System Requirements
CPU: Pentium 200 RAM: 32 MB OS: Win 95 or 98, VIDEO: 3D accelerator required Age: Mature-Strong Language, Animated Blood

Grand Theft Auto requires you to be open-minded. It loses somewhere during the game, yet it\'s so addictive. Also, it\'s a free to do whatever you want kind of game. You can carjack, spray-paint your car, kill innocent people, steal cars, and run over people, have the police, swat, FBI, or even the army come after you. Also, there are over 50 vehicles to jack/steal/take from, and you can even download user-created ones. The maps are HUGE. I mean VERY large. First off, you are a criminal working for various houses. There are numerous missions, more than you can count.

Missions vary from stealing certain cars, murdering a certain person, picking up people in a van, and rigging cars to blow up, etc. The missions are very creative. Instead of doing regular jobs you\'ll be stealing fast cars, running over people, killing police, maiming the SWAT team, and eventually, you will have the army after you. Half the fun is preventing yourself from being caught. Again, this is not a game for kiddos! Even though it\'s not ultra-gore, the game features prostitution, sadism, and drug use. Although they are not graphical, those elements are still there. You can find tons of secrets, and hidden stuff in the game too.

For the vehicle/action maniac, this is THE game. Also it\'s a huge improvement over GTA1, but still, it could have been better. Much better. It\'s worth buying if your low on money. It should be about less than $25 these days. And since GTA3 is coming out soon, either expect a GTA-gold-pack, or GTA1\'s and 2\'s out of stock. The game\'s is top-down perspective can be a real turn-off, but for some people, it can be fun/simple.

The sound effects get big points in this game because different vehicles you go into will have different sounds and music playing. Well, I recommend this game to a gamer with a low income and those looking for simple, but not so squeaky clean fun.

Blood/gore: VERY little Language: written Good for the whole family: No

Overall 79% C+


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