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Toovren Outdoor Faucet Cover

Toovren Outdoor Faucet Cover


We recently moved and for some crazy reason, we decided to stay in Illinois which has a variety of weather conditions. After being in our house for a couple of months, we realized that the outdoor faucet needed to be replaced. Two plumber calls later, it was replaced. The first plumber was trying to overcharge us so always get multiple quotes for work! $375 later (and $300 less than our first quote), we had a new faucet installed.

With a shiny new faucet installed, we should protect it from the elements to help it last longer. Thankfully, faucet covers like the Toovren Outdoor Faucet Cover is inexpensive and super easy to install.

The Toovren Outdoor Faucet Cover is a dual-sided 420D oxford cloth which is insulated with silk cotton. There’s a Velcro strap that is used to secure it in place so it doesn’t get blown away by wind or rainstorms. Installation is super-quick and only took me roughly thirty-seconds to attach it to my outdoor faucet.

I’m not sure how or where magic is involved, but the Amazon image states: “The adjustable hook and loop straps/magic hold your Faucet tightly.”

With the faucet cover installed, your spigot should be protected from rain, snow, ice, and frost which should ultimately prevent it from rusting. These faucet covers are sold in multi-packs that come to less than $6 apiece. There are other brands available that are slightly less money at $3 apiece. The other brands probably lack magic though. Whichever brand you decide to go with, it’s worth looking into protecting your outdoor faucets from the elements if you live in areas with harsh weather conditions. Spending $3-6 for a $375 spigot is a financial investment I’m willing to make.


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