System Requirements
OS: Any with java enabled internet browser CPU: 486 (your internet connection determines the speed) RAM: 32MB HDD: 25 MB VIDEO: Any SOUND: Not Used Age: Everyone

You can play this game as a card game or free online. You can play it at If you like the game, let the author know. He\'d love to hear from you! Even though this is an online game, you don\'t play against live opponents but against the computer. The object of the game it to be Righteous with the Lord and get rid of all your cards.

Playing Cards

This game is similar to many popular card games out today like Pokeman. Each card has a numeric value or points assigned to it. You always want to be in the positive or Righteous state. To be Righteous you can play a Good king, person, tribe or apostle cards. It is possible to combine good or evil cards in the same turn with special combination cards like Unity in Worship, Fellowship, Prayer and Faith or Evil objects like Asherah\'s Pole or idol. You can also attack evil with evil cards but there\'s a 2 card draw penalty.

Playing the game

When you start the game, you are given eight cards. You can customize the enabling or disabling of hints, and the option of letting the computer go first. I personally found the hints very helpful. When you are ready to take your turn, you must hit the start turn button. You must also tell the computer to take its turn in the same manner. If you get stuck look at the hint area, it gives pretty good advice for your next move. There is a strategy guide on the site too.


From a Christian perspective this is a biblical game and I see nothing wrong with it. It can be a great learning tool for getting to know more about good and evil kings, apostles, tribes, demons and angels. This game can also be used to teach about spiritual warfare and how God will always prevail no matter what!

Overall experienceEase of use

The game was easy to play. There is an instruction page/manual that will tell you how to play the game. The online game plays well on 56K so you don\'t need a real fast connection to enjoy this game. The recommended resolution is 1152 X 864. The game will still run on lower resolutions but when you scroll up and down the text may get garbled on the buttons. I also noticed in the java version that it sometimes doesn\'t recognize the card properly when you click on them. This isn\'t a problem with the real cards though. ;) There was no background music or sound effects and the graphics were pretty decent. Both the online and real cards were nicely designed and easy to read. If you like card games or have time to kill, I would recommend checking this game out. If you want to buy Unity, you can get it at

Final Ratings

Graphics B+ Game play B+ Sound N/A Interface A Stability B- Offensive Content A+

Overall 88% B+

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