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The Road to Edmond

Thank you Tripp Fuller for sending us a screener link to review!

The Road to Edmond was released in 2018, but now it’s available to watch on Amazon Prime for free. The movie begins with a young youth pastor named Cleo who is forced to take a 2-week sabbatical for telling one of his students that God loves her just as she is when she came out as gay. Cleo’s stance of acceptance goes against his church’s doctrine and that’s why he’s being reprimanded.

Not sure of what he did wrong, Cleo decides to clear his head by packing some camping gear and heading out on his vintage Schwinn bike without a particular destination in mind. On a rest stop, Cleo declines the advances of a lady, and later witnesses his bike getting ran over. The guy who ran over the bike is named Larry and he’s on a road trip with his father’s ashes. Without any better transportation options, Cleo decides to join along for the ride.

Please note that the rest of this post contains spoilers.

Larry is very talkative and tries to cheer up Cleo with crude humor and insightful questions. Having a religious background, Larry asks Cleo for his “Jesus Pitch” and it’s not very convincing. In fact, Cleo’s faith is shaky and on the road trip Larry gets him to swear, drink, and try marijuana. They even go to a gay wedding.

Though the movie praises Cleo for being accepting and open-minded, I found it sad that it depicts a youth pastor becoming corrupted with worldly ideas instead of Biblical truths. God loves you the person no matter what, but your sins against Him are repulsive. Sure, God loves someone with homosexual temptations who resists to do His will instead, but when you fall prey to them, you spit in His face.

Because of the sexual humor and foul language, I don’t recommend this movie for younger audiences. Evangelical Christians won’t like the message. People who celebrate pride month will probably enjoy this film though.

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