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2019 Christmas Buying Guide

2019 Christmas Buying Guide

Here’s our 2019 Christmas buying guide!  Below are our favorite gadgets and family appropriate titles we have played throughout the year.  More reviews can be found on! Each game is given a gameplay score for the overall gaming experience and a moral score for how suitable it is for younger gamers.   The Amazon and Humble Store links will benefit Christ Centered Gamer by giving us a small % of the sale.

Platform Title Game Score Moral Score Buy it!
PC & Switch Super Phantom Cat 86% 98% Steam
PC Rupert & Riley Shipwrecked 88% 94% Steam
PC, PS4, Xbox One WRC 8 90% 100% Humble Store
PS4, Switch Lapis x Labyrinth 86% 86% Amazon
PC, PS4, Switch, Vita Miles & Kilo 84% 90% PlayStation Store
PS4 Kingdom Hearts 3 91% 86% Amazon
PC, Switch Blazing Beaks 86% 93% Nintendo eShop
Switch Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening 93% 95% Amazon
Switch OlliOlli: Switch Stance 84% 96% Nintendo eShop
PC, Xbox One Aftercharge 80% 94% Microsoft Store
PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One Pig Eat Ball 86% 88% Humble Store
PC, Xbox One Trail Makers 80% 90% Humble Store
VR Audio Trip 84% 86% Steam
VR Space Junkies 88% 82% Humble Store
VR VR Ping Pong Pro 86% 100% Humble Store
Hardware SK Hynix Gold SATA 1TB SSD N/A N/A Amazon
Headset Mixcder E9 Wireless Headset N/A N/A Amazon
PS4, Switch, Xbox One Toast Customized Console Cover N/A N/A ToastMade
The Crimson King
Frozen II

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