System Requirements OS: Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP CPU: 300mhz CD-ROM: 12X RAM: 16MB Hard Disk: 50MB free, 685 for full install Video: SVGA Sound: 16bit Ages: 5-8

Charlie is back and ready to teach your kids about great Bible stories and elementary skills. This game truly makes learning fun and I would highly recommend it for any Christian family. Your children will learn: ? Greater/Less Than ? Addition/Subtraction ? Spelling ? Synonyms/Antonyms ? Telling Time ? Counting Money ? Sequencing ? Rhyming Words ? Problem Solving ? Critical Thinking

What Bible stories are there?

There are six Biblical adventures your children will learn about. Each adventure has three levels of difficulty, which greatly adds to the replay ability. There are also coloring pages you can print out for more entertainment value. Here are the stories and what you will learn from them.

Daniel and the Lion\'s Den-Learn about Daniel\'s day working for the king. Set the clock to the right times to see what he is doing. When you are cast into the lions\' den you get to play the lions in a game of Connect the Rocks, which is similar to Connect 4.

Joshua and the Walls of Jericho-Watch and listen as the priests march across the town of Jericho. Listen as they sound their horns and remember the order. This level is like the classic Simon game. There are more priests to keep track of with the different skill levels.

David and Goliath-Get your slingshot ready and prepare to hit numbers that are greater and less than. There is also addition and subtraction. The numbers get bigger as the difficulty level increases. Fight a bear and a lion just like David did. Once you are warmed up, you get to face Goliath himself!

The Story of Ruth-Do you like Pac Man? As Ruth you get to collect wheat and avoid the animals that will steal your baskets. To slow them down, you must go across question marks and find words that rhyme. After three levels you get to go to a bonus round where you are fast and there are no enemies to stop you. After that Boaz helps you by tossing power-ups that will speed you up for a short amount of time.

The Pearl of Great Price-Learn about the merchant looking for pearls from Jesus\' parable. Once you find the most beautiful pearl you?ve ever seen you sell all your possessions and have to buy objects to trade for it. This story teaches you about money and giving the right amount of change. As you adjust the difficulty level the amount of change needed to purchase items increases.

The Journey of Paul-Join Paul as he?s being escorted to the Roman prison. Along the way he gets shipwrecked and you must collect items to spell out words. Avoid obstacles that can hurt you! You have to collect more letters as the skill level increases.


The graphics are very well done and very colorful. The movies are fun to watch as well. When running the game, it sets your resolution to 640x480 and your monitor refresh rate to 60 Hertz. Although the resolution returns to what it was before, the Hertz rate does not. Because of the low resolution, the font is hard to read on the installation process. Lifeline studios did a very good job on the model and animation rendering.


The background music and sound effects are well done. The voice acting is pretty good too. Many of these games are based on sounds and would not be suitable for those who are hard of hearing.


The game interface is pretty easy to use. For the most part you are using the mouse and clicking for the right answers. In the Story of Ruth you have to use the arrow keys to slowly move her around. This game is pretty easy to maneuver around.


No complaints here this game gets an A+.

Final thoughts

The motto of LifeLine Studios is ?Quality Software for Kids? and with their Charlie Church mouse series, they have definitely lived up to their claim. I would definitely recommend this game for children. Keep up the good work!

Final Ratings

Appropriateness A+ Graphics B Sound B+ Game Play A Interface A Stability A

Overall 94%

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