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Bet on Soldier
Developed by: Kylotonn, Microids
Published by: Gravity Europe SAS
Release date: September 26, 2005
Available on: PC
Genre: First Person Shooter
Number of Players: Single-player, local multiplayer
ESRB Rating: Mature for blood and gore, language, simulated gambling
Price: $7.99

Thank you Microids for sending us this game to review!

Bet on Soldier was originally released in 2005 for PC.   The publishers went bankrupt shortly after publishing  the game.  Microids has picked up the rights and recently released this game on Steam.  Unfortunately, the Steam version does not include the expansion packs or functional online multiplayer.  Gamespy's online matchmaking service has been offline since 2014.  Local network play should still work if you have friends that own this game. 

The story in Bet on Soldier is filled with predictable tropes.  The main character, Nolan Daneworth, is an amnesiac who recently lost his wife.  Nolan doesn't remember his past, but he does have a strange tattoo and a knack for fighting.  Perhaps this is why his family was targeted?  All he does know is that the killers were champions on the TV show: Bet on Soldier.  He signs up to settle his score with them.

Bet on Soldier

Strong Points: Challenging combat system
Weak Points: Graphics are dated and pixelated; multiplayer component obsolete and non-functional; dumb AI
Moral Warnings: The main character's story is based on revenge; lots of violence and blood; strong language; as the title suggestions, you can bet on soldiers winning battles 

Throughout the missions you'll go head to head with Bet on Soldier champions.  Before each level you have the option to choose who to battle, the type of weapons to equip, and the amount of mercenaries (up to two) that will accompany you.  The mercenaries will assist you in fighting and repairing your armor, but the champion battles are one on one.  

Armor and shields are used both by enemies and allies. There are several armor regions that will turn from green to black as you chip away at them with bullets, grenades, rocket launchers, or with a knife.  Mechs or powerful exoskeletons are available for both sides as well.   While they are intimidating, they are destructible and even more so if attacked from behind.

Unlike many first person shooters, you cannot pick up new weapons or ammunition from the deceased.  Scattered throughout the levels are vending machines to buy more ammunition and repair your armor.  The game doesn't pause while using these kiosks so be quick and watch your back!  If you have a mercenary that is an engineer, they can repair your armor free of charge.  Money is earned by killing enemy soldiers and by winning the dramatized Bet on Soldier battles.


Bet on Soldier
Score Breakdown:
Higher is better
(10/10 is perfect)

Game Score - 74%
Gameplay - 14/20
Graphics - 6/10
Sound - 7/10
Stability - 5/5
Controls - 5/5

Morality Score - 55%
Violence - 1/10
Language - 5/10
Sexual Content - 4/10
Occult/Supernatural - 10/10
Cultural/Moral/Ethical - 7.5/10

Besides the intense Bet on Soldier battles, there's a wide variety of missions and objectives to be completed within them.  Often times you'll be called upon to destroy their military equipment or to infiltrate their bases.  Some of the missions are timed, but most are not.  The missions are rated by difficulty and can be played in any order.

As you complete missions and defeat key champions, more of the story and Nolan's past will be revealed.  Sadly, the movies and graphics in the game have not aged well.  On larger widescreen monitors the videos are noticeably stretched and pixelated.  One of the movie scenes show Nolan and his wife in bed together, while she doesn't appear to be wearing any clothes, you don't see any details.  The lip syncing, or lack thereof, is pretty amusing to watch as well.  Despite being voice acted in English, the subtitles don't match up and are misinterpreted on multiple occasions. 

Many cuss words are used throughout Bet on Soldier.  While the F-bomb is not in the subtitles, it is heard loud and clear in the game.   Blood and violence is a common theme woven into this game's story about revenge.  As the title suggests you place bets on yourself to emerge victorious from the televised battles.

Like many first person shooters, Bet on Soldier earns its mature rating and should not be played by or around children.  Despite the moral issues, this game offers some challenges and classic/old school FPS gameplay.  It's a shame that the multiplayer component is obsolete, but the single-player is still fun.     

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