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The Best Hacking Strategies: Aimbots and ESP

The Best Hacking Strategies: Aimbots and ESP

Game hacking is a very old practice of editing and modifying the game in order to win, change the characters and rulers of the game or just simply to make the game more challenging to play. Game hacking is done by either simply changing the codes of the game or by adopting a software which will search and download available modification from the internet. Click here to learn more about game hacking.

Types of hacks available

Mobility hack is for professional players who are not afraid of getting a ban as they risk it from the very beginning. Mobility hack increases walking speed, so the player can teleport anywhere on the map in no time. These games are taken care of by game console and there is a minority of players that actually use it. On the other hand, there is a private hack. This hack can be custom made by a handy programmer. Since it is quite expensive to get this hack made, it is not very widespread. Contrary to the mobility hack, a private hack is difficult to detect.

Most hackers use the third type of hacks: pre-made programs which are easily easy to get for players for no cost. Tutorials and videos are widely available to teach the player how to download and install them.

What hacks can do

Game hacking programs, known also as pc game hacks or simply called cheats fall into several categories according to their performance. There are programs for detecting enemy positions in a way that is not part of the base client. Other programs are capable of marking destroyed objects on the map, adjusting the display of grenade fight trails, calculating and marking enemy artillery positions or leaving exposed enemies’ vehicles even when not aiming at them. The hackers also use software for blocking enemy grenades by pinpointing a precise point of view, such as a laser beam or for detecting the enemies by adjusting the transparency on the map.

Aimbots and ESP

Aimbots and ESP are the most common as well as the best game hacks. Aimbot is a software which performs auto-aiming, or so-called aim-boots. Aimbot, however, is more than locking the focus in the base client, it can also aim at enemy weaknesses and takes over the shooting while the player focuses on other action (for example, on maneuvering his tank).

Some aimbots help focus the aim precisely on the head of the enemy, while others are capable of shooting automatically as well. The goal is to treat the opponent a perfect headshot which is something only professional and trained players can do.

There is a similar program, called triggerbot. This one allows automatic fire whenever the enemy is in sight. While not capable of shooting with precision as aimbot does, triggerbot allows for multiple shooting at the opponent. Less skilled players enjoy it just as much as they enjoy the advantages of aimbots.   

ESP is an abbreviation for “extra-sensory powers”. What that means is that an ESP program collects and shares all the information about opponents with the player. Among these are, for example, the information on the health of the opponent, the amount of the ammunition they have left, whether they go or sprint. Also, ESP can share how many steps are the safe distance between the player and his opponent.  Such details can greatly aid the player in the game.

Beware of VAC

VAC stands for Valve Anti Cheat, a system that detects the game hacks and bans the players who actively use them during the play. While some programs like X-Fire or Overwolf are excluded from the VAC ban, aimbot and ESP programs are not. Since the VAC is capable to detect the so-called cheat signatures of the pc game hacks, it is always a good idea to play on other than VAC-secured servers. All about VAC system:

There is another danger connected with game hacks. Some hackers may develop cheats which they disguise as a simple game modification, for example as custom skins. By downloading them, the player in fact downloads the hacks without knowing it and he risks being banned by VAC. Therefore, the mindful players should always download any allowed modifications from a trusted source.





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