System Requirements OS: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP CPU: 733Mhz RAM: 256MB (256MB doesn't cut it, get 512MB) HDD: 3GB VIDEO: 32MB GeForce 2 MX or better SOUND: 16 bit Direct X 8.1 Compatible AGE: Mature

Ever since Unreal 2 hit the shelves the biggest complaint was that it did not come with multiplayer game play. Well, Legend Entertainment has come through with this free expansion. Having been on the beta testing team, I must say that this expansion will not disappoint. It may be worth your while to grab your copy of Unreal 2 that?s collecting dust, or buy it if the price is right.

What do I do?

There is only one kind of game type, but it has two objectives. There are two sides, Red and Blue, and your goal is to collect all four artifacts. (You start off with two.) In order to power your defenses, you need energy. There are power generators that you need to hack to provide your team with energy.

Did you say hack?

There are three class types and they each have a special ability, but there are abilities that all the classes can do. The middle class tech is the best at hacking and repairing damage. They can drop repair kits to help the team. The rangers have the lightest armor and specialize in healing. They can drop med kits. The gunners have the heaviest armor and move the slowest. Their specialty is heavy artillery and they can drop ammunition packs. All the classes are equipped with jump jets and the ability to sprint.

Vehicles and turrets

All though the ones in Halo are better, Unreal 2 XMP does have vehicles. Not only are they fun to ride in, but they also have unlimited ammunition! They do drain on your team?s energy so make sure you have enough or you?ll run out of gas! There are turrets to play around in as well, but they too require energy.

How do I win?

You get points for doing stuff like hacking, gaining spawn areas, energy sources, artifacts, etc. Games are usually timed and the team in the end with the most points/resources/energy wins.


This game is based on the Unreal 2 engine so that alone should give away the fact that the graphics are nice. The game play is a bit repetitive, but the maps add some nice variety and save the game. The world detail is great and the scenery is fantastic. The space level is quite a challenge since you?re bouncing off of rocks. There are no fancy cut scenes or anything like that.


The sounds haven?t changed much from the original game. The weapons are the same and have the same sound effects. The theme music is nice and the voice tags add a nice touch. There is a tutorial that explains the game and the voice acting on that is pretty good.


There is violence as you take down the opposing team defending and retrieving the artifacts. You can be healed if you are shot down and re-spawn if you die. There isn?t any blood or gore. The space suits must cover that up.

Final thoughts

To install this expansion you need to have the Unreal 2 Play disc in your drive (pity since mine cracked). After that I don?t believe it?s needed. The expansion runs great and seems pretty stable. I?m not sure if the final version comes with an auto-updater but the beta one was rather flaky. I did beta test this on 56K and it was playable, so that?s good. I would definitely recommend checking this out if you own Unreal 2, and if you don?t I would consider buying the game since it now has multiplayer support.

Final Score

Game Play B Graphics A Sound B Stability A Appropriate B- Interface B

Over All 82%


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