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Christ Centered Gamer Blog

This blog contains non-gaming related reviews and random ramblings

Windjammers Flying Power Disc

Thank you Tyler Barnett PR for sending us this Frisbee to review!

In 1994 Data East released Windjammers on the Neo Geo arcade system. In 2010, Wii owners were able to add this title to their virtual console library. Now that Data East is no longer around, DotEmu is handling the latest port to PlayStation 4 and Vita systems on August 29th, 2017. For those who are not familiar with the series, it’s a sports arcade style game with intense Frisbee action. Long Pong or air hockey, your goal is to get the Flying Power Disc into your opponent’s goal.

Like the real game of Frisbee, there are various ways to throw it to slip past your opponent’s defenses. If you want to practice your moves outside of the video game, Wham-O has got you covered. The creators of the original Frisbee have released a special edition 175g Flying Power Disc.

windjammers flying power disc

The bright blue disc is easy to keep track of in the sky and on the ground. Hopefully, you’ll have a playing partner to catch it so it doesn’t land on the ground though. The Windjammer title is displayed in English and Japanese. Both Data East and DotEmu are represented along with the original and re-release years. Wham-O’s logo and trademark text are present as well.

As the name implies, it flies accurately and has a quality feel to it. Unlike cheap imitations, this one does not feel flimsy. I doubt it would survive a big dog’s teeth very long though. Thankfully, my dog is too old to care and has never been trained to fetch Frisbees. My kids on the other hand are attracted to it.

If you’re a fan of Windjammers or enjoy playing Frisbee then this Flying Power Disc is worth picking up. The asking price is a reasonable $12 and is exclusively available at

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Iserlohn’s Mini Basketball Hoop

Thank you Iserlohn for sending us this mini basketball hoop to review!

We haven’t played much basketball at our house since my mom backed into our outdoor movable hoop with my brother’s car. Sure, it’s nice to play with a real basketball outside, but there’s something to be said about the ability to play all year round in the comfort of your own room while wearing whatever you please.

Iserlohn’s mini basketball hoop comes with everything needed to get your game on. With the inclusion of 2 plush cotton basketballs, the games can be conducted in a quiet manner. The mini basketball requires inflation and the bundled-in air pump will do the job if your arms can handle the several hundred pumps required to fill it up. At first, we couldn’t find the inflation needle, but after my son dropped and broke the pump, it was located. Fortunately, we had a spare pump that was able to finish the job.

basketball hoop

The rest of the kit is quite sturdy and easy to set up. Installing the basketball net was a breeze. I like how the backboard and door clamps are padded to prevent scuffs and scratches. With the net installed, my son’s bedroom door still closes as it should. The only thing to be careful of is slamming the door open and possibly denting the opposing wall with the rim.

My kids enjoy this new toy and have completed several games of “PIG” with little arguing. Anything that gets my kids to play together quietly is a win in my book. Since we have wood flooring, the mini basketball is a bit loud when it’s in use. The plush balls are quite the opposite so if you want a low volume toy, don’t even bother inflating the mini baskteball. Iserlohn’s mini basketball hoop makes a perfect gift with its reasonable asking price of less than $25 on Amazon.

(Amazon Affiliate Link)

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Magic Sketch

Thank you Magic Sketch for sending us a review sample!

My kids love to draw and go through a lot of construction paper and scurry off with all the pens in our house.  Of course they like video games too and primarily use their tablets to play them.   The problem with tablets is that they don’t last too long before needing to be recharged again.  The Magic Sketch is a durable tablet like device that allows kids to draw, trace, and play games in beautiful rainbow colors.  There’s only one button on it and it’s used to clear the screen.  The battery life is estimated to last seven years and is easily accessible and replaceable.

There’s plenty to do with the basic bundle that includes sixty stencils, four styluses, three stamps, and one roller.   The website says it’s $29.95, but after you factor in the $7.95 processing and handling fees, the final total is $37.90.  For all that you get it’s a pretty good deal.


The stencils have three different focus areas including learning, drawing, and games.  The learning stencils include math problems and letters of the alphabet to practice on.  The drawing stencils have step by step drawing, complete the picture, and tracing templates.  The favorite among my kids are the game stencils.  The game cards include mazes, word finds, connect the dots, tic tac toe and hang-man templates.  The stencils are easy to use and slide in and out of the top layer of the Magic Sketch.

Even without the stencils there is still plenty to do on the Magic Sketch.  In fact, my kids spent most of the time drawing freehand and using the stamps, styluses, and roller that came with it.  I was honestly surprised at how much use the MagicSketch got given that my kids are getting older and two of them are in middle school.  My soon to be twelve-year-old played with it the most.  

The Magic Sketch is a great device that is bound to entertain kids of all ages for extended periods of time.  We’ll be sure to bring it on any upcoming extended car rides.  The reasonable price makes this an affordable gift that’s sure to please!

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