Hardware Info:

Tilted Nation Rogue
Release date: January 2019
Type: Optical
CPI: 200-4,000
DPI: 10,000
Scan: 6,600
Weight: 88g
Price: $24.99
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Thank you Titled Nation for sending us this mouse to review!

We recently reviewed Tilted Nation’s Deadshot gaming mouse, which is geared towards FPS gamers. The Rogue model is designed for MOBA gamers. Unfortunately, I don’t really play MOBA games, but this mouse performed admirably for the games I have played while testing it out. Some of the titles I’ve played with this mouse include Far Cry New Dawn, Operencia: The Stolen Sun, and Final Fantasy XIV.

The Rogue mouse is five dollars more and has very different specs than the Deadshot mouse. One of the biggest differences is the sensor, which is a Pixart 3325.The CPI range is much higher and goes up to 10,000 compared to the Deadshot’s 4,000. The inches per second (IPS) is higher as well at 100 versus the Deadshot’s 60. The scan rate on the Rogue is lower at 5,000 compared to the Deadshot's 6,600.


Strong Points: Affordable; customizable; comfortable
Weak Points: No left-handed model; software is Windows-only

The two mice share many similar specs such as 20G acceleration, OMRON switches, reporting Hz rates, and 10-million click life. The weight is the same at 88g which is pretty light and easy to move around. Both mice have braided USB cables and gold-plated USB plugs, which make them look a little elegant and makes sure they don't get tangled as easily. The Velcro cable management attachment is a nice addition.

When it comes to the shape I must say that I prefer the design and feel of the Deadshot better. The Rogue is missing the fingertip and palm grips. Though the design of the Rogue looks universal, the buttons the left-hand side definitely favor right-handed gamers. Sorry, southpaws.

In total, there are six buttons. Between the two left and right buttons is a clickable scroll wheel and a smaller button below that. By the thumb area are two more buttons. All of the buttons are programmable with the software, which is only available in Windows. When installing the software Windows won’t recognize it and you’ll have to tell it to “Run Anyway” to proceed with the install. Thankfully, any changes made in the software transfer to other operating systems.

Tilted Nation Rogue

The pointer speed and DPI can be customized in the performance tab. By default the mouse will rotate between various colors of the rainbow. If you want to disable that or hard-set specific colors, you can do so in the light tab. With 16.8M RGB you can specify what colors you want the mouse to be accented with. No matter what I did, the wheel was always blue. If you’re into programming macros, this mouse supports that functionality as well.

In the end, the Tilted Nation Rogue is a solid offering in a well-saturated market. The price is reasonable at $25 plus shipping. There are usually discount codes readily available too. If you’re looking to chat with fellow gamers and streamers, the discord community is pretty friendly and active.

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