Game Info:

Angels with Scaly Wings
Developed by: Radical Phi
Published by: Ratalaika Games
Release date: April 29, 2021
Available on: Linux, macOS, PS4, PS5, Switch, Windows, Xbox One
Genre: Visual Novel
Number of players: Single-Player
ESRB Rating: Teen for blood and gore, language, sexual themes, violence
Price: $9.99

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In the year 20XX mankind is on the brink of extinction and a discovery of a portal offers them some hope. On the other side of the portal are intelligent dragons who speak fluent English (what are the odds?) and have sent and replied back to many letters of introduction. A human diplomat by the name of Reza Izquierdo has been sent over to represent humanity. Reza has negotiated a trade of PDAs filled with data about our society in exchange for their self-sufficient generators. It’s up to your non-gender specified character to bring over the PDAs. You can personalize your character by naming it and assigning its text color.

After teleporting, you’re greeted by a peaceful sentient dragon. You soon discover that dragons hold humans in high esteem and most of the citizens want to make your acquaintance as a result. Many of the dragons are open to being more than friends too. Never in my gaming career did I expect to play a dragon dating simulator!

If you’re not into dating dragons, there’s a neutral ending available, but much of the story plot holes are filled by seeing the good and bad endings for each of the main reptilian characters. In total, there are thirteen endings to see. To save time, you can skip or speed through text you have read in previous arcs.


Strong Points: Interesting story; thirteen endings
Weak Points: You can’t visit every dragon during your free time so multiple playthroughs are encouraged
Moral Warnings: Blood and violence as you investigate dragon murders; swearing (d*mn, b*stard); drinking and drunkenness; you can hit on and date dragons; same-sex relationships possible 

The diplomatic relations quickly get strained as murders start happening in this peaceful village. To make matters worse, Reza disappears around the same time and is the prime suspect. To restore humanity’s image and to get to the bottom of this, your character aids the police force in solving these mysteries. Along the way, you’ll discover that their world is in danger and if you play your cards right, you may save them as well as humanity (win win).

During your down time, you’ll get to choose which dragons you’ll hang out with or assist. You can help Remy at the library, swig some beers with the police chief, assist Lorem with making a video game portraying humans, and plenty of other activities. It will take many playthroughs to see all of the interactions and the choices you make affect who lives or dies in the various story arcs.

With the murders, you can expect to see some bloodshed. Nudity is implied at times, but nothing is shown. The dragons for the most part don’t wear clothes. When it comes to dating you have the opportunity to hit on and get intimate with dragons of either gender. There is some language including d*mn and b*stard. Drinking and drunkenness are shown too.

Angels with Scaly Wings
Score Breakdown:
Higher is better
(10/10 is perfect)

Game Score - 84%
Gameplay: 17/20
Graphics: 8/10
Sound: 7/10
Stability: 5/5
Controls: 5/5

Morality Score - 62%
Violence: 3.5/10
Language: 6.5/10
Sexual Content: 3/10
Occult/Supernatural: 10/10
Cultural/Moral/Ethical: 8/10

There is no voice acting in this game, but the background music and sound effects get the job done. The music isn’t very memorable and as a result stayed out of my head.

The art style is unique and grew on me as I played the game more. I thought that it was funny when the background got blurrier and blurrier during the drinking game with the chief.

If you like dragons or ever daydreamed about dating them, you’ll probably enjoy this visual novel. It’ll also scratch the itch for anyone seeking a good murder mystery too. I still can’t get over the notion of dating dragons though.

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