helps you create an interactive experience for the viewer.

If, for example, you’re trying to explain how gaming affects your life, you won’t achieve the best effect through simple PowerPoint slides. You’ll want to include videos showing the game, infographics with statistics, and audio that features the powerful soundtrack of your favorite game. You can also include an audio with narration.

You’ll need special tools to create a great presentation online.

Top 3 Presentation Tools Online

  1. Timetoast

An online presentation doesn’t have to be presented in the form of slides. If you’re trying to tell a story, it’s best to do it in the form of a timeline. Timetoast lets you create a beautiful timeline that’s colorful, clean, and interactive.

It’s a collaborative tool, so it’s perfect for a team project.

To get inspired, you can take a look at the timelines featured at the website. You only click on an entry, and it opens a slide with multimedia content. You can do the same thing for your own project. 


Before you learn how to present an assignment, you have to craft it. Many students get stuck at that point. They have their topic and they feel inspired, but they can’t get through the project no matter what online presentation tools they use.

This is when Assignment-Help-AU gets useful. This platform connects you with professional authors and graphic designers. They can help you complete a really creative presentation.

  1. Canva

This is one of the most popular online tools for creating presentations. Canva lets you design presentations, social media graphics, flyers, posters, infographics, and other types of content. If you know how to use PowerPoint, you’ll handle this online tool just fine.

The special thing about Canva is that it allows you to create unique charts or diagrams in a matter of minutes. That’s a great addition to any presentation.

Presentations Are Fun!

If this is a project for school and you’re like most students, you probably think it’s boring. It doesn't have to be. You can find something fun in any topic. Find a way to connect it with your favorite games. If you’re covering a topic from the Victorian era, get inspired by Anno 1800. That’s fun, right? When you use a great online tool for creating multimedia presentations, you’ll enjoy the experience.  

BIO: Elizabeth Skinner loves two things: writing and gaming. As a professional writer, she creates blog articles, research papers, presentations, and other formats of content. Her goal is to inspire people to approach writing as a creative process that’s not challenging at all. 

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Thank you Universal for sending us this Blu-ray to review!

Abominable tells the story of a teenager named Yi who stumbles upon a Yeti on the rooftop of her apartment complex. The Yeti escaped from some bounty hunters and longs to go back to his home on Mount Everest. It’s quite a trek since Yi and her family are from China. At first, her cousins Peng and Jin were not on-board with escorting the yeti they dubbed Everest back home. As it turns out, they have quite the magical adventure along the way.

My family enjoyed this film in the theater and we’re happy to own it now as it’s very heartwarming. It teaches the value of family and is safe for all ages. There are some instances of tranquilizing and Everest is injured in the beginning of the film. There are some references to Buddhism and the characters believe that their ancestors watch over them from the stars.

Along with the movie, there are several bonus features to enjoy including:

Marooned – A lonely space robot tries to leave the moon and return back to Earth. If only he had some help. There’s a great message here about determination and sacrifice.

Show & Tell - Everest tries to show the other yetis about the neat things he has learned about on his adventure including playing violin, basketball, and love.

There are also a few deleted scenes that are roughly animated, but fully voice acted. The making of/inspiration behind Abominbale is also fascinating to watch. Aspiring artists will enjoy watching how it was animated and videos teaching people how to draw the characters. It’s also cool to see how the voice acting is done. There’s even instructions on how to make the pork buns that everyone loves in the movie.

If you’re looking for a heartwarming film to show your family, look no further than Abominable. It’s available on Amazon for less than $23 in Bu-ray and has 4K and 3D versions available.

(Amazon Affiliate Link)

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The Unbreakable Unity

Thank you Scarlet Moon Promotions for sending us this digital album to review!

Hiroki Kikuta is a famous composer known for his work in Secret of Mana. The Unbreakable Unity is a one-track album with a thirty-nine minute song that’s heavily influenced by Secret of Mana. The song opens with a wind flute-like instrument and a sense of mystery. Other instruments like a xylophone, oboe, and harp chime in along with other synthesized instruments.

My part-time job is seventeen miles away and with the morning traffic, it can take between thirty-five to forty-five minutes to arrive at work. The Unbreakable Unity is the perfect commuting song as it’s very relaxing and eases road rage a bit. If my commute exceeds forty minutes, this song loops smoothly.

The upbeat sections make for great overworld or traveling soundtracks. Perfect for driving past acres and acres of farmland. Some parts of the song are more mysterious as if you’re exploring some ancient ruins or an abandoned temple filled with hostile monsters or ferocious wildlife. This section makes driving though construction zones with lane closures and detours more interesting.

Many of the themes repeat throughout the song, but they are switched up to keep things interesting. I often envision myself exploring an eerie forest or open fields with frequent stops to battle bad guys. If you enjoyed Secret of Mana and its music, you’ll definitely appreciate this album. Fans of SNES-style game music should give it a listen too.

The Unbreakable Unity is available digitally for $9.99 on bandcamp. You can purchase it in MP3, FLAC, and other formats. Though $9.99 is a bit pricey for one song, but it is nearly forty minutes long. If you’re still on the fence about it, you can listen to it in its entirety on the bandcamp page.

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The Crimson King

The Crimson King

Written by: Tristan Williams
Published by: Self-published 
Released: November 16, 2019
Price: $5.99 Kindle, $13.99 paperback
(Amazon Affiliate Link)

Thank you, Tristan Williams, for submitting a copy of this book to the site for review!

*Advertising disclosure* - Before this review was posted, Tristan Williams became an advertising partner. This review is not influenced by this relationship.

The Crimson King is the first book in a series titled the Butterfly Chronicles, written by Tristan Williams. This is the first book by the author from Louisiana, and was inspired in part by the tabletop games that he plays.

The majority of the novel focuses on a young man named Oslo Orlov, who has a devilish appearance and starts the novel trying to hide from his criminal past. He is soon joined by Anna, a green-skinned sylph-like creature who works as a bounty hunter and also is one of his oldest and most trusted friends. They travel together to explore his future and his role in a prophesy presented by the deity of fate, Othren, also known as the Great Butterfly. Along the way, they meet up with other people who also are trying to learn their place in the world, as run by a king driven insane by the loss of his sons.

The novel progresses at a rapid pace, and alternates between the present and flashes of Oslo's past behavior as a bandit, as well as the leader of a vicious tribe of bandits. The dialogue is solid and many of the characters well-developed. The book reads quite well, and serves as quite the page-turner, with enough action and drama to prevent the book from getting dull. The narrative focuses a lot on Oslo's depression and eventual desire to atone for his past and try to make the world better. The setting is very well-done, too, and made me want to learn more of the world these characters find themselves in.

The book is a great read, but it does have a few flaws. There are a smattering of grammatical errors, but not glaring mistakes. And while some of the characters are well-developed, others come off as a bit shallow. For example, even though the character of Anne starts out interesting enough, she quickly pales into a somewhat static, predictable sort. Speaking of predictable, some of the scenes and actions of the characters can easily be anticipated well before they occur.

From a moral perspective, the book has a few things to consider. As is typical for a fantasy novel, there is a theology that consists of a pantheon of deities. However, aside from the Great Butterfly, none of the other gods even seem to make a difference, let alone appear. There are a few instances of the word b****rd, but they are used in the proper context in the book. The biggest moral concern I found was the gratuitous, sometimes gruesome violence. Although I have certainly read worse, this aspect alone would give me pause before suggesting it to my younger kids. However, these are the only things I've seen that may be potential issues to Christian readers, so many will find this book to be quite entertaining.

When it comes to reading the works of independent authors, sometimes it can really be hit-or-miss to find a quality one – and sadly, the results tend to be a miss. It's easy to see why many of these authors don't get published by a larger house. However, Tristan Williams' book is a pleasant deviation from the usual dreck of self-published titles. The Crimson King is an entertaining read from start to finish, and promises to be a great introduction to what could be a quite memorable series. Authors tend to improve as they refine their craft, and with the way Williams starts here, he may turn into an author to watch closely.

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2019 Christmas Buying Guide

2019 Christmas Buying Guide

Here’s our 2019 Christmas buying guide!  Below are our favorite gadgets and family appropriate titles we have played throughout the year.  More reviews can be found on! Each game is given a gameplay score for the overall gaming experience and a moral score for how suitable it is for younger gamers.   The Amazon and Humble Store links will benefit Christ Centered Gamer by giving us a small % of the sale.

Platform Title Game Score Moral Score Buy it!
PC & Switch Super Phantom Cat 86% 98% Steam
PC Rupert & Riley Shipwrecked 88% 94% Steam
PC, PS4, Xbox One WRC 8 90% 100% Humble Store
PS4, Switch Lapis x Labyrinth 86% 86% Amazon
PC, PS4, Switch, Vita Miles & Kilo 84% 90% PlayStation Store
PS4 Kingdom Hearts 3 91% 86% Amazon
PC, Switch Blazing Beaks 86% 93% Nintendo eShop
Switch Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening 93% 95% Amazon
Switch OlliOlli: Switch Stance 84% 96% Nintendo eShop
PC, Xbox One Aftercharge 80% 94% Microsoft Store
PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One Pig Eat Ball 86% 88% Humble Store
PC, Xbox One Trail Makers 80% 90% Humble Store
VR Audio Trip 84% 86% Steam
VR Space Junkies 88% 82% Humble Store
VR VR Ping Pong Pro 86% 100% Humble Store
Hardware SK Hynix Gold SATA 1TB SSD N/A N/A Amazon
Headset Mixcder E9 Wireless Headset N/A N/A Amazon
PS4, Switch, Xbox One Toast Customized Console Cover N/A N/A ToastMade
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Frozen II

Thank you 4DX for providing us five tickets to see this film!

Frozen II begins with a flashback of Elsa and Anna as children hearing a story about an enchanted forest where a war between Arendelle and the natives began. Nobody knows who started the war, but as strange events are currently happening in Arendelle, the townsfolk are forced to evacuate, and Elsa must discover the truth before things get any worse. To make matters worse, Elsa is hearing a singing voice that nobody else can and it's interfering with her day-to-day activities. She needs to discover the source for her kingdom and her sanity!

Meanwhile, Kristoff has an engagement ring ready for Anna but is having a difficult time finding the right opportunity and words to successfully propose to her. His blundering attempts usually upset Anna instead of winning her over. His reindeer, Sven, tries to assist in the process any way he can. Olaf is trying to grasp the concepts of aging and maturity as he defies the typical lifespan of a snowman.

The five begin their journey to the enchanted forest, which is surrounded by a thick mist. With Elsa leading the way, they are able to make it past the protective barrier. Once there, they must tame the spirits of wind, fire, water, and earth. The fire spirit is my favorite character, he’s adorable!

The 4DX enhancements are all present in this film. 3D makes the magical scenes come to life as they expand beyond the movie screen. The unidentifiable fragrance is used multiple times as well. As the characters burst out into song, the seats will sway along. You can also expect to get spritzed in the face with water and have the back of your legs blasted with air for an added surprise.

Overall, this is a great sequel that even managed to win over my skeptical teenage daughter. I daresay that it’s better than the original film. Any Frozen fan should definitely check this film out, especially in 4DX if it’s available near you.

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How to Choose the Best Short Throw Projector for Gaming



Projection is one of the best inventions in the technology era and short throw projector the most exciting breakthrough in projection technology. With more advanced lenses and lighting sources, they are not only useful in movies and office presentations but also good for gaming.

Due to more improvement in technology, today's models are highly-advanced and provide high-quality resolution and brightness. And most importantly, they are affordable. However, people facing difficulty when planning to buy the best short throw projector as so many options are available in the market. To assist you in making the right decision and selection, we have compiled a detailed guide that will lead you to get the best possible short-throw projector to enhance your gaming experience.

Benefits of Using Short Throw Projector

  • Easy to install: Installation and integration are usually affordable and flexible when using a short throw projector. They are designed in such a way that you can either mount the projection unit on a wall or install it onto the ceiling.
  • Great for small spaces: You can enjoy a home cinema experience in the smallest of space with short throw projectors. They are capable to eliminate the clutters such as people walking in front of the projection image, and focus on optimizing the overall watching experience during movies or presentations.
  • Advance technology: Nowadays, most of the projectors are equipped with advanced features in terms of picture quality, contrast ratio, and lamp life. With these features, you can drastically improve the way you conduct your presentations.
  • Better gaming experience: Previously, projectors were rarely used in gaming because they were too long in size and had fewer features. But the latest model of short-throw projectors come with a clear LCD or DLP technology with a variety of modes, such as gaming mode.

Buying Guide for the Perfect Short Throw Projector for Gaming

Once you've decided to buy a short throw projector, it's important to understand some of the important factors to get the best value for your money. 


One of the important factors that you need to look for the best short throw projector is brightness. It is measured in lumens that define the level of brightness a projector can produce or how bright the image will be on the projection screen. If your aim to use the projector is in a dark environment, the low lumens may be sufficient. However, if you plan to use it brightly-lit rooms, then you should not go for anything below 3000 lumens.

Throw Ratio

Throw ratio is defined as the distance of the projector from the screen divided by the width of the projected image. Smaller is the throw ratio, wider will be the screen image from a projector. A short throw projector has the throw ratio between 0.38 to 1. This means the projector can fill an 8-foot screen from the distance of 3.5 feet. Because of the small throw ratio, many people use these projectors for gaming as not much space is required to get a stunning large image.

Lighting Source

The lighting source is the most important part of projection technology. Therefore, it's necessary to understand the difference between the types of light sources before buying a projector. The DLP "digital light processing" projector uses a fancy light bulb or mirrors to project images that can burn out easily and need to be replaced. On the other hand, the LCD projector uses laser and LEDs to create an image on the screen. They are usually last long with little or no maintenance compared to DLP projectors.


Another important key factor while looking for a projector is the resolution. We recommend a high-resolution projector with at least a native resolution of 1280x768 which is good for projecting image with a 16:9 aspect ratio. If you have a good budget and want to run high-definition applications such as Blu-rays and gaming systems, then the projector with 1920x1080p resolution will be the best option for you.


Last but not least, connectivity is another important aspect you should look for. Today, most of the projectors available in the market have multiple connectivity ports such as USB, HDMI, DVI, and AV ports. Some projectors are also available with wireless connectivity such as WiFi and Bluetooth. These features eliminate the need for wires to connect your laptop or smartphones.

Final Words

When choosing a short throw projector, you'll need to know where you'll be using it and your budget accordingly. We hope this buying guide will help you to find a suitable projector for your needs. If you have any concerns about this article, let us know in the comment section below.

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