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6 Best Tinder Alternatives

I was recently sent a BluRay of The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec

While I'm not familiar with the books that this movie is based on, it does make me curious about them. Instead of introducing the main character (or plot) right away the movie starts off slowly by introducing the supporting characters and their roles in this early 1900's adventure. The special effects and visuals are top notch though I find many of the characters have exaggerated features. The audio is a mixed bag with the obvious dubbing and the narrators volume should have been normalized to make it blend in with the movie a bit more. The background music is enchanting and makes me wish I could understand the French lyrics. The voice acting is good and the English translation is spot on with swearing and all. The movie is rated PG and has some (fully clothed) passionate scenes and violence. Younger kids may get frightened with the walking and talking mummies, but those were the highlight of the film.

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