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Body by Honeydew

Body by Honeydew

Thank you Honeydew Sleep Company for providing us with a body pillow and case to review! 

The Honeydew Sleep Company was founded in 2017 but has roots dating back to 1987.  They offer five different pillow types and accessories like covers and additional filling material for you to customize their pillows to your liking.  

The body pillow is currently on sale with a 25% off discount, which comes to $149.99 with free nationwide shipping, and a 60-night money-back guarantee.  Honeydew Sleep Company stands behind their products with a three-year warranty that covers any defects in materials and workmanship.  

All of the pillows made by Honeydew Sleep Company are machine washable.  The only caveat is that you have to remove the filling before washing it.  The body pillow is filled with Blue Gel Bliss which is made up of Certified foam gel that’s as soft as down feathers (without the allergies) and stays cool at night.  

The dimensions of the body pillow are 49” long and 13” wide.  It’s a super long pillow that can be shared between couples, but I found it to be too soft and lacking support for my liking.   However, folding it in half is much better, but not sharable.  Because of the unusual length, standard pillowcases won’t work with the body pillow.  Thankfully, a white pillowcase ($45 value) is included.  Additional colors like silver and mint are available for purchase on Honeydew’s website.  The pillowcases for the body pillow are 100% Rayon Made Entirely from Organic Bamboo.

Even though I’m not fond of sharing the body pillow, it does have some other interesting uses.  It’s an epic weapon in pillow fights.  The body pillow can also be used as a divider during a spat with your spouse.  Or if your spouse is away, it’s a nice huggable substitute that doesn’t snore.  

If you ever wanted a super long and snuggly pillow, Body by Honeydew has got you covered.  I love how there was a personalized note telling me to have sweet dreams.  I look forward to trying out more products from this great company!

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