Playstation Player: 1-8 (With Multitap)
Rating: E (no reasons)

Opening Thoughts

Yes, I do realize the date, the Sydney Olympic games are far gone but I just recently won this game at a Halo 2 Lan Party. This \'prize\' was awarded to me for third place, and I highy emphasize PRIZE. On the case, Developer ATD promises to make you \'Experience the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games\', but all they true do is add a new meaning to pain. Ouch, thats not pain from training, oh no it\'s pain from one of the few games I ever played that true define trash, this is Sydney 2000.


The graphics may be the best part of this game, and they are only servicable (not comparing to today\'s standards). The characters do tend to be a little chunky looking but do display a fair amount of detail and...realism, I guess. I mean, when lifting 225 Kg, there seems to be a look of strain in the face but the amount of strain doesn\'t differ, you could be lifting all of NYC and it would look the same as lifting an infant. The graphics are, as I stated alright, passable. A solid C+.


Couldn\'t turn it off fast enough. I honestly believe most gameboy (the orignal) games have superior sound. The one track repetitive techno \'pump-up\' music annoyed the stuffing out of me. I still have it in my head, it hurts. The only positive aspect is the commentary, pre-event and post-event, but this is flawed also. I was racing as an American runner in the second lane in the 100m sprint event. After a dissapointing third place, the announcer proclaimed that the American in lane 1 won by a nose. I was the only American in the race, hmm...An F for Sound.


By now your saying, Justin what is so bad about this title, other than the horrible music I will never witness. This, my skeptical friends, is it: The gameplay can be summed up like this, Tap X and O reptitedly until you win or you hand falls off. While the button mashing sounds kindy fun, your hand quickly turns blue and starts to throb. I am honestly conviced that the average human couldn\'t play this for more than 5 mintues, 10 mintues tops without suffering from carpal turnnel syndrome. The Skeet shooting is a refreshing break, instead of button mashing, you simply aim the cross hairs and pull the trigger. Unfortunately, no matter how putrid the sound was, this is what ultimatly caused the most pain to me. The gameplay gets a big fat F and a strong health advisory.

Offensive Content

None to be seen, or heard, or tasted. Whoa that was short, so to fill up time, how\'s the weather? Is your mom doing well? So that crazy Michael Moore... A+.

Closing Thoughts

Alright, you jest of what is wrong with this title. It\'s true a shame though, I strongly believe the olympics deserve much better. If any luck, the recently released Athens 2004 for the Ps2 is decent enough to bear the Olympic title. Anyways, This game retails for a whole dollar used at EbGames, but buy yourself a Sprite instead, you\'ll thank me. In advance, you\'re welcome.

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