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Kiwee Master Kase Sling Bag for the Nintendo Switch

Kiwee Master Kase Sling Bag for the Nintendo Switch


Thank you Kiwee for sending us the Pearl White Master Kase Sling Bag to review!

There are many options available when it comes to protective cases for your Nintendo Switch.  We have had the pleasure of reviewing multiple styles including the slim ones from tomtoc and PDP’s travel cases for the Switch Lite.  Both of these options are pretty basic and don’t give you much room to store more than your AC adapter and some game cartridges.  The Slim model doesn’t even let you carry the AC adapter!  Kiwee’s Master Kase Sling Bag aims to protect your Switch while giving you plenty of space to carry multiple pro controllers, sixteen cartridges, and some room for your ac adapter.  I also had enough space to pack my JoyCon adapters and some ear buds.  One of the pictures on the website shows a headset being carrying around, but it must be very compact, as the Turtle Beach Recon 500 I tried packing wouldn’t fit.   

The main pouch is quite roomy and I love the bubble wrap-like interior that is shock absorbing.    In here, you’ll have plenty of space for a game controller.  I like how the main pouch’s zipper has a loop at the end to slip the zipper through.  This is an anti-theft mechanism to prevent unauthorized access to your belongings.

 The underside of the case has a molded shell for your Switch to travel securely in.  This is great if you use the stock Joy-Cons, but I have abandoned mine due to drifting and prefer bulkier and more comfortable third party controllers.  As a result, they have to be packed away with the Pro Controller because it won’t fit in the Switch mold.  My tomtoc Urban Minimalist EDC Sling Bag carries my Switch and bulky controllers with ease.  

The theater mode is rather neat.  You can use the carrying case to prop your Switch up on a flat surface of your choice.  There are three flaps you can use to adjust the viewing angle.  This bottom portion of the case is where you can pull out and store sixteen of your favorite cartridges.

The Kiwee Master Kase Sling Bag can be compacted if you don’t plan on carrying much and you can also customize the carrying style.  You can install the included hand strap, wear it over your shoulder, or across your chest.  For an additional $20 you can get an ARC organizer divider kit.  I can’t comment on it since we were not sent that model to review.

There’s no doubt about it.  The Kiwee Master Kase Sling Bag is a very nice carrying case.  However, it’s the most expensive one we’ve reviewed, hands down.  The asking price is $99 shipped.  That’s half the price of the Switch lite!  For comparison, the PDP Pokemon Commuter case is just as roomy, and a third of the price.  Though it’s not as versatile in size, not as professional looking, and it lacks the theater mode.   As of this review, the Kiwee Master Kase Sling Bag is available in two colors: black and white.

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