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Top Advantages of Using Proxies for Gaming

Top Advantages of Using Proxies for Gaming

Before you log on to your favorite video game today, please take a minute to read this. There are some things you need to know about gaming and cybersecurity. Yes, your favorite gaming portal is also a favorite hunting ground for cybercriminals. 

Industry reports show that there was a 340% increase in cyber-attacks in 2020 during the pandemic lockdown. Web applications attacks between 2018 and 2020 grew by 415%.  

The methods of attack are numerous. These include credential stuffing, SQL injection, local file inclusion, and phishing. 

What makes cybercriminals so scary is that they are constantly evolving.  They are up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends. Hackers have perfected the art of looking for loopholes to gain entry.  

That is why it is important to be extra careful about your online security when gaming. And, one way to do it is with the use of proxies. Read on to find out the advantages below. But first, let’s start with a simple definition of proxies.  

Understanding Proxies 

We will use an analogy to explain what proxies are. When you go to the airport, you must pass through a security check. It helps ensure that you do not carry any contraband or weapons into the building.  

If the security finds any on you, they will remove it from your person. They may then allow you to proceed. 

The security check, in this case, is the proxy server. It is that middleman or gateway between your browser and the remote servers. Any traffic from, or to your browser passes through the proxy. 

Now, several things happen here including:-

  • Sieving of the traffic to remove any harmful content. 
  • The proxy masks your IP address. The remote server sees the proxy IP thus keeping yours hidden. 
  • Balances traffic going into your browser thus ensuring high page loading speeds. 
  • Proxies cache data or compress files, thus saving bandwidth.  

There are different proxies available. Some proxies get IP addresses from data centers. But, if you use a residential proxy, your ISP assigns the IP. They attach it to a physical location and device like a mobile or laptop.

Residential proxies are, therefore, more legitimate because the connections seem like they are coming from an actual residence.  

Advantages of Gaming Proxies

Gaming proxies provide you with an alternative IP address connecting to the gaming servers. There are many advantages to using them as we will show you below. 

  1. Online Anonymity

The fact is every time you're online, someone can track your activities. Cybercriminals spend a lot of time monitoring people, looking for loopholes. It gets even scarier. Your IP address gives cybercriminals an easy way to learn about you.  

They can get information like your name, contacts, and bank account details. By hiding your IP address, the proxy gives you anonymity while online. Choosing an IP address in a location far from your actual one is also another safety measure.  

  1. Access to Restricted Content

Some gaming companies will only give access depending on the player’s geo-location. Gamers in some countries also have to wait a little longer after launch dates to access new releases.  

The companies will use your IP address to determine where you are. Proxy servers bypass such restrictions by hiding or masking your IP address. Let’s say you are in Africa but want to access content from the US. 

The proxy providers will allocate you a US-based IP. Players can connect with others from all over the world without worrying about geographical location.  

  1. Faster Internet Speeds 

There is nothing as irritating as trying to play a game but keep experiencing lags. Imagine if gaming was your income source and you had to deal with that. It gets worse if you are in the middle of a duel, and the internet drops, logging you off.  

When there is a lot of traffic going in and out of the browser, it consumes a lot of bandwidth. Peak times are common in multiplayer or peer-to-peer games. Such need fast torrent downloads due to shared content. With many gamers logged on, internet speeds can significantly reduce.  

As we have stated, proxies compress traffic, and cache data. They will also balance whatever goes in or out.  In this way, the gamer can continue to enjoy high internet speeds.  

  1. Quick Data Exchange

P2P protocols in a proxy server are fantastic for data exchange. Here is how they work. The protocols set up folders within the system. You can then give network access to other users for browsing purposes. 

Everyone in the P2P team can do the same. Now everyone can copy saved games from the folders onto their devices. It removes any hassle that accompanies data sharing.  

  1. Proxies Can Help Reduce Cyber attacks

Remember our analogy above of the security check that sieves out harmful content? Well, gamers can prevent several malicious attacks with gaming proxies. Take the example of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.  

Cybercriminals use brute force to gain entry into servers or websites. They send huge amounts of traffic until it overwhelms the server. In the end, it will crash. The hackers use different avenues including social media, emails, and websites to infect the systems. 

The worst part about it is that you will not know the malware is in your system until it is too late. 

Proxy servers sieve out such malicious content. And, gamers get the added advantage of the balancing of internet traffic by the proxies. 

Final Thoughts 

There are many benefits to using proxies for gamers. Remote servers see a different IP address from your real one. It provides anonymity, making it hard for anyone to monitor your online activities. 

 By masking your IP address, remote servers will not know your location. Gamers can access content from all over the world without worrying about geo-restrictions.  

Proxies also compress traffic and cache data. That means faster internet speeds, even for multiplayer or P2P games. You don’t have to deal with lags or server overload due to high traffic.  

By sieving harmful content from traffic, gamers reduce the possibility of cyber-attacks. There are many proxy options available in the market. We would recommend residential proxies that give you an IP address from the ISP. They are more legitimate and harder to detect as proxies. 

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The Best Classic PC Video Games

The Best Classic PC Video Games

Whilst some of the classic PC video games may not boast the same quality of graphics as the games you play today, what is true is that thanks to their game play, they most definitely would keep you coming back for me. Over the years there have been lots of games that people deem to be classics and while there is much discourse of which PC video games are the best, some of our all time favourites are listed below. Hopefully this will inspire you to step back in time and try your hand at some classic PC gaming.


Deus Ex


Set within a cyberpunk type dystopian future, Deus Ex is an action based RPG which looks at the augmenting of humans, the advancement of technology, and inequality throughout society. Using the cyborg JC Denton, players embarked on a mission to find the people responsible for stealing a batch of life saving vaccines that would help to battle the pandemic the world currently finds itself in. Released in 2000, this video game is one that sticks fondly in the mind of anyone that ever played it.


ARK - Survival Evolved


A relatively new release (2017), although no less a classic PC video game, ARK - Survival Evolved, sees players hunt, harvest, craft, grow, research, and build in order to survive life on a mysterious island known as ARK that they find themselves on. Various resources are on hand which allow players to kill, tame, and even breed the dinosaurs that inhabit ARK. The multiplayer functionality allows you to team up with hundreds of players all at once for the ultimate gaming experience. Like most PC games, ARK - Survival Evolved is best played on via a dedicated survey. You can get ARK server hosting here.




At the time of release (1996), the 3D environments that you would find yourself in whilst playing Quake were way ahead of the competition. The multiplayer functionality allowed as many as 8 players to battle each other at once, whereas with most other games of the same ilk only allowed a maximum of 4 players. When playing in multiplayer, Quake was the first ever video game to feature a map. As a result of the game’s popularity, there were numerous different clans that formed to play it together. It is a highly important game that was responsible for shaping the future of gaming into the one that we know and love today. 


Chrono Trigger


Although Chrono Trigger was first released on the SNES back in 1995, it subsequently became available on PCs and soon became an absolute classic. It is no surprise given that it is made by the same developers who are responsible for other classic PC games such as Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, and Dragon Ball. The video game sees players make their way hopping through time and embarking on multiple different adventures with various outcomes and endings. Do not be put off by its old school 16 bit graphics.

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5 Strategies for Improving Your Gaming Skills

Gaming is fun when you win but humiliating when you permanently get eliminated early from any tournament. Improving your gaming skills is vital to enhancing your winning chances and staying long in the game. Becoming a gaming champion can be a career that may earn you a fortune.

5 Strategies for Improving Your Gaming Skills

Most gamers plot how to become good at playing these games after getting eliminated. Watching others play can be an excellent strategy to gain more skills but building your skills requires early preparation. The following tips can help you make a competitive skill in any gaming contest:

Understand Most of the Games on the Website

Most gamers assume that once you understand one game on a website, you have all the skills you need to be a champion. Well, you might need to change your perspective about this! A skillful gamer needs to grasp most of the games on the site to understand tricks in the sector. Websites like PlayPhone reviews provide access to several games that give you ideas on winning different competitions.

Playing different games is also an excellent opportunity to understand different gaming genres in the field. It will enable you to understand new games faster than a person who focuses on one play.

Regular Practice

Practicing should be your primary strategy to becoming a skilled gamer. Anything that gets built on constant practice leads to outstanding achievements! E-sport games are as competitive as any other game played on the field. You can manage to stay longer in the competition with regular practice. Practicing also builds your hand-eye coordination skills. You will be able to understand how to multitask when facing different competitors.


Researching will earn you more information about your favorite game. If you want to be a champion in any game, you have to collect as much information about the competitions as possible. Collect information about how to win the game from different youtube videos that guide a particular tournament. You could also consider contacting current champions in your favorite game for some tips and guides to reaching the winning line.

Play as a Team

Composing the best team in the game might make you the winner in a tournament. How do you join a good team? You can assess the group first to find out the strengths and weaknesses. It is crucial to understand every teammate and the tricks that can make you win. You could also choose a game that all the teammates understand to boost your winning chances. Playing as a team also lets you pick up one or two tips on skilling up your gaming abilities.

Hire Coaches

Getting coached can lead to significant achievements. Coaches who understand the games well will boost your winning potential. If you get invested in joining e-sport games, you should consider getting a coach who will equip you with the necessary skills to win. Getting a coach is like playing alongside another professional gamer since most coaches already have experience in the games you want.


Most people do not think about the extra work you need to channel into becoming a winner. Focusing on the end goal without drafting necessary strategies may cause frustrations. It is also important to watch others play and prevent yourself from getting angry every time you play.

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5 Ways to Optimize Your Gaming Space Setup

5 Ways to Optimize Your Gaming Space Setup

So, you’ve got the latest, greatest and fastest gaming PC. Your system is fully optimized and you’re ready to play. But what about your space? Whether you’re a long-time gamer who just built a new PC or you’re new to video gaming, the days of having to resort to playing your favorite games in a dark, cramped and bland basement or corner are gone. And even if yours aren’t (sorry Mom) you can have a sweet gaming setup no matter how much room you’ve got. Besides the systems, gaming accessories and furniture have become big business. As a result, you’ve got choices when it comes to optimizing the space.


  1. Gaming desk


When you’re looking for a desk or table, such as those reviewed in a list from Tom’s Guide, for your PC gaming space, look at the size of the room or area in the room and at how much space you need for your computer and your monitor, multiple monitors or even a large-screen TV. Also consider how much storage or space for storage you will require. Will you need built-in shelves, cubbies and drawers? Do you want your desk to have extra space for you to add your own storage and desk organizers? Will you be storing game cases and accessories in the desk itself?


A small desk that fits in a corner, with or without an adjustable standing platform works well in a dorm room, bedroom, basement or studio apartment. Dedicated game rooms can incorporate a large rectangle or L-shaped desk. Alternatively, for long hours playing your favorite role-playing game (RPG), you might prefer an over-sized standing desk that’s easy to lower and raise from sitting height to standing height.


  1. Gaming chair


Good-bye to your dad’s old uncomfortable office chair. Hello to ergonomic, comfy, PC gaming chairs that move, swivel, recline and come in a variety of colors. Plus, they’re sleek and look super cool! Many of these look like the seats from a sportscar and the most amazing rotating VR chairs look similar to the Expanse’s razorback interior and cost as much as $50K or more. Non-commercial, less elaborate, designed for home-use models are less and will set you back between $5K and $10K.


Not all gaming chairs are created equal, so try several out before you buy. Don’t discount the office chair route either. Some gamers find them more comfortable than even the most expensive gaming-specific seating. This roundup from PC Gamer rates the latest options.


  1. Design theme


Maybe you started with a theme idea for your gaming space before you chose your desk and chair. You may have even started thinking about it when you were building your new PC and chose the case. And if you haven’t, now is the time to start. Even the tiniest gaming setups don’t have to be boring. Jazz up your setup with the color schemes from your favorite game or games.


Decorate your desk with game-inspired toys and figurines. From Minecraft plushies to Marvel or Star Wars Funko Pops, there’s no end to the ways you can make the design of your gaming space your own special creation. You might also want to hang posters of your best-loved games and game characters. Alternatively, print out one of your best gaming screenshots and display it on your desk or a shelf.


  1. Gaming accessories


We’ve talked about gaming furniture and how to design the theme of your space but don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about all the other extras you need to set up your space. Here, gaming accessories. Sure, there are monitors, mice, keyboards, controllers, speakers, headsets and more, all designed specifically for PC gaming and gamers. While those are important, you don’t want to neglect the other PC game room touches that help create an awesome playing environment. Items such as, blackout curtains and soundproofing are essential for blocking out glare and ensuring loud sounds and music from games (not to mention any yelling and shouting) don’t disturb your neighbors or other people who live with you. Plus, you can find many accessories in colors that match the rest of your design theme.


  1. Storage


Finally, you can’t forget gaming storage. Whether or not your gaming desk has built-in shelves, you will undoubtedly require extra shelving for all your games and accessories. If you display any toys, a small shelf over or near your desk is also essential. Plus, you need hooks and racks to help you dangle your headphones, organize chords and keep everything neat. Consider borrowing a longstanding idea from retail stores and add a slatwall. Slatwalls are perfect gaming room accessories because you can further accessorize them with hooks, frames, bins and shelves. Plus, you can move your stuff around and swap things out when you get new items or decide to change up your entire gaming setup.




Bottom line, there’s no right or wrong way to set up your videogaming area or game room. Personalize your space to provide the most comfortable and exciting playing experience. The “coolest” video gaming setup is the one you create and not whatever conforms to the latest fad. There are as many types of gaming spaces as there are gamers. The look, feel and organization are up to you to decide.


Author Bio

Ray Ko has been creating effective visual merchandising and interior design strategies for retailers for more than 20 years. Today, he is the senior ecommerce manager for shopPOPdisplays, a leading designer and manufacturer of stock and custom acrylic product.


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Your Guide To Upcoming PS5 Games

Your Guide To Upcoming PS5 Games

The PlayStation 5 is the newest kid on the block as far as the console's frontier goes. And despite being relatively new, the console has attracted a burgeoning list of terrific games titles for players to try. Of course, you can still enjoy almost the entire PS4 games package via PS5s backward compatibility, meaning even at this early stage there are plenty of titles to choose from. To continue with the legacy of selling consoles with both Sony’s storied franchise games and third-party titles, PS5 owners will be having a busy time ahead as new releases continue streaming throughout 2021 and beyond. 

In this article, we have prepared a list of highly anticipated games to launch on PlayStation 5 in the near future. And if you’re stuck in your favorite MOBA (multiplayer online battle) and FPS (first-person shooters) game, be sure to check how a game boosting website can help. 

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Release date: 21 September 2021

Available on: PS5 & PC

Publisher: Sony

This new game off Sony’s assembly line features a beautiful art style fused with anime stylings and is worth checking out upon release. It is inspired by action-adventure, exploration, and fast-paced combat, and you need to find and expand a team of charming spirit companions, enhance their abilities and create new ways to conquer the environment. If it can be half as fun and entertaining to play as it is from the material we've come across so far, it'll be an instant hit in the gaming world. 

The pre-order price of the standard Kena: Bridge of Spirits is $39.99, with the Digital Deluxe pre-order price being $49.99.

Solar Ash

Release date: 26 October 2021

Available on: PS5, PS4, and PC

Publisher: Annapurna Interactive

After developer Heart Machine released some critical acclaim over their first game release the Hyper Light Drifter, the studio is set to release their second title Solar Ash. The game is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated games of 2021, and it leverages PS5’s hardware in a subtle yet super-effective fashion. 

If the Solar Ash release date trailer is anything to go by, the studio has done an excellent job of incorporating impressive 3D graphics and crisp sounds. Still, the game emphasizes speed and, with the Voidrunner named Rei having smooth flows and transitions when fighting giant enemies.


Release date: 1 October 2021

Available on: PS5, Xbox, and PC

Publisher: EA

EA is one of the few game developers that have managed to consistently release new versions of their popular FIFA. And with these releases, they have not disappointed in incorporating nice upgrades, as well as introducing new features to the game. 

The FIFA 22 entry will be the studio’s second outing on the next-gen hardware, and we're hoping that they will include new animations. Better yet, you don’t need to wait until the official release date to begin building your FUT 22 squad or your Pro Clubs career. You can play earlier by subscribing to EA Play or purchasing the Ultimate Edition.

Call of Duty Vanguard

Release date: 5 November 2021

Available on: PS5, PS4, Xbox, and PC

Publisher: Activision

The next Call of Duty game is launching us back to World War II, with this impressive shooter reverting to roots a little. From the previous versions of the game, COD should have an explosive campaign up its sleeves, impressive graphics, but the multiplayer option should also be key.

Battlefield 2042

Release date: 19 November 2021

Available on: PS5, PS4, and PC 

Publisher: EA

The Battlefield 2042 which is yet to be released promises to be a bit of a showstopper visually and, for the first time, EA will let console gamers enjoy 128-player servers for the maximum possible carnage. Along with that, the game promises huge weather events, an overhaul of the classic squad system, and so much more.

Horizon: Forbidden West

Release date: 18 February 2022

Available on: PS5 

Publisher: Guerilla

Horizon: Zero Dawn is one of the hit singles that dominated the PS4 era. The game garnered many positive reviews at launch, and since, it has continued to attract more and more gamers to its teeming single-player adventure. And to push the limits a bit higher, the developer has promised to deliver a sequel to Aloy's journey and adventures. 

From the release date trailer, the Horizon: Forbidden West looks absolutely gorgeous. It features new adversaries and mechanical monsters to overcome and is touted to be a hallmark to showcase all the PS5's graphical capabilities.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut 

Release date: 24 September 2022

Available on: PS5 

Publisher: Kojima Productions

This enhanced version of Hideo Kojima’s latest game is on its way to the PS5 console, and it features improved combat, a new racing mode, impressive graphics, which are as good as they come. Along with these improvements,  Director’s Cut also introduces a new companion known as Buddy Bot, which helps Sam Porter Bridges to transport larger hauls. And now, PS5 owners will soon be playing the game natively on their latest machines.

Lost Judgement

Release date: 24 September 2022

Available on: PS5 

Publisher: Sega

This yet-to-be-released game is a  sequel to 2018’s smash hit Yakuza spinoff, and it is premised on Takayuki Yagami, who is a private detector investigating a murder case. But that's not the best part, the Judgment spinoff series will now carry branch into the action brawler mode, with the mainline Yakuza franchise turn-basing to follow the seventh installment.

Final Thoughts

2021 and beyond is going to be an extremely busy period for PS5 owners as a litany of new releases continues to hit the console. And since the list continues to grow by the day, it can become challenging to find the very best. With our list of upcoming games and their release dates, however, you should be able to stay ahead of the curve.

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12 Minutes Review: A Hauntingly Engaging Thriller

12 Minutes Review: A Hauntingly Engaging Thriller


By: Kelvin Teh


Thriller is a niche genre, especially when it comes to video games. Good ones are few and far in between. Some of the memorable ones that I could recall from the top of my head would be Telltale Games' The Wolf Among Us and Playdead’s Limbo.


And when one of my friends recommended 12 Minutes to me, I was very sceptical. The premise was pretty formulaic where the main objective is to uncover the mystery behind your upcoming death and accused wife.


Personally, I had my fair share of unpleasant experiences in the past with thriller games, hence you can understand why I was pretty apprehensive about playing the game.


That being said, I am always up for a recommended game and here’s what I think about it.


Story and Gameplay


Without spoiling too much, 12 Minutes is mainly a decision-matter game and based on your decisions, the outcome will differ.


This strikes a similar tone with the Life is Strange series and more so with the protagonist’s supernatural time-travelling abilities.


Hence, your role here is to uncover the truth behind all the mystery with your newfound powers, all set within the confines of your living room.


I have to admit, being stuck inside the living room can be a little boring, especially when the game requires you to go back and forth in a loop, but this notion was cast away when the story gets deeper and darker along the way.


One thing that is not formulaic about this game was that it is played from a top-down perspective. Although there are quite a few top-down soul-like games, there are almost none that are choice-based games. Frankly, I liked the change.



Graphics and Visuals


Coming from an independent studio, it goes without saying that the visuals may not be as ‘impressive’ as triple-A games like Cyberpunk 2077 or Resident Evil. However, Annapurna Interactive did a spectacular job with the tools they have in hand.


The visual does not fall short compared to many indie games. Plus, I was glad that they did not do anything too crazy with the art direction, which they kept as minimalistic as possible.


Besides, 12 Minutes is not a game where the player should focus on the visuals. While I would be lying that a bad game art wouldn’t irk me, 12 Minutes is one of the few games that will still immerse you in its reality despite not having hyper-realistic images—at least it did for me.



Sound and Atmosphere


The voice acting and audio are easily the winners for 12 Minutes. You can argue all you want, but having James McAvoy as the lead voice is a win in my book. Aside from all biasedness, his voice blends in perfectly with his character.


Willem Dafoe and Daisy Ridley were also voice casted which hints that the devs wanted to emphasise more on the audio department. Again, like Life is Strange where a part of the game’s praise is from the soundtrack choices, 12 Minutes did a great job in voice casting their characters.


Plus, added effects like the background sound effects were on point. The rain can be heard from the outside pelting at the window with vehicles passing by, which are excellent touches that contribute to the ambivalent aesthetic of the game.



Overall Experience


As mentioned earlier, I am not the biggest fan when it comes to thriller games, but if I were to be honest, 12 Minutes got me hooked on the first minute. I’m not saying that the game isn’t flawed, as that it can get repetitive for the impatient.


However, the story and atmosphere really draws you in and you really just forget about time when you are trying to unravel the answers to the mystery, and that to me, is a successful thriller game.


The game is now available on Steam, you can conveniently add funds to your Steam Wallet by getting some codes from OffGamers here!


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Best Application to Download on your smartphone - Antistress Games by Content Arcade

Best Application to Download on your smartphone -  Antistress Games by Content Arcade

Stress and anxiety are highly prevailing issues that affect the cognitive abilities of people quite drastically. It is significantly essential to look for ways to relieve stress. One of the most amazing and reliable methods for doing so is to indulge oneself in antistress games.

There are enormous fun games that help in bursting the bubble of anxiety and stress. Not only elders but also children suffer from stress. It can be the stress of the job, exams, or others.

The persistent stress can lead to anxiety and then depression, which is quite harmful to people's mental health.

Worthy AntiStress Applications

People having smartphones are massively blessed that they can avail themselves of the opportunity to play antianxiety games. Some of these are highly valuable, which draw the maximum attention of users, while others fail to do so.

The relaxing games Android must be selected quite sagaciously to get the optimum benefits out of it. Stress management is optimally necessary; else the people could get trapped into it quite deeply.

The persistent and prolonged stress can lead to extreme negativity and suicidal thoughts. The most popular relaxing games on Android are:

  1. AntiStress, Relaxing, Anxiety & Stress Relief Game
  2. Super Slime Simulator: Satisfying ASMR & DIY Games
  3. AntiStress Relaxation Game: Mind Relaxing Toys
  4. Antistress - relaxation toys

Best Anti-Stress Android App

AntiStress, Relaxing, Anxiety & Stress Relief Game is one of the most splendid anxiety games. It is well-known for its exciting features. These ensure to boost up the positivity in the mind of users.

Features of Relaxing Games

The features and characteristics of the applications are responsible for their popularity and success. The most fabulous features of this game are:

●       36 plus satisfying games

The availability of multiple exciting stress games allows the users to play as many as they like. They can easily switch from one antistress game to another. The most popular anti-anxiety activities include the pop-up, dishwashing, recharge yourself, slime game, farming, and much more. The distraction from tensions and stress is important. The multiple games of the Android app are highly satisfying, which is easy to be played through the use of tapping and swipe. Hence, one does not need to put any extra effort into playing these games.

●       Impressive User Interface

The interest of the users enhances to the optimum in the game due to the friendly and impressive user interface. It is the main reason for the interaction of the masses with the games. It soothes the mind and calms it to the optimum. The user-friendly interface makes it easier for people to glue with the antistress games for longer. All of these games are designed with creativity. The colours are given extreme importance while designing fun games. These colours offer therapy for people of all ages. The collection of valuable relaxing games distracts the user's attention for the time being and enhances the urge to play more.

●       Realistic Sounds and Smooth Control

The realistic sounds soothe the mind and contain healing effects. The sound for the busting of a bubble or the pressure on the slime relaxes the mind. These sounds satisfy the mind quite amazingly. The desire to play the game enhances more and more due to such realistic sounds. Such impacts are highly desirable and aim in controlling the thoughts. The nerves get relaxed. Users get smooth control over the games and get relief without spending any money.

Quick and Secure Download

The nature of stress varies from one person to another. The capabilities of people for dealing with tensions vary. The anxiety games applications are the ones that work well on all individuals. They can combat stress rapidly and get the endless calmness of mind through such relax game. You can download the fun games on your smartphone within seconds. Smartphone users can get antistress app directly from the play store. Navigate to the relaxing games android app in Google Play Store and tap download button. It will start the processing of download within the blink of an eye, and the user will get the game icon on the screen. The downloading is secure as it does not share sensitive data with any other party.

In a Nutshell

People suffering from routine stress get excellent benefits due to the antistress game application. These do not require an internet connection while playing. The activities and challenges of it are marvellous enough to kick out the stress. No doubt, stress and tensions are elements of life from which people have to suffer. These must be taken as the phase of life and should be dealt with quite wisely. One must enjoy life to the peak and should not take stress on the nerves. Download the relax game now and relish your life!



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Rise of Kingdoms Review

 Rise of Kingdoms Review

Rise of kingdoms is a mobile game that was released in 2018 for android and ios. At the start, the game was poorly designed with an insanely small amount of content. Now Rise Of Kingdoms is one of the most played mobile games.

In our opinion, the community-made this game so popular. Players supported the game with in-game bundles and sending their feedback to developers on what to change and what to improve. Also, there are sites created by top Rise of Kingdoms players and one of that sites is Rise Of Kingdoms Guides where you can find information about events, commanders, talent trees, etc 

Community in ROK

First, you will always find someone in the game to chat with and who is willing to help you. Also, you have a big community on the official rise of kingdoms Reddit, Discord, and Facebook groups.

Mechanics in-game

Rise of Kingdoms is unique in this part. You will not find a mobile game where you can control troops freely. Mobile legends or clash of clans do not have this. With this game mechanic Rise of kingdoms managed to make events like Ark of Osiris and Kingdom vs Kingdom.


There are a lot of smaller events every day that you can play and receive rewards but there are 2 events that will make you fall in love with this game. The first one is Kingdom vs Kingdoms where your kingdoms will work as a team to fight other kingdoms to earn great prices and reputation in the game. Next one Ark of Osiris. This event will be big in the future. Basically, this is an event where your 30 members of the alliance will fight other alliances on a special map. The map is big and there are objectives that you have to take to win. Each objective is important because it generates points. Of Kingdoms.

Rise of Kingdoms Review

Commanders and Graphics in Rise Of Kingdoms

Every single commander that you will find in Rise of Kingdoms is based on historical facts. So you can play and learn history at the same time in Rise of Kingdoms. The graphic is beautiful and developers are spending a lot of time polishing and designing buildings and commanders.

Pay to Win problem

The problem with mobile games is that they are pay to win. A lot of people are willing to spend an insane amount of money to get an advantage over other players and that can be frustrating if you are free to play and not willing to spend money on a mobile game. but Rise of kingdoms is different in that aspect. Yes, you have pay to win players but they need free-to-play players. Spenders can not win events like KVK and AOo alone.

Overall Rise of Kingdoms is a great game that you will have fun playing. So give it a try. You will always have something to do. On top of that, they are improving it every day. Developers are working hard to push ROK to the esports scene with the ark of Osiris event and there is a big possibility that they will succeed. So give it a try, you have nothing to lose.

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Fallen Hero

Fallen Hero

Thank you Materia Collective for sending us this digital album to review!

It’s no secret that I love the music from Undertale and have reviewed many different renditions of the songs from this game. If you enjoyed Ferdk’s interpretations of Battle Against a True Hero, Hopes and Dreams, and Spider Dance, you’ll want to hear Ro Panuganti’s versions in this album. I was impressed with Ro Panuganti’s Pokemon album, Metal Trainer, and looked forward to his progressive metal take on Undertale. While it doesn’t dethrone String Player Gamer’s version as my favorite, it’s still a solid album.

Fallen Hero has 24 tracks with the guitar being the most dominant instrument used. You’ll still hear drums, keyboard, violin, and other percussion instruments too. All of the songs were instantly recognizable and brought back fond memories of playing this game.

Here’s a full track list:

1. Once Upon a Time 02:25

2. Fallen Down 01:12

3. Ruins 03:25

4. Enemy Approaching 02:52

5. Ghost Fight 02:10

6. Home 03:26

7. Heartache 04:58

8. Snowy 03:38

9. Bonetrousle 02:49

10. Waterfall 03:31

11. Run! 03:01

12. Spear of Justice 03:39

13. Battle Against a True Hero 05:30

14. Metal Crusher 02:15

15. Another Medium 06:00

16. Spider Dance 02:33

17. Oh! One True Love 01:35

18. Dogsong 02:43

19. Death by Glamour 05:11

20. Bergentrückung 01:16

21. ASGORE 04:23

22. Your Best Nightmare 06:11

23. Hopes and Dreams 06:00


This is a pretty good sampling of Undertale songs as you’ll hear the opening theme song, battle music, boss music, and songs from peaceful moments in the game. There are over 100 tracks in the OST and songs chosen for this album are exceptionally done.

This approximately 80-minute album is a must-have for any progressive rock-loving Undertale fan. The asking price is a reasonable $10 and can be purchased digitally on Bandcamp in MP3, FLAC, ALAC (Apple Lossless), AAC, Ogg Vorbis, WAV and AIFF formats. It’s a dollar cheaper on Amazon for MP3 format only.

(Amazon Affiliate Link)

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5 Pros and Cons of VR in Gaming


Everyone has heard of gaming and formed some sort of opinion towards it. Some people love games and spend hundreds of hours on them, while others resent it and spend hundreds of hours ranting about it. Whether you love or hate games, they are here to say. They are continuously growing in popularity and innovation.

One of the newest innovations in the gaming industry is the addition of VR. 

VR or Virtual Reality transports users to a whole new manmade version of reality. This man-made version can serve many uses like work, art, and even education. Now VR is making its way to the gaming industry, a wonderful industry full of potential, soft drinks, and angry gamers.

Virtual Reality and How it Works

As mentioned, VR transports users to a specific virtual world for varying reasons. VR is often discussed in combination with Augmented Reality or AR. Augmented Reality is essentially the same as VR except they transport users to a modified version of reality. Users are still in the same realm, but this time AR has added to the reality making it a better-augmented version.

With new startups targeting different areas of the market, who knows where VR will be in the coming years? New startups that are dedicated to fitness, education, healthcare, finance, and many more show the potential in VR. All of these are possible thanks to the tools used for VR.

The Instruments of Virtual Reality

In old-school gaming you might make use of a console or a stick and controller in the arcade, today you make use of simple lightweight tools. Instead of your usual handheld controller attached to a PS4, VR makes use of modern tools.

Most VR programs can be accessed with a pair of controllers and augmented reality

The controllers allow the program to locate your hands and observe your movements. These controllers serve as the bridge between your hands and the virtual world.

The virtual reality headset allows you to access the virtual world. What the controller does for VR programs, the headset does for you. It tells you what is on the other side, usually, this is through a pair of lightweight goggles and some headphones. Headsets vary in size and approach but they all serve the same purpose, allowing you to access virtual reality.

Just like having a new handheld console, having a headset and a pair of controllers gives you free rein over a new and improved world.

Pros of VR in Gaming

With the awesome development of this technology, it brings forth numerous pros for its users. Let’s find out what they are below.

 1. Everything is Surreal

5 Pros and Cons of VR in Gaming

One of the advantages that VR gaming has is the immersiveness. VR provides you with far better visuals compared to any other gaming console out there. VR can be so immersive, it can even look better than what actual reality looks like. You get the high-quality graphics of the real world combined with the beauty of a gaming world.

One second you can be in your living room and the next the web-slinging Spiderman or maybe a soldier in the second world war. VR transports you into whatever reality you choose and lets you take in every beautiful second you spend there. You aren’t limited by some screen on a computer anymore, now you can walk and turn around to see every beautiful detail.

2. Exploration is Safe

As mentioned, VR transports you to whichever reality you prefer. Providing you with beautiful scenery in the comfort of your own home. What may surprise scenic lovers who are used to climbing mountains to get a beautiful view, is the fact that they can get that same view from the safety of their living room.

VR is all about transporting your eyes, ears, and for some programs, even your legs to a whole different world. You get to feel a new reality without leaving your home and you get to be a thrill seeker while you stay safe.

Safety is a major priority when it comes to staying alive, and with VR you don’t have to sacrifice this.

3. It Can Make You More Fit

Certain VR games let you exercise the way you normally would inside the gym and others do a better job. An example of VR in fitness is Black Box, they are a VR startup that takes your workout to a whole new level through gamification. They make regular old crunches and reps into fun challenges that reward you with a fun game and healthy results.

There are plenty of other VR programs that can help you to have fun and have that summer body.

Cons of VR Gaming


Everything comes with a price, and it is only fair that we inform you of the negative effects of VR gaming. It isn’t all bonuses when it comes to modern gaming, just like in the past there are cons. 

For you to make a responsible decision if you want to get into VR gaming here are the cons.

1. Highly Addictive

Since VR gaming is essentially a step up from traditional console gaming, its addictiveness follows. Some may argue that it is “only addictive” because it is enjoyable. Regardless of the reason, addiction is still something that needs to be taken seriously. Exposing yourself to VR gaming does expose you to a small risk of addiction.

This may be especially true since VR is more immersive. Since some gamers get addicted to low-quality games then VR might serve an additional risk of addiction. 

2. VR Gaming is Expensive

VR gaming is a class of its own in the gaming industry. Since it is a relatively new technology, some tools are expensive. Even though everyone should get to experience the wonders of VR, doesn’t mean they get the opportunity to do so.

This is of course because every gaming console has always come with a price, and that price always drops after time. This con may not be around for long but it still deserves a mention, for now, certain tools might be too expensive for an average gamer.

Final Takeaway

VR is a wonderful new world full of possibilities, it brings amazing experiences but it also has its disadvantages. This article quickly discusses VR, how it works, and the different effects you need to consider before buying a VR setup. 

All in all, this article presents you with the needed information and it is your choice if you want to take advantage of VR in its early stages. Whether you are interested or not, VR is here and it will keep on growing and branching out to other industries in the future.


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How Project Magma Spawned Call of Duty: Warzone


One year ago, Call of Duty was launched, and its story was to save the fictional city of Verdansk from a nuclear attack while it was already churning in the toxic fumes. I felt a strong déjà vu.

How Project Magma Spawned Call of Duty: Warzone

The ultimate battle royale was launched when the world was sitting tight and waiting in their home for the lockdown to end. It was March 2020. The gloom descended on the world matched the horror served by the second instalment of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.  


What is Project Magma?


There is an interesting story of how Patrick Kelly and Dave Stohl, co-studio heads for Infinity ward, persuaded everyone to deal in the biggest game ever. All of Activision and Infinity Ward came out of their Woodland Hills' office with a vision to create a multiplayer game on a voluminous map with more than 150 players at a time. The project was named Magma.


Warzone was Originally Planned to be in Kabul


The work on this unnamed project started in 2017 when PUBG was steadily rising and raising the bar for virtual battleground game. Kelly enjoyed playing the game with his son, which prompted him to think about what he liked and didn't like about COD.

Kelly wanted to base it on Kabul, but Donestk’s features supported the logistics of the game well. Developers thought that most of the cityscape would look the same, and the players can find difficulty finding out where they are.

The team pondered on developing the city of Verdansk as tangible and identifiable as possible by making distinct structures. The map started to grow. Stohl and Kelly figured out that making a map spanning miles in the city is a wild goose chase.


The Biggest Battle Royale Ever


This was a critical point. The team decided to limit the map proportional to the number of players that could be supported, and Infinity Ward wanted to double the standards set by Fortnite and PUBG. Eventually, the number of players were capped at 200.


How Gulag was Developed: Chance of Survival


Kelly observed no chance of revival if a player got eliminated initially in Fortnite and PUBG. Infinity Ward was working on 'Gunfight' at this time. It was two players versus two players mode which inspired Kelly to create Gulag.

Gulag gives players a chance to get reinstated in the game. Two eliminated players would enter a one on one fight in prison separated by tiled walls. The fellow players could watch the duel from above and even tell their player about the enemy's position. The player who wins is respawned.

Kelly wanted this to take place on the weapon training platform with the wooden area at the center-King. But including Gulag was smart. In Fortnite, Apex Legends and PUBG, it was game over for many within a minute.


How They Got Players to Scavenge for More


Developers wanted the players to experience the map and move forward even after their favourite weapons and armour. The game had incentives for players to earn ‘Cash.’

The Cash is the game currency that players can spend on exclusive stations to buy radars to find enemies, weaponry used in airstrikes to kill them and even purchase back their lost player. These features inspired players to move around on the map. Still, if you are new at this game, you can try to learn with the help of some Warzone hacks.


The Final Act: Testing


At last, the day of reckoning came. This was the most pressurizing time for the team. A group of 100 playtesters sat in front of their Xboxes, Personal Computers, and PlayStations.

All of them entered the Modern Warfare's mode Ground War to test the limitation of the software. Testing stretched way past midnight. The developers weighed the pros and cons and limited the number of players from 200 to 150. However, the game can support 200 players in specific formats.


Realism in the Graphics: The Devil in Details


The game is set in a spooky and dreaded atmosphere. The air is cloudy and dry without any hint of life. The airports are bombed- down, towns sans people, and places are reeking of destruction. Dead bodies of livestock are decaying in the farms, the upland is rocky, and deserted lumber yards make us remember Chainsaw Massacre.

How Project Magma Spawned Call of Duty: Warzone

Like any horror movie, the players are always on their edge and vulnerable to being shot from a tattered pane of a rigged building. Shadows are lurking to shoot from the remotest places. The story is taken forward where Call of Duty Black Ops left.

Descending into a building where broken toys and dangling in a cot, the bedsheet is ruffled, and a fridge stocked with food items literally send chills down the spine. I could feel the hairs around my neck standing. This is the next level of spookiness.

The details are made gore with excellent graphics and software fidelity. The background sound has nailed the job. The sound of swarming of flies, creaking floorboards, branches and leaves rustling, dust unsettling from an abandoned building, and many more like this trigger the feeling of being hunted.

According to psychologists, the tactical team has done a great job by refining such subtle details making the surrounding more real. The player is hiding. He listens to footsteps approaching from behind; the sound of the storm with the monstrous and jaw-clattering roar of a missile launch stirs the Agency Detection Mechanism in our minds. The adrenaline rush that follows is incredible!

The Aftermath

The Team was quite skeptical of what will follow after the launch. The game was received with excitement and crossed 100 million downloads by the end of the year, making it the most played game on the planet.

Activision has hinted at launching a mobile version of the game after the Call of Duty Mobile downloads reflected success. This speculation is airing after the job for mobile developers was posted on LinkedIn by the publisher. Gamers can only sit tight and wait for the action to unleash on their mobiles.











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From Gamers Magazine

From Gamers Magazine

Thank you From Gamers Magazine (published by Guidefall) for sending us a digital copy to review!

From Gamers Magazine was successfully Kickstarted in April of 2021 and the inaugural issue was released in May and physically shipped out in June. The funds received from the Kickstarter cover the costs of making two issues and the next one is set to release later this year.

The goal of From Gamers Magazine is to prolong the lifespan of printed gaming media while bringing back the passionate voice of gamers that is no longer present in other media outlets. From what I’ve read of this 56-page magazine, I think they’re living up to these goals.

Along with crediting the Kickstarter backers, you can expect to find a few ads promoting various games, gaming magazines, and podcasts. You’ll also find insightful previews, reviews, and opinion pieces. There are informative articles that talk about the history of Far Cry and opinionated articles on how to improve the Halo series going forward and a list of game franchises to bring back. I like how the articles have QR codes to scan to view official trailers for the games being discussed.

The game reviews are well written and have a breakdown on the bottom of the page indicating the strengths and weaknesses a title has. There is a big numerical score awarded as well with a 10 being the highest available. This first issue has reviews for Bravely Default II, It Takes Two, Monster Hunter Rise, Outriders, and Persona 5 Strikers.

At the end of the magazine you’ll find a QR code for pre-ordering issue #2. Print copies for the first and second issues can be ordered from the website for $12 (free shipping in the United States). There is a limited number in stock so if you prefer holding and reading magazines in your hand, act fast! Digital copies are $4.99.

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Six Tips for Gamers to Take Good Care of Their Eyes

                          Six Tips for Gamers to Take Good Care of Their Eyes                         

Gaming can be quite a lot of fun. From Space Invaders to Donkey Kong to Tekken to Mario Kart to Pokemon Go to Call of Duty, with every new one entering the market, the games keep getting more advanced and more realistic, thereby winning the new converts all along the way. But, of course, these games demand attention too, and it is not like we give them any less of it. There are so many of who spend multiple hours in a day playing games. If you, too, think of yourself as a gamer, and every bit of your free time is spent in front of the screen, then your eyes should be protected. So, here we have come up with some helpful tips to take care of your eyes.

Invest in the right monitor

Regardless of whether you are a gamer who has been into gaming for a while or you are new to this whole gaming world, you must know that a monitor and a screen can both make or break your experience. At times, the screen is pretty tiny, and you fail to see everything that you should. Other times, you are to customize the monitor’s features to ensure that you get the best gameplay and gaming experience.

‘Regardless of your needs, you must always shop for the monitors that are meant particularly for video games. It is because these are designed to allow you to enjoy your gaming experience for a much longer time. You can find several monitors that come with settings, which lower the blue light or have eye care options. These can be detrimental for guarding your eyesight,’ comments Sonya, an educator who offers online law essay writing service.

Keep distance from the monitor

Secondly, to maintain your eye health, it is vital to ensure that the distance between you and the screen is sufficient enough. Increasing the distance between the monitor and the screen can help you lower the strain and simultaneously reduce the degree of blue light exposure to your eyes. Having said that, it may become challenging for you to see what is happening in the game clearly. So, we recommend sitting at the spot that allows you to look at what is happening in the game with ease without even being too close to the monitor.

Take frequent breaks

For a lot of you, this may seem like the most obvious thing to do, but to ensure that you actually take the breaks, you need to set the alarms. The alarms are necessary to ensure that you and your eyes get a break after a fixed period of time. Why do we recommend setting the alarm? Come on, let us be honest, if you sit downplaying your favourite game, do you not lose track of time? Generally speaking, it is recommended to take a break after every twenty minutes into the game. However, if you find that too soon, you can push this time to forty-five minutes, but do not play longer than forty-five minutes in a single stretch.

Brian, an associate educator who works with a platform where you can pay to write research papershares, ‘When I sit down to enjoy video games, I make sure I get up after every forty-forty-five minutes. It gives me and my eyes a little break. During this time, I either shut my eyes and sit back on the chair for a few minutes, or I just go for a nice walk around the block.’

These regular breaks are necessary to ensure that you do not end up with a headache following a long gaming session.  

Try and look at the objects in the distance

Another one of the most quintessential tips that you need to keep at the top of your mind is while you are not looking at the screen, train your eyes by looking at the objects in the distance. The problem with most of us is that our line of vision is often pretty short. It is primarily because we never allow our eyes to look at objects in the distance. You need to understand that the less you look at the objects in the distance, the less adept your eyes will be. So, if you wish to better your vision, even while enjoying the long gaming session, you need to focus on the objects located at a distance from you whenever you take a break from the screen.

Invest in a pair of good gaming glasses

Wish to get better at playing video games? Well, you have to prepare your eyes to adapt to the long screen time. To make it possible, you should invest in the right equipment for your eyes, which is the gaming glasses. So why are gaming glasses needed?

Gaming glasses are beneficial. These are exquisitely designed to ensure that while you play games, your eyes do not hurt. Further, these glasses can also lower the strain that continuous exposure to the screen may cause. More so, when you play video games, be it on the mobile screen, tablet, or computer screen, it exposes you to a high degree of blue light, which causes excessive strain. In the long run, it may even lead to dry eye syndrome. To avoid this from happening, you can utilize the gaming glasses, which come with high-end filters, which lower the impact of the blue light on the eyes,’ comments Harry, an educator who offers civil engineering assignment help services.

Pay heed to your eyes

All of us are different people, which is often seen as the primary complication of every healthcare department. Why? There is no one-size-fits-all situation. Thus, it is vital to hear what your body says. For example, if while playing a game, your eyes are continually bothering you after every thirty minutes into the game, then you see it as a sign from your body and take a break. Of course, it sounds easy to you right now, but most people have a habit of ignoring these signals from the body. Please bear in mind; our eyes are unique and precious. So, listen to what they say, and take a break whenever required.

So, these are the six most vital tips for gamers to protect their eyes. Have more such tips to add to the list? Then, do let us know in the comment box below.



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Dragon Age: Inquisition's Beginner’s Paradigm Shift


Dragon Age: Inquisition's Beginner’s Paradigm Shift

After dozens of hours of closing rifts, destroying red lyrium veins, and maybe even defeating some dragons, you finally beat Dragon Age Inquisition. Congrats! You may now be asking yourself: what the heck just happened?

You're not alone. Even as a Dragon Age fan that's been playing since Origins, the ending to Inquisition—or more specifically, the post-credits epilogue—left me scratching my head. The thing is if you're not well-read on your lore, if you haven't played the right bits in previous games, if you didn't use the right party members, or if you didn't look at specific codex entries, the epilogue scene might make no sense.

This post contains massive GuidedHacking's Inquisition cheats for Dragon Age Inquisition!

The first Inquisition was a group of people who, following the First Blight, rose to defend Thedas from the dangers of magic and heretics. The Inquisition later allied with the Chantry, abandoning its original name and splitting itself into the Seekers of Truth and the Templar Order. In 9:41, Dragon, the Inquisition is reformed, following the cataclysmic event called The Breach.

The Inquisition of old

In the years before the founding of the Chantry and the start of the Divine Age, Thedas was plunged into chaos. The First Blight had ended, the Imperium had broken apart following Andraste's March, and despite the spread of the Maker's teachings, blood mages, malefic, and Old Gods cults were widespread. The Inquisition was formed around -100 Ancient, thus predating the Chantry by roughly 90 years, to protect the people from the "tyranny of magic" in whatever form it might take; blood mages, abominations, cultists or heretics. A loose association of Andrastian hard-liners, the group, combed the land searching for these "threats," and some say theirs was a reign of terror. Others say they were cast negatively by history because their investigations and even application of justice, protecting both mages and common people impartially, crossed too many powerful groups. In these accounts, it is suggested that the group was already known as the Seekers of Truth and that the "Inquisition" moniker was perhaps pejorative.

In 1:20 Divine, the newly founded Chantry found common cause with the Inquisition, and they signed the Nevarran Accord. As part of the agreement, the Inquisition became the new martial art of the Chantry, the Templar Order, and its senior members became known as the Seekers of Truth. Another result was creating the Circle of Magi, with the Templars serving as overseers for the Circle.

The last leader of the original Inquisition, American, went missing after the organization's dissolution. It is said he left to hunt a powerful dragon or not to overshadow the newly created Templar Order.

When the Inquisition was no more, the mysterious Order of Fiery Promise rose for the first time, claiming to be the real Inquisition and Seekers of Truth. They were quickly dispersed by the might of the newly established Chantry.

The modern Inquisition

The re-formed Inquisition is commanded by the Inquisitor, who serves as the overall leader of the organization. Beneath them are the three advisers, each of whom oversees a different department of the Inquisition. The Commander leads the military forces of the organization and oversees training. The Seneschal/Spymaster is in charge of covert operations, fraud and liaisons with more disreputable elements. The Ambassador is in charge of co-coordinating diplomatic efforts among the nobility and various other groups the Inquisition must work with.

The Inquisition is less rigid than most organizations in Thedas. It adopts a more inclusive recruitment practice, allowing humans and elves, dwarves and Qunari into senior command positions, similar to the Grey Wardens. Unlike the Wardens, however, the Inquisition does not strive to be a-political, as much of its financial and diplomatic backing comes from senior members of the Orlesian nobility as well as the Fereldan nobility.

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How do You become a pro-first-person shooter?

how do you become a pro-first-person shooter

Once you begin playing shooting games, your fondness for it will keep increasing. The different levels, the hurdles at each level make these games increasingly enjoyable. Despite there being so many games available for playing nowadays, shooting games have an increased fan following, if not the same. But to enjoy playing shooting games, you have to implement the correct strategies in the game. We have listed some tips that are going to improve your skill at shooting games.

  1. It's just a game. You don't have to be very serious about it.

The purpose of any game is to keep you entertained. You are supposed to feel happy and fresh after playing the game. So don't burden yourself with how many enemies you have shot and how many times you have got killed. Try playing team-based shooting games. That way, you will be able to focus on stuff other than killing the enemy. Team members are also helpful in identifying the target and taking them down together.

  1. Analyze the map in which you are playing

It would be best if you had a good understanding of the map where you are playing to defeat enemies better. If you know the map, you will be able to hide better and be able to find out the hiding spot of your enemies better. If your enemy isn't much aware of the map, you will have an added advantage. So it's essential to have an idea about the map you are playing in the case of shooting games. If you want to get better at your aiming skills in shooting games, tile frenzy on 3D Aim Trainer is a great choice.

  1. Practice regularly

If you want to improve at shooting games, you have to keep practicing on several maps to improve your performance. If you only practice once or twice a week, you cannot improve at the game. Keep practicing in the practice map because they have many bots and enemies as set targets for improving your game. Practice every day for 20 to 25 minutes, and you will notice a considerable change in your performance if you want to check your improvement play area game after practicing several times in the maps given.

  1. Learn from pro streamers

You tend to improve at such shooting games by watching the pro-level players play. So if you want to become an expert at shooting games and sure you devote some time to watching the pro-level players and learning their tricks. In addition to motivating you, there will also help you in improving your game.


Shooting games are perhaps the most entertaining game you will ever find. There are several levels, different types of enemies, and a variety of hurdles to keep you hooked to the game. If you want to enjoy the game to its fullest, you have to improve your rank and expertise in such games. So follow the tips mentioned above to improve your strategies and performance for such games.


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Lizard Skins Controller Grips

Lizard Skins Controller Grips

Thank you Lizard Skins for sending us review samples!

Lizard Skins was founded in 1993 and their initial focus was making handlebar grips and long finger gloves for use in mountain biking. Since then, they have branched off into baseball, hockey, lacrosse and most recently, video game accessory grips. We were recently blessed with the opportunity to review PS4, Switch, and Xbox One controller grips. We were also sent a 4” x 6” cut to fit sheet which can be used to add grips to your mouse or anything else you want a better grip on.

The controller grips are pre-cut and are relatively easy to install. Each package includes an alcohol wipe packet and illustrated instructions. The cut to fit sheet includes a grid transfer sheet so you can trace and cut the grip as needed.

When applying the grips you’ll have to pay close attention to making sure that air bubbles are not being formed in the process. The product is pretty forgiving and lets you re-align it a few times without losing its stickiness. During my unboxing video I realized that I placed a grip on the wrong side of the controller and was able to remove and re-apply it without any issues. Naturally, I edited that mistake out of the video.

Each grip style is offered in multiple camo and color options. The camo options include black (and white), phantom (grayish), and wild fire (black, red, and white). Solid colors include black, blue, red, green, orange, yellow, and teal. The PS4 and Xbox One controller grips are similarly priced at $16.99 for solid colors and $17.99 for camo. The Joy-Con grips are $11.99 for solid colors and $12.99 for camo.

Though I found the Switch Joy-Con grips nice, the Xbox/PS4 grips are pretty much essential. I was recently playing on a non-gripped controller and longed for the increased grip and sweat absorption of our Lizard Skins equipped one. I look forward to installing more grips and equipping our next-generation controllers with them as soon as they’re available.

(Amazon Affiliate Link)

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13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim Remix & Arrange Album -The Branched-

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim Remix & Arrange Album -The Branched-

Thank you Scarlet Moon Productions for providing a digital album to review!

I find it very interesting that the game 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim was nearly considered by publisher Atlus to be written down as a loss. When the game was originally released in Japan back in 2019, it didn’t even sell well in the beginning. It was only by the generous word of mouth by well-regarded game developers Masahiro Sakurai (Super Smash Bros. series) and Yoko Taro (NieR: Automata) that sales started to pick up—and eventually considered a sales success by Atlus despite its long and troubled development time. I previously reviewed said game here where I more or less gush about it for 2000+ words. If you’re a fan of sci-fi or adventure games and have a PS4/PS5, I highly recommend checking it out.

The soundtrack of 13 Sentinels is praised all around by the reviewers and players who experienced it. Basiscape Records, who previously worked on the game’s soundtrack took another crack at it with this arranged and remixed album, officially titled “13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim Remix & Arrange Album -The Branched-”. Basiscape was founded by world-renowned video game composer Hitoshi Sakimoto (best known for his work on the Final Fantasy Tactics series). This album, spearheaded by Yoshimi Kudo takes twelve pieces from the Remembrance (adventure) segments and Destruction (battle) segments while introducing two completely new tracks, making a total of fourteen. The first new track, titled -[PROTEASE]- is in the style of the battle segments. The other new track, Stellar Memories is completely original, with vocals sung by one of the characters, Miyuki Inaba. 

The other twelve tracks are an alternative take, almost as if the story went along a different path. Some pieces tend to either double down on the intensity of the overall feeling, incorporating genres or inspiration from techno, dubstep, and digital instruments. Other pieces even slow down the pace, taking a more muted and mellow approach. My favorite track out of the remixed album is Halcyon Days -Branched- as it takes a soothing and relaxing theme that I already enjoyed a lot and energizes it, giving a bouncy and peppy feeling to it. It almost sounds like it could be the music to the first level of a platformer. 

I felt Yoshimi Kudo and Basiscape did a great job remixing these tracks, as well as creating new music in the style of 13 Sentinels. Each track lasts on average around three minutes and forty seconds with some being as long as nearly six minutes. If you’re a fan of electronic music or already liked 13 Sentinels, this is a great value for $9.66 through Apple Music where previews of each track can be played as well. Unfortunately, if you want a physical copy, you must tread through Japanese websites and possibly use a forwarding service. 

(Amazon Affiliate Link)

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CS:GO – meet the Broken Fang agents!

CS:GO – meet the Broken Fang agents!

The topic of agents is often omitted in various articles on the web. The reason is very simple – everybody’s attention is focused on the weapon skins and patterns. That’s where the real fun is, right? Well, that might be a fair statement, but CS:GO provides a lot of other visual elements for an FPS game. One of such elements is the CS:GO character model.

What is the Broken Fang?

The Broken Fang is a type of DLC for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It introduces many new elements to the game: in this case, it changes the way of counting game statistics, introduces 6 new maps and the Broken Fang Coin and also adds many other collectible items, such as weapon skins, cases or graffities. Last but not least: Operation Broken Fang brings exactly twenty new agents to the game – 12 Terrorists and 8 CTs.

Agent models are quite similar to the weapon skins – they don’t really change anything important in the game. You won’t get any speed or damage boosts for using a particular agent model. But there are some details that can satisfy even the staunchest fans of the game: Master Agents have unique voices and cheers which add a small, personalised element to the game. Other agent categories have the same cheers and voices.

What are the types of agents in CS:GO?

There are four types of CS:GO characters. They are unlocked gradually, upon completing missions in any given operation. For example, Distinguished Agents could be unlocked upon gaining 28 stars in Operation Shattered Web (more info about the agent models at that time can be found here). But in the Broken Fang case, it’s a bit different. Here’s a list of all the agents in this operation, along with the number of stars needed to buy them from the Operation Shop:

  • Distinguished Agents: 5 stars,
  • Exceptional Agents: 7 stars,
  • Superior Agents: 10 stars,
  • Master Agents: 25 stars.

As you can see, unlocking the low-tier Agents is quite easy and does not require a lot of effort. Now, let’s flip through the Broken Fang Agents in some detail.

Operation Broken Fang agents. Who are they?

Let’s start with the SWAT CT faction. Valve introduced six new agents in this category. Here are their names:

  • Bio-Haz Specialist (Distinguished),
  • Chem-Haz Specialist (Distinguished),
  • Sergeant Bombson (Exceptional),
  • John “Van Healen” Kask (Exceptional),
  • 1st Lieutenant Farlow (Superior),
  • Cmdr. Mae “Dead Cold” Jamison (Master).

As you can see, there's a variety of new characters to choose from. Their names contain a lot of amusing references and the models tjohhemselves are designed with great detail. The new CT CS:GO character models have two other models from different fractions: “Blueberries” Buckshot (NSWC Seal) and “Two Times” McCoy (TACP Cavalry). Overall, it’s good to see a few more female characters – maybe this will encourage more women to play the game?

There’s a lot more of the Terrorist models introduced with the Broken Fang Operation. The most representative faction are The Professionals:

  • Getaway Sally (Exceptional),
  • Little Kev (Exceptional),
  • Number K (Superior),
  • Safecracker Voltzmann (Superior),
  • Sir Bloody Darryl Royale (Master),
  • Sir Bloody Loudmouth Darryl (Master),
  • Sir Bloody Miami Darryl (Master),
  • Sir Bloody Silent Darryl (Master),
  • Sir Bloody Skullhead Darryl (Master).

It’s clear that Bloody Darryl got the most attention from Valve. His design resembles horror movies, such as Friday the 13th or Halloween. There are also some other factions which got a few Terrorist skins:

  • Street Soldier (Phoenix, Distinguished),
  • Dragomir (Sabre, Distinguished).

Conclusion. How to get the Broken Fang CS:GO characters?

It’s very simple. Just complete the missions, get the stars, and you’ll be able to gradually unlock all of them. But there’s another option. If you’re not particularly interested in this DLC, you can buy the character models independently, for very low prices. Right now, the weapon skin market is highly inflated, but the agent one might be a little bit undervalued. That’s why it’s very easy to obtain a great character model for just a few bucks, even without purchasing the DLC.


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Gaming Trends in 2021: What is the Future of Gaming?

Gaming allows you to expand beyond the possible and engage in environments that are the products of your wildest fantasies. Obsessed with the zombie apocalypse and its repercussions on the world, as we know it? Play The Last of Us II, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, and Holdout, which are some of the latest titles in the zombie survival genre, and you’ll experience a rush of adrenaline going down your body, tingling at the tips of your fingers. That’s the effect gaming has on the modern generation. It reinvigorates a collective social interest and catches the eye of everyone, regardless of their age and circumstance.

Like the colors in a rainbow, gaming comprises different shades. You can play a game online or offline, on a dedicated console or a smartphone, with other players or alone. Most of the popular games these days are played online, for which the presence of a high-speed internet connection is a MUST. Cox WiFi packages have been known to cater to the needs of gamers especially with their Elite Gamer extension, which minimizes the ping rate and streamlines server response. Besides, gaming is something that has helped many people survive the pandemic lockdown anxiety and paranoia. It offers an escape from the worries of the world and is a cathartic activity, overall. With the global interest in gaming going on the rise generally, what sort of trends will you see in 2021? In fact, what is the future of gaming? Let’s check everything out below.

Next-Gen Consoles

Technological upgrades come out every year and replace the older versions of devices. The Samsung cell phone you had back in 2012 pales in comparison to the Galaxy S21 smartphone, which offers next-gen specs and a thousand times more convenience. Similarly, the gaming industry has progressed by leaps and bounds, too. Only last year, Sony released the PlayStation 5, and Microsoft rolled out the Xbox X series for high-end gamers. You can enjoy ultra-realistic graphics and the smoothest gameplay known to humankind. The latest consoles are also equipped with advanced microchips, which amplify the processing speed and in turn, boost your performance in the game. So, it would not be wrong to say that we’ll be seeing newer versions of gaming consoles in 2021 with remarkable built-in technology and excellent throughput.

Mobile Integration

We do everything on our smartphones, these days, from online banking to video conferencing. Mobile phones lend us the ease of completing our day-to-day tasks with utmost efficiency. Their compact size offers the highest portability, allowing you to multitask like a pro. Today’s mobile phones are also ‘smart’ with AI integrated into them, and internet-enabled, letting you surf the web from anywhere there’s connectivity. What’s more, you can use your smartphone for gaming, too. Research shows that at least 2.2 billion people around the world have adopted mobile phones as a medium for playing games over the last ten years. The market revenue from mobile gaming has also expanded exponentially and is expected to grow by 59 percent in the years to come. So, the trend of mobile gaming will continue to rise in 2021, as well.

5G Adoption

Along with mobile gaming, mobile internet technology has also developed to a great extent. 5G is around the corner, supporting the fastest speeds up to 10 Gbps. How does it work? 5G taps into the sophisticated fiber broadband networks and then disperses the rocket-high speeds wirelessly through a string of interconnected towers. For gamers, this is great news. With 5G-enabled smartphones, they can play heavy MMORP games on their sleek devices with a global team while only facing one millisecond of ping delay. This means that their actions will be translated faster in a game and they can compete well with professional players. Downloading games will also become seamless with 5G. Instead of an hour, you’ll be able to download a game in a matter of minutes.

eSports Shift

Watching video games has become a substantial trend that’ll creep into 2021, as well. Online users, mostly aged 18 to 25 years, now prefer to watch live streams of gameplay rather than indulging in the games directly. This has turned gaming into an entertainment gateway. So much so that in place of actual sports, video game spectating has turned into a norm, especially among the millennials. Social media platforms have also played a part in this. I know several people in my circle who tune into  Twitch, YouTube, and other eSports platforms to watch their favorite gamers play a game in real-time. The live streaming technology gives them the freedom to not only view the games as they unfold but also to participate in how it turns out. Once you log into a live game stream, you can send your feedback to the gamer in real-time through the comment box and react to the gameplay with emoticons. So, the year 2021 will bring about more live-stream participation from online spectators in the eSports domain.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, the world of gaming continues to innovate. Mobile gaming, 5G, newer consoles, and eSports interactions are some of the trends that you will see in 2021. Besides these, augmented reality gaming, virtual reality gaming, cloud-based gaming, and facial recognition software have also entered the industry, and constitute the future of gaming, for sure.

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How Does A Game Controller Case Keep Your Gaming Consoles Protected?

Gaming is a very exciting and engaging way to spend time and it has also become quite advanced with the advancements made in technology. Nearly 2.7 billion people around the world play video games as a hobby. Some of them are even professional esports players.

The popularity of gaming consoles are also increasing day by day. Along with controllers that use wires, there are wireless variants as well. You can choose to sit at a distance and enjoy playing games on your controller.

Time flies when you’re playing video games. You won’t be able to keep track of how long you’ve been playing a particular game for if you’re too invested in it. For some people, gaming is something that is similar to a hobby, it is not just something they do to make them merely happy, or keep their mind away from things for some time. Gamers get a sense of accomplishment and they also get a sense of adventure from their gaming sessions.

Keep the controllers protected

Playing games for long durations can make your palms sweaty. This moisture may cause your controller to get dirty and it may also damage the electronic components inside your console. If you’ve been gaming with a controller for a long time now then this issue is likely to be very familiar to you. It’s right here that a game controller case would be important for you.

It doesn’t matter whether you play for money or just for having fun; it is natural that you’d want to perform to the best of your abilities. You’ll find it incredibly hard to operate a controller if your palms are sweaty. As mentioned earlier, too much sweat can also damage the controller itself.

Whether you’re going to play in a tournament or just looking to enjoy an evening playing games you should try the following:

You could use a game controller case to help you enhance your grip of the controller. You’ll be able to install it very easily on your computer. Not only will the controller be easy to grip, but it will also prevent it from getting damaged by scratches, grease and dirt. Here are some features that make it a worthy investment:

  • Silicon ensures protective covering: The silicon materials used for making these cases don’t let it slip from your hands and forms a protective covering that keeps it safe from shocks in case you drop them accidentally.
  • Diverse color options: These controllers come in various colors. You’ll be able to choose the ones you’ll like. A good quality game controller case will be able to let you use the control buttons seamlessly, without offering any hindrance.
  • Perfect comfort: A high quality Game controller case will be able to personalize the controller for you in addition to offering you an optimum amount of comfort. These qualities will help you keep playing for a longer duration.

In order to stop sweat from damaging your controller, you can also choose to buy gloves for your hands. You can choose any glove that is meant for fitness or outdoor activities.

Although for experienced players the gloves might prevent making fast and accurate movements. So that makes game controller cases the best option available on the market.




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