Hardware Info:

Gamdias Zeus P1
Developed by: Gamdias
Release Date: December 2016
Price: $44.99
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Thank you Gamdias for sending us the mouse to review!

*Advertising disclosure* - Gamdias was a former advertising partner with us, and is currently not as of this review. This review is not influenced by this relationship.

I've been a console gamer for my entire life. This past December I received my first gaming laptop to start reviewing with. Now I'm not the most familiar with PC accessories, but when I received the Gamdias Zeus P1 to review, I was immediately impressed.

Gamdias Zeus P1

Strong Points: Beautiful light patterns; Incredible amount of customization through the Hera application; Sleek body design; Up to 12,000 DPI.
Weak Points: Accessing the Hera application can be a bit confusing; The design of the right and left buttons can cause you to misclick.

The first thing I noticed was the braided cord. It gives the mouse a high-quality appearance. The next obvious feature is the brilliant lights that illuminate the mouse itself when plugged in. They shine brightly, and with further customization different patterns can be set. There are eight buttons, but I only counted seven. I assumed that the seventh and eighth buttons were the scroll wheel. Upon further tinkering I discovered that there are actually 3 buttons dedicated to cycling through the DPI settings. It's just that the third button is unmarked and didn't appear at first to serve a purpose. 

Using the Hera application each of the buttons are customizable and reprogrammable. Anyone not familiar with computers might not understand that the application must be downloaded from Gamdias' website. Once the file is unzipped Hera can be launched and from there all the custom options are available. I was pleasantly surprised at all the things that the mouse was capable of. Not only are each of the light sections programmable to be a different color, but the pattern they flash can also be changed. The brightness of the lights can also be turned up or off easily from the application. You can also save up to five profiles, which can be cycled through rather simply. The mouse's default DPI setting is 1,600 but can be turned all the way up to 12,000. Needless to say this was almost uncontrollable for someone like me. I found 2,400 to be the right amount of precision and speed for when I was gaming.

Gamdias Zeus P1

Now if I had to mention any problems I found with the Zeus P1 it would be the design of the right and left buttons. They have a slight depression rather than being flat and I found myself misclicking periodically. It's a minor complaint as the overall design of the mouse is incredibly comfortable and my hand never cramped up even after a few hours of use.

I can't speak for every PC player, but I found this to be a really nice mouse. The sleek body and precise optical tracking make this a mouse most gamers will enjoy using. For the price, it's a bit expensive, but the mouse frequently goes on sale for $50. At that price the Zeus P1 is highly recommended.



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