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Cult Following
Released: February, 2017
Developed by: Bravely Told Games
Price: $25.00
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Thank you Bravely Told Games for sending us a review copy of the game!

Have you ever wondered why people join cults? Especially goofy ones? In Cult Following you’ll find out what it takes to form and grow a cult. To win, you’ll need to convince two or more members to join. The minimum number of players is three, but the more the merrier. Having a good imagination and sense of humor is best suited for the cult leaders. Shy people and everyone else can ask questions to debunk the cult’s claims. After all of the questions have been asked, the players select a cult by handing them their question card as a token of membership. If there is a tie, another round of question cards will need to be drawn and tallied up until a winner is determined.

Cult Following

Strong Points: Fun concept that is sure to bring a lot of laughs if played with the right people
Weak Points: This game is only enjoyable if you're playing with creative individuals
Moral Warnings: Language (*sshole), sexual references

There are six practice cult examples that can be used for new players or cult leaders. The beliefs and back stories are given for references, but the answers to the questions asked have to come from the cult leader and their wit. One of the example cults proposes using child labor since kids have endless energy and adults do not. To convince the children to work long hours they will be read frightening bedtime stories that will make them afraid to close their eyes. With children working long hours, adults can relax and retire early to enjoy their golden years.

Forming a new cult is done by selecting three signs/ideas from the ten provided. Each of the five cards dealt to the cult leaders has two signs on them. Once the signs are chosen the cult leader must come up with their cult idea and pitch it to the potential recruits. The question cards each have two questions which the inquisitive member must choose one to ask. Some of the question cards are blank allowing the players to ask whatever their heart desires.

Cult Following

When playing this game at a family gathering we had players ranging from ten to eighty-four. There were a lot of laughs and memorable moments. Some of the signs/cult topics are not suited for younger audiences as they have language (*sshole), or sexual references. There are still plenty of playable cards if you remove the ones that you’d rather not have little eyes reading about.

I’m glad that this game was successfully Kickstarted and is now available on Amazon for $25. If you like wacky cults and card games, then this one is worth picking up. Just make sure you glance over the deck before letting younger players dive in.

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