System Requirements
OS: Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP, Linux (via Wine)
CPU: 166Mhz
VIDEO: Open GL compatible
SOUND: 16 bit Sound Blaster Compatible
AGE: Teen


John Cornado is a teen on the verge of committing suicide. His last cry for help is to God. You get to play the role of John\'s friend Mike. Mike will journey into John's personal hell to defeat the demons that are controlling and ruining his life. If you prevail, not only do you get to smack down demons, but also lead John into a God centered life. However if you perish, John will give up on God and lose the will to live.

Game Play

This game can be played in first person or third person perspective. There are seventeen demon filled levels that you\'ll explore. To beat the game, there\'s more than just blasting bad guys. Often times you\'ll have to unlock certain areas of the level via keys, push buttons or levers. There are some nice puzzles to figure out, so keep your thinking cap handy. If you want a real challenge, there are different difficulty levels to choose from: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Nightmare.

Game Modes

Although the single player story is the heart and soul of this game, there is multiplayer game play as well. There are two multiplayer modes and two maps. Flood and Co-Op. You can add bots to help you banish demons coming your way. I found the bots to be helpful but they can sometimes get stuck under elevators.


There are eight weapons in Eternal War. Some are easier to get than others. They all vary in power, the harder to find ones are usually worth looking for. All weapons have primary and secondary attack modes. * Dagger - your starter weapon. * Crossbow - good for picking off baddies from a distance * Trinity Blast - three beams of holy energy * Frozen Shards - cool! (pun intended) * Lightning - give enemies shock therapy * Smite - dagger with explosive blasts * Soul Discs - twirling discs that demons hate * Spirit Sword - available in the final level...awesome weapon


Eternal War offers a slew of twisted enemies for you to banish. The enemy AI can be very challenging at times. Most enemies have special abilities that can be devastating if you don't stop them quickly enough. Especially when they group up on you. One of the most difficult enemy units is the Wraith which teleports and often attacks you from behind. The cloaking Teneb creatures are vile and deadly in numbers. Many of the other demons resort to fire and grenade throwing. So keep your eyes peeled!


Although this game is a little dark in nature. (demons, suicide, etc) There is a real good story and message behind it. You\'re saving a teen crying out to God for help. This is not a typical Shoot 'em up game. Instead of killing demons, you\'re banishing them. There is no blood, when a demon is defeated they vanish.

Overall experience/Ease of use

There were some show stopping bugs that I encountered (They\'re all fixed in the full version). However I worked with Two Guys Software and they were addressed quickly. It\'s nice to know that they really care about their game and how it runs for people. Overall the game was easy to play and it ran really well on my system. The requirements are not very taxing so this game should be able to run on many systems without a hitch. The interface is fairly easy to use. You can customize the controls or bind the keys. My only complaint on the interface is that it\'s easy to skip or miss parts of the story. Otherwise it\'s pretty easy to maneuver. I must say that this has got to be the best Christian game I have played so far. One of the main selling points to me is the multiplayer capabilities. This is one game I would not have a problem playing with Christians and non-Christians alike. Granted the graphics are a little dated by today\'s standards, but they don\'t hamper the gaming experience any. The intro music has a nice heavy guitar theme. If there was more music in the game, that would have helped adjust the mood. But for a first game by Two Guys Software I think this game is a great start and I eagerly await their future releases.

Final Ratings

Graphics C- Game play A Sound B- Interface A- Stability B+ Offensive Content B

Overall 80% B-


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