This is the story of a young marine experiencing war for the first time. It flows like a great movie, tugging at your heart and pumping your blood with adrenaline. In short, this story and it’s characters are some of the best I have seen, and that is one of the main reasons this is my favorite WWII shooter.


These graphics are incredibly smooth and realistic. The soldiers all look like living, breathing beings. The realism is almost scary at times. Especially as one of your friends is brutally shot, or an enemy comes at you wielding a musket. This is war, and this game portrays it so well it’s brilliant.


This game features a fully orchestrated score. It is dramatic and sweeping, and during the attack on Pearl Harbor, a large boys choir is utilized to simulate pain, grief, and intensity. Lots of music is also fast paced and suspenseful, enhancing the experience even further. If you enjoy film music of any kind, you will love the music in this game. It is some of the best game music I have ever heard.


Like all PC controls, these can be a bit tricky to learn. However, compared to other PC games, this one holds up relatively well. I never died because of control delay or tricky buttons, so I don’t think anyone will have any problems. (All of the controls and commands are covered in the boot camp level.)


This game plays as beautifully as it looks and sounds, topping Allied Assault and Battlefield 1942. However, this game is a bit slower, and scarier than the two I had mentioned. For instance, you can hear the enemy slowly coming closer. Crunching grass, rustled leaves, it’s so real that you feel like you are there. If you enjoy first person shooters, and WWII games, you will not only love this, but you will be shocked at how much better it is than most. (This and Halo are tied for first in my book.)


Once again, this is the only thing that may turn away some gamers, and I will address it in detail below.


Mild 1 Slang Term for going to the bathroom, and around 5 to 10 mild profanities are scattered through this game. Nothing excessive, or heavy.


Moderate This game is all about war, and it is an FPS, so naturally it is a bit violent. Bayonets are used for stabbing, you shoot the enemy, throw grenades at them, even hit them with the end of your rifle until they drop to the ground. It is a very intense game as I said earlier. Most of the violence is bloodless, but occasionally there is some splattered blood. If you know FPS’s and WWII games, this shouldn\'t be too much for you.


Extremely Mild I almost don’t have anything to complain about at all. The only content in the whole game is a girl in a very old fashioned swimsuit on the cover of a magazine. It is not very revealing, and only glimpsed in the background.


If you don\'t mind the above content, you will love this game. It\'s brilliant story, deep characters, and tragic insights into war make you respect those who died protecting us. I can’t even imagine being in the heat of it, but this is about as close as it gets.

Gameplay 18/20 Graphics 20/20 Sound 20/20 Content 15/20 (Violence and Mild Language) Controls 14/20 (Can be Frustrating) Interface 13/20 (A Bit Buggy)

Overall 83%

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