Game Info:

Parable Parade 
Developed by: Bible Games Central
Release date: November 2020
Play time: 15 minutes
Number of players: 2-6
Age recommendation: 6+
Price: $11.95

Thank you Bible Games Central for sending us this game to review!

We have been blessed with an opportunity to review multiple games from Bible Game Central.  Each game I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing has been well designed and fun to play.   Some of the games have more Biblical emphasis than others and I’m happy to report that Parable Parade is loaded with Bible references.

The game deck includes 12 parable explanation cards that give you a synopsis of the parable and where to read about it in the Bible, 48 parable cards, 10 Oopsie! Cards, and 42 kingdom cards.  There’s also a foldable instruction sheet in the box.  If you lose the instructions, you can download them here.


Strong Points: Fun and biblical card game; reasonably priced
Weak Points: Not fun when you poorly shuffle Oopsie! cards
Moral Warnings: None!

Your ultimate goal in this game is to collect between two or three sets of four matching parable cards.  To make matching easy, each parable card has a color-coded title on the upper left hand side.  If you wish to make a game last longer for a couple of players, you’ll want to increase the number of matching parables to three.  

Setting up is fairly simple by removing the 12 parable explanation cards and shuffling the rest together into one draw pile.  Be sure to shuffle them really good.  When I played with my daughter, I didn't shuffle the cards well enough and drew several Oopsie! cards in a row.  The youngest player starts the game by drawing one card at a time from the draw pile.  A player can continue to draw cards until they end their turn voluntarily or if they get an Oopsie! card.  If a player gains an Oopsie! Card, they must add three kingdom cards to the discard pile along with the Oopsie! card and end their turn.  If the player does not have three kingdom cards, they’ll have to make up the difference with parable cards.

Parable Parade

Kingdom cards are available in three colors: blue, green, and pink.  Each of the colors are required when requesting a card from another player.  Unless the parable card is in a complete set, the request cannot be denied.  There is no limit on card requests as long as the player has enough kingdom card sets to ask for a parable card.   

Like the other Bible Game Central games we have reviewed, Parable Parade is well designed with cute art and good quality card paper stock.  As long as you don’t lose any of the parable cards, you should get many games and years out of this $11.95 deck of playing cards.  While you’re shopping at for fun Christian card games, be sure to check out their free offerings as well.  There’s a print at home Bible Trivia game complete with various difficulty questions and a game board here.

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