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Between Earth and Sky (Music from "Chrono Trigger")

Between Earth and Sky (Music from "Chrono Trigger")
By Julia Henderson
Published by: Materia Collective
Julia Henderson: Producer, Arranger, Lyricist, Vocals, Mix Engineer
Alejandro Hernández: Mastering Engineer
Lorenzo de Sequera: Album Art

Thank you Materia Collective for sending us this album on MP3 to review!

Chrono Trigger is one of those rare games that actually deserves all of the unbridled praise that it gets. It was also a capstone on the total domination by the 1990s Squaresoft during the Super Nintendo era of RPGs, and is an absolute classic still worth playing today. One of the many ways in which Chrono Trigger excelled was in its music.

It's funny; during this era, Nobuo Uematsu was king of the Final Fantasy music empire, and while he did contribute to Chrono Trigger's soundtrack, the majority of the truly memorable tracks came not from him, but from Yasunori Mitsuda's excellent compositions. It is from these that Julia Henderson takes her inspiration in the development of this album.

It is only six tracks, and just over twenty-three and a half minutes long. Thankfully, the price is quite reasonable at only $5 on Bandcamp; at that price, it's well worth it.

Memories of Green is music you hear early in the game and is a perfect song for the first track. It's the overworld song from 1000 A.D., which is where you start. It's also mellow and has a mysterious mood. Julia does a great job on the synthesizer and flute, but her voice, where she adds vocals to an otherwise instrumental piece, is remarkably good. Her voice is hauntingly beautiful, in an appropriate way. The other artists who join in, on the violin and clarinet, all come together to make a beautiful piece.

The next track is Battle with Magus, which has always been my favorite track in the game. The titular character is also one of my favorites. This one starts off slow and quickly ramps up into the heaviest song on this collection (and rightfully so). It's a lot of fun, and has no words but plenty of vocals to act as instruments in their own right. It is an excellent homage to an excellent song.

Corridors of Time is once again more mellow, with piano, and Julia's beautiful voice once again anchoring the song. It goes into a bit more later in the song, adding bass and guitar. It does a good job keeping the tone of the original in this arrangement.

After this is Schala's Theme, which is a critical song that sets the tone for a very important part of the game. Here, Julia once again sings along, this time with an oboe and violin. It's another beautiful song, and I enjoy it quite a bit.

Wings That Cross Time is the second-to-last song on this album, and probably the most thematically unique. Rather than being orchestral like most of the other tracks, it's played in a smooth jazz arrangement. It makes sense, as the song is much more melancholy in-game as well. Julia sings quite a bit, but with few actual words, instead relying on phonetic sounds that fit the moment of the song. I like it, but it probably departs from the source material the most of the songs in this album.

The final track, World Revolution, is frankly a must-include song in any Chrono Trigger sampler, and this most certainly does not disappoint. It is the final boss music and a glorious rendition at that. It is complete with heavy synthesizers, vocals, and a solid horn section to bring it home. And a flute is called upon when needed also. This song sticks quite closely to the source material for the first half, then lets you down gently as the song wraps up.

This short album does an excellent job of picking up arguably the six most important songs in all of Chrono Trigger and giving them the most lovingly inspired arrangements I could have imagined. I normally am not a fan of vocal arrangements in general, as I mostly prefer instrumental music, but they did as good of a job as anyone could have with these six songs. The production quality is also excellent; despite them being MP3s, I found the sound to be quite good. I imagine the FLACs available at Bandcamp would sound even better. I also love how each song flows, one into the next - while they can be enjoyed in a shuffle fashion, I would strongly discourage that; this is a short album, and should be listened to in one sitting, consecutively. And when you do, your love for one of the best games of all time may come rushing back to you.

Bravo, Julia Henderson. Bravo. If you love Chrono Trigger as I do, do yourself a favor and check out this fantastic album here.

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Can Undertaking Video Game Translation as You Play Add to the Gaming Experience?

Perfecting your translation and language skills needn't be a bore. With the right approach, it can even be fun! Video games offer a terrific opportunity to hone your proficiency in another tongue while taking part in some healthy competition. Additionally, there are so many genres to choose from and devices to use for gaming that nearly anyone can find something to capture their interest. When you find something that you enjoy, playing it in order to practise your second language will hardly seem like learning at all.

What Are the Advantages of Video Game Translation?

Aside from the obvious reason that improving your video game translation prowess will give you a competitive edge, there is another reason to take part in this enriching experience.

Both the gaming and translation industries are growing by leaps and bounds. The market for video games is expected to be worth around 90 billion dollars by 2020. Further, annual spending on professional translation services is expected to reach over 56 billion dollars by 2021. If you have ever considered a career in mobile and video game translation or even app translation, there has never been a better time than now.

Understanding Video Game Localization

Gaming provides an atmosphere of learning that is dynamic. When you are playing, you become immersed in what you are seeing and hearing. This hyperawareness of your surroundings within a game can help you learn localization skills quickly.

Games that are based in other cultures, for example, will incorporate regional landmarks, symbols, street signs, and other visual details that might typically be overlooked. Localization services work hard to make these as realistic as possible. These seemingly small inclusions taking place in the background offer an excellent opportunity to perfect your localization skills by taking note of them.

Additionally, many app localization professionals and game developers have created different versions of popular games to reach across global boundaries. Spotting these features can be a game in itself. Are you eagle-eyed enough to pick up on any differences between two different versions of the same game? This is particularly fun for unearthing the use of colloquialisms in different languages.

Gaming Is Motivating to Language Learners

Some people value competition more than others, but for some reason, nearly everyone enjoys the sense of satisfaction that moving up to the next level brings. This dopamine rush that seems to be a universal experience among gamers is one of the best learning tools at your disposable.

When you become involved in a game you are really interested in, you naturally want to understand what is happening so you can progress. This determination can potentially drive language learning faster than any other method. It's like being dropped off in a foreign country with nobody who speaks your language.

To survive, you need to develop skills and understanding quickly by learning some basic words and symbols. It is likely that you will instinctively gravitate to someone you can communicate with (even on the most rudimentary level) who will help you understand things better. This brings us to another essential part of the gaming experience: communication.

Basic Communication Will Make You a Better Translator

Communication is the fastest way to improve your translation skills in gaming and nowhere is this more obvious than in massive multiplayer online role-playing games (MMO's). These games are dependent on communication with other players from all over the world.

What's more, players are so involved in trying to beat specific parameters that learning takes place super-fast. Communication happens in real time, so there are not a lot of opportunities to stop and think about what you want to say and how you should say it. Also, because of its anonymous nature, interacting in the virtual world removes a layer of self-consciousness in even the shyest and most introverted people.

Making mistakes in the chat box is no big deal, and the sense of camaraderie that develops among players is one of the most critical aspects of this type of gaming. The negotiations that take place offer a kind of shared experience that is unique to gaming. Not only does this make you a better gamer, but it helps you to meet people who will help you be a better translator. Your language skills will stay fresh, and you will probably learn a lot of the jargon and slang of your second tongue in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take.

Gaming and Language-learning: Conclusion

Gaming is one of the most efficient and enjoyable ways of immersing yourself in a new language. It offers the ability to fast-track your learning while giving you a broad overview of the nuances of a different culture.

If you intend to make translation a career choice, the opportunities available in app strip translation, app description translation, and mobile and video game translation are abundant. The entire virtual world is at your fingertips.


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Top 10 educational games in 2019


The gaming industry is often dealing with concerns about the influence and overall value of the content that it delivers to the users, particularly the younger generation. Violence, sexual and otherwise less appropriate characters, and game concepts represent the mainstream of the gaming market, which forces many people to question the actual value of such content and the effects of the gaming experience on the more sensitive members of the gaming community.

Nevertheless, the industry is not absent of valuable options, in fact, there is a whole spectrum of different educational PC games that are fun and provide a meaningful array of content, some of which holds real academic value. Therefore, in this article we are going to let you in on top 10 educational games you can enjoy.

Human Resource Machine

A 2D game with simple-enough graphics that don't have any negative influence on the gaming experience. The HRM sets you up as a worker in a company assigned for various task divided into 37 levels. With each level you complete, your character gets promoted, thus moving to the higher floor of the company building. 

This programming puzzler allows you to learn the basics of assembly code by assigning you with different tasks that you have to complete with simple drag and drop commands. The game starts with only two commands, but as you reach higher levels the number of commands increases, allowing you more automation options.

kid controllers


Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms, this 2D RTS game puts you on an alien planet to search for resources and build an entire industry that will allow you to build a rocket so you could escape the hostile world. Although the core of the game is focused on the simulation of construction and management, the game also has strong survival and RTS elements. Since Factorio offers a multiplayer mode, the players can co-operate in order to perform automation more effectively and defend against hostiles.

Kerbal Space Program

You are in charge of the space program development for an imaginary alien race, called Kerbals. In various game modes, you can control anything from technology development in Science mode to complete control of the space program in Career mode where you take care of the budget, construction, planning, and practically every aspect of the project.

The goal of the game is to develop and construct a fully functional rocket. In order to do so, you will be able to use a set of parts, each with their own function, while keeping in mind real-life laws of aerodynamics and orbital physics. When it comes to educational computer games, KSP is one that provides a wide array of learning opportunities.


Among many PC learning games that are currently available on the market, Infinifactory stands out for its simplicity. However, simple as it might appear, the game requires strong logic and creative thinking that is necessary in order to turn simple components into fully-operational machines that produce different products for an alien overload race. The player needs to manipulate different block components according to provided schematics in order to build materials and machines.


This is a 2D puzzle game that involves the use of automation and chemistry principles in order to accomplish your tasks. The player needs to use a visual programming language in order to instruct two remote manipulators that produce complex molecules by binding simpler molecules and atoms. As far as searching for Chemistry research proposal topics in education focused games is concerned, SpaceChem holds a valuable position considering all the features it has to offer. The game visuals are pretty simple, however, it requires a lot of creative thinking and also develops programming skills.

Epistory – Typing Chronicles

One of the best educational games you can find that concerns the development of your writing skills. In this 3D action adventure game, the story follows a writer who needs help with the latest book. Unlike regular writing apps, Epistory helps the player understand the complexity of the writing process. After a while playing this amazing game you’ll have friends coming to you asking “Could you write my paper for me, please" simply because of your typing skills if nothing else. Actually, the game is so much keyboard oriented, there is no need for a mouse at any point during the game.


Educational PC games that help the player obtain better programming skills are full of interesting concepts. In Glitchspace, the goal of the game is to move through a soothing environment by modifying the attributes of red blocks using a set of virtual programming language functions. The game has no tutorial, therefore, it’s necessary to learn the basics on your own, which is an interesting challenge on its own.

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

Build and develop your city by gathering resources, developing new technologies, and improving your “workers”, while competing with AI-driven enemies. Civilization VI is a turn-based strategy that starts you off with a single settler with the goal to develop a thriving civilization and defend it from your enemies.


In this open-source arcade, you actually have fun while learning math. If you ever wondered if you could look for a math research proposal topics in education game industry, TuxMath will give you the positive answer. The goal of the game is to protect your city from incoming comets. However, in order to tag the comet so your laser weapons could destroy it, you have to solve math problems.


A learning platform developed for Linux environment which allows kids to learn typing, use of abacus, even Python programming among dozens of other apps. As a child-oriented software, the interface is almost completely based on graphics so the kids could use it intuitively. With more than three million kids all over the world enjoying Sugar, it's easy to see that the advantages of this software nullify the fact that it's built exclusively for Linux.


All of these games are developed in order to bring academic value through the process of entertainment. Most of these games are free and still, they enhance and build up our skill set. We hope you enjoyed this list and have your mind already set for the next addition in your game catalog.


Robert Everett is a freelance writer focused on reviewing PC games designed for education. Through a series of respective publishers and social network platforms, Roberts aims to provide meaningful content for gamers all over the world. His work also includes writing different types of top list articles that introduce less familiar games to a wider array of the public.


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Which Antivirus To Choose For Windows 10

If you’re an avid gamer who likes to play on Win 10 and is looking for a decent antivirus, this post is for you. While reliability and security are the most critical aspects of any antivirus solution, today, our focus will be a little different. For a gamer, it is vital that an antivirus product doesn't run scans while he/she is playing, and there are no sudden pop-ups to interfere with the process. Let us take a close look at the best picks on the market.

Kaspersky – Low System Impact, Excellent Performance

This product doesn’t need an introduction: Kaspersky is a highly capable solution. You can easily call it the best antivirus for Windows 10, and it’s also suitable for gamers. When working in the background, the app has a very light impact on the system. With it, you can encrypt folders on the OS to keep them safe, delete unwanted files with a data shredder, and use optimization tools to boost performance.

Avast – Affordable, Friendly, and Capable

One of the best things about this antivirus: it automatically includes any game’s .exe file you launch into the list of exclusions. That means you won’t be bothered by any messages/warnings while enjoying a game. Furthermore, it needs less than 100MB of RAM to run and doesn’t put a strain on the CPU. Add decent lab test results, flexible pricing, and a very straightforward interface, and you’ll see why Avast is so popular among gamers.

Bitdefender – The Most “Silent” Antivirus on The Market

The download-installation process will only take a couple of minutes. And, once installed, Bitdefender automatically activates the Autopilot mode. During this mode, the antivirus will take care of everything on its own, without bothering you with warnings, update messages, and more. For a regular user that doesn’t want to learn his/her way around an antivirus and wishes to play, Bitdefender is an obvious pick.

Summing Up

If you go with any of the three products we just discussed, you'll have a perfect experience while playing. These are some of the best antiviruses for games on Win 10, and they’re relatively affordable. You could, of course, go with a free/cheaper antivirus, but we highly recommend against that. Free software usually always comes with ads and sells personal info to third parties, including the government and the hackers.

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Mister Rogers: It’s You I Like

Thank you PBS for sending us this DVD to review!

Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood ran from 1968-2001 and has 895 episodes (excluding specials). Many kids and families have grown up watching his show that encouraged kids to love themselves for who they are and discussed topics like debt, divorce, birth, death, and anger. Mr. Rogers sang many catchy tunes that often talked about feelings and how to accept and manage them.

Though Mr. Rogers passed away in 2003, his legacy lives on as his show still runs on many stations and has been overhauled in Daniel Tiger’s neighborhood. In 2018, many musicians, comedians, and actors contributed to the documentary, Mister Rogers: It’s You I Like.

Michael Keaton begins the documentary by talking about his job at WQED where he helped on the set of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. John Lithgow’s son (as with many of us!) grew up watching Mr. Rogers. Parents appreciate how Mr. Rogers introduced music to their kids. The show featured many greats like Tony Bennett and Wynton Marsalis (Whoopi Goldberg and Joe Negri’s favorite). Even child and teenage musicians like Niki Hoeller (pianist) and Hilary Hahn (violinist) were also featured on his show. Mr. Rogers was no stranger to music as he had a degree in music composition. Yo-Yo Ma’s appearance on Mr. Rogers' show inspired Esperanza Spalding to play music. If it wasn’t for Yo-Yo Ma’s son, who was a fan of Mr. Rogers, he may have never gone on! Itzhak Perlman was also on the show and got to speak about how polio impacted his life but how his musical abilities overshadow his disabilities. Jeff Erlanger and his electric wheelchair was Mr. Rogers' most treasured moment throughout his many years of broadcasting.

Out of all of the episodes, the one with Koko the gorilla who knew sign language was Mr. Rogers' favorite. Along with showing how music was made, Mr. Rogers often visited factories and showed children how things like crayons, dolls, wagons, and instruments were made.

Mr. Rogers both taught and learned a lot. He wasn’t afraid to show that mistakes are a part of learning and he didn’t edit them out of the show. Mr. Rogers was also a civil rights activist. One of the African American recurring characters, Officer Clemmons, made his debut by soaking his feet in a pool with Mr. Rogers and he let him dry his feet.

I’m thankful for the many wonderful lessons that Mr. Rogers has taught us. We can all still learn many great lessons of love and acceptance from him. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can watch this documentary for free. It’s also available to purchase for $13.99 on DVD.

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The World Is Square

Thank you Scarlet Moon Productions for sending us this digital album to review!

The World Is Square began in 2003 and took over fifteen years to complete by Mustin who is best known as one of the founders of OneUp Studios/The OneUps. This album features classic Square Enix music from hit games like Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy IV, VI, and VII. The eight tracks are given an electronic jazz twist and sound great. There is some creative license, but the songs are still very recognizable.

The songs range from three to over six minutes each. It takes a little over thirty-seven minutes to hear the whole album and I’m always looking for more when it’s finished. The calm and relaxing tracks would make excellent hold music; I certainly wouldn’t mind listening to it while waiting.

The first track is Fear of the Heaven from Secret of Mana. I have to confess that I have not played this game (yet), but the song, acoustic guitar, and vocals are good. Thankfully, I have played all of the Final Fantasy games represented on this album. Final Fantasy IV’s main theme is the second track. One of the most popular songs from Final Fantasy IV, Theme of Love, is the third song. The violin work on this track is exceptional.

Chrono Trigger fans will enjoy Forest Butterflies and From the Bottom. William Carlos Reyes provides the guitar playing for From the Bottom and does an excellent job. We’ve previously reviewed his album Guitar Collections Final Fantasy IV.

The remainder of this album features Final Fantasy tracks from VI and VII. The sixth track is Coin Song followed by Terra from Final Fantasy VI. The acoustic guitar sounds great in Terra’s theme. That final song, Serenity, is Final Fantasy VII’s main theme.

Final Fantasy fans should definitely pick up this soothing album. Even though I have yet to play Secret of Mana and Chrono Trigger, I still enjoyed those songs. (Chrono Trigger is on my bucket list!) The album can be yours for $7 and is available in MP3, FLAC, and other formats. Physical CDs are available for $10.


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Total AV for gaming - Review

Are you an enthusiastic gamer? You most definitely understand the need to stay safe whenever you are playing a game online. The internet is free and a large village that has every type of person. Some are there to enjoy its connectivity and easy access to information, while others target victims to hack and steal their information. Whichever the case, you must ensure that you have a good antivirus to keep you safe whenever you are playing online.

For a good antivirus for gaming, you must consider if it has a gaming mode. In some cases, the game/gaming mode is when the antivirus can run smoothly even as you play your game. In other words, the antivirus should be able to run without lagging your computer as you play.

TotalAV is one of the best antivirus programs that you can use for gaming. With this antivirus, you can play a heavy game as it continues to keep you safe. But that’s not all; here is why you should use TotalAV for gaming.

  • Accurate Virus Detection

How would you feel if you were sure that the antivirus you have on your computer could alert you of any possible threats? It would be a great experience because you will not have to worry about having any possible malware or virus on your computer. If there is any virus that has gotten into your PC, TotalAV will detect it in a matter of seconds.

It will also find any affected file and quarantine or delete it accordingly. Nonetheless, this can take some time to finish based on the complexity of the virus. The best part is that it will scan for any malware whenever you visit a website. So if the game redirects you to their official website, you’re still good to go. If you are overly suspicious of any website, you can use the security tools to scan those websites or check for any suspicious links that are sent in your game’s chat room.

  • Total Protection

It is one thing to detect malicious links and infected files and another to offer protection to your computer. Luckily, TotalAV offers both. You can enjoy the remote firewall that protects you from any possible incoming attack. Plus, you can control the firewall settings of your computer remotely with this antivirus. This way, you can be confident that you will remain safe even when you are away from your computer. In case you try to download any risky file or malware from the chat room or any game website, the firewall will always notify you in advance.

  • Optimizes The Comp To Run Smoothly

Any game lover would tell you how much it sucks to have your computer lagging whenever you are playing a game. In most cases, it could be that you are playing the game on a computer with limited requirements. But if the comp has all the requirements, but it is still lagging, then there might be a virus slowing it down. Nonetheless, the computer can naturally slow down after using it for a long time.

If you look at a detailed TotalAV review, you will see that the antivirus also comes with a disk cleaner. This feature will scan all the folders on your computer. The antivirus will usually try to find duplicates, junk files, as well as the unnecessary data that is filling up your hard drive. All these files will make your computer full for no reason. As a result, it will slow down the entire system including your game.

But TotalAV will try to create more space for new files and also boost the computer speed. So yes, this antivirus can help to boost the speed of your game too.

  • Stay Anonymous Online

No regular internet user will want to be noticed when they are browsing online. This is the same as the gamers that play online. If you are in the chat room, you don’t want other gamers there to know about your location.

Well, you can count yourself lucky because TotalAV will keep you anonymous. It is one of the few antivirus programs that come with a VPN. You can enjoy your online game as you remain anonymous. Plus, this helps to prevent other people from stealing your data as you play online. Some games might need you to purchase chips and supplies with real money. The antivirus will keep you safe as you make these transactions.

With the VPN feature, your IP address will be kept safe, and your browsing data will not be saved.

If there is any game that has geo-restrictions, you can break-free with the VPN on this antivirus.

  • Privacy Tools Onboard

There’s more to enjoy from this antivirus. Besides the scanner and VPN, you also enjoy three incredible tools that will defend you against all the common threats online. For instance, there is the Adblocker extension, Safe Site, and Password Manager.

Adblocker will do the obvious to block the multiple ads that pop up on most game websites. The Safe Site is a tool that will alert you even before you open any new URL, while the password manager helps you keep track of every password. This means that it will not save the password on the browser but the secure antivirus.

  • User-Friendly

If you are new to this antivirus, you won’t have to worry about how you are going to work with it. The interface is quite friendly. Plus, you can learn more about how to protect yourself as you play online. For example, there is the Antivirus Pro and Ultimate Antivirus that come with an Antivirus eBook. This eBook entails detailed tips on how to protect yourself as you game online.

A handy guide is there to help you know how to use the antivirus and get the most of it. The guide is also quite easy to understand.

Even with a good antivirus, you still need to follow the right tips on how to stay safe when playing online games. Don’t just be careless because you have a reliable antivirus at your disposal. Plus, always avoid that are known to contain too many ads. Such games are risky to play on your comp.


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The analysis of the TOP-5 popular PC games in March 2019

PC games become more and more popular each year. There are declines and recoveries of individual representatives in this rhythm. Many agencies even create particular ratings of the most popular PC games to find out what games were popular during the reporting period.

In this material, the specialists of the gaming website EGamersWorld have prepared the analysis of changes in the popularity of games in March 2019.

The list of the most popular PC games looked in the following way in March 2018:

  1. League of Legends (Riot Games)
  3. Fortnite (Epic Games)
  4. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (Blizzard Entertainment)
  5. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (Valve)

The situation changed in a year and there are slight changes on this list in March 2019:

  1. League of Legends (Riot Games)
  2. Apex Legends (Electronic Arts)
  3. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (Valve Corporation)
  4. Minecraft (Mojang)
  5. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (Blizzard Entertainment)

League of Legends is the unconditional leader, it didn’t leave the first place during the year. The MOBA strategy has been holding the leading position for years. Such a result was achieved due to the significant fan base from Southeast Asia. Many tournaments with a big prize pool, nice coverage, and a good organization allow the game to keep the leading status.

The new member of the rating, Apex Legends – the game was revealed by the giant Electronic Arts in February 2019 and it became very popular at once, having displaced Fortnite on the 6th place in March. The new leader has appeared in the Battle Royale genre. If two representatives of the genre were in the top 5 on PC last year, the recently-made game Apex represents them today.

With regard to Fortnite, it’s obvious that the game becomes boring when the time passes like his colleague PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, which stepped down to the 10th place. The genre, in which games don’t differ a lot, needed fresh blood. It has received it in the form of Apex Legends. We’ll how long EA’s newcomer will last.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been on the top for not the first year. The shooter wins new viewers’ hearts every year. There is nothing more to say because the game is called the classic of the genre. The game will not have a decline, according to a row of experts.

HearthStone is also an immovable leader of its genre. The game has been very popular all over the world for 3-4 years.

Minecraft has balanced on the verge of getting to the top 5 for 2 years. The pixel game entertains not only small gamers but enough adult people due to an addicting atmosphere. Many interesting mods and full freedom of actions cannot but attract.

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS is the main loser compared to the last year. The game placed second in the rating in 2018 but it holds the 10th place this year. Such decline was caused by slow changes in the game and also a fast development of analogs. The emergence of Apex made an even more significant impact on the popularity of someday breaking game.

With regard to other important esports disciplines, Dota 2 holds the 9th place, having grown up on one position. Overwatch has held one place higher and become one place closer to the top of the rating. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege places 7th stably without showing rises or declines.

It will be very interesting to see what games will get hyped till the end of 2019 and what regulars in the rating will have to slide over and to give way to newcomers.


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Top Seven Highly Anticipated Video Games in 2019

Top Seven Highly Anticipated Video Games in 2019

2019 looks promising with new unforgettable and classic video games marketed to be offered to gamers of all ages. And although it may be hard to live up to the 2018 hype with hits such as Red Dead Redemption 2, God of War, Monster Hunter: World, and many others offered by Homeofarcadia, 2019 is stirring anticipation with more incredible games for people around the globe.

Here are the top 7 video games set to be released in 2019 that is brewing excitement to every gamer out there.

  1. Resident Evil 2 Remake

Capcom already had a great year in 2018, but they still started the year with a bang, releasing one of their most successful games in one of their most successful franchises ever made: Resident Evil 2.

And this remake isn’t just a simple graphics update, either. Developers and publishers have announced that there are several changes that every gamer will love, including gaming mechanics, character design as well as an array of bonuses such as character skins and alternative weapons.

Resident Evil 2

And as long as the game stays true to the original while delivering at least some fresh surprises, this should be fun and exciting to revisit one of the best horror games in the industry.

  1. Kingdom Hearts 3

It has been 13 long years since Kingdom Hearts 2 was released way back in 2005, much to the disappointment and annoyance of the franchise fans everywhere.

The expectations and anticipation have been mounting since its first teaser trailer that made its appearance in 2013. This January, Kingdom of Hearts finally hit shelves around the world and Square Enix and Disney fans could finally end their 13-year-long anticipation.

  1. Anthem

Anthem, a newly launched franchise, made a strong impact on the world when it was first announced. The game features flying over to an alien planet with friends in Iron-man like suits and laying waste to enemies in a detailed and beautiful environment.


Built around cooperative and multiplayer options, this game is expected to offer a similar gaming experience to Destiny, but with a different package. And it’s quite promising to be everything that Destiny wasn’t and more of what it should have been.

  1. Mortal Kombat 11

The very first game in the Mortal Kombat series that came out 26 years ago has changed the face of gaming since then— and not just with regards to fighting games. It has long inspired and popularized arcade fighting games.

There are very few other titles claiming that kind of influence with even fewer staying in power for 3 decades. But, here we are, anticipating its 21st game in the franchise and the 11th installment of the main series. Its teaser trailer was shown last December with few details revealed. However, from the looks of things, Mortal Kombat 11 should be the most action-packed and bloodiest entry yet.

  1. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

The game was supposed to be released last year, however, Koji Igarashi, the Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night producer and former series producer of the Castlevania series, has announced that it will be pushed back to the new year.

Excitement is high for this Castlevania successor developed by Dico co., Ltd., Monobit, Inti Creates, WayForward Technologies, and ArtPlay. It is always great to see an indie game whipped up by the gaming community and also quite interesting to see if Igarashi and the game’s team can truly live up to expectations.

  1. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Both Bloodborne and Dark Souls were incredible, challenging the gothic-inspired hack-and-slash games whose level of difficulty and gruesomeness puts the like of DCM or Devil May Cry to utter shame.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

The game is certainly not for everyone, and that’s kind of the point. Developed by the very same team that offers us both of the above-mentioned super violent games, Sekiro looks to stay the course with some hugely different gameplay mechanics as well as world-building. Set in a war-ravaged Sengoku-era Japan, but with a few supernatural elements, this samurai-inspired game looks to be one hell of an action game.

  1. Halo Infinite

Over 300 industries are keeping their lips tightly sealed for the most part regarding their most-anticipated project, the Halo Infinite. This game is a sequel to the game Halo 5, bringing back the couch co-op and is looking to make a blast with the latest Halo game release.

It is expected to be released in November 2019, however, it still remains unconfirmed. Right now, though, there will be a bit of waiting and patience before its official announcements.

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A Dog’s Way Home

A Dog’s Way Home

Thank you Sony Pictures for sending us this 96-minute Blu-Ray to review!

We get sent quite a few pet-themed movies and A Dog’s Way Home is a live-action movie with the main dog's thoughts being narrated throughout. A Dog’s Way Home begins with a young pit bull puppy being born under an abandoned house. Along with the puppy’s siblings are a bunch of cats and kittens. That is, until animal control arrives and takes away most of the animals. The young puppy is separated from her mother and is fed and raised by a motherly cat instead. A kind young man that lives across the street stops by and feeds the cats. During one of his visits with his friend, Olivia, he meets the puppy and gives her a home.

The puppy is named Bella and enjoys playing with Lucas and comforting his mom, who suffers from PTSD. She also enjoys games such as “stop” and “don’t chew shoes.” The voice narration by Bryce Dallas Howard is really well done and quite entertaining. For a short while, things go well, and Lucas and his mom successfully manage to hide her from their landlord, who does not allow pets. Thankfully, the landlord announces his visits so Lucas can sneak her into work on those days. However, hiding a pit bull in a VA center is no simple task.

Other challenges arise when Lucas gets on the bad side of animal control; Denver, Colorado, is not tolerant of pit bulls, and threatens to euthanize her if caught. In an attempt to keep Bella safe, she is put in the care of Olivia’s family, who lives four hundred miles away in New Mexico. Bella’s stay there is short-lived as she is determined to “go home” as it’s one of the tricks that Lucas taught her.

This trick takes a couple of years to complete. It’s a tough journey as Bella has several brushes with death and makes some unusual friends along the way. Bella meets an orphaned cougar and becomes her mother. Although Bella is a live-action dog, the cougar is obviously computer animated.

Bella also gets some temporary human caretakers like a married homosexual couple that put a rainbow collar on her. Although they treat her well, she belongs with Lucas and parts ways with them. In the end, Bella does find Lucas and Olivia who have started living together in her absence. They didn’t flash wedding rings around like the other couple did so I’m not sure if they were married or not. One other thing worth mentioning is the blaspheming with the term OMG used in its full form.

In the end, A Dog’s Way Home is a heartwarming story and the kids and I enjoyed watching it together. One of them even cried at the end. If you like narrated pet movies and/or pit bulls, A Dog’s Way Home won’t disappoint.


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What Routers Are Best For Home In 2019?

Why should you get yourself a good wireless router?  Well, you can stick to an old-fashioned wired option that performs daily tasks more or less well. But don’t you want to get rid of those annoying wires and finally enjoy a stable and fast Internet at your home?

A solid connection is a must-have in the modern world! It serves numerous purposes. With good Wi-Fi router, you can surf the Web and work several times faster, and enjoy your favorite shows or films in HD or even 4K quality. Not to mention how many benefits it can bring to gamers. You can waste lots of time on picking the best settings for your game, which, by the way, is simple with FortniteSettingsPro, or throw a lot of money on upgrading your PC. Still, it won’t get you too far without a stable connection.

So, you are confident that you need to purchase a high-quality home router, which one to pick? Look at our top picks to get an idea of what are the best models available on the market!


  • NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1750


  • 450 Mbps + 1300 Mbps speed
  • 3.0 USB port
  • Secure
  • 4 gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Dual core CPU
  • Three external antennas
  • Boosted bandwidth

This is one of the most demanded routers for home. The reason why people choose it is its large area of coverage mixed with fast speed of the connection. It can serve 12 and even more devices, so it’s suitable for large families with heavy Internet use.


  • Securifi Almond


  • 300 Mbps speed
  • Two internal antennas
  • 2 LAN ports and 1 WAN port
  • Highly compatible
  • Secure
  • Ease of control

This model is way more technological and modern than many other routers, and, thus, it is more expensive. It has a built-in touchscreen that makes it possible to set up with no special PC drivers and in less than 5 minutes. Can be used as a bridge, extender of Wi-Fi range, or as a router.


  • Medialink AC1200 Wireless Gigabit Router



  • 867 Mbps speed
  • Broadcom ARM Cortex-A7 CPU
  • Guest network feature
  • Two internal antennas
  • Range extender
  • Full control

This model can easily handle up to 12 devices that run at the same time. It is excellent in terms of gaming and streaming and suits best to bigger home environments with many devices. It delivers large and stable coverage, has 4 LAN and 2.0 USB ports, and boasts the high speed of the connection.


  • TP-Link N-450 (TL-WR940N) AC 1200



  • 450 Mbps speed
  • Single-core CPU

This model is good for watching movies and gaming as it shows faster speed and larger area coverage than products with the same low price. No wonder it is quite popular among users. Also, it boasts decent security encryption, has several adjustable features like parental control. It doesn’t suit for phone line internet though.


  • ASUS AC5300 TriBand Router



  • WTFast Gamers Private Network (GPN)
  • Eight external antennas
  • Covers a range of up to 5,000 square feet

This one is good for expert gamers as it comes with special gaming features. It boasts a large area of coverage and level.


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Dumbo 4DX Experience

Thank you 4DX for sending our family tickets to see this film!

The animated classic, Dumbo, was originally released in 1941. At sixty-four minutes, it was one of Disney’s shortest films. Tim Burton’s live-action version is quite a bit longer at one hour and fifty-two minutes. There’s more characters and backstory in this version.

The story still centers around a traveling circus, but this one is struggling financially and has sold all of their horses. They still have their elephants and one of them, Jumbo, is expecting. Unlike the animated version, the animals don’t talk in this film. The story is mostly told through two young kids who lost their mother to influenza. Their father returns from the war missing an arm and is out of touch with his kids and is struggling with relating to them. The boy, Joe, wants to continue the family tradition of working in the circus, but his sister, Milly, wants to pursue a career in science.

In both movies, the baby is initially named Jumbo Jr. but is dubbed Dumbo as people make fun of his enormous ears. The defensive mother does not take kindly to her son being ridiculed and gets locked away as she is considered dangerous. Needless to say, the animated version is a little more lighthearted in this regard. Other than death, the live-action movie has some minor language (hell). Surprisingly, both films have alcohol and drunkenness.

As charming as the animated version is, the 4DX effects in the live action film are quite astounding. This was my first 4DX experience and I was taken aback by the seat rumbling as the firecrackers exploded during the opening Disney logo. I then got to experience the seats moving up and down frequently during the train sequences. There were quite a few of them as the circus was on the move quite often. My husband wanted to hold my hand but it was a bit uncomfortable with the theater seats going up and down repeatedly.

The gusts of wind blowing through the theater added to the immersion as well. The breeze was strong enough to flip the pages on the notepad I was using to take notes! Water misted from the seat in front of me which happened at key moments in the film too. I’m told that some 4DX films have scents and I’m glad that this one didn’t with the elephant poop humor.

Overall I must say that I’m still partial to the original movie. However, the 4DX effects made the live action film one to remember! I’m blessed to live close to a 4DX theater and I highly recommend experiencing a 4DX film if you’re able to do so. Just don’t expect to be able to hold hands with a loved one while doing so!


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Atari to launch an inexpensive streaming console for non-broadband internet users


There’s been a lot of talk about game streaming services for the masses. What about those who don’t have fiber, cable, or DSL internet? Atari hasn’t forgotten about them! In fact, they have the perfect streaming console solution that runs games great for those with dial-up internet access! The 8GB of storage is plenty of space to hold the entire game library of the 2600, 5200, and 7800 systems combined! Cloud saves are a standard feature as well so your progress in E.T. will not be lost!

There are three affordable subscription plans available and the same stylish console can be used for any or all of the plans:

  • For $26.00 a year you get access to all 565 of the 2600 series games.
  • The $52.00 annual plan gets you access to the Atari 2600 titles plus the official 69 from the 5200 series. The number pad controller is also included in this bundle.
  • For $78.00 a year you get access to the 59 7800 games as well as all of the titles of the 5600 and 2600 systems. Durable metal reinforced joysticks are included in this bundle.
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Kim Possible

Thank you Disney Channel for sending us this movie to review!

Kim Possible (2019) follows the journey of the titular protagonist as she navigates the crazy pitfalls of her high school days – and having to save the world in between. The movie is approximately 88 minutes long, and there are no ads at the beginning, which is nice because there’s nothing that has to be skipped. It also comes with support of the FastPlay feature so that you can get right to the movie.

Kim Possible is based off of a TV show of the same name, which aired in 2002 and was popular for both boys and girls. The characters are basically the same, and it provides a small amount of backstory as to why Kim is where she is today. The movie then leads the viewer into the main plot of the story, which is attempting to teach the lesson that jealousy can destroy a friendship, and that humility is the way to go.

This movie is very much an action movie, and while the overall message is pretty good, there are some questionable scenes scattered throughout the film. One of these scenes is where a character confesses that they want to be a pooch when they grow up, and their friends wholeheartedly support them, saying that they will be the best pooch in the world. Another scene like this is when the two protagonists are late to class, and a lie saves them from detention. This scene, whether knowingly or not, promotes lying as something good that can get you out of a situation. There is also a scene where a villain character pulls a blue cube out of nowhere, and another character asks where they pulled it from. Kim Possible also has very politically correct gender roles that seem to be promoted, and the target audience is most likely female.

The plot itself is pretty predictable for anyone over nine or ten years of age. My closest friend was over watching Kim Possible with my family, and she found some of the exaggerations in this film relatable, but others annoying. She caught on to the plot pretty quickly, but everyone knew how it was to end. It’s pretty clear that this film was designed with younger audiences in mind.

Overall, the movie was decent. I would not recommend this to strictly Christian families because of some of the questionable morals promoted, but if you don’t really care about that too much and have little ones who are itching for something fun with lots of action, then this movie is for you.

- Kittycathead


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How to Bypass IP Bans When Gaming

Today, most service providers and website owners do their best to protect their customers.

This is usually done by monitoring their networks and blocking any abuses when flagged or reported by other users. Whenever an abuse is detected, they may either choose to block the contravening user’s account or they might put a full-on ban on that user’s IP address.

Obviously, the best way to avoid having your IP address banned is to simply read and follow the service providers rules and regulations.

But fortunately, if you find yourself having been banned for whatever reason, there are a few stealthy workarounds that you can employ to regain access to the service.

In essence, since your IP address has been blocked, you’re going to need to change your IP address. This can be done in a number of ways, such as using a proxy server or a service such as ExpressVPN. But we’ll get to a bit further on in this article.

For now, let’s start out by explaining a little bit more about IP bans.

What Are IP Bans?

To define an IP ban, it is a block created by a server, which will reject any requests made by a specific IP address or range of IP addresses. IP bans can either be implemented manually by a server’s admin, or they can be put in place automatically when a pattern of abuse has been red flagged by the server itself.

There are many reasons that IP bans are put in place. But most of the time, they are implemented to help protect the server and its users from brute force attacks, to limit network usage, or even to block unknown spam emailers.

IP bans allow a network server to block certain IP addresses from being able to access a website, chat forum, game server, or any other type of online destination.

How to Bypass IP Bans

As we’ve mentioned, the best way to avoid an IP ban is to abide by the service provider’s terms and conditions. So, if you’ve had your IP banned, chances are that you’ve gone and contravened against their rules.

However, there are some situations when you might want to or need to regain access after being banned. Below, we’ll explain some of the most common methods for this.

Changing Your IP Address

To regain access after having been banned, you’re going to need to change your IP address to one that hasn’t been blocked by the server’s administrators.

To do this, you can try to renew your IP with your current internet service provider by speaking with them. However, they may or may not end up assigning you a new one and might simply renew the one that you’ve been using.

If that doesn’t work, depending on your setup, you might be able to change your IP address by resetting your hardware device (router) or your computer’s IP address.

Aside from that, the only other way to change your IP address is to use someone else’s instead. Below, we’ll take a look at the three easiest ways to go about doing that. 

Proxy Servers

Proxy servers are basically computers that sit somewhere between your computer and the internet and provide you with an indirect way to access a client’s network.

Essentially, when you access a proxy server, you’ll be able to access the world wide web by using the server’s IP address instead of your own.

So, when you try to access a gaming server or any other type of online content that your IP address has been banned from, the proxy will intercept the request and provide a response to the client you’re trying to reach before forwarding your request to its final destination.

Virtual Private Network

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a type of networking technology, which extends its private network (similar to a LAN network) across the world’s biggest public network, otherwise known as the internet.

In other words, using a VPN allows your computer to safely connect to the internet, almost as if it was physically wired to it. At the same time, by using a VPN, you’ll have the option to choose the server with which you would like to connect.

This means that, when accessing the internet, it will appear as if your IP address is actually the IP address of the servers that you’ve chosen to connect to. Essentially, this can trick gaming servers and they won’t be able to see your true IP address, which has been put on their blacklist.

The TOR Server

TOR is a free-to-use software application, which allows internet users to browse and communicate anonymously while connected to the world wide web.

The name TOR is short for The Onion Router. This refers to onion routing, which is when the data being sent from a computer or device is encrypted and then routed through multiple nodes or relays located around the world.

TOR has more than 6,000 relays that your activity can be routed through, making it practically impossible for anyone to view where your IP address is actually located.

In other words, if your IP address has been banned from your favorite gaming server, using TOR can help you hide your IP and get around the block.


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How Much Money do Esports Athletes Earn?

Do you remember the times when your parents used to tell you to stop playing video games and go study because video games are a waste of time? Well, it turns out they did not see the whole picture. In the past several years, Esports has become a budding industry, allowing gamers to earn millions of dollars.

So, if you are good at playing video games and you’re wondering whether you should or shouldn’t try to go professional, the answer is now more complicated. There is a lot of money to be made, and you will be part of a rapidly growing industry.

In their infographic named “The Rise of Esports,” NJ Games states that the highest-paid esports team, Team Liquid, earns almost $24 million a year. The second and third highest-paying teams, Evil Geniuses and Team OG earn $20.5 million and $17.5 million a year, respectively. Therefore, the amount of money that you can get as a professional esports team is much higher than in many “real” sports.

If you climb the esports ladder and become one of the best players in the world, such as Kuro Takhasomi, Johan Sundstein, or Amer Al-Barkawi, you can earn millions in net worth.

Moreover, when it comes to the future of esports, there’s no need to be skeptical. The future seems as bright as it can be, as experts predict that the industry will continue to grow. All of the major sports leagues are investing tens of millions of dollars each year in tournaments and new video games, as the industry is becoming more profitable by the day. Also, there are serious indications that esports may become an Olympic sport as well, perhaps as soon as 2024 Paris Olympics.

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Why market research in the gaming industry matters more than ever

Game providers know how to create games; they have countless ideas and once they finish a game they want to sell it fast to start designing another one. When getting started in the game design and diving right in, developers consider it a rewarding and fun experience. They share their visions with the world and they are working on something they are passionate about. However, there are times when the passions of the developer are not the same as the ones of the gamer, especially now when the gaming industry is in a major transformation.

Gaming has grown in a subculture nowadays and gamers are very determined when it comes to the features they want from their games. For the gaming providers, every year means 12 months of opportunities to launch new games and to make money. However, in order to make money they need to find out what the requirements of the market are.

 Why market research in the gaming industry matters more than ever

Why is market research needed?

Market research helps gaming providers know their clients. They get to find out who their clients are because the audience is continuously changing. The main question gaming providers have is what do people want from their games?

First, they want to have a spectacular gaming experience and 4K games are nowadays considered the standard ones. The latest trends have shown that more and more gamers want to play games that include support for PS4 and Xbox One X with HDR included. The majority of them have PC monitors with HBR support and this is a sign that the tech industry is heading to a new direction. Players want to offer their eyes a visual feast when trying a new experience, and if the game promises them the best experience, they will be interested to try it. Gaming developers have to implement higher resolutions and High Dynamic Range on their products more than ever if they want people to buy them. Considering that nowadays high-quality monitors and TVs come at affordable prices, market research reveals that clients are interested in visuals more than ever.

Second, market research shows a growth of the number of players who are passionate about Indie games. Why do they prefer these products? They are more affordable, they offer a long time experience and they are easy to play. In addition, the majority of them come with expansions and additional features and these aspects always thrill the public. In order to meet their clients’ needs and interests game providers have to release new games weekly because the bar has been raised in this domain.

Third, Pokemon Go made people became more interested in AR gaming. When the game was launched, everyone was running around trying to catch digital creatures. Gamers nowadays want to have access to games that allow them to explore a new world through their devices that act as a mirror into another dimension. Market research shows that the gaming industry should base their products more on tech advances and use AR as an entertainment method.

Forth, the market research reveals that games are nowadays considered services and people want to access them anywhere. People want games that demand every hour of their life, they want to dive in the digital world and forget about their real lives. Game providers have to put on the second plan the games that imply pay-to-win tactics and to focus on creating games so good that the player is willing to pay to download it.

Games as services are a predominant trend in the industry and clients are interested in them more than ever.

Therefore, game providers should ask themselves if they are creating games for their players. Viewing the games as an extension of the creator is no longer an option. Nowadays, they need to present in the game their players’ vision and not their own. The market research should offer them information on the preferences of the audience. Companies need to research the market and reach out to their prospective clients to find out what features they want for the next games released.

In the process of knowing their audiences, companies need to determine whom they want to sell the games, what kind of games their audience prefer and why should their clients be willing to pay for their games.

Why market research in the gaming industry matters more than ever

Market research helps gaming companies know their competition

In order for a gaming company to succeed, they need to know who their competition is. Who is selling the same products as they do on the market? Having a list with their competitors and with the products they sell can help a provider know what aspects require their attention.

When developing a unique product they should get the assistance of experts, not only in their field, but in other related fields also. For example, Svitla now provides software consulting services for the companies that have difficulties in developing successful apps and systems. Sometimes a third party partner can have an objective perspective on the products a company is creating and can offer them a new vision on how to develop competitive products.

Market research goes a step further and it checks the quality of the products the competitors are offering and their sale price. It is known that people prefer to buy the cheapest product but when it comes to gamers, they are willing to go with a pricey option if it promises to deliver them an incomparable experience. By knowing how many competitors they have on the market and what place they have in the top of preferences they can decide how to market their products in the future.

Gaming providers have to be aware that constant effort is required in order to keep up with the tendencies of the market. Market research is vital in the process because it helps them understand how they should interact with their prospective clients. Market research is the new way of listening to your community and see if they like or not the direction you are heading to.

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The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity

Thank you Blue Sparrow for sending us this book to review!

The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity is written by Matthew Kelly who is an author of books translated into twenty-five languages, acclaimed speaker, and business consultant at his company, Floyd Consulting. This book is fifteen chapters long and only 128 pages. It’s a pretty quick read if you want to learn how modern culture is robbing billions of people of happiness.

If you’re looking for the answer to the title’s statement, you’ll have to read through the first few chapters of fluff. In fact, much of the book is filled with statements that I was already aware of. For example, the second chapter discusses happiness and the author shares insights like “Lying never makes me happy” and “It is impossible to be grateful and unhappy at the same time.” The fifth chapter discusses various lies about Christianity including: Jesus did not exist, the resurrection is a myth, Christianity preys on the weak and ignorant, Christianity is anti-intellectual and anti-scientific, and Christianity is anti-sex.

The biggest lie is uncovered in chapter six, claiming that holiness is not possible. 1 Thessalonians 4:3 is referenced and used to state that “God wants us to live holy lives, grow in character and virtue, and become the-best-version-of-ourselves.” I bet you’re wondering how this is possible! Through what this book calls holy moments. Everyone else knows them as pay it forward. There are some nice examples of kindness like a guy taking care of his neighbor’s lawn while recuperating from a broken leg or nurses agreeing to take on an extra shift for years to cover the salary for their co-worker who is battling cancer. Those are some significant tasks that surely make God proud and bring joy to others, but even simple things like recycling are holy moments according to the author.

Even if I don’t see eye to eye with what qualifies as a “holy moment”, I do agree with the author that our world does indeed need changing and we as Christians should get off of our collective butts and do something about it. The thirteenth chapter uses some fascinating math on how if we impact three people that can multiply to one billion people if each of the three people we inspire bring three more and continue the cycle. In the end, The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity has some good stories and ideas, but I’ve already heard them all before.


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Celeste Piano Collections

Thank you to Scarlet Moon Productions for the music!

Undoubtedly, one of the best parts of Celeste is the soundtrack. The various movements match the action, the melodies are emotional, and every track is catchy. As hackneyed as my regards are, the game deserves the praise it has received. When given the opportunity to listen to the Piano Collections, I was curious to see how an already piano heavy soundtrack would be modified for solos. The end result maintains most of the original's charm, but some of the omissions were disappointing.

Celeste Piano Collections comes with the main soundtrack of Celeste, arranged for the piano, of course. While many of the pieces in the main game were piano oriented, this rendition adds the various harmonies to the piano as well. I was provided a digital copy of the music, though a physical copy and sheet music are also available. All the included music is immediately recognizable to anyone who played Celeste, which is always a good sign with these arrangements. Generally, each piece contains the main melody and appropriate segments needed to loop back to the melody. The mood of each piece is maintained through various dynamic and tempo changes.

However, not all the movements of the pieces are included, which was disappointing. Although the pieces are still well composed and the key is properly maintained, omitting the many movements was a poor move. Granted, this would make some pieces nearly ten minutes long, but some of my favorite pieces from Celeste are these secondary segments. The music is stellar without considering what was removed, however. The B-Side remixes are also not included, despite being an integral part of the game's soundtrack. I assume this is because the negotiations with the various composers of the B-Side music (as opposed to the single composer of the A-Side) would be too difficult. I would have loved to hear the blues remix of Chapter 5's music on a piano.

While all the music that was chosen to be arranged for Celeste Piano Collections was done very well, I couldn't help but be disappointed by the missing parts. I loved that the mood of each piece was maintained with only one instrument, and the original melodies are still easily recognizable. However, I would recommend the original soundtrack over this, simply because it has more music. It’s 15 dollars for both the A and B side music, available wherever the Piano Collections are. As a standalone product, Celeste Piano Collections is nice, but the source material is certainly better.

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Tips to Pass CompTIA Security+ Certification & SY0-501 Exam


With massive data growth in every organization, the need for security is increasing every single day. Most companies face such security threats as data breaches and hacks that’s why the demand for qualified professionals that possess skills to protect company’s data has increased. Employers are ready to pay them high salaries, that’s why such professionals should be certified. If you wish to make a career in such a demanding and constantly developing field as security, having a certification is a real necessity for you. Among the certifications available here, the best way is to start with CompTIA Security+ credential, as it doesn’t require prerequisites. Being a vendor-neutral, it is one of the most demanding IT certifications in the field of security that after its completion grants you a number of benefits.

In this article, you’ll get to know the tips on how to gain this certification. So, to start with, you need to pass one exam, known as CompTIA Security certification exam or simply CompTIA Security+ Certification Practice Test Questions.

CompTIA Security+ Exam Overview:

The CompTIA Security+ test (SY0-501) is an online test that includes about 90 multiple-choice and performance-based questions. You are given 90 minutes to answer all the questions and your task is to score 750 on the scale of 100-900 in order to become a CompTIA Security+ certified professional. The price for taking this test is 339 USD.

There are no prerequisites to take the CompTIA Security+ exam. And the skills you should master in include access management, cryptography, architecture and design, disaster management and risk management among many. Only being confident in your knowledge and being armed with hands-on skills you are able to pass the exam successfully.

Sometimes, the hardest part of studying is simply starting. This is because we often don’t know where to begin with, so we keep putting it off until the last minute. When there’s no other option, we start cramming—often with cataclysmic results. If this sounds familiar, you’re in the right place. The CompTIA exams have a reputation of being difficult, but it’s not impossible to pass. We’re taking a look at some tips and tricks to help you ace SY0-501 certification exam.

1. Create a Study Plan

After getting a good grasp of the test objectives, creating a study plan is essential for time management. Remember to allocate more time for difficult topics. Additionally, leave time for taking practice exams and revising problem areas. Most of all, stick to the schedule—there’s no benefit in cramming!

2. Recall Objectives of SY0-501 exam

This is plain and simple but too often overlooked. Take some time to read through the Security+ test objectives you can find on the CompTIA website (this goes for related qualifications as well). Reading through the objectives will leave you with a good understanding of the required objectives and steps needed to pass the test.

Not only will you develop a thorough understanding of what can be found on the test, but you’ll also have a handy roadmap to keep track of your progress throughout the exam. Knowing how far you are and how much is left is imperative since the exam is time-oriented.

3. Practice, and Practice a Lot

Practice exams and questions are extremely useful when testing your own skills and readiness for the exam. Additionally, you can focus your time and attention on areas that you have issues with. When reviewing your answers after SY0-501 test, you can figure out your problem areas and put some extra effort into them.

In addition, practice gives you confidence. There’s nothing like acing 10 practice exams in a row when preparing for your CompTIA exam. You may be spending a lot of money on this certification, so knowing that you’re truly ready is vital. Once you’re able to nail these tests, you can sit your exam with assurance that you have the ability to pass.

4. Braindumps

Using quality material to study, like official CompTIA textbooks and resources from certified industry professional is non-negotiable. Sometimes, real exam-takers post exam questions after taking a test, such files are known as braindumps. Still, these files should be approached with caution, since they usually include the answers as well, you must keep in mind that there is no control over these questions and the source could be unreliable. Moreover, simply learning the answers to an exam won’t bring you very far because you won’t understand how to apply the concepts in a work environment. To be sure that you use the actual braindumps, find reliable platforms on the internet, such as PrepAway, Exam-Labs, ExamCollection among many. These websites offer the most updated files checked by IT experts. What you need to know is to use these braindumps for your revision, as they are the best option to systematize your knowledge.

5. Choose your preparation method

The learning process of each individual is different. Developing an understanding of the best practices to help you retain information is one of the best things you can do for yourself—it could save a lot of time and help you get rid of unwanted frustration. Choose a perfect method that suits you most, for example, start making short notes, learn with flashcards, keep thing written, use diagrams and try to use maximum time. Eg. while traveling in a bus or when you are stuck in traffic, you can start reading your notes which will surely help you to get better score.

6. Join Online Community

To succeed in any test or exam a person must find as much prep material as possible. For that, you can search the internet to find variable resources, from books to large online platforms. What will help you more is the communication with individuals that are sitting for or already passed SY0-501 exam. Ask them questions, discuss your stumbling blocks and you’ll find the solution and enhance your preparation with additional valuable tips and tricks.

7. Tip to Tackle Multiple-Choice Question

Keep cool and think logically. Even when faced with those “all of the above” options, there are ways to allow yourself a fair chance. Firstly, eliminate any and all answers that are clearly wrong. This may leave you with a single answer or 50/50 odds (which are considerably better than flailing around in panic).

Then identify a keyword in the question and try to recall the relevant information. Capitalized words are uppercase for a reason. This may seem redundant but can be extremely effective—simply think of ways the retained information relates to the word.

8. If it’s too Hard, Skip it

If you find yourself spending too much time on a question and getting frustrated by the lack of solution, move on and come back to it later. This could save precious time and your subconscious will keep working on the problem while you’re away (or you may find the answer in one of the later questions).Keep in mind that CompTIA sometimes places beta questions in papers. If a question is completely out of left field, leave it for now and come back if you have time left. While these questions aren’t graded, it’s difficult to identify them so it’s best to write something down.

Even if you have no idea which of 4 answers are correct, you have a 25% chance if you choose one. If you leave it blank, there’s a 0% chance. Therefore, coming back to those difficult questions you skipped is imperative. And, remember to use the multiple-choice tricks to eliminate incorrect options before taking a random guess.

9. Stay Calm on Exam Day

Be rested, be hydrated, and be confident in your abilities. A large part of CompTIA tests is failed due to panic—not lack of knowledge. So, take a deep breath if necessary and leave the tough questions for last. This is necessary for a candidate to stay calm and more active on exam day. To stay calm, you should try Yoga or morning walk, as they keep you closer to the nature and give you positive vibes which boosts your mental power and help you to stay calm.

10. Stay Positive & Motivated

Yet another really important point is to stay positive about the exam, about the job and a better career ahead. People fall down after few tries. If you are really serious about your career, then always stay motivated and never feel negative about your failures. Keep learning and keep fighting, and this amazing spirit will one day bring you the real joy of success. Remember that there’s always a position that you can apply for after completing SY0-501 exam. The jobs that you can choose vary from systems administrator, security engineer to penetration tester. Show you dedicated nature, believe in yourself and success attend you!


So, we hope that the information we’ve gathered here in this article is important for you. Now, you know the SY0-501 exam details and what is waiting for you at the certification exam, as well as you find out why Security+ credential is valuable and sought-after in the modern world. You are equipped with the tricks that will help you stay active, ambitious and motivated before taking SY0-501 exam. Use the tips provided to pass this test, make the plan, and start riding Security+. After its completion, enjoy the benefits, that the certification offers you, just boost your career of a valuable professional in the IT security.







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