System Requirements
OS: Any with java (virtual machine needed for Windows) CPU: 486 or better RAM: 32MB VIDEO: No 3D acceleration needed SOUND: 16 bit Age: Everyone Bible: KJV

I am sure almost everyone has heard of the game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. This game has many similarities to the show but adds so much more! For starters, you are not going for one million, but two million virtual dollars! That\'s not all, the questions are based on the bible. So you get to test your knowledge and learn along the way. The game is very fun and I would recommend it for all ages.

How do I play the game?

When you start the game you have to create your player. After that, get your bible out and be prepared for some tough questions. They have a database of 2,000 random questions so it\'ll never be the same game twice. If that\'s not enough, you can add your own! The dollar amount starts off at $250 and works up to 2 million. The questions get harder along the way to make you work for your winnings. You are timed on answering, so flipping through the Good Book is not always an option.

Do I get life lines?

YES! Just like the TV game show, you have life lines in case you get in a bind. You can ask a bible expert like Adam, Job, Amos, Joshua, Malachi, Peter, Mary, etc. Their expertise varies with how close the questions relate to where they contributed to within the bible. For example you may not want to rely on Adam for a question on Revelation. Fortunately they will say in their answer if they responded with confidence or hesitated. There\'s another option to Zap two answers, this is helpful at times. My favorite lifeline is to poll the audience, they rarely fail me.


From a Christian perspective this is a biblical game and I see nothing wrong with it. It can be a great learning tool for memorizing scripture or learning it more! I like the look up verse feature after you answer a question and how it automatically shows the verse when you answer incorrectly. This game can be fun for the whole family or church group.

Overall experienceEase of use

The game was fun and easy to play. It\'s single player only, so the only way to compete against others is in the winners list. There are quiz editors and options to add questions to keep the game interesting. The graphics are simple but they work well. There\'s no need for fancy video cards or 3D rendering to run this game. The background music was pleasant and the sound effects when used were fitting. You just need a mouse and keyboard to play. The only technical difficulty I had was with the java virtual machine. Microsoft\'s latest didn\'t work so I recommend you use theirs. This game is real cute and can be enjoyed by anyone. I highly recommend it and for $19.95, you can\'t go wrong!

Final Ratings

Graphics B Game play A Sound B Interface A Stability A- Offensive Content A+

Overall 92% A-

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