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Among Us
Developed by: Innersloth
Published by: Innersloth
Released: November 16, 2018
Available on: PC, mobile
Genre: Strategy, Party
ESRB rating: Not rated
Number of players: Up to 10 online or local multiplayer
Price: $4.99 on PC; free on mobile
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Among Us is currently the 3rd most popular game on Steam. In it, up to 10 players are on a ship (or not, depending on the map) where among them there are 1-3 impostors. You have to try to find out who the impostor(s) are, and if you are one, you must sabotage the ship and kill everybody.

During a match, crewmates must do all of their assigned tasks. If all crewmates have done all of their tasks, they win. Crewmates can also win by discovering who the impostor is (and voting them out). In order for the impostor to win, there has to be the same number of impostors as crewmates remaining. In order for this to happen, there has to be one impostor alive and one crewmate alive.

There are a lot of tasks like fixing wiring, emptying waste, cleaning the oxygen filter, etc. When you do a task, you are taken to a minigame that makes the tasks different from each other. For example, if you do a task for fixing wiring, you have to connect lines to each other. To clean the oxygen filter, you have to drag leaves into a hole to get them out of the filter. Since Among Us plays top-down, the map is very useful for finding where you need to go to find your tasks.

Among Us

Strong Points: Extremely fun; thrilling; online multiplayer; good price
Weak Points: Chat filter is not very accurate; DLC is too expensive for something small
Moral Warnings: Small amount of blood; some people make inappropriate names for their characters; lying is encouraged

As the impostor, you can obviously kill other people, but you can also sabotage. Sabotaging is very important, because it makes it so the crewmates all go to the same location. Basically what it does is it makes the ship have a malfunction, and the crewmates have to fix it. You can sabotage different things depending on the map. In “The Skeld,” you can sabotage the lights, communications, the reactor, oxygen, and the doors to almost every room. If you sabotage the lights, nobody except the impostor(s) can see other players. If you sabotage the oxygen, the crewmates (and the impostor if you want) have to go to each of the number pads and type in the correct code to turn it back on. If the reactor is sabotaged, two players must place their hand (in-game, of course) on a scanner to turn it back on. If the oxygen or reactor gets sabotaged and the crewmates can’t fix it in time, the impostors automatically win. This is called a critical sabotage.

If someone is killed, they will see an animation of the impostor killing them, and then right afterward they become a ghost. As a ghost, you cannot be seen by other players, but you also can go through walls and any furniture. You always have access to the chat, but only other ghosts can see what you say. If you are an impostor and you get voted out, you become a ghost and can only sabotage (this only applies in games of 2 or 3 impostors). If you are a crewmate and get killed or voted out, you have to complete your tasks as a ghost.

Among Us
Score Breakdown:
Higher is better
(10/10 is perfect)

Game Score - 84%
Gameplay: 19/20
Graphics: 7/10
Sound: 9/10
Stability: 3/5
Controls: 4/5

Morality Score - 74%
Violence: 2.5/10
Language: 7/10
Sexual content: 10/10
Occult/Supernatural: 10/10
Cultural/Moral/Ethical: 7.5/10

There are a lot of references in Among Us, and they are all from other games and movies. A lot of the hats that you can use to customize your character are from a game called “The Henry Stickmin Collection.” (Innersloth published the Henry Stickmin Collection.) They are hats that some of the characters wear in-game. There is also a hat of Henry Stickmin himself, as well as his friend Ellie. Along with this, there are also purchasable DLC for pets, and there is a pet for Henry and Ellie. On top of that, the posters on the walls of the map “Polus” are of the boxart for the Henry Stickmin Collection. There is a task that references him, too. The 1991 film “Terminator 2” is referenced as well. In the map “Polus,” when the impostor is ejected, he gets thrown into a pit of lava and holds a thumbs up as he sinks. You may notice a few more minor references, but I won’t talk about those because there are a lot of them.

Among Us is extremely popular, and there are lots of memes and crossovers about it. It is even popular on our Discord server, as there is a channel dedicated to it, and Among Us memes are posted a lot in the meme channel.

Morally, Among Us sounds like it would be very gory, but it’s actually not that bad (in my opinion, at least). When a crewmate gets killed, a small amount of blood is splattered and their head comes off (this sounds really gruesome but it isn’t because the art style is very cartoony, and without a lot of detail). There is a small bone sticking out of the remaining chunk of the crewmate, but the insides are not shown. The only thing about this game that is gruesome is the fanart. Swearing is not a problem within the game itself, but the things that people say cannot be controlled. People swear all the time, so don’t be surprised if anyone says anything you don’t like. So basically, Among Us is family-friendly, but a lot of the people who play it are not. Also, Among Us encourages lying, because in order to defend yourself as the impostor, lying is a very useful tactic.

Among Us is extremely entertaining and I really enjoyed my time with it, but I can understand how many may be uncomfortable with the deception necessary to be a good imposter.  I love the art style of it, the sounds are great, and I think the only problems are that it sometimes kicks you out of matches on accident, and it may give people trust issues.

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