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Delivery Man

Thank you Time Warner for sending us this movie to review!

Delivery Man is about a meat truck driver name David Wozniak who has made several mistakes in the past and has a knack for losing money.  He’s now deeply in debt and unless he repays it, his life is in danger.  As David’s life is continuing its downward spiral, his relationship with his girlfriend is on the rocks and he finds out that he is the father to over five hundred children.  To make matters worse, the sperm donor company informs him that more than one hundred and forty of the offspring want to know his real identity. 

Despite being told by his lawyer friend, not to have anything to do with his kids, David enjoys acting like a guardian angel to several of them.  Without revealing his identity, he helps many of them launch their career, build their self esteem, and even kick drug use.   There’s a lot of variety in his children as they each have various skills and abilities.  One of them is a professional basketball player while another is unresponsive and wheelchair bound.  

While the overall message of this movie is positive, there are some issues worth mentioning that make this movie not so family friendly.  It does earn its PG-13 rating for language, sexual themes, including homosexuality, drug and alcohol use.  

In the beginning of the movie David tries to grow marijuana to help raise money to pay off his debt.  Later in the film as he gets to know one of his daughters, he saves her from overdosing on heroin.  Another one of his daughters puts him in the protective dad role as she is very attractive and gets many cat calls with her skimpy outfits.  In another scene, David is following one of his sons only to find that he is an active member in the gay community.  Sex outside of marriage is promoted in this film. Lastly, given the nature of the plot, there are several sexual innuendos about how these children were created.

While this movie does have a happy ending, it makes me glad I stopped at three kids.  I’m also thankful that I was living a Godly life before having them as well.  

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