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Narati Steam Deck Protection Kit

Narati Steam Deck Protection Kit

This product was sent to us through Amazon Vine and since our account was restricted from reviewing it on their platform, It’s now here for your reading pleasure!

In a household with multiple Steam Decks, I like to have mine stand out from the rest. Aside from a custom boot video, I thought a body and screen protector would be nice to have, especially with my cat who has been known to knock laptops off tables.

For less than $22 on Amazon, you can get the Narati Steam Deck Protection kit which includes:

1 Protective Case
1 Screen Protector
6 x Stickers
2 x Dust Filter Covers
4 x Dust Filter Plugs
4 x JoystickThumb Grips

Installation is pretty straightforward. You only get 1 screen protector, so make sure you have it perfectly aligned and not 1mm off like I did in my unboxing video! My second attempt was perfect. I highly recommend ordering a backup screen protector for this reason or for future cracks. The headphone jack and USB-C dust covers are a nice touch, but are easy to lose and some may deem them not worth the hassle.

The rear button stickers look and feel nice, however, I had to scrap the touchpad stickers as they did not properly detach from the adhesive paper. That’s my only complaint with this kit.

I like the bigger joystick grips though some may prefer Valve’s original configuration here. Since these will eventually wear out, the extra set will come in handy. I also installed the wire mesh filter covers around the air intakes to reduce crumbs or dust from getting into my Steam Deck.

The external grip is easy to install and very comfortable to use. I’m happy to report that my Steam Deck still fits in its original carrying case with the protective case on.

If you’re looking to protect your gaming investment at a low cost, this Narati Steam Deck Protection Kit is definitely worth checking out. I hope you have better luck with the sticker installation than I did.

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