This will be CCGR\'s first hardware review. I know many of our readers play first person shooter games. Although the content of these games is questionable, this review is based solely on the hardware design of this pistol shaped mouse.

How gamer friendly is this mouse?

This mouse is extremely sensitive. While using it in UT2004 I had to adjust the sensitivity down to 1! The 800dpi is very precise and once you get around the initial adjustment, I think many gamers will enjoy this mouse. It?s designed for left or right-handed users. The scroll wheel/button is positioned for the thumb to access. Left click is the main trigger. The right click button is harder to see, but it?s under the main trigger and my middle finger uses it.

How easy was it to install?

The outside cover of the instructions consist of two sentences: 1) Plug it in 2) Fight! It?s really that simple. Windows XP picks it right up as a mouse and games recognize it right away. You can even have your regular mouse plugged in at the same time without any problems. There is Mac and Linux support for it as well. With the proper adapters, you can even use this mouse with Xbox and PS2 systems.

Any glitches?

The only problem I encountered was that a few times my character would spin out of control causing me to have to pick up the mouse and re-set it down. Afterwards I was able to resume playing. I?m not sure if there is a more permanent fix for this.


The plastic is very sturdy and military grade according to the box. ;) The gel grips are removable but I?m not sure why people would want them off. Since this is an optical mouse there are no mouse balls or moving parts to worry about. Like regular optical mice, you?ll need to keep it on a flat surface that has some texture to it. The USB cable wire seems thin and hopefully is strong enough to handle regular wear and tear.


I like how they mentioned on the box that it?s designed for use with teen and mature rated games. Last time I checked there are not many water squirt gun games out.

Final Thoughts

For years I have played games with mouse and keyboard. This does take some major adjustment to get used to. Yes it?s different, but on the other hand it?s very precise. With the exception of the spinning out phenomenon. If you want a conversation piece at your next LAN party, or are big into FPS games, check this mouse out. It retails for $40 with a 30 day money back guarantee from Monster Gecko. I can?t wait to see a wireless version you can hold in the air, maybe that will come out next!

Final Ratings

Gamer Friendly B Quality A Stability B Value B+

Overall 86%

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