Deceivers and their minions are attacking! Rally around your chief archangel and gather your army of angels and archangels. Together with the power of believers, good will triumph over evil!


Principality is a two-person Christian card game. There are two teams, (gold and blue) each with a chief archangel. Michael leads the blue team while Gabriel is in charge of the gold team. Each player has six cards in their hand. The cards will consist of angels, archangels, or articles of faith. The archangels are the attack cards, while the angels support them with their unique abilities. The articles of faith are super powerful and can only be used once through the entire game.

The enemy

The deceiver cards have numbers on all four sides and three dice with two colors in the middle. In order to defeat a deceiver, all four sides must be ?covered? by an equal amount of angelic attacks. This can be hard to do since the deceiver cards rotate with each of their attacks. The white and red dice represent the kind of attack depending on the die number rolled. If the number does not show up, there is no attack. If it rolls white, the deceiver does a direct attack on the highest-ranking archangel for both sides. If a red number is rolled, the deceiver summons one of its minions to be reckoned with. Again both players will be attacked.

How do you fight?

The archangels and angels all offer special abilities so make sure you read each card before playing it. Each archangel has a number, which is its attack strength. For every point you must place a card from your deck face down on top of the chief archangel. These cards represent believers and their prayers. The believer cards are recycled after each round. With every turn you are able to replenish your deck by two cards, or replenish more and pass on attacking.

How do you win?

Once all the sides are covered by one of the armies, the deceiver has been defeated and it?s time to bring out another. It takes a bit of time to defeat a deceiver, so keep that in mind when deciding on whether to play best 2 out of 3 or best 3 out of 5.

Final Thoughts

I?ve never been too big on card games but I must admit that this game is quite fun. I would highly recommend it for all ages. The instructions are very good and answers many questions as well as providing some examples on how to play. Like many games there is a bit of a learning curve, once you are past that it?s pretty straightforward. The card design is great, I love the artwork as it has a touch of anime to it. Many of the cards have Biblical verses on them and the appropriateness of this game is a definite A+. The retail price is $14.95 a deck and our sponsor has it in stock.

Final Ratings

Appropriateness A+ Graphics A Game Play B+ Learning Curve B-

Overall 89%

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