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Guide to Picking Lane in League of Legends

Guide to Picking Lane in League of Legends

When you start playing League of Legends, you will face many questions, such as which lane to pick, which champion to choose, and how to play. Let's start!

League of Legends has many heroes, and it takes a lot of time and energy to learn about all the high-level champions and play them.

You will rarely see players playing all the roles in a game. Usually, the players choose roles and stick to them, mastering several heroes at once. 

In case you don't want the hassle of playing through the basic and unranked matches, we've got your back. You can buy league accounts through secure payment methods. Here are some of the perks of buying LOL accounts!

Why specialize in roles?

There are excellent reasons for meticulously mastering a champion. There are not many explanations to disagree with this. There are 140 playable heroes available after the latest patch. 

The current meta includes 5 characters; top lane, mid lane, jungle, ADC, and support. Reaching the consistently high tier of 140 champions is nearly impossible.

It is very advantageous to play as multiple champions, particularly when climbing solo queues. A deeper understanding of the championships and their role will be available to you. 

If you keep changing characters, you'll never be an expert in one character, but if you stick with one, it means you can master it. Now let us take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of lane specialty.

The Pros

  • You're going to have the fullest understanding of the characters, know the ins and outs, and start developing your playing style.
  • Throughout the match, you'll be more consistent.  
  • Builds and skillsets are part of the game, meaning you can focus on learning the skills needed, orienting your map, and understanding when to push or wait in a lane.
  • You better understand the fundamentals. It will be much more accurate to realize when and how to push in and when to return, which indicates you will make fewer mistakes and enhance your squad's potential.

The Cons

  • Riot recommends that you learn to play each role, so you always know what to do on each lane.
  • While expertise is the right choice, don't make it a trick - you'll find you've reached a certain level where you need more knowledge of other characters to deal with them.

As a player, you can avoid the inconvenience by playing different roles from time to time. Pile up a few typical games, then dive into the discomfort zone. If you specialize in the jungle, shut Ahri in the middle. If you're carrying ads with you, please opt-out of support and lock up Teemo for the top lane.

Now that you are convinced, you will have to make some decisions. How to choose the lead role?

We'll analyze each character and point out each character's playstyle so that you can match the character to yourself.

Top Lane


  • For the most part, the top laners keep to themselves in the upper half of the map.
  • 1v1 battle, so you need to have an outstanding expertise of your champion.
  • There's a tendency to shift mostly from lane once the tower is moved.
  • Don't think about other lanes before the laning process unless the enemy is weak and you are dominating.

Is It for You?

  • You want to be a lone wolf.
  • Solo playing is just something you're passionate about.
  • You usually love playing tanky champions.

Mid Lane


  • 1v1 war but usually more active engagement than the top lane.
  • Roaming, also playing as a jungler, if necessary, during the laning process.
  • Builds primarily offensive artifacts to annihilate opponents.
  • Mainly based on accurate spell placements 

Is It for You?

  • Your preferred buff is the blue buff.
  • You're a skillful player, but you are aware of your drawbacks. Almost all of the eyes are on you.
  • You admire the snipers and the capacity to take one shot.
  • You can efficiently execute spell deployments and control resources when in the lane.
  • Becoming the main attraction, that's all you ever wished.



  • Continuous wandering around the map.
  • Stealing/Gankinglanes to take full advantage of your match.
  • Keeps track of individual goals and interacts only with the team.

Is It for You?

  • You have a solid understanding of game awareness.
  • You understand when the lane will require any help and when it won't.
  • You have a strong tolerance, and you're going to be criticized for many things, even though you're doing all the smart work.
  • You've strong-pacing expertise and reaction time for taking such shots.



  • Unfortunately, it doesn't earn much attention. Still, it works diligently on the lane and defends AD Carry at any risks.
  • Map vision controlling is comfortable for you. 
  • You buy useful items for the advantage of the entire squad.
  • Depending on the support champion, different play types can vary from tanky and low defense but severe damage.

Is It for You?

  • It's too challenging to play other roles. 
  • You don't mind giving up fame for undervalued help.
  • Your understanding is equal to nothing. Yet you enjoy helping the rest of the squad.

Attack Damage Carry/ ADC


  • Typically plays with the assistance that concedes a small probability of victory in the lane.
  • Long-ranged enormous damage with weak defense ensures that alignment is a requirement in terms of playing style.
  • Last hitting is a vital aspect.

Is It for You? 

  • You should remain composed during challenging experiences.
  • Last hitting and remembering the recent hit are fun and reasonably simple for you.
  • Placement and situational perception are all you can do.
  • Penta-kills are the key targets of your existence.

Tier List

N.B: Remember this tier list is made for patch 10.24, and only S-Tier champions are listed.

Top Lane

Champion - Win%

Shen - 54.7%

Camille - 51.7%

Maokai - 52.4%

Kayn - 52%

Galio - 52.5%

Kayle - 56.2%

Darius - 51.1%

Jayce - 50.3%

Poppy - 52.2%

Heimerdinger - 52.6%

Mid Lane

Champion - Win%

Janna - 53.6%

Leona - 53%

Bard - 52.4%

Thresh - 51.4%

Maokai - 52.8%

Galio - 52.9%

Lulu - 51%


Champion - Win%

Hecarim - 53.1%

Kha'Zix - 53%

Nunu & Willump - 56%

Kayn - 54.6%

Graves - 50.9%

Poppy - 53%


Champion - Win%

Janna - 53.6%

Leona - 53%

Bard - 52.4%

Thresh - 51.4%

Maokai - 52.8%

Galio - 52.9%

Lulu - 51%

ADC/Attack Damage Carry

Champion - Win%

Jhin - 54.1%

Samira - 52.5%

Kai'Sa - 50.4%

Vayne - 51.9%


The list is only a small-scale study of each character. The best way to do this is to get a little understanding of the playstyle. So, get into the game and pick a hero from among the characters you want. 

Play a few games, swap roles until at least a few games have been played, then decide which feel suits you the best. 

There are also other opportunities available on the web that can help you increase competitiveness in these positions.

Here is everything you need to know about LOL selling accounts.


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Ways To Save Energy While Gaming

Saving Electricity Costs While Gaming

If you’re an avid gamer, you know that playing video games can deplete the energy of video game consoles fast. Even when you’re not using them, certain features like connecting to the internet, wireless consoles and movement sensors can use up energy still. Nearly every household has some sort of a gaming set, because who doesn’t like to have fun and be entertained? Yet such forms of entertainment have become and will continue to require more energy in order to deliver the state-of-the-art technological features that these games possess. From the speed to the graphics, all of these take up a lot of energy and power.

However, this doesn’t mean you have to quit your gaming habit. You can save energy just by changing some habits so you don’t waste as much energy. If you would like to know how to become more energy-efficient, here are some tips for many types of gaming consoles you can refer to!

Need to save on your utility bill? Learn more about how your bill is calculated with the current electricity tariff.

Xbox One

Common gaming consoles like Playstation and Xbox One require around 300 kWh of energy, which is actually three times as much as gaming consoles of the past in a year. This costs you about $80 in your annual bill. Furthermore, Xbox One is functioned to turn on instantly. What this means is that it never actually gets turned off, but only switches to low-power. So your Xbox One is actually still consuming energy and power even when you’re not using it! In fact, 44% of all energy used by this device is from being on low-power mode so that it can be instantly switched on by voice commands.

However, there are ways to save more energy. To do so, you can switch your Xbox One to an ‘Energy Saving Mode’, which acts as if you are switching the device off. Or, you could also connect your Xbox One to a surge protector with a master switch of its own. This way you can switch that master switch off when you’re going to sleep or out of the house.

Gaming PC

Gaming PCs are another popular gaming system, but they are not as energy-efficient. A gaming computer can use around a whopping 1400 kWh per year, which equals to using three refrigerators!

One of the ways you can reduce this energy usage is to use lower resolutions for your games. However, if that affects your gaming, then you could consider changing your PC’s connectivity to an 80 Plus power supply or Dual-core processors. Dual-core processors are great because they use 20 watts less than an entry-level Quad-core, thereby helping you save energy.

Playstation 4

Ways To Save Energy While Gaming

As for Playstation 4, it uses 285 watts of energy every hour. Similarly, 40% of the total energy that it uses is from being on ‘Standby’ as it continues to connect to the Internet to download updates or to save your game. Having your game console run constantly can add that extra $10 to your bill. This amount increases if you charge your controllers in the meanwhile as well.

To save power, just switch your console itself off or from the in-game menu whenever you're not playing, and charge your wireless controllers using a USB charging port. Furthermore, you can also save more energy by using the ‘Power Save’ option in the settings. For you gaming streamers out there, switch to a laptop instead to stream your games so that you could reduce your energy bills by 75%.

Nintendo switch

The Nintendo Switch is the most energy-efficient out of all these gaming consoles. It has a max power draw of 18W when you’re playing, and this could be attributed to its small size. Although the Nintendo Switch also has a ‘Sleep Mode’ that continues to draw energy instead of being completely turned off, it only draws a small amount of energy of 0.1 watts.

As with all the other gaming consoles, it is wise to switch the gaming console off when you’re not playing instead of letting it draw energy on standby mode. Switch the power off completely on the console to become more energy-efficient and lower your energy bills. 

Here are other tips that could help with reducing energy no matter what gaming console you’re using.

  1. Use an energy-efficient monitor

Ways To Save Energy While Gaming

Choose a monitor that has a high energy rating. A standard-sized TV screen for gaming costs 16 to 30 cents per hour, while a larger one costs 43 to 76 cents. A smaller screen will cost around seven to 18 cents. Screens with a high energy rating like five stars include the LED LCD screen and OLED. They are considered the most efficient in terms of energy.

        2.  Keep track of your energy usage

By keeping track of where and how you use energy, you can point out which parts of your house use the most energy. Any appliance that is unnecessarily using a large amount of energy should be swapped out for a high-energy one. There are many great devices that can help you track your energy use. The JouleBud application, for instance, helps by giving you tips for sustainability you can apply to your house.

Lastly, you could contact electricians to help you keep your energy use low. If you are not sure how you could assess the energy usage in your house, it is best to hire a professional to do so. They can also give you personalized tips on how to become more energy efficient in your house.

Game Without Extra Electricity Costs

Gaming, while fun and entertaining, should not be done at the cost of high energy usage and higher bills. Making small changes and being more prudent can give you greater ease of mind even while you play. While the quality of gaming consoles in the market today continues to improve, you can enjoy them without wasting energy by turning them off whenever it isn’t used, and to play your games using a more energy-saving monitor. These small changes to your gaming practices are not only convenient and easy but low in cost as well.


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2020 Christmas Buying Guide

2020 Christmas Buying Guide

Here’s our 2020 Christmas buying guide! Below are our favorite gadgets and family appropriate titles we have played throughout the year. More reviews can be found on! Each game is given a gameplay score for the overall gaming experience and a moral score for how suitable it is for younger gamers. The Amazon and Humble Store links will benefit Christ Centered Gamer by giving us a small % of the sale.

Platform Title Game Score Moral Score Buy it!
PC, Xbox One Drake Hollow 86% 86% Microsoft Store
PC DriftForce 86% 98% Steam
PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One Evan’s Remains 92% 89% Steam
PC, PS4, Switch, Vita, Xbox One Ganbare! Super Strikers 85% 95% Nintendo eShop
Switch Kirby Fighters 2 86% 94% Nintendo eShop
PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One Monster Truck Championship 88% 94% Humble Store
PC Nova Drift 86% 93% Humble Store
Switch Sega Ages: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 86% 96% Nintendo eShop
PC Them's Fightin' Herds 88% 85% Humble Store
PC The Pedestrian 88% 97% Steam
PC, PS4, Switch Trials of Mana 86% 87% Humble Store
PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One TT Isle of Man - Ride On the Edge 2 90% 98% Humble Store
PC, PS4, Xbox One WRC 9 FIA World Rally Championship 94% 100% Humble Store
VR PowerBeatsVR 86% 92% Humble Store
Gaming Chair EWin Champion Series Ergonomic Computer Gaming Office Chair with Pillows N/A N/A
Game Controller JYSW Wireless Pro Switch Controller N/A N/A Amazon
Headset PDP LVL40 Wired Stereo Headset N/A N/A Amazon
Headset Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 Wireless Gaming Headset N/A N/A Amazon
Switch Carrying Case PDP Deluxe Travel Case for Switch N/A N/A Amazon
Wireless Earbuds T16 Wireless Waterproof Earbuds N/A N/A Amazon
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Different Perks you can enjoy when you buy league of legends accounts


Different Perks you can enjoy when you buy league of legends accounts

There are a lot of computer games that are out and enjoyed by many people. One of the most popular multiplayer online battle arena video game is the league of legends. It has been one of the in-demand and highly downloaded games as of today. A lot of people can vouch that it is fun and entertaining to play league of legends. If you still haven’t tried it yet, then you better download them now on your phone or even on your computer.

Just like any other online game, you need to make an account in the league of legends before you can play. But there is nothing to worry about since it is easy and you can immediately play them without a hassle. Although there are people who don’t like or don’t have much patience when it comes to starting up an online game since you need to follow a lot of instructions and guide for you to fully understand how to play the game. So if you are one of those people who are very familiar with the game, then you can simply choose to buy league of legends accounts immediately. Good thing this article will talk more about the different perks that you can enjoy when you buy a ready-made account in the league of legends. If you are interested and wanted to know more about it, then all you need to do is to read the rest of the article here.

You can instantly enjoy and play the game without any hassle of playing the tutorial part

Usually in the league of legends, before you can play and rank up with other players, you need to finish the tutorial games most especially if you are just a beginner and not very familiar with the game. But if you are already familiar with the game, you can just immediately scratch it off and directly play the rank game. This will save you time since you don’t have to go over the tutorial part. There are a lot of legit online websites that allow you to buy league of legends accounts so make sure you purchase from a legit store so that you don’t have to worry about getting caught by the system and have problems logging in. Elo boosting can be a great consideration in this regard.

You can simply enjoy other characters without having to waste another time leveling up

One of the reasons why some players wanted to buy league of legends accounts because not all beginner players are novices. There are some pro and seasoned players who just wanted to have a new account because they got bored on their original account and wanted to try another character or server. But since they know they have to begin again and undergo tutorial games, to save time they choose to buy an account instead.

You can switch other regions in the game

Another reason why people prefer to buy league of legends accounts is that they wanted to switch to other regions in the game. You cannot simply change your regions most especially if you have already invested a lot in your main account. So the next best option that you have is to purchase another lol account but this time without having to worry about the tutorials and ranking games.

You have a lot of options in the league of legends

If you wanted to be pro at every character that is found in the league of legends or simply you wanted to enjoy the entire game which means that you wanted to go over other characters, and regions then you need to have a lot of lol accounts. Good thing some people have established this kind of business that allows other gamers to enjoy other accounts in lol without having to worry about getting banned or kicked out by the system. Before purchasing a lol account, you need first to check and make sure that they have good quality and legit accounts in lol. And for you to know that, you need to read and do some extra research about them. Don’t just settle into something that you have seen because the tendency of that is that you will be prone to getting scammed or worst, getting banned, and kick out by the system in lol which you don’t want that to happen. Anyway, one way to know if you are in the right direction when it comes to purchasing league of legends accounts is to ask around some trusted friends and families if they know and recommend a website that sells lol accounts. This is one good and fastest way to know because at least you know someone that has already experience buying accounts from them and they can vouch to you that they are legit and someone that can be trusted. If you don’t have any friends to ask around, you can look them up online and ask around some other gamers if they can recommend a good one. Don’t forget to check out first the website and read through some comments and feedback about their services. Usually, this is what other people do when they go online shopping and they are not so sure about the products, they research them first and go over the feedback and comments section and see if the seller gains a lot of positive or negative comments. At least through this, you can already identify which sellers are legit and which one can deliver good and legit lol accounts.

Hope that this article helps you with your lol and use this as a guide to further know and understand some perks that you can enjoy if you are simply going to purchase lol accounts. Again, this will save you a lot of time and you can immediately enjoy the game without the hassle of going over the tutorial and basic game. Another tip to further enjoy the game is to check your internet connection to see if it is stable enough to enjoy the game without being disconnected.


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Loot Gaming October 2020 Boo! Crate

Loot Gaming October 2020 Boo! Crate

Thank you Loot Crate (affiliate link) for sending us a review sample!

Loot Crate is an interesting service that surprises you with random stuff delivered to your door for a monthly fee. There are many different themes available including gaming, anime, film/TV, and Pop Culture. Each of those themes are further broken down into sub categories for die-hard fans of particular games, movies, anime etc. They also have apparel only crates available. Those are broken down into subcategories including hats, tees, socks, underwear, wearables, etc.

We recently received and unboxed the October Boo! Crate and here’s what we found inside:

  • 2 Nuka Cherry Cola Air Fresheners
  • Wolfenstein Panzerhund Figure
  • Prey Mousepad
  • Nuka Quantum Socks
  • Boo! Pin
  • Dark Souls Valet Tray

All in all, it’s an interesting collection of items. I’m definitely going to wear the socks and they seem pretty high quality. They probably won’t match with much since I don’t have many clothes in teal or purple. I love the cherry cola smelling air fresheners, but they’ll probably annoy my husband so I’ll have to wait until we get into an argument before I deploy one of those. The Wolfenstein Panzerhund looks pretty nifty and I’ve added it to our shelf to collect dust with our other gaming knickknacks. The Prey Mousepad is pretty nice and great to go in a laptop bag while traveling. Since I haven’t played the game, I’m not familiar with the “Not a mimic” slogan on it. The Boo! Pin looks cool, but I doubt I’ll be wearing it anytime soon. The Dark Souls valet tray is pretty high quality leather. Until now I’ve never heard of a valet tray and found out that it’s just a “catch all” container.

Each crate is said to have at least $50 or more worth of items inside. I wouldn’t pay that much for the stuff I got, but the monthly cost of $28.95 is reasonable and I can definitely see the contents being worth that much. If you subscribe for three or six months, the cost is reduced by 9% and 11% respectively.

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Everything You Need To Know About League of Legends Accounts for Sale

 Everything You Need To Know About League of Legends Accounts for Sale


Many questions have been asked about league of legends accounts for sale. Fanatics have many unanswered questions. Some fanatics have visited League of Legends (LOL) forums in search of answers. In most cases, forums provide half-backed answers because some of the people posting answers are novices in the game.

Search engines can help a person to find answers but they also have limitations. It depends on whether there are websites with credible information in the first place. A search engine by itself cannot provide answers. It simply links to platforms that have answers.

Hopefully, this article will be able to answer some of the questions about how to buy league of legends account. Of late, there has been a lot of interest concerning buy lol account. Millions of fanatics all over the world are searching for legitimate lol accounts for sale. Lol boosting services have their own high demand around the globe.

Why Should I Buy Lol Smurf Account?

  1. Beginner

If you are a beginner in League of Legends, you have every reason to buy Lol Smurf account. This account will help you to develop your skills. It will make it possible for you to play at levels that you have not yet reached.

  • A Smurf account can serve as a training account. You don’t have to experiment with your main account. You can carry out all your experiments with the Smurf account and then apply all the skills that you have learned in your main account.
  • You can purchase a Smurf account that starts at level 30. As a beginner, to reach level 30 will take you a lot of patience and hard work.
  1. Challenge

With the Smurf account, you get the opportunity to experience the real fun of the game. You haven’t enjoyed LOL until you have played past level 30. Above this level, you will be able to interact with some of the most refined minds of the game. This will take your skillset to a whole new level.

A Smurf account will expose you to some of the most challenging aspects of the game. At the lower levels, there aren’t many challenges. As you climb the ladder, you will start seeing challenges.

A true gamer doesn’t like the easy levels. Instead, they want to encounter the hard levels so that they can conquer them and subsequently have a sense of pride. That is the essence of gaming.

  1. Experienced Player

If you are very experienced in the game and you want to play with some of your inexperienced friends, it is also advisable to do so using a Smurf account. You shouldn’t risk with your primary account if you want to teach your inexperienced colleagues some of the aspects of LOL.

Some fanatics opt for unranked Smurfs. They do so to display their expertise on how they can build an unranked account to become ranked. Someone might even decide to document the whole journey and post the video on YouTube. This will help in building credibility as a LOL expert.


Will I Get Banned for Using a Smurf Account?

Before you buy level 30 league account, you might want to know whether it is safe and legal to use a Smurf account. Rest assured, it is 100% legal. You won’t get into any problem with the authorities for doing so. You will not be infringing any copyrights or trademarks.

Your main account will also not get banned for using a Smurf account. In fact, Riot Games, the company behind League of Legends, even encourages beginners to use this kind of account to develop their skills.

  • The only thing that will get you banned is if you use rude and offensive language against other players. You should always be respectful to your colleagues. Never use language that might provoke racist, political, or religious feelings. Remember, that LOL brings together people from different parts of the world. It is played by people of different races, ethnicities, cultures, nationalities, and political leanings.


What is The Process of Buying League Accounts?

To buy league accounts, you need to visit a website that offers league accounts for sale. Once on the website, you will need to register. In most cases, the registration process is simple and straightforward. You simply need to supply your email and choose a username. You don’t need to use your real names. You will need to verify your account by clicking on a link sent to your email.

After you have an account with a company, you can choose a product of your liking such as unranked Smurfs or a level 30 league account. Each product will have a purchase price. To be able to enjoy a product, you need to pay the purchase price.

Payment can be made through a web-based payment gateway. Alternatively, you can pay directly using a credit card. There will be a checkout process that you will follow which will end in a payment being made. After the payment has been received, you will be at liberty to do whatever you please with the purchased product.


Which Is The Best Place To Buy League Accounts?

This is a popular search engine query. Most fanatics are searching for the best place to buy lol accounts. You need to find a platform that has a solid reputation. Such a platform will not scam you. Instead, it will offer value for money.

  • Obtain recommendations from family members and friends who purchased lol accounts for sale in the past. The advice of a trusted friend shouldn’t be taken for granted. Instead, it should be used as the basis of the decision making process.
  • Search for online reviews about the different vendors. A top vendor will have a 5-star rating and many positive reviews. A seller who delivered in the past is likely to deliver in the present.


The Bottom-Line

To be on the safe side, make sure to purchase from a seller who has a money-back guarantee. With such a seller, you will be fully refunded the purchase price if the account doesn’t meet what was advertised. Before making any transaction, ensure that the website is fully encrypted. A secure website will prevent the loss of personal financial information.

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What Are The Best Kind Of Gaming Monitors?


What Are The Best Kind Of Gaming Monitors?

Gaming is at its peak. With the announcement of PS5 and latest gen Xbox, gamers around the world are looking to grab the best gaming monitor for their gaming setup. For the best kind of gaming experience, no doubt, a gaming monitor plays a crucial role. You cannot connect just any monitor and expect the smooth gaming performance. 

Gaming Monitors are built to process heavy graphics and fast pace. Moreover, it also gives you a gaming ambience as they have some of the best designs with the elegant RGB lighting. The black friday and Holiday season is coming and you can definitely grab some of the great deals on gaming monitors and other gaming peripherals. 

If you are planning to update your gaming monitor, this brief comparison will definitely help you out. There are alot of gaming monitors in the market and it really confuses the ultimate customer. To make things easy for you, we have come with a brief comparison of different aspects of gaming monitors, so that you can make buying decisions easily.

  1. Flat Vs Curved Gaming Monitors: 

You must be aware of Curved monitors. Samsung was the first brand that launched Curved monitor for consumers. Ever since, there has been a debate if Flat screen is best or Curved screen. It all depends upon your preference. Both monitors have their own advantages and disadvantages. Curved gaming monitors indeed give you better viewing angles and give you vision just like the human eye sees the world. 

But a curved gaming monitor is not good if there are more than 2 players in the same room. If you are a programmer, gamer, post production editor, you can definitely go for Curved gaming monitor. Here you can check some curved gaming monitors If you don’t want an extra factor in your gaming desk setup, a flat screen is a pretty obvious choice. 

  1. 60hz Vs 240hz Gaming Monitor:

 This is another big decision you need to take before you finally pick a gaming monitor for you. If you are a PC gamer, you can definitely go for a 240hz gaming monitor. Check out 240hz gaming monitor You will enjoy gaming at 240FPS on PC while gaming consoles like PS4 Pro, Xbox One X do not support more than 60FPS. The upcoming PS5 and Xbox Series X supports 120hz refresh rate. For that, you can get 120hz refresh rate gaming monitor. 

So, before you pick a gaming monitor, check the compatibility of your gaming rig. If your gaming rig doesn't support a higher refresh rate, there is no meaning of getting a 240hz gaming monitor.

  1. 4K Vs Full HD Gaming Monitor:

You will find a lot of Full HD gaming monitors in the market which give you a decent picture quality. The only Good things with Full HD gaming monitors are, you can get a 24-inch or small sized gaming monitor for small space and Full HD gaming monitors are cheaper than 4K. 

But if you want insanely crispy and sharp gaming experience, 4K is what you need. But make sure you get at least a 27-inch 4K gaming Monitor. Small sized 4K gaming monitor is not a pleasant treat for the eyes. Also, do not buy a 27-inch Full HD monitor as it burst the pixels out and ruined the picture quality. For the value for money deal, you can also get a 2K QHD 1440p gaming monitor.

  1. IPS Vs TN/VA Panel: 

Panel of any display depicts the picture quality. IPS panel is considered as the best panel for any display. IPS panel gives bright, vivid colors with great contrast ratio. Moreover, it also gives you better viewing angles. TN and VA panels are also good panels for gaming but unfortunately, the colors are not as good as IPS panels. 

What Are The Best Kind Of Gaming Monitors?

So, if you are a video/photo editor or someone who wants great colors on their display, go for IPS Panel. Your first preference should always be IPS Panel. Other than IPS, TN Panel is good for gaming. TN Panels have better response time than IPS and VA Panel. Colors are okayish on TN Panel but better than VA. 


So these are some of the very basic things that you should consider before choosing a gaming monitor for you. There is no good or bad gaming monitor. It all depends on your preference and need. 

Before you pick a gaming monitor, always check the compatibility of your device. PS4 Pro doesn’t support 120hz/144hz or 240hz refresh rate, it only gives you output of 60FPS, so there is no point in getting a gaming monitor with a higher refresh rate for PS4 Pro. On the other hand, PS5 now supports 120FPS output.

Other than that, a gaming PC can go to 240FPS only if it is equipped with a powerful GPU and other hardware like RAM, Processor, proper cooling system. So, before you pick, check compatibility.

So now you have a basic idea of things you should be considering before you finally pick a gaming monitor for you. Sort these things out and grab the best gaming monitor in your budget.


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BlendJet 2

BlendJet 2

Thank you BlendJet for sending us a review unit!

BlendJet was originally founded in 2017 and invented “The Original Portable Blender” which was a popular holiday gift in 2019 with one being sold every five seconds! Since 2018, over one million units were sold in 195 countries. The BlendJet 2 has 33% more capacity that can hold 16 oz of liquid. The BPA free plastic canister has helpful oz and ml markings on it for precise measurements. Another improvement over the original BlendJet is that the battery size has been doubled to 4000mAh which should give you fifteen or more blends before needing a recharge. Charging is done via the included USB-C cable. One feature lacking on this version that the original had is a built in strainer.

Cleaning the BlendJet 2 is pretty easy by just adding some dish soap and water after use and pushing the blend button. The device is waterproof so it can handle being submerged if need be. The instructions state that it is not dishwasher safe. The booklet also advises against putting your hand in the blender (Duh!), running it while empty, adding 120 degree or hotter liquids, charging it while wet, letting kids use it unsupervised, or leaving food sitting in it for prolonged periods of time. The restriction that bummed me out the most was not blending carbonated liquids. That’s a shame since I like adding lemon-lime soda to my fruit smoothies. The website has a bunch of recipes if you’re looking to try something new.


The portable design is quite convenient and this will make my protein shakes less clumpy than in my sealable thermos. Though the BlendJet 2 has a twist lid, it does not fully seal. I learned that the hard way after blending some blackberries. When I added some water to shake up and pour out the remnants, some droplets landed on and stained my white socks. Gentle shaking is not an issue and may assist in the process at times. The six-point stainless steel blade can chop through ice and other food items in twenty seconds or less.

The asking price is $49.95 and there are sixteen colors to choose from. This blender is great for commuters and is easy to clean and use in the office. It’s small enough to fit in your car’s cup holder and the adjustable strap on the lid makes it easy to carry while riding a bike. If you’re looking for a personal blender, check out the BlendJet 2!

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Top 5 Best Solitaire Apps for Android Users

Hey,Android users! This is for you again. The best Solitaire card games for 2020 are finally here. Did you know that you can now play Solitaire on your android device forfree andfromthe comfort of your home? Do you know how great it is to play Solitaire online? If you didn’t, this post got you covered as we will be highlighting the 5 best Solitaire card games &applications for android users. If you are ready, let’s get started then!

  1. Solitaireby Solitaire Card Games Ltd.

Solitaire on android devices isperfect cloning of the traditional card game on Microsoft computers. Its gaming components borrow a lot from the basic Solitaire game with exciting graphics and other interesting features. Indeed, the developers have done an exceptional job ofimproving the quality of this game to give players maximum enjoyment. For instance, players can customize the background WebSite settings to feature different components including time, maximum points obtained per game, and the player statistics. All in all, this android game is excellent for all age groups in addition to being totally free.

2.250+ Solitaire Collection by Alexei Anoshenko

The 250+ Solitaire Collection is an amazing package that consists of popular Solitaire card gamesall over the world. This application features253Solitaire games that are neatly arranged in alphabetical order. For every category, the developer has provided a detailed description including both the illustrations and rules. Thus, the large collection providedthere offersendless fun whileenabling you to interactwith online players across the globe. What a cool way to unwind after a hard working day?

  1. Age of Solitaire by Sticky Hands Inc.

The Age of Solitaire is one of the most common card games for android users which features exceptional designand pleasant interface to deal with. Above all, this appis free and makes for one of the best selections when someone is looking for an electrifying card game that s/he can play on the go.

  1. Spider Solitaire2020 by GITeamStudio

Have you ever heard of this app before? Spider Solitaire 2020is regarded as one of the best mobile games for the realization of the actualgaming experience. With countless features and modern design, you can set the vertical and horizontal game display, the gaming background, and the mode toleft-handed&right-handed options. To give you an amazing experience, the game developers have now included the daily questswhich enable you to grab various trophies along the way.

  1. FreeCell Solitaire by Loop Games Inc.

FreeCell Solitaire is a thrillingandroid game that will blow your mindwith its amazing graphics and easy controls. It’s one of the best imitations of the classic Solitaire, featuring all the tools you may need for a fulfillinggaming experience. It is loaded with animated prompts to help newbies understand the gaming instructions easily and also comes fully packed with the autoplay mode and an unlimited number ofmoves. Finally, this app boasts a customizable design with a classic gaming background and card backs.

Bottom Line

Well, how to playSolitaireto ace the game? Isn’t winning solely based on luck? It turns out that there are plenty of reasons an individual should play Solitaire onlineusing various android apps at least once in their generationas it has nothing to do with killing boredom. Free Solitaire also helps you improve critical life strategies and skills. And who knows, maybe this post will help you win a game or two in the long run.

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Lucksgy Genuine Leather Bucket Tote Bag for Women

Thank you Lucksgy for sending us this purse to review!

I’ve been through many purses and most of them have been thirty dollars or less. Over time, the straps typically wear out or break. The material often tatters on the bottom too. My current purse is denim and has lasted a good while and it fits my essentials (wallet, checkbook, pens, medicine, floss, car keys, etc.). However, with a conceal and carry license in my near future, I need a purse that’s slightly bigger.

The Lucksgy Genuine Leather Bucket Tote Bag for Women comes in five colors. I chose the kaqi color, but there’s also black, brown, red, and gray. There are two straps available, one for over the shoulder and the other is adjustable and goes across the body. The tote bag has two open side pockets that would be ideal for holding a phone or small umbrella. The front and back pouches have magnetic snaps on them to keep them closed. There’s also a magnetic snap to close the main opening.

The inside of the tote bag is spacious, but there are no pockets. However, there is a removable zippered pouch that has two pockets on the sides with one of them being zippered. The main area of the pouch is spacious enough for the item I wish to conceal. The floor of the pouch is removable and you’ll want to have it in place if you wish for it to retain its shape.

The pouch could also work for holding your valuables that you can grab in a hurry without toting around a big purse. If you don’t plan on packing heat, you can use the pouch for your wallet, checkbook, car keys, and more.

Overall, this is a nice looking and sturdy purse that’s sixty dollars delivered.

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Mr. Lee’s Noodles

Thank you, Mr. Lee’s Noodles, for sending us these products to review!

As everyone in my family knows, I am a huge fan of ramen noodles of all types, especially the instant cups. So naturally, I was really excited to review the 8-pack of Mr. Lee’s Noodles sent to us. Four flavors of gluten-free instant rice noodle soups, some of which are vegan.

The flavors available include Tai Chi Chicken Rice Noodle Soup, Zen Garden Vegetable Rice Noodle Miso Soup, Coconut Chicken Curry Rice Noodle Soup, and Hong Kong Street-Style Beef Rice Noodle Soup. My favorite of these would probably have to be either the first one or the last one, but I enjoyed them all.

Mr. Lee's Noodles

Even though these flavors are notably different from one another, they all seem to revolve around 200-260 calories. In addition, they are all and gluten free; and the Zen Garden Vegetable Rice Noodle Miso Soup flavor is apparently vegan. I noticed that there were chunks of what looked to be chicken, but the taste and the inside of the cup said it was vegetable meat.

The inside of the cup has lots of messages, actually. You will notice as you eat the soup that the walls of the cup will not only have a recommended fill line, but it has notes written on them as well. These messages mostly talk about how they make the soups as good as they are (freeze-drying everything), and about their original flavors and recipes. There is also a description of each flavor to help the consumer decide what flavor they might like the most.

These soups are sold at Whole Foods as well as on the Mr. Lee’s Noodles website (the dietary requirements filter is very confusing, as the Hong Kong Street-Style Beef Rice Noodle Soup flavor is marked as vegetarian), and an 8-pack of any flavor or combination of flavors is $31.99, so about four bucks a cup, which is about what they sell for at Whole Foods.

Mr. Lee’s Noodles

Whether these are worth that much money is a different question. While I understand that a person with specific dietary needs does not have many other options, I am not sure if it is worth it for everyone, because while they may taste decent and have original flavors, but it is not quite in everyone’s budget.

Ignoring the price, though, these soups are not bad. A couple of the flavors left my mouth tingling a bit with their spice, as most of these selections are far from bland. They are hard to stir really well, so the bottom of the cup often ends up being uncomfortably salty, as much of the flavoring powders and spices sit in the bottom crevice throughout the meal, and I found that quite annoying.

The hotter the water is, the softer the rice noodles become. That is one thing I noticed when I tried each flavor. When they are soft, I found that they were quite delicious, and I liked them a lot. I also noticed that they are super slippery, therefore making them difficult to collect on the spoon. Another thing is that the meat chunks in the soups are actually quite sizeable, as well as the vegetable pieces. The rice noodles truly complimented every flavor I tried, and I certainly wasn’t gypped on the delicious meats the soups had to offer. In general, I found that Mr. Lee’s Noodles Instant ramen soups were very yummy, and I enjoyed all of the flavors available.

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7 Health Tips for Avid Computer Users

7 Health Tips for Avid Computer Users

Thanks to modern technology, people can now perform most tasks at the click of a button. It has also caused people to spend more time behind their screens, whether they are working, playing video games, or even chatting with their friends and family. Almost everything can be done using a computer, but something’s got to give at some point. So what does that mean eventually to end users? 

Studies have shown that using a computer or any other screen device continuously can take its toll on you in the long run. You may start to identify symptoms such as low vision (and its related issues), poor posture leading to neck and back pain, addiction issues stemming from playing video games and social media, weight gain, and disturbances in your sleep pattern. Americans spend 6.31 hours daily behind a computer screen. Even more alarming is that it is nine minutes shy of the global average, putting them at high risk. Fortunately, you can reverse these symptoms or prevent them from developing altogether. Here are some of the changes you need to start making.


  • Take the time to set up your computer


Sometimes you might find yourself squinting and peering closer to your computer screen because of how it has been assembled. To avoid this, you should ensure that your computing device is correctly angled at a position where you do not have to strain, before using your computing device. You should also keep your monitor about 20 inches away from you and can also ensure that you adjust your screen’s lighting, color, and the type of font you use. A swivel arm for your monitor will help you swing it away when you are taking a break from using it. 


  • Try using a standing desk


Standing desks are just desks designed to help you work while standing. They are becoming a popular furniture piece in offices as they have been linked to improving your posture and health. Continuously sitting behind a desk can place your body under a lot of strain that can hurt you. Studies on standing desks show that people who use them tend to be more productive in the office than those who work sitting down. There are many standing desks available. Some can even be attached to your main desk so that you can change your position at different times. 


  • Get up and exercise


Continuous sitting contributes to several health issues because it does not require a lot of movement. It is up to you to find a solution and one way to do that is to set little breaks designed to help you walk around and rejuvenate your body. If you are in the office, get up and walk around the hallways. You can perform some little exercises at your desk as well. If you are working from home and can be more flexible, take a short walk, or perform some other tasks to keep you busy. If you are a video gamer, set your alarm to alert you to take breaks while playing.  


  • Rest your eyes at different intervals


 Maybe your work requires that you sit behind a screen all day long, or perhaps it is just the quickest way to get things done. Whatever your reasons may be for always being on your computer, you should ensure that you rest your eyes from the harsh screen glare. Even if you have dimmed your screen’s light, you are still putting a lot of strain on your eyes, and that might lead to even more severe vision problems eventually. Every hour or so, let your eyes rest from the screen. Step away from your desk and practice some eye exercises. Alternatively, you can also purchase eyewear with fitted lenses designed to reduce the amount of light that enters your eyes to help you see better. 


  • Reduce the use of screen devices at night


The blue light emanating from screens can affect your sleep patterns by delaying or confusing your body’s internal clock. Consequently, low sleep quality can lead to chronic heart disease, diabetes, and even depression. You can help customize your screen’s settings or install an app that can reduce the amount of blue light on your screen. Thankfully, newer devices allow you to use warmer, less harsh tones at night. You can set the duration for as many hours as you would like. 


  • Drink water and eat healthy snacks


Properly hydrating yourself is one of the vital things to do while sitting behind a screen. Water powers your cells, giving you the energy to carry on through the day. Even better, it lubricates your eyes and joints and keeps you refreshed. If your desk is too far from your refrigerator or water cooler, you can fill up your bottles and place them at your desk. However, it would be best to remember that getting up to drink water also helps you move around. Additionally, you can stock up on healthy snacks while you sit behind your desk. Sitting for extended periods means that your body is most likely not burning calories at optimum. Therefore, it would not be best for you to eat junk while sitting all day. That will quickly lead to weight issues. 


  • Keep your sitting environment clean


When you sit at your desk, you will always transfer dirt and bacteria to virtually all surfaces you touch. With time, this bacteria can blow up, and soon your work or gaming area can be filled with microbes that could affect your health. It would be best if you always tried to keep your desk and computer area clean and tidy. Clean your keyboard and your screens with a sanitized wipe. Additionally, you can also wash your hands regularly or use a hand sanitizer if you are not able to wash your hands. 

It would help if you always remembered prioritizing your health, especially when it comes to performing what are considered as everyday tasks. People do not usually realize the effects of screen time until it is too late. Fortunately, now that you know, you can reduce these effects. Make those little lifestyle changes and see a boost in your health and productivity.  

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CHERYLON Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

CHERYLON Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

High Power 150W motor
Works on wet or dry dirt
14.7 foot cord
Connects to 12V in-car DC outlet
Includes bag and five attachments
Spare filter included
MSRP: $29.99
(Amazon Affiliate Link)

Strong Points: Decent suction; included bag is handy; good selection of included attachments; very nice cord length; spare filter
Weak Points: Can always use an even stronger suction; can only be used in a car; it’s sometimes hard to tell how to fit the accessories together

Thank you CHERYLON for sending us this product to review!

We recently decided that on our next road trip, we were going to bring our new puppy. Knowing how much of a mess our kids make by themselves, with a puppy, I could tell that our van was going to experience a whole new level of mess; hence the need for this vacuum.

When unboxing this item, I was pleased to see that it came in a decently functional case – not one of those that are so tight you can’t get the stuff back inside, but a usable one. It’s made of a canvas material that gets the job done. The vacuum is made out of cheap-feeling but perfectly functional plastic.

The included accessories work fine, and include an extension tube, a flexible long tube, a brush, and a slot tool. Slotting them together is kind of unintuitive, as the thin end slots into the vacuum. After I figured that out, I was able to use what I needed.

Once I plugged it in, I found that the 14 foot cable is long enough for what I need it for, and the suction is good enough. It’s nowhere near as powerful as my home vacuum, but given the price and portability, it’s more than powerful enough. It wasn’t able to dig out the most stubborn embedded dirt, but anything on the surface came off pretty easily. If you’re looking for an affordable car vacuum that has the basics covered, you can’t go wrong with the CHERYLON. And how many times can I say that this vacuum literally has my wife’s name on it?

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Your CV Can’t Be Complete Without Any Microsoft Certification (Admin, Developer, Consultant and Others)

Microsoft is theworld’s leading company that provides customer-relation management (MCSE) services. Moreover, it has its own certification program that measures the professionals’ skills to work with the self-titled MCSE platform.If you are interested in managerial or administrative positions, you should consider going for anyMicrosoft certificate. Nowadays,Microsoft is ExamCollection one of the most popular MCSE platforms that is being adopted by many companies all over the globe, and being able to work with it increases your chances of getting an exciting job. Here we a going to give you a brief overview of the credentials provided by this vendor and their peculiarities.

Microsoft Certification Paths

The first thing you need to understand about the Microsoft certification program is that it has several categories depending on the role one is going to pursue. These includethe MCSE, Consultant Developer, ExamSnap Files >>>>>> credentials, etc. Each of these paths incorporates a wide range of certificates for the narrow specialists. Below you will see a short description of all these categories and who they are intended for.

MCSE: The MicrosoftMCSE credentials are designed for those who are able to determine the requirements, customize the platform, and allow the users to take all the advantages of Microsoft. This certification path includes the following badges:MCSE, Advanced MCSE, CPQ Specialist, Marketing Cloud MCSE, AZ-304 Microsoft Azure Architect Design Practice Test Questions and Platform App Builder.

Architect: The Microsoft Architect certificatesincorporate the certifications that validate advanced knowledge and skills required to work with the Microsoft platform. These are Application Architect, B2C Commerce Architect, Heroku Architecture Designer, System Architect, and Technical Architect.

Developer: The Microsoft Developer certifications are intended for the specialists who have expertise to extend and customize applications on the Lightning platform. There are 6 credentials within this path: B2C Commerce Kinsley Z Developer, JavaScript Developer I, Marketing Cloud Developer, Platform App Builder, Platform Developer I, and Platform Developer II.

Marketer: The Microsoft Marketerbadgesare designed for the experts with experience in managing successful marketing campaigns to achieve high customer satisfaction. The path comes with the following certificates:Marketing Cloud Email Specialist, Marketing Cloud MCSE, Marketing Cloud Developer, AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies Exam Dumps  Marketing Cloud Consultant, Pardot Consultant, and Pardot Specialist.

Consultant: The MicrosoftConsultant certification trackcontains the biggest number of credentials: Community Cloud Consultant, Education Cloud Consultant, Einstein Analytics and Discovery Consultant, Field Service Lightning Consultant, Marketing Cloud Consultant, Nonprofit Cloud Consultant, Pardot Limited OFF 77% >>> Consultant, Sales Cloud Consultant, Service Cloud Consultant.

To earn any of the certificates mentioned above, one needs to pass one specific exam. Some certifications serve as prerequisites for the credentials of the upper level. Visit Trailhead (the official learning platform) sponsored by Microsoft to find out more about each badge and the requirements for being certified.


These were some of the main things that you need to know about variousMicrosoft certifications. Each of these credentialsis designed for a specific group of individuals and that is why you should be careful when you decide on what certificate to go for. Also, bear in mind that the Microsoft exams are not easy to crack without proper preparation. Use reliable study materials to get ready for your test. You can benefit from the training tools offered by the Trailhead platform or search for exam dumps and practice tests available on the Internet.

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What's going on in Esports this week?

What's going on in Esports this week?

VALORANT, RiotGames’ latest release, will be hosted in a three-day event this weekend September 11th-13th. This Ignition series tournament will be hosted by Danish organiser BLAST, on RiotGames and BLAST partner up to pit four teams against each other for a prize of €50,000($58,890.) The teams: Ninjas in Pyjamas, Team Liquid, G2 Esports and FunPlus Phoenix will face-off in a best-of-three bracket leading into a traditional best-of-five finale. The series will only be available on Twitch so make sure you log in on Friday, Sept 11th to check it out!

BLAST Director of Product and Experience, Nicolas Estrup, stated that “VALORANT has enjoyed record-breaking success since its launch...” He believes that BLAST will be able to lead the way in tournament production with their “ approach.” The company has almost exclusively hosted CS:GO events in the past, you could bet on CS:GO if you fancied a flutter, with an expansion into Dota 2 earlier this year, so it only makes sense that they would be behind a similar title like VALORANT. It will be interesting to see how the team at BLASTapproaches the game that has the bones of CS:GO and the polish and innovation of Overwatch.

Cloud9’s CS:GO division gets a new member as Henry “HenryG” Greer announces his retirement as a six-year CS:GO caster and steps into the role of general manager. Alongside him, Aleksandar “kassad” Trifunovic, former coach of 100 Thieves and new coach for C9, plans to re-tool and develop the new roster. During an interview with Dexerto, Greer stated he was ambitious in his vision for the team and said: “The Cloud9 Brand speaks for itself, it is one of the absolute cornerstones of the esports landscape.”

Cloud9 was founded in 2013 and has since grown to become one of the most notable esports organizations on the planet. They offer professional teams in League of Legends, CS:GO, and Hearthstone, amongst many other titles. The company is no stranger to success, boasting a myriad of honours, achievements and tournament wins over the years.

We look forward to the coming months of Cloud9’s CS:GO dynasty as it ebbs and flows to the new caretakers “HenryG” and “Kassad.”

Will players start drinking Bud Light during games? Parent company Budweiser has applied for the trademark “official beer of esports.” While the majority of professional esports players are above 21 years of age, the average viewer is 28.  It’s not surprising then to see a massively successful sponsor like Budweiser advocate for its spot in the industry, though why not sooner is a mystery.

It’s no doubt that esports is on the rise everywhere in the world, especially during the global pandemic. With most traditional sports cancelled (except baseball and basketball), remote schooling and more work-from-home scenarios than ever before, esports are feeding off the increase in gaming traffic and viewership. This gives companies like Budweiser opportunities to branch into new markets and influences the professional world of gaming. They are not the first to arrive and will definitely not be the last to stay.

Bud Light, a subsidiary of Budweiser, is one of the largest advertisers of the esports industry; sponsoring powerhouse titles such as NBA 2K and League of Legends. This September the company has launched its first championship, Battle of the Best on its Twitch channel. They are looking to the future with ambitions to sign talent and increase their view count on Twitch. According to GlobalData, the industry is predicted to reach a worth of $300 billion by 2025, a number that triples the 2019 film industry. I wonder if there will be more films about pro-gaming or if AAA studios will also sponsor esports players and teams…

Now more than ever companies and athletes are investing in the world of esports. Known investors include Mark Cuban, Rick Fox, Tony Robbins and Post Malone. The possibilities are endless. There could be a cross between traditional and esport merchandise and branding. The entire world of sports is upside down right now, spinning and mixing together. I’m sure what will come as a result of this will be an expansion of all sides of the industry.



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High Score S1E6 Level Up

High Score Level Up

Thank you Netflix for supplying us with complimentary access to review this series!

Level Up is the season finale that clocks in at thirty-seven minutes long. The main focus on this episode is DOOM and the impact it had with PC and online gaming. John Romero is interviewed and explains how he worked with John Carmack at Gamer’s Edge back in 1989. They soon joined forces and formed id Software in 1991. During that time, Nintendo was dominating the gaming market and the PC couldn’t match the graphical performance.

That is until John Carmack figured out how to master side scrolling and used John’s Romero’s Dangerous Dave character and inserted him into a Super Mario 3 like world and called the game “Dangerous Dave in Copyright Infringement”. They further revolutionized PC gaming with their 1992 first-person shooter hit, Wolfenstein 3D. This game was revolutionary in terms of graphics and gameplay. Their next goal was to implement online networking which they promised to deliver in their 1993 game, Doom. When this game launched on December 9th, the servers hosting the shareware (remember that?) file were crashing from being overloaded.

The PC gaming market wasn’t the only one getting a 3D overhaul. Dylan Cuthbert is featured in this episode and he figured out how to implement 3D graphics on a Gameboy. Instead of suing him, Nintendo flew him and his partner, Giles Goddard, to Japan to learn more. Together, they worked on the Super FX chips used in SNES cartridges to implement 3D graphics. Innovations like this made Star Fox a successful reality.

Although this episode is fascinating, it has some moral issues worth noting. There is some language (kick *ss) and blaspheming. An extended middle finger is shown along with a pentagram. If you don’t mind those rough spots, there’s a lot of nostalgia and information here.

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High Score S1E5 Fight!

Thank you Netflix for supplying us with complimentary access to review this series!

Street Fighter was originally released in 1987 and the game was revolutionary in allowing two players to battle each other in real time. Other than that aspect, the game was pretty bare bones with only two playable characters. The sequel, which was released in 1991, upped the ante quite a bit by offering eight characters with one of them being female. It’s nice that they took female gamers into consideration by giving them a formidable fighting character.

Akira Yasuda, the artist behind most of the characters in Street Fighter II is interviewed along with Akira Nishitani, the game’s developer. It’s neat seeing the game’s inspiration being taken from various sights around the world and even from Japanese bathhouses.

Street Fighter did quite well in the arcades and it was only a matter a time before other companies like Midway offered some competition. John Tobias is also featured in this documentary and explains how he was heavily influenced by classic Kung-Fu movies like Bruce Lee’s Enter the Dragon. The fighters and their moves in Mortal Kombat definitely show their roots. This game also shows a lot of blood and gore, especially in the finishing moves. Games like Mortal Kombat Night Trap caused an uproar in the US government and brought about the formation of the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), which is responsible for rating many popular console games today.

I was surprised that this documentary didn’t mention the SNES’s censoring of Mortal Kombat with green blood in Japan and sweat in the Western release. However, it does delve into the 1993 Street Fighter 2 world champion competition and interviews the winner, Takaharu Nakone. All in all, this is a fascinating episode and I highly recommend it for anyone who enjoys fighting games.

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High Score S1E4: This Is War

High Score S1E4: This Is War

Thank you Netflix for supplying us with complimentary access to review this series!

In 2015 I read, enjoyed, and reviewed the book Console Wars by Blake J. Harris. This book talks about how Sega recruited Tom Kalinske to become the CEO of Sega of America. At the time, Sega had superior hardware, but Nintendo had the majority of the market share. This episode recaps this book quite nicely and goes over Tom’s five pronged attack in an attempt to de-throne Nintendo.

The first step was to lower the price to $149 to make the Sega Genesis more competitive, and the next step was to defeat Mario. Sega needed a loveable mascot and it’s neat how this episode introduces Sonic’s designer Hirokazu Yasuhara. The Sonic series took off and attracted gamers around the world for a competition in 1994. Chris Tang, the world champion in Sega’s Rock the Rock contest is featured in this episode.

The third part of Tom Kalinske’s plan was to add more sports. Sega and EA worked together to bring John Madden’s football game to the console and it did really well. Because of the system’s limitations all of the players had the same (light) skin color. Gordan Bellamy, who is openly gay, is featured and takes credit for making the default skin color darker in the 1995 edition of Madden Football.

Nintendo was viewed as a system suitable for younger kids. Under Tom’s direction, Sega aimed for a slightly older audience with edgier and more violent video games. If an older sibling was playing cooler games, Sega knew that the younger children would want to play them too. The final part of Tom Kalinske’s plan was to make fun of Nintendo in their ads. Sega has some memorable marketing with the way the word Sega was shouted in their commercials and the Sega sound the console made when the console loaded is etched into the minds of many gamers. Sega’s commercials took some playful jabs at Nintendo’s console with their “Nintendon’t” ads.

Overall, this episode is an interesting look at the epic war between Sega and Nintendo as described in the Console Wars book. It even includes a bit of racial diversity with Madden Football. Unfortunately, it does hit on the LGBTQ themes a little too hard just like the previous episodes did.

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Best video games to play with friends

With so many games available online, it is so good to spend a nice evening in a company of your friends having fun and playing together.

Today not only teenagers but also many adults spend lots of time at their PCs playing video games. It has become a part of our daily routine because games help us to relax and have a good time with our friends and family. It is especially true for college students who always experience a lot of stress coming from numerous assignments and activities they need to handle unless they delegate some tasks to professional academic writers and services. Indeed, it is sometimes easier to order essay paper to buy yourself a few hours for more pleasant activities. Even though some young people prefer to play online games while sitting alone in their room, there are still interesting options you can share with company.

Top game recommendations to play with company 

How many times have you found yourself puzzled with the question Who can help me with my science homework? or Whom can I pay someone to do my homework?. College is always a lot of stress, and playing some video games after classes is just essential to relax and not burn out too soon. While online games connect us with people at a distance, there are many of them you can play in a company of friends sitting in one room and drinking a few beers. Interactive game nights are always fun and distract you from thinking about Who can write an essay for me? I need it for tomorrow,» concentrating on the process instead. If you plan to hang out with your friends soon, consider such options as:

  1. Animal Crossing

If you love Nintendo, this game is for you. Here you can create a home and character, interact with cute animals, and engage in different activities from fishing to planting. It has no beginning or end which makes it perfect for playing in a company;

  1. Sims 4

We all love Sims, but playing with someone becomes even more entertaining. Now due to recent tech advancements and updates, you can play this game online with another person by downloading multiplayer mode. Hang out with your friends in a virtual world;

  1. Alias

This game doesn`t require any device use (maybe your smartphone if you don`t have printed cards). Your goal is to guess as many words as you can to make your team win another team (usually at least four people are involved). We bet you will have a lot of fun as well as develop your memory, improve knowledge of different things and communication skills;

  1. Quiplash

In this game, every one of your friends can be involved (even if there is a big company). You may play it on your PC, Max, or use Linux, and your main goal is to try coming up with the most unusual answer to the set question. Everyone votes for a person who wins, and then the record is stated. The game is convenient to share both with your neighbors and people located far away;

  1. Game Fly

With a gaming console, you can try your hand at Game Fly. It means that you can do test-drives of several games with a company for free and pay for those you will play further. More recent games give you an opportunity to play with someone else while you can still enjoy playing Super Mario using Zoom just like in school;

  1. Psych

You can download this game to your smartphone and use video calls to play with other people (unless you are sitting right next to them on a couch). Provide answers to tricky questions and let other players guess the right one. You can also create unique questions about your close friends which makes it more personal and interesting;

  1. Pubg

One of the recent options that involve a company with unlimited members is Pubg. You can cooperate as a team online and go through all challenges together, covering each other`s back. It is so much fun that you should definitely try it; you just need your smartphone and a certain time set up for a game together.


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High Score S1E3 Role Players

High Score S1E3 Role Players

Thank you Netflix for supplying us with complimentary access to review this series!

Computer gaming began in the 70s with text-based role-playing games. There were no visuals and the user had to type in simple responses to play those games. Roberta Williams is interviewed in this episode and she was hooked on a text-based game called Colossal Cave Adventures that came out in 1976. The first computer game with graphics was her first foray into game design, Mystery House, which released in 1980. Roberta and her husband, Ken, founded Sierra Entertainment which produced many classic game series including Kings Quest, Police Quest, and Leisure Suit Larry. Sierra also published the first Half-Life game in 1998.

Richard Garriott is also featured in this episode and he’s known for creating the popular Ultima games that are heavily inspired by Dungeons and Dragons. Until watching this series, I had no idea that he became an astronaut in 2008. Because of the success of the Ultima games, computer gaming took off and Richard Garriott was able to self-fund his flight to the international space station.

As role-playing games increased in popularity, a company called SquareSoft started their Final Fantasy series in 1987. Yoshitaka Amano is interviewed and it’s fascinating to see how his intricate art was pixelated and simplified for the hardware limitations of that time period. His artwork is unaltered on the game boxes and in the manuals.

This episode ends with an interview of Ryan Best, a gay Aids activist who made a parody RPG called GayBlade in 1992. The final boss of the game is Pat Buchanan who is known for being a conservative commentator and politician. Sadly, during a move his original code and all the copies of his game were lost. With the help of the Internet several years later, someone who owned a copy of the game reached out to him. Though I’m not a fan of the theme, I’m glad Ryan was able to get a copy of his game back. Becky (formerly William) Heineman also appears in this episode as she’s done a lot of game development.

Up until the LGBTQ stuff, I enjoyed this episode. I look forward to the next one which will be talking about Sega and their mascot, Sonic. Hopefully it will be focused more on gaming than LGTBQ agendas.

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