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Lego Star Wars: The New Yoda Chronicles

Thank you Disney for sending us this DVD to review!

Almost everyone likes Star Wars and kids love Legos.  So mixing them together is a match made in heaven.  Add in everyone's favorite characters with their famous lines, a solid script, and it'll be 92 minutes well spent.   The humor in this series had both kids and adults cracking up.

Darth Vader had many funny moments with his voice getting messed up due to a short in his wiring.  His cape also got in his way often and choked him while flying his pod racer.  Another great moment was when he scolded a storm trooper for being clumsy and then tripped over him!  I dare say that these episodes are more entertaining than the original movies.

Here's a synopsis of the four episodes in this DVD:

  • Escape From The Jedi Temple - Luke and his friends are nearly captured by Darth Vader and after they escape, Yoda and Obi-Wan's ghost believe that further training with the help of the Holocrons is required.
  • Race For The Holocrons - Luke Skywalker needs to retrieve the Holocrons that Obi-Wan hid to complete his Jedi training.  Darth Vader is looking for them as well.  Who will get to them first?
  • Raid On Coruscant - With the Holocrons in their possession, the Sith empire can locate and root out the Rebel Alliance.  The Rebel Alliance must fight back to re-claim the Holocrons.
  • Clash Of The Skywalkers - After the Sith's defeat, the Sith set out on a mission to put an end to Luke Skywalker for once and for all.

My kids and I are now officially fans of this series and highly recommend checking it out on TV or in its DVD form.  The DVD sells for less than $13 on Amazon and is worth every penny.

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