After the flood, Noah and the animals were happy to be alive. Noah declared that there will be games of celebration and had his sons build racetracks. The animals enjoyed racing and took pride in winning. The winners had fireworks at the end to honor them and the Lord. These animals also enjoy dancing and giving praise to the Lord - in the disco room on the ark.

Dancing animals?

Yes you read that right, there’s an option in the game menu called Creature Party. In here you can listen to each original song in the game, and you can click on animals to watch them bust-a-move. If you like the music, the soundtrack is available for $7.77.

The Animals

Each animal racer has a different set of attributes that will give them advantages and disadvantages on various tracks. The attributes are running speed, swimming speed, jumping speed, and strength. Strength determines the penalty of bumping into an obstacle; some animals are immune to this penalty. Each animal has a story behind him or her and the unique item they are wearing. You can read their stories here if you like.

Race Tracks

There are eight tracks to choose from and each are favored by a particular animal. Most of them have swimming, jumping, and obstacles to avoid. The environments are different in each. One of my favorites has the animals blasting off to the moon where they finish the race. (I’m assuming God told Noah how to build a space shuttle after the ark). Some of the obstacles to avoid include: dinosaurs, elephants, giant rats, enormous mosquitoes, sharks, bombs, fire, balloons, and more.

Power ups

There are various food items scattered on the tracks. Each food item will boost your speed, so try to each as much as you can. You’ll find pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, pickles, corn, and more. On the contrary, there are other items scattered that you don’t want to eat. This includes bones and cow poop.


Graphics are not a strong point in this game. The menu is reminiscent of classic NES games (if they could have simple 3D graphics). The game level textures are flat, and you can see where they interconnect. On a positive note, the animal and human models look decent and they animate well given the aged game engine’s capabilities. The levels offer a lot of variety, but the graphics hold them back substantially.


The sound is a mixed bag in this title. The music is original and unique but it’s definitely not my style; there are some psychedelic sounding songs that remind me of the Doors and there’s some synthesizer stuff that reminds me of 80’s music. The game designer put in a lot of effort here, but it really didn’t do anything for me. Others may like it though. The animal noises were fitting, however the announcer/Moses/God? voice was much too deep and more distracting than helpful.


I experienced no problems running this game.


This game is mostly keyboard driven. The mouse can be used in a few places, but not to steer your animal. I was disappointed with the lack of joystick support.


This game is suitable for all ages and does glorify God, even if it’s in a weird and unique way.

Final Thoughts

When it comes down to the actual racing, I enjoyed this game, and found it fun. The other features were not to my tastes. Too bad there isn’t any multiplayer support. With the three difficulty levels there is some replay value. The asking price of $17.77 is reasonable, and there is a demo available so you can try it before you buy.

Final Ratings

Appropriateness 50/50 Game Play 12/20 Graphics 6/10 Sound 6/10 Stability 5/5 Controls 4/5

Final Score 83%

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