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Thank you Hydragun for sending us a review sample!

In August we agreed to review the Citysports Massage Gun. At the time the massage gun was $160 (it’s now $99.99) and since we didn’t get reimbursed as promised we returned it and got our money back. Because we found the massage gun useful, we bought a $79.99 Chirogun out of pocket (It now sells for $117). Not only is the Chirogun half the price, it has thirty speeds instead of twenty and fifteen replacement heads compared to Hydragun's six. 

Hydragun reached out to us to do a comparison between their $299 product and the Amazon offerings. To be honest, many of the massage guns available on Amazon look similar and it makes you wonder how many of them are manufactured at the same factory and have different stickers and LEDs added to make them slightly different.

Though Hydragun is a relatively new startup from Singapore, they back their products with a thirty-day return policy and a 1.5 year warranty. The Chrirogun only offers a 1 year warranty.

Hydragun claims to be quiet and its noise level ranges from 30 to 50dB. It’s on par with our other massage gun so I can’t really say it’s any different in that respect. The Aerospace grade aluminum shell gives the Hydragun a nice feel, but it also makes it a few ounces heavier than the competition. The nanoscale silicon wrapped handle gives it a nice non-slip grip which comes in handy if you use this massage gun after working up a sweat.

The battery life can last between three and six hours depending on which of the six speeds you run it on. The bottom three LEDs on the back of the gun let you know the battery level. I’m happy to report that the AC adapter has outlet configurations for United States and European electrical sockets. There are six speeds that range from 1300 to 3200 RPM. The Chirogun maxes out at 3200 RPM divided between thirty speed levels.


The Chirogun offers a mix of fifteen plastic and foam attachments. The Hydragun offers six with a couple of them having a (thin) stainless steel coating. The foam ball head is ideal for larger muscle groups including glutes, quads, lats, and traps. There’s a plastic and a steel flat head and these are good for wide areas including pecs and back muscles. The bullet head is designed for inner joints, feet, and deeper penetration. The fork head can be used on the back and medium muscle groups like forearms and calves. The last head is a steel round head for larger muscle groups that need a harder massage.

There’s no doubt about it, the Hydragun is nice and definitely helps relieve sore muscles. However, it does have a hefty price tag. I have seen promotions on their website for $49-$70 discounts so be sure to look into the promotions before completing your purchase. If you’re still unsure about the quality, check out the reviews page for endorsements from various world champions as well as reviews and testimonials of satisfied customers.

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