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Top 5 Best Solitaire Apps for Android Users

Hey,Android users! This is for you again. The best Solitaire card games for 2020 are finally here. Did you know that you can now play Solitaire on your android device forfree andfromthe comfort of your home? Do you know how great it is to play Solitaire online? If you didn’t, this post got you covered as we will be highlighting the 5 best Solitaire card games &applications for android users. If you are ready, let’s get started then!

  1. Solitaireby Solitaire Card Games Ltd.

Solitaire on android devices isperfect cloning of the traditional card game on Microsoft computers. Its gaming components borrow a lot from the basic Solitaire game with exciting graphics and other interesting features. Indeed, the developers have done an exceptional job ofimproving the quality of this game to give players maximum enjoyment. For instance, players can customize the background WebSite settings to feature different components including time, maximum points obtained per game, and the player statistics. All in all, this android game is excellent for all age groups in addition to being totally free.

2.250+ Solitaire Collection by Alexei Anoshenko

The 250+ Solitaire Collection is an amazing package that consists of popular Solitaire card gamesall over the world. This application features253Solitaire games that are neatly arranged in alphabetical order. For every category, the developer has provided a detailed description including both the illustrations and rules. Thus, the large collection providedthere offersendless fun whileenabling you to interactwith online players across the globe. What a cool way to unwind after a hard working day?

  1. Age of Solitaire by Sticky Hands Inc.

The Age of Solitaire is one of the most common card games for android users which features exceptional designand pleasant interface to deal with. Above all, this appis free and makes for one of the best selections when someone is looking for an electrifying card game that s/he can play on the go.

  1. Spider Solitaire2020 by GITeamStudio

Have you ever heard of this app before? Spider Solitaire 2020is regarded as one of the best mobile games for the realization of the actualgaming experience. With countless features and modern design, you can set the vertical and horizontal game display, the gaming background, and the mode toleft-handed&right-handed options. To give you an amazing experience, the game developers have now included the daily questswhich enable you to grab various trophies along the way.

  1. FreeCell Solitaire by Loop Games Inc.

FreeCell Solitaire is a thrillingandroid game that will blow your mindwith its amazing graphics and easy controls. It’s one of the best imitations of the classic Solitaire, featuring all the tools you may need for a fulfillinggaming experience. It is loaded with animated prompts to help newbies understand the gaming instructions easily and also comes fully packed with the autoplay mode and an unlimited number ofmoves. Finally, this app boasts a customizable design with a classic gaming background and card backs.

Bottom Line

Well, how to playSolitaireto ace the game? Isn’t winning solely based on luck? It turns out that there are plenty of reasons an individual should play Solitaire onlineusing various android apps at least once in their generationas it has nothing to do with killing boredom. Free Solitaire also helps you improve critical life strategies and skills. And who knows, maybe this post will help you win a game or two in the long run.

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