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Latest Offerings from Penny Arcade!

Thank you Penny Arcade for sending us some nice gaming gear!

Penny Arcade has been around for a while and I am most familiar with their comics. They also have a huge forum, games, shows, podcasts, and a cool shop! We were recently sent some swag that we did an unboxing for.

Their featured item is the Animal Crossing New Horizons pin set. This $30 set of four pins includes Tom Nook, his two pupils Timmy and Tommy, KK Slider, and Isabella. If you’re a fan of this popular series, these 1.5” tall pins are super cute and sure to brighten your day!

The canvas WASD tote bag is pretty spacious at 20” wide, 15” tall, and 5” deep. The fabric handles seem pretty sturdy, but I’ll have to do some grocery store testing when they allow us to use environmentally friendly bags again. There’s a zippered pouch or extra inventory slot on the inside of this tote bag.

We were also sent The Legend of Zelda Retro Lanyard which sells for $10. The rupees, swords, keys, shields, bows, hearts, potions, compasses, and flutes on it are sure to bring back many positive memories. It’s dual sided with red and blue variants. To go along with the Zelda themed lanyard, we were also sent Link and Zelda Triforce pins that measure at 1.75” and sell for $15 apiece.

The final item sent our way is the Grey Video Games Crewneck Sweatshirt. It’s so soft inside and I can’t wait to wear it, but it’s currently 90s this week so I’ll have to hold off until the fall. This $45 sweatshirt is an 8 oz. cotton polyester blend with raglan sleeves and extra-thick print. It sports a Penny Arcade tag on the bottom too.

If you’re in the market for Geeky goodies, be sure to check out I noticed they also sell pride and pronoun pins if you’re interested in sharing your sexual orientation and/or preferred pronouns with random strangers.

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