Minimum System Requirements
Windows 98 SE/ME/2000/XP or Windows 98 equipped with Windows Media Player
XGA monitor with true Screen Area/Resolution 1024 x 768 (standard screen) or 1280 x 800 (wide screen) and 16 millions of color
740 MB free Hard Disk space
CD-ROM reader 16X
Soundblaster Live Player 1024 or equivalent Audio card


As a tourist visiting the enchanting Isle of Capri for the first time, you are unexpectedly transported into a mysterious scenario, no longer certain of where you are or which way to turn. Regaining your senses, you begin to explore the island, encountering interesting characters and intriguing clues. You wander through magical gardens, seashores, churches, monuments, villas, and old Roman ruins. To unravel this mystery, you must utilize strange inventions by an eccentric island scientist, along with your own deductive reasoning.*

So I'm disoriented, now what?

Although we're not sure how it happened, we went back in time. The isle that was once crowded with people is now empty. Find people to talk to and find out what's going on. Getting people to talk to you usually involves running an errand or buying something from them.

So what kind of errands do I run?

For starters you need to deliver a newspaper to a grocer. Your mother also has you pick up an item from the store. You'll also learn how to cook by gathering ingredients for a Capri cake and salad! Of course, half the fun is finding the people you need to get or give the items to.


What mystery game would not be complete without puzzles? You get to decode messages, track people down, push buttons and all kinds of fun. Not to mention the whole concept of time travel and getting back to the right times to find certain people!


The interface is pretty basic yet it's not very intuitive. The controls to move around are easy to enough, but some of the areas are only visible coming from one direction, so it's easy to miss an area or an important person. Launching the game and saving games could be a little easier. They should clarify things a bit. You have to be careful when saving a game, it gets assigned to a number save slot with no comments to describe the save. Make sure you don't overwrite the wrong one! There are some helpful features that are worth noting. For example, the game automatically records conversations so you can always go back and read them to refresh your memory. The map of Capri is a life saver, since it's easy to get lost and the map helps you orient yourself better.


There really isn't anything fancy here. The game is based on thousands of pictures and there are a few effects added to them, but nothing too spectacular. Some of them are truly beautiful. Cut scenes and movies would have really helped in getting the player immersed into the storyline. I couldn't help feeling like a tourist at times just wandering around not knowing what to do or even knowing what's going on.


You can play this game in English or Italian. If you choose to play it in English, the voice acting is hard to understand at times. Thank goodness for the recorded conversations! The sound effects throughout the game are very fitting and rarely get annoying. You hear birds, people, dogs barking, etc. The soundtrack is the highlight of this game as it's very well done. It reminds me of Tubular Bells (not the part in Exorcist) a little bit.


There's nothing to really complain about with this game. I will say that the people on Capri seem to be very religious and very Roman Catholic. There were a few Mary shrines along the isle.


If you like mystery adventure games, or just fascinated with Capri, this game may be right up your alley. I did find it hard to get into the game as it seems to be a little rough around the edges in many areas. The scenery and music are great though. If you get stuck while playing it, here's a good walkthrough.

Final Ratings

Game Play C Graphics C+ Sound A- Interface B- Stability A Appropriateness A-

Overall 77%

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