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5 Pros and Cons of VR in Gaming


Everyone has heard of gaming and formed some sort of opinion towards it. Some people love games and spend hundreds of hours on them, while others resent it and spend hundreds of hours ranting about it. Whether you love or hate games, they are here to say. They are continuously growing in popularity and innovation.

One of the newest innovations in the gaming industry is the addition of VR. 

VR or Virtual Reality transports users to a whole new manmade version of reality. This man-made version can serve many uses like work, art, and even education. Now VR is making its way to the gaming industry, a wonderful industry full of potential, soft drinks, and angry gamers.

Virtual Reality and How it Works

As mentioned, VR transports users to a specific virtual world for varying reasons. VR is often discussed in combination with Augmented Reality or AR. Augmented Reality is essentially the same as VR except they transport users to a modified version of reality. Users are still in the same realm, but this time AR has added to the reality making it a better-augmented version.

With new startups targeting different areas of the market, who knows where VR will be in the coming years? New startups that are dedicated to fitness, education, healthcare, finance, and many more show the potential in VR. All of these are possible thanks to the tools used for VR.

The Instruments of Virtual Reality

In old-school gaming you might make use of a console or a stick and controller in the arcade, today you make use of simple lightweight tools. Instead of your usual handheld controller attached to a PS4, VR makes use of modern tools.

Most VR programs can be accessed with a pair of controllers and augmented reality

The controllers allow the program to locate your hands and observe your movements. These controllers serve as the bridge between your hands and the virtual world.

The virtual reality headset allows you to access the virtual world. What the controller does for VR programs, the headset does for you. It tells you what is on the other side, usually, this is through a pair of lightweight goggles and some headphones. Headsets vary in size and approach but they all serve the same purpose, allowing you to access virtual reality.

Just like having a new handheld console, having a headset and a pair of controllers gives you free rein over a new and improved world.

Pros of VR in Gaming

With the awesome development of this technology, it brings forth numerous pros for its users. Let’s find out what they are below.

 1. Everything is Surreal

5 Pros and Cons of VR in Gaming

One of the advantages that VR gaming has is the immersiveness. VR provides you with far better visuals compared to any other gaming console out there. VR can be so immersive, it can even look better than what actual reality looks like. You get the high-quality graphics of the real world combined with the beauty of a gaming world.

One second you can be in your living room and the next the web-slinging Spiderman or maybe a soldier in the second world war. VR transports you into whatever reality you choose and lets you take in every beautiful second you spend there. You aren’t limited by some screen on a computer anymore, now you can walk and turn around to see every beautiful detail.

2. Exploration is Safe

As mentioned, VR transports you to whichever reality you prefer. Providing you with beautiful scenery in the comfort of your own home. What may surprise scenic lovers who are used to climbing mountains to get a beautiful view, is the fact that they can get that same view from the safety of their living room.

VR is all about transporting your eyes, ears, and for some programs, even your legs to a whole different world. You get to feel a new reality without leaving your home and you get to be a thrill seeker while you stay safe.

Safety is a major priority when it comes to staying alive, and with VR you don’t have to sacrifice this.

3. It Can Make You More Fit

Certain VR games let you exercise the way you normally would inside the gym and others do a better job. An example of VR in fitness is Black Box, they are a VR startup that takes your workout to a whole new level through gamification. They make regular old crunches and reps into fun challenges that reward you with a fun game and healthy results.

There are plenty of other VR programs that can help you to have fun and have that summer body.

Cons of VR Gaming


Everything comes with a price, and it is only fair that we inform you of the negative effects of VR gaming. It isn’t all bonuses when it comes to modern gaming, just like in the past there are cons. 

For you to make a responsible decision if you want to get into VR gaming here are the cons.

1. Highly Addictive

Since VR gaming is essentially a step up from traditional console gaming, its addictiveness follows. Some may argue that it is “only addictive” because it is enjoyable. Regardless of the reason, addiction is still something that needs to be taken seriously. Exposing yourself to VR gaming does expose you to a small risk of addiction.

This may be especially true since VR is more immersive. Since some gamers get addicted to low-quality games then VR might serve an additional risk of addiction. 

2. VR Gaming is Expensive

VR gaming is a class of its own in the gaming industry. Since it is a relatively new technology, some tools are expensive. Even though everyone should get to experience the wonders of VR, doesn’t mean they get the opportunity to do so.

This is of course because every gaming console has always come with a price, and that price always drops after time. This con may not be around for long but it still deserves a mention, for now, certain tools might be too expensive for an average gamer.

Final Takeaway

VR is a wonderful new world full of possibilities, it brings amazing experiences but it also has its disadvantages. This article quickly discusses VR, how it works, and the different effects you need to consider before buying a VR setup. 

All in all, this article presents you with the needed information and it is your choice if you want to take advantage of VR in its early stages. Whether you are interested or not, VR is here and it will keep on growing and branching out to other industries in the future.


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