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Wu-Miglu Protective Switch Case

Wu-Miglu Protective Switch Case

This product was sent to us through Amazon Vine and since our account was restricted from reviewing it on their platform, it’s now here for your reading pleasure!  

Adults and children can benefit from protecting their Switch from drops, dings, and general wear and tear.  I was disappointed that this protective kit did not include a screen protector.  I would highly recommend purchasing a screen protector along with this case for all-around protection.

One of the biggest benefits of this protective case is how it makes holding the Switch much more comfortable with the bulkier controller grips.  Before I had this case, I was using third party controllers that have a similar shape and lack the drifting defect that plagues the Nintendo branded controllers.  Although it’s a tight fit, my Lizard Skinned controllers do fit in this case.  

The built-in cartridge storage is quite useful.  On the back of the Switch you can store five games that will be enclosed behind the extendable kickstand.  The built-in kickstand on the Switch is useless and this one is a thousand times better.  An additional game can be stored between the Switch and the bulked up controllers making a grand total of seven games that can be stored in this protective case

An added bonus are three sets of paw print nub covers.  I opted to install the blue ones, but there are also yellow and red paw print covers included.  These can be handy for identifying your console in a multi-Switch household.  My husband and I both have red and blue models and now, I can easily tell mine apart. My kids have Switch Lites which are NOT compatible with this protective case.

This case is available in a white/clear and a blue model.  This review is based on the white model.  Overall, I think it’s a great accessory that makes the Switch more comfortable and able to be reliably propped up with the improved kickstand. Carrying around 7 cartridges is very convenient as well.  The asking price of under $16 is quite reasonable.  Just don’t forget to get a screen protector too!

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