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The list of 10 cheapest CSGO skins

The list of 10 cheapest CSGO skins

CS:GO skins are a special form of art that attracts more and more attention to the game. Some players are willing to pay a lot for the rarest and the most expensive skins, while others are looking for ways to upgrade their arsenal for little money. 

The second ones were just happy when the CSGO skin opening sites were created! Just choose a reliable platform like this one, sign in, and start the game — and you will be able to get any skins you want almost for free.

In this article, we’ve picked up the top 10 cheap but awesome skins that will make even the most demanding player happy!


The skin, which has a nice design with a minimalistic snake print, will cost you only $0.51-$0.91, depending on its condition. It makes weapons look more expensive than they actually cost.


This unusual design, which was released just a year ago, looks incredibly fresh and beautiful. The price on the Steam site is only $0.22 to $0.44, and "Factory New" will cost you 300% more than the "Minimal Wear" version.


If you’re looking for the best skin for this pistol, then this is the one! It successfully combines bright elements with a dark print and a minimalistic geometric pattern. Pricing ranges from $0.51 to $1.24 depending on the condition. What's more, there is an edition with StatTrak, which will cost you 2.5 times more.


It’s, maybe, the best AK-47 skin of all those available today. Its price is quite stable, it is always relevant and therefore liquid. You can get “Minimal Wear” for $3.09 and “Battle-Scarred” for about $1.45.


This skin looks pretty good and doesn't cost that much! It starts at just $0.073, the “Minimal Wear” version will cost you $0.11, and the “Factory New” version will cost you $0.29. Versions with StatTrak are slightly more expensive: from $0.15 to $0.36.


By now, this skin is considered a classic, so it’s a must-have!

The thing that makes it unique is a fairly realistic coloring that will suit absolutely every player. Also, the appearance of the skin is weakly dependent on the condition: it looks great with any wear level.

The price ranges from $0.18 to $0.73, and the “Factory New” version will cost you $4.36.


This is incredibly beautiful, cheap and concise skin. Its price ranges from $0.80 to $0.98, and the “Factory New” version will cost you $2.91. Also, there is a StatTrak edition, which costs $2.73.


This is quite an unusual skin that best retains its authenticity and originality in the “Factory New” or “Minimal Wear” states. Price for the perfect condition is $1.09, the "Minimal Wear" costs $0.62. There is also a version with a StatTrak, which costs $0.91 and higher.


This wonderful skin has become a discovery for many players! The price starts at just $0,18; you will have to pay $0,36-$0,40 for the “Factory New” condition. There is also a StatTrak version that costs $0,40.


This is quite a fascinating skin that draws attention with its brightness and unique print, illustrating scratches and bandages. The price ranges from $0,25 to $0,73, and the price for the StatTrak version starts at $0.87.



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What are CS:GO Skin Stickers and Why are They so Important

What are CS:GO Skin Stickers and Why are They so Important

CS:GO has many different types of items, but none are as varied or as intriguing to new players as the stickers. They are entirely cosmetic and don’t change the game in any way. In fact, none of the items in the game affect the gameplay – you can’t buy skins to get an advantage over your opponents.


Despite that, stickers are still really popular among the player base. Thousands of people are trading, buying, and selling these stickers every single day. Today, we will take a closer look at stickers and where they fit within the whole CS universe.


So let’s start.

The CS:GO Economy and How it Works

Since the skin system was introduced in 2013, CS:GO has had its own booming economy. This monetary system in the game lets players buy, sell, and trade various items with each other.


Every player has their own inventory filled with skins, which fluctuate in value. None of the skins have a fixed price that you can count on – the value is determined by several factors, including its rarity, wear and tear, demand, and uniqueness.


Lots of people are actively involved in CS:GO trading, and some are incredibly serious about it. They invest in items with dropped prices hoping that the price will go up in the future so that they can sell and make a profit. It’s a bustling little world of its own within the wider game – there’s something for anyone on the market, and the scene is very active.

The Role of Weapon Skins

As the name implies, weapon skins change the visuals on your weapon. The whole model is changed, and you can see all the intricate little details when carrying this weapon, and all the other players will also see your skin in the game.


Some skins are so extensive and detailed that they completely change how the weapon looks. They are about fun and let you customize your character the way you want. Skins can’t help you shoot better, but they can motivate you to practice.


In the end, it all comes down to personal choice. You decide how your character will look and which skins you want to equip.

The Stickers

CS:GO stickers are the same thing as real-life stickers. They are small decorations that you can apply to any skin in the game. You can only use a single sticker once. That’s why you need to carefully consider the item that you want to “stick” before you actually do it.


You can add stickers to any weapon, but you can also add them to weapon skins, which means that you can trade skins with stickers. If you put a sticker on a default skin, though, you won’t be able to trade it.


In general, players can add around four stickers to a weapon, but weapons like the R8 and G3SG1 can have up to five. It’s impossible to remove stickers after applying them. Like with other skins, tickers also have a fluctuating value that depends on a number of factors.

How to Get Them

In most cases, players get stickers from Sticker Capsules. There are community sticker capsules that drop better stickers and regular sticker capsules. Both can drop at the end of any game, and you can instantly get your stickers after the game.


To do that, you need to have a capsule key. These keys can only be traded or purchased. However, there are also tournament sticker capsules that can only be purchased on the Steam Market. These capsules can be opened without a key.


Then we have souvenir stickers, which can only be found with souvenir weapons. Of course, you can also buy any of these stickers on one of the markets or trade other skins for them.

How They Add to the Value of a Skin

Only stickers that come from teams or tournaments add value to skins. For example, stickers from Cologne or Katowice tournaments in 2014 will increase the value of the skin, but in most cases, stickers don’t increase the value of the skin.


In fact, they are more likely to reduce the value of the skin. Why? Simply because you can’t remove them. If a sticker is removed, the skin gets damaged, which is another thing most players look to avoid. However, some rare stickers can make the skin unique and add value to it.


Stickers can also hide damages on a weapon. That’s why people are reluctant to get items with them. They could potentially get a damaged item without even knowing it, but on the other hand, if you plan on keeping a weapon skin that’s damaged, you can make it prettier with a sticker and hide its flaws.

Examples of Stickers Adding to Skin Value

As we mentioned before, only rare and unique stickers add value to your skin. Here is a list of stickers you should be looking for:

  • RMR 2020
  • Belin 2019
  • Kato 2019
  • London 2018
  • Eleague 2018
  • PGL 2017
  • Cologne 14,15,16
  • Katowice 2014
  • DHW 2013
  • MLG 2016


Apart from tournament stickers, there are non-event stickers. They have different rarities, including Gold 1 & Gold 2, Pink, Purple, and Blue is the most common category. The most valuable sticker is the iBuyPower Katowice 2014, with a price tag of $15,000.


Stickers are a big part of the CS:GO trading market. They are unique because you can combine them with other items. You can also earn a lot by trading them if you know what you are doing since some stickers are worth thousands of dollars. We hope that this article helped you understand all the aspects of stickers in CS:GO.

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How to Track CS:GO Skin Prices

 How to Track CS:GO Skin Prices


Counter-Strike is one of the most famous and played multiplayer video games ever. Although the game has a long tradition of over two decades, its latest main game, CS:GO, launched back in 2012. Nevertheless, CS:GO is still very much played today, both recreationally and professionally.

The game is known for its competitive gameplay and numerous custom and special-edition skins. The skins are often limited to a certain number and hardly available to everyone. Additionally, some skins are no longer available – you can’t get them by playing the game, while others frequently fluctuate in their prices. That’s where CS:GO trade bot sites come into play.

You can use these websites to track the prices of the items you wish to purchase and get them for a much lower price. If you’d like to learn how to use these CS:GO trading sites to your advantage, keep reading.

Why Prices Matter

CS:GO has a countless number of skins for its weapons. Whether you want to customize your knives, grenades, rifles, or pistols, CS:GO offers limitless possibilities and options. The skins represent a way to finance and support the artists who created and developed them, as well as the game itself. For these reasons, the large majority of skins aren’t free.

Although you can get some free skins in free drops, which you earn by playing the game, it’s almost impossible to get exactly what you want to purchase. Because you need to use your real money to buy the skins, your possibilities are limited by how much you want to spend on these features.

What Affects Skin Prices?

As you probably noticed, CS:GO skin prices aren’t all the same. They can cost anywhere from nothing at all to the astonishing $26,000. But, how can the skins differentiate so much in price? Several factors affect this notion, including rarity, edition status, and demand.


Common items you get in free drops are free or cost very little when you want to trade, buy, or sell them. It’s connected to their common status because almost every CS:GO player owns the item, and the market is flooded with items of similar value.

However, as the skin increases in rarity, its price increases too – some rare skins can cost a lot of money because they can be tough to find.

Limited Edition

Similar to rare skins, limited edition ones also come at a high price. These skins are typically products of special collaborations with artists. Because they’re available only for a short time, not everybody gets a chance to buy their copy of the skin.

As time goes by, limited edition skins can grow in price because they’re no longer available for purchase. Whether you’re buying or selling the limited edition skin, be prepared to put a price on it.


Some skins can rapidly grow in demand due to their rising popularity. It’s often the result of an event or a professional player promoting the skin. In that case, the regular price of an item quickly goes up because the demand for the skin increased. Nevertheless, you can expect the price to drop as soon as the hype for the particular skin is over.

A similar thing happens with the release of new skins. Namely, the skins are always the most expensive immediately upon their release. Over time, their price slowly starts decreasing, and you can get the skins for a much more affordable price only a month after their initial release.

Ways to Track Skin Prices

Tracking skin prices isn’t hard at all, and you can save a lot of money by placing your orders at the right time. Although you can manually track these changes, using specially designed websites and trade bots makes this task much easier.

Trading bots can track price changes on multiple trading websites for you and notify you when a skin drops in price. That way, you don’t have to spend your time browsing different trading sites and comparing their prices, as the trading bot does that for you.

As a result, you have easy access to all skins and their versions with prices. That allows you to find the best deals on items you wanted to buy.

Is It Possible to Predict Price Changes?

Regular CS:GO players and traders wonder whether it’s possible to predict when the skin will undergo price changes. Although there is no way to know exactly how much a skin price will go up or down, you can expect price changes to occur in several instances.

For example, skins usually hold a high price when:

  • It’s a newly-released skin;
  • The supply of the skin runs low;
  • The skin is popular or rare;
  • Special CS:GO events or competitions take place.

Similarly, you can expect the skin price to go down when:

  • A short time goes by after the initial release of the new skin;
  • The skin decreases in demand and popularity;
  • The skin increases in supply;
  • Special offers take place, typically around Easter, Christmas, Black Friday, or other holidays.

Having this in mind, you can predict when the skin prices will go up or down. Although there’s no way to know the exact price of skins, you can rely on the information mentioned above to plan your future trading intentions.


To wrap everything up, CS:GO is one of the most played video games worldwide. Because of the extremely high number of players, CS:GO skins don’t come cheap.

Nevertheless, you can use trading bots to get the best deals on all kinds of skins and save a considerable amount of money. Furthermore, trading bots make the trading process much simpler and easier, allowing you to enjoy your new skins almost instantly.

 If you’re a CS:GO fan looking for a way to track skin prices, look no further – this guide will provide you with a detailed explanation about how skin trading works.

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Are Virtual Items Valuable and How We Got Here

Today, we can’t imagine a world without video games that entertain us in our free time.

We came to a point in which video games are not only for amusement nowadays. They can also help us make some serious cash along the way. 

Some in-game items can bring you a lot of money if you get lucky enough to get them from loot boxes. The most expensive CS:GO skins list has shown us that their loot system is one of the best in the current market. 

We learned a lot only by observing what Valve does so well and figured out that such a model of the economy has a high potential for making large profits.

The main question is, can you take advantage of such a system and earn some money along the way?

We’ll help you understand this type of economy better and give you the necessary skills to take advantage of it.

How Items Generate Value in Virtual Environments

This economy is complex. The demand for items will, in most cases, determine the price tag on the items. This kind of economic model will generate a high value on rare in-game items in the virtual environment.

How does this happen? Is there something you can do to increase the value of your inventory?

The rarity levels and the public demand are the factors that will determine the in-game item’s value. There’s not much you can do to increase the value of anything in your possession aside from acquiring those that are in-demand.

If an item is highly desirable by the players, its price will automatically go up. Like with any other product, the in-game items are worth only as much as they’re popular in the community.

It might seem that a virtual item can’t be too expensive as it is not a solid object. However, we could see in many examples that even a virtual item stored on our computers can have a very high value.

A few of them might even go higher than $100000 in the sales price, which is a ridiculous amount of money for such items.

Games With Most Valuable in-Game Items

We can find many examples of games that have high-value items in their in-game economy.

The first one, already mentioned above, is Counter-Strike Global Offensive. CS:GO has a loot system that awards the players by giving out cases and drops in which they win weapons skins and knife skins, which have added value due to their rarity. 

The value of some knife skins can go as high as $10000. The reason for such a high value of knives and their skins is their rarity levels and a high place on the players’ wish list. 

Players love knives in Counter-Strike, and they would do anything to grab some of the most famous skins for themselves.

Another good example of items sold at high prices is World of Warcraft. Some inventory items in this game require a lot of time and effort to acquire. Thus, having one can make you richer in real life.

There’s an example of a sword sold back in 2012 for $16000, which was unheard of up until that point. Since then, the players offer their inventory items on websites specialized in selling them. 

The Economy Around Virtual Items

The option for selling and buying virtual items online has created a one-of-a-kind economy.

The number of sites specialized in selling these types of items has grown exponentially over the years, and they are now successful businesses. 

Just like with any other online store, you can browse their offer through a well-designed and user-friendly interface. If you desire a rare skin or a weapon in a specific game, you can have it if you’re ready to pay for it, rather than spend time grinding to get it. 

Alternatively, if you’re looking to sell your in-game items, you can also offer them on those sites and make some incredible profits. 

If you own something with a high market value, why not take advantage and make some money along the way. It’s the 21st century, and the internet has given us options for getting rich without having to do traditional work.

Why shouldn't we use the opportunity given to us?

Buying and Selling Virtual Items

Buying and selling such items online is now a lucrative business that many are trying to start online.

Nowadays, you can find websites that are intermediaries between the buyers and the sellers without having any of the items in their possession. These sites offer some of the most popular skins and weapons for online games at competitive prices.

If you’re looking to sell your inventory, these sites are an excellent platform for you to do so. Most of them have customer support that will guide you through the whole process and ensure that your resources are safe throughout the process.

In many cases, players buy rare items, store them in their inventory, and wait for some time for a price to go up. 

A limited number of rare items create a drought after they’ve all sold out, and after some time, they become more valuable than before. It’s almost like investing in gold. You buy it and wait until the time is right to scoop up the profit. 

If you have enough money to back up your plans, you can consider trying this type of investment and enter this new market. 


Precious in-game items created a new market that has a high potential for economic growth. 

The gaming industry has made billions over the years by generating them and making games more exciting. Their success opened a world of possibilities for the players to make some money on items they’ve acquired by grinding away in the game they love.

Would you like to exploit this possibility and make some serious money?

Go and check your game inventory. Maybe there’s something valuable without you even knowing.

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Stay Safe with GameZod when Trading or Buying CSGO Skins


Do you play CSGO? If you do, you will know the value of item skins in the game. In CSGO, players get to collect item skins, and the best thing is that you can also buy or sell CSGO skins online. You will see a price difference in different item skins, as some are more popular than others. You can save time and effort by buying skins online, as you will be able to get the skin of your choice directly. But is it safe to buy CSGO skins online?

If you are planning to buy skins online, it is very important to choose a trustworthy site. You can easily get scammed by someone if you don’t pay attention, and this is the last thing you would want to happen. People can run away with your money, and they can even take your account by asking for the username and password. Logging in to your account on a reliable website isn’t an issue, but if you do it on an unreliable platform, you can lose your account. 

Some sites as for personal details that aren’t even required, and sharing your personal info with an unknown third-party service provider can be an issue. There are a lot of ways in which you can get scammed; however, you are unlikely to face any issues if you choose the right site. But how to choose a trustworthy CSGO trading site? In the next section of this article, we will discuss how you can find a safe platform to buy, sell, or trade CSGO skins

Visit GameZod to find a safe CSGO trading site

On GameZod, you will find lists of various gaming-related sites, and there is a category for CSGO on the homepage. In this category, you will find the best CSGO trading sites, and you will also find sites where you can buy or sell item skins. If you choose a site from the listing on GameZod, you are unlikely to face any of the above-mentioned issues. 

All sites mentioned on the platform are safe for users, and you are likely to have a pleasant experience while making a purchase on them. On these sites, you will find several options to choose from, and you will easily be able to find the skin you want to purchase. You can purchase skins safely by paying for them, or you can trade skins to get your favorite ones. 

Selling an item skin you don’t like can also be a good idea, as you can use the money to buy a skin you like. Some skins go for high prices, so you can get a good amount of money if you own a popular skin. CSGO skin prices can vary depending upon their popularity, launch year, appearance, and platform on where they are sold. On GameZod, you will find multiple sites on the list, which means you can easily compare prices as well. 


If you have read this article carefully, you will know how to find a reliable CSGO trading platform. Buying CSGO skins can be a good idea as you won’t have to rely on your luck to get your favorite skin. You can directly select the item skin you love and get it by paying for it. If you don’t want to spend money, you can trade skins to get the desired item. Now that you know where to find the best trading sites, let’s find the item skin you love and rock the game. 

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