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Three classic games that the whole family can play online

In years gone by, playing games together was a common way for families to bond. Most of us have fond memories of three or even four generations sitting around the table and playing the classic board games. These days, gaming has a different meaning and most associate it with the solitary pursuits of teenagers in a virtual world of combat and survival.

Yet we all know that there is more to gaming than that. The events of 2020 have pushed social gaming right up the agenda, and that doesn’t just mean kids blowing each other to pieces playing Fortnite. In fact, to a certain extent, things are going full circle. Let’s take a look at some of the classics that can now be played as social games and are great for bringing the family together with their multi-generational appeal.


Pictionary has been a family favorite since it first appeared on the shelves in the mid 1980s. It’s a little like charades, but for people who don’t want to get out of their chair. This online version called Skribbl io is a fabulous little creation that will appeal to audiences of all ages. 

Like the board game on which it is based, it’s a way for the generations to come together and showcase their drawing skills, as well as their powers of ingenuity and lateral thinking. Best of all, it costs nothing to play it on your browser, simply head for the Gogy free games site, and look it up. Up to 12 players can play together in a private room, it couldn’t be easier. 


It’s 85 years since the first Monopoly game hit the shelves. In the latter decades of the 20th century, it was a core part of growing up, but its popularity dwindled with the arrival of the internet age. Fortunately, the power of cyberspace has also prompted its revival, and this is another game you can play completely free online via a platform called Pogo. 

Alternatively, if you are willing to pay out a few dollars, Hasbro has released a smartphone app that has some fun extras. These include customizable rules so that you can incorporate any family traditions, and a whole range of local versions of the game.


Our third and final classic is almost as old as Monopoly, having been devised by Anthony Pratt back in 1943 and manufactured by UK games company Waddingtons after the war. The game follows a typical Agatha Christie-style murder mystery, set in a country house of the 1920s or 30s. While that might make it sound peculiarly dated and English, the gameplay is such that it became a global success and is just as popular today. 

Like Monopoly, there is a mobile app that allows you to play either against family or random strangers. Alternatively, Clue is available to play on Steam. There is cross-platform functionality and a whole host of extras, including special themes. You can even play on the Orient Express to really stick with that Agatha Christie vibe!

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