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Roto Brain
Developed by: Roto Brain
Release date: September 2020
MRSP: $19.99
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Roto Brain is a 3D puzzle sphere game with three rows of color combinations to solve. The first level has six colors: pink , yellow, red, blue, green, and orange. This level has a three-color combination that has to be solved by rotating that group of colors twice clockwise and then select the first color to guess. The second color has to be selected going counter-clockwise a full rotation. The third color is selected by going clockwise again. If you’ve ever used a number combination padlock, you’ll know what to do here. If you succeed in guessing of the 216 possibilities, the piston button will pop out slightly. If not you’ll have to repeat and try again.

The second layer of difficulty has eight colors: pink, yellow, red, blue, green, orange, gold, and silver. The same steps as before are repeated to crack this color combination out of 512 possibilities. If figured out, the piston button will extend out further.


Strong Points: Unique gameplay that’s customizable and bound to entertain for hours
Weak Points: May be too challenging for some

The final layer has twelve colors to choose from: pink, yellow, red, blue, green, orange, gold, silver, black, white, purple, and cyan. Cracking this color combination has 1,728 possibilities. If you can figure it out, the piston will fully disengage.

There are multiple ways to solving this gadget. There’s sheer luck of spinning it around a bunch of times and the piston may suddenly pop out and surprise you. Alternatively you can be methodical and keep track of and try various color combinations like this example for the possible level one red and blue color combinations:

Roto Brain

Another way to solve this puzzle is to go the lock-picking route by putting pressure on the piston to detect the clicks or vibrations when you’ve locked in on a designated color.

No matter which method you use to solve this device, it’s sure to keep puzzle lovers entertained for hours. The Roto Brain is able to be disassembled so you can change the gears inside to set your own color combination. You can challenge your friends or have others set a code for you to try and solve new color combinations.

The Roto Brain is like a mashup of a Rubik’s Cube and a combination padlock. Aspiring lock pickers will probably enjoy cracking the codes, but other people may get frustrated with the thousands of possible color combinations. The Roto Brain retails on Amazon for $19.99 and for $25 on the website.

Roto Brain

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