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TEFLOTY Smartwatch

TEFLOTY Smartwatch

This product was sent to us through Amazon Vine, but our account is restricted from writing reviews. Due to this inconvenience, you can read the review here!

The TEFLOTY Smartwatch is a useful waterproof fitness wristband that can provide plenty of statistics about your daily life such as how many steps you get in a day, how much sleep you typically get, your heart rate, and more useful features. There are also a few things that may interest you such as displaying the weather, media controls, timers/stopwatch, and many more functions.

Upon receiving your watch, it is very easy to set up using the app (which there is a QR code for). In the app, you can view all fitness-related statistics as well as customizing the watch and its abilities. For example, you can tell the app how often you want the watch to remind you to drink water, or when it tells you to move around a little bit/touch some grass. You can also set alarms, as the band can vibrate to hopefully wake you up. Another cool feature is that you can use it to remotely take photos for some interesting selfies.

Something neat that it can do is count the specific hours and minutes of sleep that you got, as well as when you were in deep sleep/light sleep. It also shows you a bar graph showing how much you were able to get over the past seven days, which is fairly useful if you want to adjust when you go to bed or something similar. Another thing it does is track your steps and vibrates once you reach your goal. It can show a graph as well, and can be used to see how active you are over the course of 24 hours. There are a few health-related functions as well such as blood pressure, heart rate, and blood saturation/SPO2, which also have their own data charts.

As mentioned previously, it is waterproof, and the rating for it is IP68. This means that you can use it for casual swimming, and water has a hard time getting inside it. It also has decent battery life, lasting around two days on a full charge.

If I could change anything about this watch, I’d get a more convenient charging method, such as a cord or dock, as the current flimsy magnet charger falls off more often than not. Something else I’d fix is the fact that it’s incapable of displaying all phone notifications, since it currently has a very small list of alerts you can get on the band. Also, something to note is that some of the things (mainly pictures) on the Amazon page are inaccurate.

If you’re looking for a watch to get without spending too much money, get this one. It costs $27.99, and has plenty of features. You’re almost guaranteed to appreciate a lot of the things it can do, and it’ll last you a while as well. I’ve used almost all of the features that it has, and love all of them. Chances are, you will too!

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