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5 Most Recommended Shonen Anime For Starters

5 Most Recommended Shonen Anime For Starters


Anime has a complex scope, covering a wide variety of genres unique only to its essence. The Shonen genre stands out because of its appeal to a large number of audiences. Since it is the most popular category, there is no question that it has an overwhelming number of titles. However, that doesn't mean that it's hard to get into. If you're just entering the anime realm and are interested in this niche, we will provide you with a list of gateway titles that are newcomer-friendly and perfect starters for your new obsession.


My Hero Academia


Heroes are prevalent in this world, and they can be made a career by many. As they nurture the next generation of superheroes in this anime, the characters also practice their education and profession in U.A. High School. Here, we follow the story of Izuku Midoriya from zero to hero.


My Hero Academia garnered an excellent reputation internationally due to its enticing plot and inclusiveness. Even for audiences who have never watched an anime in their life, My Hero Academia delivers precisely what you need as pure entertainment due to its simple storyline, compelling characters, and interesting power system for an action series.


Full-Metal Alchemist


In the world of alchemy, the law of equivalent exchange is absolute. The Elric brothers attempt to revive their dead mother, but they have to pay the price if they are successful. Edward lost his limbs, and Alphonse lost his entire body leaving only his consciousness and soul. Together, they are on a quest to take back what is theirs. 


Full-Metal Alchemist is one of the best entry-level Shonen anime because it perfectly defines the Shonen genre due to its unique concept, stellar storytelling, and insane action scenes.


One Piece


Luffy accidentally ate a devil fruit that turned his body into rubber. But with his dream to become the pirate king, this new ability of his serves as a great kickstart for him to realize his dream. As he sets out on his journey, he meets different friends and crewmates who will accompany him.


Seeing the overwhelming amounts of episodes of One Piece might look intimidating. But once you are deep into the initial arcs, you will find yourself wanting more. This is the testimony of most One-Piece fans.


Hunter x Hunter


In the HxH realm, Hunter is an occupation full of dangerous tasks. Gon is determined to pursue this path to search for his father, but he must take the Hunter's examination for his license. But, despite his aptitude and talent, the reality of his world is way different for him. 


Though Shonen is generally catered to younger male audiences, HxH took a slight mature turn in its action scenes. However, that doesn't mean the anime is heavy and daunting. In fact, watching Hunter x Hunter would be an excellent introduction to know the extend of Shonen, and why it’s a genre one should not underestimate.


Dragon Ball


The general gist of Dragon Ball is about the entire lifetime of Goku. His life is revolved around fighting the most vigorous opponents, saving the earth from enemies, and proving his worth.


The Dragon Ball franchise is the pioneer that introduced anime in the west. This series has a massive role in increasing anime's popularity, changing its status from obscure to mainstream. If this piqued your curiosity as to an anime managed to do such a feat, it is because of simple yet intense action scenes.

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