Medal of Honor is an older first person shooter for the PS1. It is still pretty good. MOH is based on WW2. You are Jimmy Patterson, an agent of the OSS (Office of Strategic Services)

Game play:

Simply awesome. You go on seven levels with on average, four missions in each level. There is single player and multiplayer but single player is better. You can go on undercover missions to simply open field fire. You have 11 weapons:


your average machine gun

Submachine Gun:

a machine gun with the capability of handling more rounds.

Browning Automatic Rifle:

yet another machine gun except this is so powerful you can kill an enemy in two hits

Browning Rifle:

just a rifle but it is better for long range and accurateness.


it takes a little longer to load this baby but can kill in one hit.

Silenced Pistol:

Used for the undercover missions and has a silencer so the enemy can\'t hear you (it\'s that good).


a little more rapid fire that the other pistol.

Stielhand stick grenades a.k.a \'potato mashers\':

looks kind of like a flashlight, a little more powerful than your average grenade.


what war game would be complete without these. The only drawback is they take a little longer to blow up. can kill up to four people at a time but really short on accurateness.


Really good. The enemy will run to more strategic places to shoot at you or hide. They will fake surrender and then pull a gun on you. They will throw grenades back at you and will jump on a grenade to protect a friend.


Compared to other Playstation 1 games, excellent. Depending on where you shoot enemies the will have different reactions. The levels are extensive and range from an atomic bomb plant to snow covered Norway.


Beautiful. The Nazis will scream at you in German and the different sounding weapons are accurate. The background music is symphonic and can get a little intense at times if you are turning around the corner. For undercover missions there are accurate sounding alarms and in Fort Smerzchen the PA system will say accurate stuff in German like \'All officers to the mess hall,\' (I know the English version because I foun it on another game review)


If you are a legendary gamer you could beat it in two weeks, I\'ve had this game for about six months and still haven\'t beaten the whole thing (I\'m almost done)


This game is violent. Bodies will go flying and Gestapo will scream in pain as they sink to the floor. Thankfully, there is no blood and Electronic Arts has a reputation for doing that with shooters. Even so this game is not kids and should not be given to anyone under at least 12. Also in one of the briefings for a mission, Col. Hargove says d*** but you can skip that. Besides that there is nothing else inappropriate.

Game play: A+ (98) Graphics: A- (93) Sound: A+ (100) Longevity: B+ (89) Appropriateness: B- (83)

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