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Muhoop Electronic Bug Zapper

Bug Zapper

Thank you Muhoop for sending us this bug zapper to review!

Though I can’t find any Biblical evidence, I believe that fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and other blood sucking creatures are part of mankind’s curse in Genesis 3. I have yet to find someone who appreciates mosquitoes and wishes for them to stay alive. The “Electronical Mosquito Killer HK-1107” claims to be the best and has “achieved patent” according to the box.

This $20 mosquito killer is quite affordable and measures at 10” tall and 4.5” wide. The power cord is only 3 feet long and that’s my biggest complaint. There is no instruction manual, so I’m not sure how to open it up to clean away the bug bodies with a “soft lrush” as the box instructs. The box also recommends using this mosquito killer “in bed-room, hall, hostal, office, chicken farm, animal huslardry, and any other places where needs killing mosquitoes.“ As you can see, there were multiple typographical errors within the packaging, and it would have been a better experience had some of the instructions gone through a bit of proofreading before release.

All of our outdoor power outlets are low to the ground and the first night I left the mosquito killer on the floor of our front porch. The next morning I did not see any dead bugs in the device or fall out when I shook it. To make sure it’s not just a blue light in a cage, I dropped a small cricket into the device, and it did indeed kill it. I then offered the cooked cricket to my bearded dragon, Yoshi, who enjoyed her home-cooked meal.

We like to enjoy meals on our deck, so I grabbed an extension cord and had the mosquito killer five feet high. At that height it definitely sent some mosquitoes to their maker. This device kills bugs quietly as you won’t hear the typical “zzzZZt” noise. I just wish I knew how to open it for cleaning. There are some Philips-head screws on the outer casing that I’ll try unscrewing as the device collects more insect bodies inside of it.

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