System Requirements Windows 98/ME/XP Pentium II 400 DirectX compatible video card ( 3D acceleration 8 or 16 MB Video-RAM recommended ) 64 MB RAM or better. 90 megs free hard drive space. DirectX 8.0 or higher

Swing into action with Bongo the Bible loving monkey. Your quest in the demo is to find the key to a treasure chest in the dangerous jungle. Armed with your slingshot and a limited amount of banana ammo, your adventure awaits!


That\'s right you\'re armed with your Bible knowledge and bananas. Each shot at your enemies costs you 50-100 banana points so we need to constantly replenish our ammo supplies. To get more bananas you can find them, gather Bible scrolls or answer Biblical trivia questions. Be careful, if you answer a question incorrectly, you\'ll get pushed away and take some damage.

What kind of Bible Trivia?

You will be asked to place prophets and books in the right chronological order. There are some good questions I took a beating on a couple of times. Some of the questions are pretty easy, like: \'Which book is a collection of 150 poems about God that were originally meant to be sung?\' Some of the tougher questions ask you how many books are in the Old Testament and New Testament etc.

What kind of enemies will I fight?

The jungle is home to some big carnivorous plants. These babies will gobble you up whole; fortunately you can out run them if you\'re out of bananas. The other enemy in the jungle you\'ll encounter are mummies. Mummies are faster and smarter. Not only will they duck from the bananas coming their way, they will run away from you as well. They have more hitpoints than the plants, be careful of these guys.


Other than pelting plants and mummies with bananas I think this game is pretty clean. It\'s no different than your Nintendo 64 style games. In fact, this game reminds me in many ways of your classic clean console games, except with Biblical questions.


Bongo Loves the Bible is powered by the A5 engine. The surroundings are 3D rendered and look pretty good. The demo level is big and has some secret areas for those who like to explore. As with many console games you\'ll come across some jumping puzzles. The controls are limited to the arrow keys, and there was no option to change to my beloved WASD. The mouse cursor was a bit difficult to navigate on the menu. One annoyance is that the mouse cursor is always visible during game play. I did get stuck once in a level, but the game is stable otherwise. The sound effects were nice. The menu screen has a theme song which is cute but the game play music is a tad repetitive. There is some music variety when fighting mummies, but other than that it\'s the same loop over and over. The game looks to be single player only. It does have great potential. It\'s a fun way to learn the Bible. Check out the demo. Or buy the game for $19.99.

Final Ratings

Graphics B Game Play B+ Sound C Interface C+ Stability B+ Appropriateness A-

Overall 77%

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